A dim-witted congress-critter on the left side of the aisle is at it again…this time he has another brilliant idea he’s proposed for all to see. Seems he thinks we need to amend the constitution to allow ‘Control of Speech!’…that’s right folks, the enemy within never stops when it comes to their never-ending mind control. There was a time not that long ago that I would have scoffed at this…not so much anymore. The O-Team would do anything possible to shut down dissenting opinions…let alone even spoken. This all boils down to what the Supreme Court ruled regarding ‘Citizens United.’ The left side of the aisle is going to fight this anyway possible, this time they decided to use Hank Johnson for their venue to do just that…you can be sure there will be others to join on down the road before it’s over.

Here’s the report…this is via CBS Atlanta:

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.

“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.

He reportedly made these comments while speaking at the Annesbrooks HOA candidate Forum held last month.

In a video obtained by the website, Johnson asserts that “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”

“They control the media. They control the messages that you get,” he added. “And these folks … are setting up a scenario where they’re privatizing every aspect of our lives as we know it. So, wake up! Wake up! Let’s look at what’s happening.”

Corporations and unions are protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution because of the ruling in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission,” which found that a state law prohibiting corporations from making political campaign contributions using their treasury funds was unconstitutional.

The ruling additionally stated that the spending was a form of political speech that is protected by the First Amendment, according to the official blog of the Supreme Court of the United States.

“These corporations, along with the people they support, other millionaires who they’re putting into office, are stealing your government,” Johnson was quoted as saying by CNS News. “They’re stealing the government and the U.S. Supreme Court was a big enabler with the Citizens United case.”

Plus…we can’t forget about Hank and Guam tipping over! – If any of you missed it, you can read about it here, and watch below. ~

Hank needs to buy a clue…then again, so do many Americans that did not vote, you get what you asked for! – So, until we can no longer speak out…do just that! What do you think of all of this, and how far do you think this will go, if anywhere?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Snake Oiler says:


    The Georgia Democrat, who had a pronounced slurring of speech and at times took pauses to get his thoughts together, rambled on about concerns for global warming and other inanities during his time at the microphone.

    Hank Johnson….Brilliant!

  2. bluffcreek1967 says:

    If it hasn’t already been obvious by now that America is on its way to full “speech control,” the words of Rep. Hank Johnson should one clear example of it. The Left has done its best to control our thoughts, our way of thinking via political-correctness; and they are now working an angle to also control what we say.

    The Left doesn’t truly want freedom of speech. That’s what they say when they are in the minority. But as soon as they are in the majority, they want to control ALL of our thoughts, opinions and speech. They believe freedom of speech is a ‘dangerous’ concept that could be ‘easily abused’ by the ignorant masses (i.e., traditional and patriotic Americans). They will attempt to do so at first to those ‘evil and nasty corporations.’ But before long, after some ‘court ruling,’ it will be extended to every American citizen (except, of course, to illegal aliens and ‘minorities’). We will then be effectively and fully muted.

    The Left wants to also nullify freedom of speech by eventually controlling the Internet. I imagine we will see certain ‘controls’ erected that will prohibit all forms of ‘hate speech’ against gays, minorities, women, transgender folks and any other group that needs ‘protection from oppression.’ We must NEVER allow them to do this! The Internet has been a blessing to all Americans – especially conservative Americans. It has helped in by-passing the MSM and get our message out. It has also helped conservatives unite and band together against the Left’s lies. It has also helped to inform us, and I’m deeply grateful for it! Granted, the Internet can be abused by perverts and creeps (what can’t these days?), but it can also be used for good. Like any tool, its use and purpose depends on the person employing it.

    NEVER FORGET: The Left cannot ultimately succeed when freedom of speech is permitted, when the truth is available to all, and when their ideas are countered by informed Americans. This explains why they are so zealous to implement a constitutional amendment restricting free speech. If the Left is successful in its efforts, we will be even more doomed than it appears now – particularly since Dear Leader was given another four years!

  3. No matter what Hank Johnson does or says……

    he will continue to be re-elected…….

    Black man in a black district.

    • Ed357, Johnson replaced Cymfia McKinney. The black voters in his Atlanta district would vote for a dog…as long as it was black.


  4. Johnson asserts that “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”

    Obviously politicians don’t like competition

  5. Hank needs to buy a clue“…

    Actually I think you’re being far to kind…

    The people in the district he supposedly represents should be flogged for sending such an utter fool to capitol hil…

    • Heck…if I posted what I really felt about all of this in everyday language, I would be banned. – Know what I mean?

