First off, actors are idiots. It takes ZERO talent to act. None. Even rappers can do it. And rappers are the least talented idjits in the world. Broccoli has more talent. Actors have less talent than the homeless. At least it takes some imagination to live under a bridge.

There are two things AWD doesn’t care about in this entire world. And both of them are celebutards who believe they have something relevant to say about anything! Most are plain and simple idiots who surround themselves with overpaid ass-kissers who are afraid to inform them they are morons. Look at Will Ferrell. He’s become famous for playing an idiot in every movie. Same character, same idiot. Why? He’s an idiot in real life. It takes no talent for an idiot to act like an idiot. It just comes natural.

I have no problems with idiots as long as they keep their idiotic thoughts (oxymoron alert) to themselves. I’ve enjoyed some of Will Farrell’s movies where he plays his usual idiot self. I’ve thought “that Will Farrell, what an idiot” as I’ve laughed at his idiocy. It’s a fun two hours to watch stupid people play stupid people in movies. But that’s where it ends.

What becomes annoying is when idiots believe they are not idiots. Hollywood idiots, because of their celebrity status, make the huge mistake of believing they have something relevant to say about certain topics. If I want to know about being a moron, I’ll ask a Hollywood actor. If I want to know of any other topic, I’ll look to an expert in that field. Movie actors are the parsley on the plate of intellectual relevancy. The fact that rappers end up being actors tells you acting is a joke! Most actors can’t piss and hit terra firma. Want proof? Two words. Sean Penn. Penn is too stupid to breathe without instructions and he has won an Academy Award!

After the school shootings in Connecticut, Hollyweird moronic actors just had to weigh in against gun violence. Even though most of their movies are full of gun violence. Here is a great video that exposes their hypocrisy:

The sum total of every opinion of every one of those idiots means less than nothing to me. Hollywood can kiss my ass! Then rinse and repeat!

AWD finds himself going to fewer movies each year as the number of libtarded actors on my boycott list continues to grow. Let’s face it, movies pretty much suck el grande uno anyway these days. How many @#*& Spiderman movies do you need to see in your lifetime? They’ve made all the good movies already and nobody makes anything worth watching these days. Hey, how about another Batman movie! How about another Flintstones? Yeah, right.

The profession of acting requires no more talent than Al Sharpton’s being a racial huckster. Morons! Shut your pieholes and be thankful you’re not living under a bridge. Which is about the extent of your intellectual talent. A**holes!

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  1. Chicago times 500.

  2. Thank God! I thought I was the only one in America who is totally baffled at why anyone would spend a dollar or a minute being entertained by Will Farrell. All my son’s friend’s find him hilarious. They actually talk about his movies as if he played Rhett Butler in GWTW. I must be in a bad mood since I just woke from a nap. I have been feeling tired a lot lately.

    I thought I was coming down with some ailment, then I realized it is because I am breathing the same air with a lot more assholes than used to be here in America.The assholitis rose to new volumes with the sad events in Newtown. It seems it removed the restrictions on public idiocy from daily display.If we banned or, at least, had assholes registered, America would be a better place.

    Since tomorrow is the New Year, I want to jump, now, to the front of the line and say that of all the assholes I heard from this year–Obama is still the biggest asshole. Any one of his spies that are following the AWD site are also assholes–yes Mister Ass Kisser secret service man, I am referring to you. Get a job and stop sucking on the public teat.

    I would like to list all the other colossal assholes of 2012, but I don’t believe enough bandwidth has existed throughout time to fit them in here, but I must say that AWD has started with two of the finest, Farrell and Penn. Special mention must got to Hillary and Mooshelle. The largest group are the New Yorkers who put Hillary in the Senate with all her vast experience. You have the know;ledge and intellect of a slug.

    Asshole ownership has caused more problems in America than all the guns that have ever existed in the world.

    I would like to take a quick aside to complement the asshole country of England for their new attempts to make long kitchen knife ownership a crime. But then again, that once great country has turned into a Muslim shithole, like most of Europe,so – screw them. An asshole is an asshole in any language and any country but the biggest assholes are—-US, the citizens who sit idly by while these assholes in government ruin every aspect and joy of being a free citizen of each country we live in.

    New games have been created by governments–like the Swedes who created a game for Mussies called Rape a Swedish woman in Malmo and get a free shot at a woman in Copenhagen-

    —or every God damned asshole in Belgium that sits in the UN. Hey Froggie, how do you like your 75% income tax. Good–you deserve it.

    But, as long as our assholes don’t try to save the self hating assholes in Europe, let ’em fry, says I. The Mussies are winning what they couldn’t in the 8th and 17th centuries. And here in America our refugee program is trying to rival Europe.

