By guest blogger Officer Zed

Want to visualize me in your mind while I talk to you? Visualize “Agent X” in the Brewster Rockit comic strip, but instead of the trenchcoat I wear a blue suit bearing the Police Department badge of a big Northeastern city. Never mind which one.

My politics are strongly Republican—Rand Paul’s variety more than Mitt Romney’s. They’ve been that way for years, and when you’re Black that can make life….interesting. Not only that….I am an Air Force veteran, so Janet Napolitano thinks I’m some kind of militia guy. I also belong to Oath Keepers–Morris Dees and his fellow travelers want me buried under a FEMA camp.

I am a member of the Tea Party Patriots–they guided me to this blog! I am honored to be a guest and I’ve got a lot to say about how Political Correctness has ruined many things, starting with public dialogue. That said…..

Mitt dropped the ball on November 6th! Before he made that speech about “the 47%,” he should have thought about something–a quarter of that 47% are getting benefits they earned ! The following describes two of the remaining three-quarters of that 47%, and those of you who are on “The Job” will immediately recognize them.

I am assigned to a two-man unit that does prisoner transport—from lockup to courthouse—first thing in the morning, and when necessary, for the rest of the tour. The rest of the time, we patrol the district, chase calls, and transport other units’ arrests to the lockup—anything the dispatcher sends us.

One of the regular calls is to broom the druggies and drunks out of parks and playgrounds on the district. When my partner and I got to the playground for this particular call, the guest of honor was sitting at a circular table passed out. A shopping cart from Home Depot was next to him, containing a plastic bag full of empty cans and bottles; he was eventually going to redeem them for money for more cheap vodka.

He was known to us, and an SSI recipient. Some SSI recipients are genuinely handicapped—others are nothing but taxpayer-funded druggies and drunks.

Some years ago, “reform” of the system was attempted—and the Social-Work Industrial Complex responded by lobbying with liberal politicians and forging an alliance with the Mental-Illness Industrial Complex. Now the “disability” of alcohol and drug addiction is a “mental disorder,” therefore a “disability.” “Mental disability” keeps the money flowing, along with revolving-door “detox” and “rehab.” It’s the dirty little secret of Social Security reform, and the media won’t address it.

A bystander, known to us as a sometime drinking buddy of the Guest Of Honor, told us he had to pick up his niece at her elementary school in an hour. How, I thought. And what sort of teacher or aide would turn a child over to a drunk at school dismissal? I guess the American Federation of Teachers, who were all-out for getting Obama four more years, would not care to force outmoded cultural mores upon an evolving society.

“I’ll call his daughter,” Bystander said. “She’ll pick up her kid….but she’ll have to leave work early.”

We tried to wake Guest Of Honor with every technique we’ve learned in our collective years on the street—and finally, he opened one bloodshot, glassy eye. The rest of him didn’t move or respond to our commands so we called city Emergency Medical Services; as the ambulance arrived, my partner and I noticed Guest Of Honor had soiled himself.

“He’s got another half-pint in his jacket pocket,” Bystander said. “I’ll get rid of it for ya.”

Bystander was right. Before the ambulance crew loaded him onto the gurney I took it out—a half-pint of torpedo alcohol with a fake Russian name, masquerading as vodka. I emptied it onto the asphalt as Bystander looked on with a face that said he was losing a good friend, if not a free buzz. We knew, sooner or later, that Guest Of Honor and Bystander would be back.

The next shining example of that three-quarters of the 47% came to us as a routine call; our department rank-and file, the real street cops, call all such calls “Baby-Mama Drama.”

Dispatch (and the trip-sheet on our Mobile Display Terminal) told us the female caller was being (1) held against her will, (2) by her baby’s father who was armed with a knife, (3) and that he had hit her in the face, pulled her hair, and was (according to baby-mama) on probation, complete with ankle bracelet.

When we got there, Baby-Mama stood in the hallway of the apartment building, one-year-old baby on her hip, tapping her foot. The look on her face (which bore no signs of injury whatsoever) was one of angry entitlement.

She was newly eighteen, a single mom living with her single-mom older sister, getting every benefit she could—because she was entitled. Her entitlement mentality was inherited from her older sister, her mother, and her grandmother; why work when you can find a suitable (!) babydaddy on the “co’nah?” And have babies, get more money loaded on your EBT card with each one, get a Section 8 apartment and food stamps?

I wonder how Baby-Mama and Baby-Daddy would react if they knew what then-President Lyndon Johnson said to his aides (privately) after he signed the legislation that legitimized the entitlements? I won’t repeat it here, because it’s easy to find on the Internet, and racist to boot; I suspect that even if they knew what LBJ said, they’d still take the bennies because they have no shame and not much of a work ethic. But I digress….back to the story.

As I wrote down the particulars, I realized her story had changed—she herself said, “How he gonna hold me against my will—it’s my house!”

Our suspect was long gone, having fled before we got there (sick of Miss Thang, no doubt) and Miss Thang made sure to mention that before he fled, he took both her new cellphones. Guess who provided those cellphones? Baby-Mama and Baby-Daddy didn’t work for them—you and I did!

Anyway, after I got the info I’d need to write the report, we left. And as we arrived at the station and got out of the van, Dispatch….sent us back. Miss Thang told the call screener, this time, that her older sister had hit her, pushed her and pulled her hair. Okay, fine….

We returned, and Miss Thang told me her story. My partner got the more plausible version from the older sister; the Assailant told him that she had scolded her younger sister for her immaturity. Miss Thang got in her face in the hallway, cussing her out and not allowing her to go to the kitchen–and the Assailant brushed past her. It wasn’t the Crime Of The Century—it was an immature, entitled fool who wasn’t getting her way. One of a vast cohort of immature, lazy, entitled fools.