      • you and me both…….I can’t take any more of this crap !!!

        • Right you are…anyone with a real brain that works is past disgusted too. – I pray this country will wake up…but I pretty much give up these days after the last election. And to think, Dear Leader has four more years to create more cradle to gravers on the list…lots more. – Agenda matters.

          • Big……if I posted what I really think I wouldn’t be banned….I’d be slammed to the ground, handcuffed and carted off to prison by Obongo’s Praetorian Guard (the SS)

            I know when the day comes there is a bunch of us here at awd.com that they will want to cart away handcuffed……….

          • Heck Bluto…it’s not just AWD’s site that have had their fill of crap like this, there are tons of others. What are they gonna do, haul us all away for speaking our minds? – First Amendment still better matter.

            (I’ve got to get finger-steaks cooked, will be in and out for a bit.)

          • A good recipe I hope! Been doing my own cooking and it is not like home!

            WRT the hora LE Crank Brown, dull as dishwater; SCOTUS has ruled
            and we should let it ride. Any restriction in free speach is a bad one!

            Blistered. Out!

  6. Fine, lets simply use the left’s own tactics against them.

    “They control the media. They control the messages that you get,”

    Well, there we are in agreement. Let’s put CBS, NBC, CNN and every other outlet of leftist propaganda under the oversight this creature wants watching ‘conservative’ free speech. Your MSM news organs are -guess what- Corporations, and they’re clearly engaging in -guess what- partisan political bias, propaganda and influencing.
    Oh, but that ‘freedom of speech’ is not ‘conservative’ and therefore okay with the cultural Marxists running this country.
    Citizens United needs to step up to the plate and start a Citizens United News Network -I guarantee that their ratings would be much higher than Rachel Madcow’s and Tingles Matthews’ peanut brained audiences put together.

    • I love that idea about Citizens Untied started a conservative network, but boy oh boy…they’d have to get tons of money to back them for years to start this and eventually break even and make money type of thing. – Nevertheless, we need a true conservative network that’s proud to be one and stays that way!

      • I’ve been wondering what the contract is like between the network affiliates and the network. What I was thinking is that some clever guy like maybe Murdoch could make a 30 minute daily news package and market it to local stations as a replacement for the network news.

        • Howdy Jim S…

          I don’t think any of the other networks would buy anything from Murdoch whatsoever…no matter the package or the cost. They despise him…heck the other networks have their own leftist-agenda and they aren’t given that up for anything or anybody. – Past pathetic too. I don’t know how anybody watches the news on ABC, CBS or NBC on a regular basis.

          • G’day BT,

            I wasn’t suggesting the network buy the package. I’m saying that the local stations buy it to replace the network broadcast. Wouldn’t have to be Murdock… could be any conservative or even fair minded person. Beck, even. 😉

          • Thanks…agree with that. But what I’m saying is the networks/local stations for the most part are libs/progressives, they wouldn’t buy it, with the exception of a very few. – I certainly could be wrong…at least it would be a start.

  7. Isnt this the same dipshite that said Guam would literally tip over if we put more troops on it?

    Yeah, if this is the best to come out of black districts it only proves what people say about them is right..

    Nothing should surprise us that comes out of the mouth of an anti-American, marxist, parasite like this

  8. Why am I suddenly terrified that this drooling imbecile is on his way to becoming a Supreme Court nominee?

    • Nothing would surprise me when it comes to who will be named next for SCOTUS via Dear Leader as soon as there is a vacancy….absolutely nothing.


    The demacRATS have always hated the U.S. CONSTITUTION They have always desired to have it totaly junked in favor of UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTIONS and a ONE WORLD GOVERMENT run by the evil UNITED NATIONS Its time to LYNCH THE DONKEY

  10. OMG, OMG, OMG…. the thought of Hank Johnson as a Supreme Court justice…. OMG… The mere fact that such a possibility even exists tells me that it’s already over for America. It’s time to stick a fork in the carcass and officially say “It’s done.”

  11. Thats not really what he meant.

  12. Some of Hanks apologist stated Hank has Hep C resulting in neurological disorders, mental disturbances and hallucinations, with hep c he’s a dead man walking.

    • I’ve read that as well. My question is; Why in the heck has this guy not retired or asked to retire by his side of the aisle?

      …geesh, I forgot…they’re all dems…matters not!

  13. off topic

    I almost never go to NR site…
    learned of some anti White ‘prof’ [read jingoist]
    ms alcoff……..