    But–back home–here- the 51% of kiss ass assholes who elected the grand asshole–screw you, you damned idiots. Some of you may have been friends for 30 or 40 years, but anyone who voted for the man who will destroy America- I only get a little satisfaction about you when I click the unfriend button. Get out of my life and stay out of it. If you are such an asshole that you do not recognize the great harm to our country that is happening due to your vote you win the Asshole of the Year award.

    Sadly, not many of them come here so I can scorch their asses. I do not direct my extreme pissed offedness at the usual, good and patriotic folks her. I am just venting about the 51%

    Happy New Year to all the good and loyal conservatives here and may God rot the soles off the feet of the 51%.

    PS I hope Bridie comes here with her no ankles liberalism and reads this.

    • much respect misterbill, much respect.

    • That says it all………..well done……..the Hollyweirdos can F………k themselves

    • AMEN Mr. Bill!

      Agree with every word, and your way of thinking.

      Much Respect!

    • F*cking A Mr. Bill,

    • Misterbill, I agree with you. I, in particular, despise Will Farrell, or Ferrell, or whatever is name is. That no talent pos should be jailed simply for being alive. What an anal douche’. Penn, at least, is a good actor but he’s a commie that hates America and liberty. I’d like to graft those two together face to face at the head, throw them in a sewer, drop the lid and turn off the lights. Have a great NY day bro and know that tons of us agree with you.

    • misterbill,
      Just now getting around to reading this since I’ve been out of town and away from my computer for a few days. Dittos. MEGADITTOS to everything you said and thank you for saying it so well! God bless you, sir!

  3. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

  4. Amen! MisterBill, nobody could have said it better. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year.


    I suppose they want to start some stupid gun exchange program urging people to turn in their guns for giftcards food coupons or ice capade tickets or maybe get the kids to exchange their toy guns for dumb pink monkey dolls or tickets to some dumb liberal program or free DVDs to the crappy movie OOGLELOVES which bombed big time. Pee Wee Hermin on his stupid bicycle this is a guy alll good parents need to keep their kids away from otherwise theyll grow up as total little dweebs or ROBIN WILLIAMS crappy movie TOYS with its anti war toy theme and directed by that BERRY LEVINSON idiot

  6. I’m f…… furious!

    Video: Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans
    December 31, 2012

    Dianne Feinstein: “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up [every gun]… Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.”

  7. The useful-idiot actors are the symptom. The disease itself is the infection of Marxism that pervades the entertainment culture. Yet another important institution corrupted by Fabian socialists and effectively used to tear down our traditional values.

    Joe McCarthy was factually right, but so what? With fellow travelers in the media and re-education industry, he’s now regarded as a lunatic and the facts irrelevant. Given a decade or two, that’s how these same fellow travelers will revise history regarding the Tea Party.

  8. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I will repeat AGAIN. Why support these people financially?


    Dont forget how these hollyweird advocates tried to glorify communism in the crappy movie REDS whic came out in the 80s I heard it bombed

    • Don’t forget that bomb Ishtar.

      The 1984 movie Red Dawn, and the 1985 movie Invasion USA blew the commies away. Wolverines and Chuck Norris live!


    Real men ride horses,drive trucks fly WW II Fighter planes(Like JOHN WAYNE)Liberals ride bicycles(like PEE WEE HERMIN) and do ads for PETA(like ALEC BALDWIN)or climb trees or hisrupt fast food restruants for PETA(like JAMES CROMWELL) theres big diffrence between real men and girly men

  11. Here is my straight line answer to any Hollywood sleaze merchant who thinks that they, and Hollywood in general deserve anyone to pay attention to their whining drivel;

    What do each and every victim in each and every horror movie all have in common?
    Not one of them had a gun.

    Their own propaganda admits that a horror movie cannot happen if the victims are armed with anything more potent than a pair of sewing shears.

    Imagine ‘Die Hard’ if the one gun owner weren’t there in what was essentially a ‘gun free zone’… now imagine the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ if just ONE victim had been armed with a nice Sig Sauer or even a big, heavy Webley .455; well -there’d be no movie because the crazed nutcase intent on harming the general public would be stiff and cold before the first reel ended.
    QED, they know the truth; their movies couldn’t exist without admitting the truth; they just do not want any of us SERFS to be able to defend ourselves, and hope were too stupid to see the obvious.


    Back in the 90s they had this dumb VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE the hypocracy was that MTV who took part in this short lived event showed off the guns confiscated from gangs

  13. In their self hate, they’ve flooded the country with criminal illegal aliens and promoted and embraced urban gang culture. Now that things are nice and dangerous- they want to disarm the dreaded “Patriarchal Conservatives”
    These vermin rat bastard mentally ill scum can’t wait to commit national hara-kiri and take the rest of us down with them. They are all Adam Lanza!

  14. Happy New Year Dude!

    Thanks for your efforts on this awesome blog!