Mitt Romney could have—should have–pointed out that some of the 47% he spoke of are getting earned benefits. I just told you about two of the rest who taxpayers are paying to be drunks, junkies or Baby-Mamas.

(I began this blog entry on November 27, long before Adam Lanza did what he did, and there’s much to say about the controversy resulting from that. Stay tuned!)

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  1. “if they knew what then-President Lyndon Johnson said to his aides (privately) after he signed the legislation that legitimized the entitlements?”

    Chicago USED to have some of the very best public schools ever, heck, people like Larry Ellison and James Watson came from public schools.

    LBJ’s Great Society welfare giveaway led to Southern Blacks coming to Chicago en mass and the rest, literally, made us history. Pre-1968, we didn’t have a Chicago gun registration law, nor a FOID card. The expansion of the Blacks and the willingness of the so-called “Lakefront Liberals” to accommodate them means that Illinois is lost forever to the Democrats. Combine the 85 IQ Blacks and the 90 IQ Mexican illegals and anchor babies and you can see why we have sunk to submarine levels of credit worthiness and will never come back.

    What we need is someone to toss out the illegal aliens in an illegal alien sanctuary state and take away the ability of felons to vote. Imagine if the Black population of a prison and their relatives voted in the Democrat gun controller every election because they knew it made YOU unable to shoot them in the streets. That’s why Blacks oppose concealed carry in Illinois.

  2. Officer Zed,

    I feel for you and your Buds. I lived in a neighborhood exactly like you describe for 9 long years. My kids friends carried the pager from a local drug dealer who used them from 6 yrs and up. Our Mail lady was shot at and mugged a couple times as she carried over $50,000 of welfare checks every friday. She said they made her do the route because she was Black and less likely to get hurt. They’ed cash the checks and be at the local Circle K stocking up on Night Train Express. Every night we had Choppers overhead, felt and sounded like Nam again. I think I shocked them as one night when the spotlights were in my back yard I leaned out my window and did hand shadow puppets for my kids. We left left in one quick day as the Community Action Officer warned me the drug dealers next door were tired of me hassling them so they put out a contract on us. By the time we left 3/4 of the houses were Section 8, sounding like a war zone at night with several illegal drop houses in slingshot range
    of me. That was 16 years ago in a big SW city, its still the same there only worse.
    The city decided to put as many Section 8’s in 25 square miles as they could so they could control the area easier, got that info from a zoning officer. In summer the area was used as a training ground for new officers to break them in fast.

  3. Welcome Officer Zed, nice read you posted. Sounds like those Rap Stars and Guests of Honor had about a thousand dollar day on the backs of their greatest fans the Taxpayer.


    As usiial the liberal do-gooders are always thwarting realy ways to get tough with convicted crinimals maybe its time we held these sniveling little liberal pantiewastes responsible for the mess becuase they still insist on such failed ideas like REHABILITATION and COUNCILING

  5. Non-ImpartialObserver says:

    Amen brother! Sounds a great deal like what I go through – again in a major metropolitan city – similar story, different names and no you can’t make this shit up!!
    Your “guest of honor” sounds like a woman I had to deal with at one of the welfare offices my first year on the job. Said female was in her late 20’s and was a full-blown heroin addict. She came into the waiting room slightly staggering and muttering to herself and then sat down. As per city policy – unless the skells are acting up, we can’t throw them out – so she was able to grab a seat and wait for her turn to be seen by one of the case workers.
    Long story short, she falls asleep waiting for her turn and – apologies to all of the ladies here, as I don’t mean to be too gross – soils not only herself, but the chair she was sitting on as well with a large puddle of her monthly discharge. Add to the fact that we find out from the case worker that she has “the bug” AIDS – for the those who are wondering – and now we have to have the EMT’s, as well as part of the HAZMAT team come in in order to remove the chair.
    Said female becomes lucid a few hours later at the ER & returns the next day to the office – complete with a lawyer who demands to see the case worker. The reason; The drug-addled female’s “rights of privacy” were violated!!!! You heard correctly, the skells right of “privacy” was more important than the safety of everyone else in the room.
    Said worker was formally reprimanded and I really felt for her. For those of you who aren’t in LE, most of the workers in these offices are uber leftists and get off on the fact that sometimes they can order us around (As if the job isn’t dangerous enough, politics can be even more dangerous.) so the fact that this one case worker was willing to give my partner and I a heads-up was quite refreshing.
    Needless to say, that never happened again, but fortunately I was on the street eight months later and out of there, but the entitlement mentality of which Officer Zed speaks is all to familiar with people like me. Stay safe my brother and check your six.

  6. Look forward to reading more,,,

  7. Thanks Officer Zed, the comments are great too! Here in rural WI we don’t see much of this, in real life, so it’s quite eye-opening.


    If you do the crime then you need to do the time without plea bargins,parole or work release and NO ACCESS TO ANY BODY BUILDING EQUIPMENT

  9. Is this kinda like the Ulstermann realm/type of thing? – Just curious. 😉

  10. Well, what did LBJ say? I can’t find it easily!!!

  11. GEE……I wonder what shade of BROWN that Baby-Mama was?

  12. Brother Zed-
    Yeah, we veterans are all on the edge, according to secretary Nepalitano.
    Glad you have a job though the inner city is not one of my favorite locales…prefer the open areas, can see the danger coming!
    Good write-up, my experience with the segments of the 47% are very similar!

    Blistered, out!