    In case you haven’t heard,


    whites are stockpiling guns in preparation for a coming race war with Latinos, according to professor Linda Martín Alcoff of the City University of New York.

    Prof: Whites Amassing Guns for Race War
    By Nathan Harden

    In case you haven’t heard, whites are stockpiling guns in preparation for a coming race war with Latinos, according to professor Linda Martín Alcoff of the City University of New York.

    Luke Kerr-Dineen, a student at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, reports for The College Fix:

    While the Associated Press reported last month that rising firearm sales resulted from a fear of increased gun laws, Alcoff said this is instead evidence of the Latino community being targeted.

    “These groups are not harmless,” Alcoff said. “The principle target here . . . is not an unspecified or abstract immigrant population, but generally Latino immigrants from Mexico or Central America.”

    What Should White People Do?

    In this paper I explore white attempts to move toward a proactive position against racism that will amount to more than self-criticism in the following three ways: by assessing the debate within feminism over white women’s relation to whiteness; by exploring “white awareness training” methods developed by Judith Katz and the “race traitor” politics developed by Ignatiev and Garvey, and; a case study of white revisionism being currently attempted at the University of Mississippi.

    In the movie Dances with Wolves (1991), Kevin Costner plays a white Union soldier stationed on the Indian frontier who undergoes a political transformation. He comes to realize that the native peoples his militia intends to kill are not the uncivilized heathens they were portrayed to be, and in fact have a rich civilization in many ways superior to his. Thus, he realizes that he is fighting on the wrong side. The remainder of the movie chronicles his struggle to figure out what this realization means for him.

    I believe that this narrative represents a collective, semiconscious undercurrent of psychic and political struggle occurring now in the United States among significant numbers of white Anglos. Throughout U.S. history, some white people have joined in common cause with people of color to fight slavery, racism, and imperialism, from the New York Conspiracy of 1741 to the John Brown uprising to white supporters of civil rights and white protesters against the racism of the Vietnam War (Ignatiev and Garvey 1996, 131). Today, the scope of this disallegiance has expanded, as many whites have begun to doubt not only specific racist institutions or aggressions but also the racialized legitimation narratives of “Western civilization” and the purported superiority of all things European.

    Dances with Wolves, though politically flawed, nonetheless revealed the significance of this awakened white consciousness by winning the academy award for Best Picture of 1991.1 White support for antiracism is often similarly flawed: riven with supremacist pretentions and an extension at times of the colonizer’s privilege to ………….


    • Has anyone buying weapons given ANY indication that they have any other agenda than preparing for their 2nd Amendment rights to be attacked or to protect themselves and their property in case of rioting? I haven’t been hearing that anywhere except from the race baiters.

      Alcoff is another militant feminist. Lot’s to dispise here. Race traitors? That works both ways, i.e. Uncle Toms, “wiggers,” Native Americans that work within the larger American culture, etc. ALCOFF meets the definition of race traitor herself.

      Also notice the reference to the “militia” that Costner’s character is part of…really? That’s no militia, that’s our wonderful Federal army at work. Fought the Civil War to free the slave and turn right around to eradicate the Native Americans. If anything, Costner’s character is seeing the hypocrisy of the Federal policy toward the Native Americans.

      Racism was institutionalized by the North as much as the South. A majority of blacks hate, or are generally distainful of whites. Racism exists in all cultures. Always has.

      I was also laughing my ass off at her continuing hypocrisy by referring to Native Americans as “Indians.” Hey you clueless skank, what happened to your “political correctness”? I thought calling Native Americans was a big no-no.

      Oh, wait. I forgot. The Liberal Dictionary does not include a definition for “hyocrisy.”

  14. Yank Johnson accidentally touches on a valid point. Corporations shouldn’t have any political voice. The mistake was made when the courts granted corporations the same standing as a person, allowing them to make contributions and generally using their economic power to influence the political system. This should never have happened. If the rich guys want to make contributions, fine, they are real, individual human persons and have that right. Limiting their contributions might be a good idea, but even that can be seen as questionable in a truly free society.

    • Well…what about other entities like the Unions, just to name on here. They can do what the corporations cannot….seems to me the Supreme Court ruled the correct way.

      Here’s a story that includes the SEIU and such. ~


      • Unions, corporations, lobbying groups, all entities that are not individual American citizens should not be able to donate in my opinion. Donations should be made directly as one donation per person. No intermediaries.