  15. Oh come on, Mr. Bill – you don’t find will funny at all???!!! Not even a little? I Loved him in everything I’ve every seen him in, I admit it. I’ve never heard will speak out as himself against guns or anything else. Have I missed something? And while I fully agree with awd’s assertion that these people know nothing about politics, or anything for that matter, and should not even be expressing their opinions, I wouldn’t say that they are completely talentless.

    For example, Sean Penn’s character in Mystic River is the antithesis is the of the real Sean penn. He is a true awd in that movie. I actually feel guilty watching mystic river on AMC if I happen to catch it on, but it WAS a great movie. Thats talent, isnt it? My husband and I just read this post together; he reminded me of SP’s behavior after hurricane Katrina. His exact quote “Sean penn is a FU$&ing idiot.”. Hard to argue with that one.

    As for the appropriate number of spiderman movies, my husband says 15 in a lifetime is about right. This coming from the man who will watch the Bourne identity any chance he gets, I don’t know about that. WTF is the Bourne identity about anyway, I have never understood?!! Perhaps I get bored and stop paying attention; perhaps its deep, deep deep meaning beyond me?

    These days I tend to watch more cartoon movies than anything else. Despicable me was great, for example and 20 more chipmunk movies would be the right number for me. I’m sick of the new “formula” – girl kissing girl, extreme violence, limited plot a la girl with the dragon tattoo and black swan. (oh how black swan sucked!!! Laughably stupid, beginning to end.)

    Happy New Year to All –

  16. In general, I would agree with Mr Bill, assholes are everywhere in hollywoerd.

    There are a few exceptions though, shimmers of patriotism, if you will. The couple that come to mind are Denzel Washington, Josh Duhemel and Clint Eastwood.

    The other factor is that freedom of speach is a right that citizenship is based. I don’t agree with all of them, most of the time, but I served to protect and defend any American Citizens right to speak their mind, asshole or not.

    Personally, I vote with my money and my remote…rarely watch a movie in theaters unless it is something my family and I are hooked on…ie The Hobbitt, and prefer to rent it or pay per view it…and skip the drama and marketing at the theater.

    Keep charging Mr Bill and preach that gospel…we are al listening from the hallelujah chorus!

    Blistered, out!

  17. Don’t blame the actors. Actors are pawns. Hollywood has always been run by communists. The best way to ensure that you will never work again is to deviate from the Cult. They are absolutely ruthless. Just as Ben Stein or Ronald Reagan. The actors are just trying to put food on their families. It’s the producers who have always sought to subvert American values.

  18. Mr. Bill, I’ve gotta congratulate you! I think you set a new record of using ‘asshole’ in one form or another 19 times in your post. All of what you say is the God’s honest truth. What makes these “actors” smarter than anyone else? I think some of the real assholes are those that actually believe the garbage that the celebrities say.

  19. Yeah the list of actors I’ll watch anymore has been whittled down to like…one. Gary Sinise is the only one I can think of that is a conservative. Good actor, but not someone who cranks ’em out ala Sandler or Ferrell. My only recourse is just not to watch them. I don’t go to movies or watch much TV for that matter. I’ll watch Hockey, police investigative shows (real ones- not that CSI or Law and Order crap) Pawn Stars and that’s about it. I need my news and music so I get that from the internet. I will never give any of my money over to a Hollywood lib. ever. In fact, one day I will ditch the TV. I’m finding more and more that I just don’t need it.

  20. Its not just Hollywood actors. Think “Bono”. Their not as dumb as you think though. It’s just a show. They all have to play proletariat. Otherwise their fan base would disengage. If you really want to know how they think follow their money. For every celebrity oozing liberal multi-cultural garbage there is one (the same) buying 22 million dollar “houses” as far from multi-culture as they can get.

    Here’s an example of what celebrities do when the government actually decides to tax the rich.

  21. Not ALL actors are statist mouthpieces. Look at Tom Selleck for one and Victoria Jackson for another. Selleck being blindsided about NRA by Rosie Odonnel on her show and still being able to make her look like the idiotic pos she is is worth watching on youtube.He even asked her if she thought the 2nd amendment was really about hunting or self defense. After watching that clip I looked up his bio and he seems to be an honorable man from every thing I read.
    Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame is actually not a bubble head as her screen persona would have you believe. I’ve seen a few of her blogs and she seems decent moral and has a pretty good grasp of the real story of what is happening in this country. Of course both these and others like them are now side stepped by mainstream media whenever possible

  22. It appears that what passes for creativity among many here is putting “tard” at the end of various words.

  23. Hey! The Batman movies were good! I haven’t seen the new Spiderman but I liked the trilogy, even the third one.

  24. Alex Jones…the cheese slid off his cracker a long time ago