        Sorry, I didn’t cast my net wide enough.

    • If a corporation has the same standing as a person, they should be limited by the same rules as an individual. Same for unions… what’s the limit on political contributions… $2500.

    • The mistake was made when the courts granted corporations the same standing as a person, allowing them to make contributions and generally using their economic power to influence the political system.

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s a disgrace that corporations can give millions to elect the guy who’s going to give them as much freedom as he can – to sell us shit that’s supposed to be food, or shit that’s supposed to be safe when it’s not.

  15. “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”

    Of course they do. When was the last time you saw an ad on TV that you could believe? They lie through their teeth… But they also tell us what to believe is “cool” and what’s not. And like sheep we all go along with it. So many of our standards are set by them, it’s a joke. And then they get to donate to political candidates who will do their level best to maintain their (corporations) freedom for them. It’s corrupt. The whole system is corrupt.

    • So, to cut to the chase…are you agreeing with Hank Johnson when it comes to more restrictions on freedom of speech via his amendment to the constitution?

      • I don’t see any reason for corporations to have a constitutional right to lie to us or interfere in the political process. Both of which they do, all the time. If you think they should, I start wondering who’s paying you.

        Cui bono? is the question you should always be asking.

        • That wasn’t the question I asked you. Let me try once more…do you agree with Hank Johnson and his constitutional amendment? It’s a simple yes or no question.

        • BW…

          Still waiting for your answer. – Just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.

          • You want a Yes or No answer on something that hasn’t even been drafted yet? Something I can’t read? Do you have a link to the text?
            If not, you’ve got as much of an answer as you’re getting. See BigWayne
            December 3, 2012 at 1:34 pm

          • In other words…you’re not going to answer. – Thanks, very telling.

          • If you want a knock down drag out fight, bigtimer, you’re looking in the wrong place. I’ve seen your fights here before. I’ve already had a double bypass, plus two stents, and will be having more in my neck shortly. I’ve told you I’m not giving a yes or no answer on something which is purely hypothetical at the moment. That, combined with my answer above, should be more than enough for you.

          • Lol…all I wanted was a direct answer, not a fight. – Your last reply before this one sufficed just fine. Speaks volumes to me.

          • When you have a link to the text of this famous amendment, post it.

          • If you’re too dense to follow the bouncing ball in the report itself, including what Hank Johnson said…that’s your problem. – I’m done responding to you on this matter. – Take care of that heart of yours…don’t get excited.

          • “If you’re too dense to follow the bouncing ball …”

            Can’t resist getting personal, can you. Or throwing insults.
            I wouldn’t be so sure that you’re the brightest bulb in the pack yourself … But we’ll leave it there.

  16. I find this “black” (I can’t write Spear Chucker or my post will be deleted) to be more than offensive……..this member of the permanent sun tan club is as offensive as the day is long………

    How dare this black pose in a picture with the American flag in the background…….this son-of-a-bitch wants to destroy the constitution and transform this country into a progressive sh!thole…..his type wants to limit our freedoms….he is nothing more than a dim-witted piece-of-sh!t progressive that has alternative motives………

    this bastard and his kind are enemies of this country…….and he pretends to show some kind of patriotism by posing with the flag in the background……..nothing but a damn lie……..

    I have no respect what-so-ever for pieces-of-sh!ts like this son-of-a-bitchen bastard………..absolutely none……..

  17. Another beltway insider who thinks he can “dictate” his will on the people because he got his ass elected by losers that would kiss his ass for an entitlement! How about we restrict what dickheads like him can say,,,,We can;t fix dumbass but we sure could shut it up.

  18. Hank “ain’t nuttin’ butta mush-mouthed Negro who done found hisself sum
    po-wah. He now gwine show Whitey some payback. He be feelin’ mighty impo-tant.” (Despite his inability to speak English.)

    Hank is as comtemptible as dogshit on the bottom of my running shoes.

  19. What a complete and utter moron. And what does that say about the jackasses he represents? Hahahahaha a whole district full of morons.

    • Unfortunately we have a whole nation of morons…those that voted to reelect Dear Leader and ilk like Hank, and those that stayed home and didn’t bother to vote at all. – Disgusting all the way ’round!

  20. @ fogal: Hank is already showing this Whitey payback everytime he opens his drooling piehole and aborts the English lanugage.

    Jeeezzus…. If you didn’t know his massacre of the English language was for real, you’d swear you were watching a Third Reich version of SNL…

  21. Speaking of ‘Free Speech’…