AWD is taking the family unit to see a concert tonight and is also having a massive attack of writers block. I just can’t find anything to bitch about! I know..I know! There’s so much out there to get riled up over…but I just don’t want to. You see, I took a lavendar-scented bubble bath while listening to the soothing jazz stylings of Kenny G and it just changed my entire outlook on life. Hell, I’m going to turn in my guns and get a sex change!

All right, all that sex change stuff is BS but the writers block and concert is the real thang. So I pulled up one written about 2 years ago about the left’s outrage over hunting. AWD has already filled the freezer with venison after putting the thump on a fat little buck about 5 weeks ago. Now I’m going after some of his hog friends. AWD loves hunting. It’s my favorite thing to do with my clothes on. And nobody hunts nekkid in Texas, boy! Read on and feel free to ridicule all libtards in your comments.

Gordon Gekko’s line in Wall Street sums up city slicker liberals perfectly…”they love animals, they hate people.” From all the feigned outrage over Sarah Palin shooting a caribou, you’d have thought she’d shot the Pope. Ooops, sorry, liberals wouldn’t object to Palin shooting the Pope. Better make that George Soros!

Libs don’t really care about that caribou. Hell, I’ve seen the photo above saved on liberal sites with the file name “Palin shoots moose.” Anyone who can’t decipher the difference between a caribou and a moose is a lib and could be guaran-damn-teed to tell you more than you ever want to know about jasmine-scented bubble baths and moisturizing. And that would be just the liberal men!

Liberals use animals the same way they use other objects and people to make their weak attacks on conservatives. Think libs care about poor people in ghettos? Guess again! If they did, they would help and encourage more of them to escape the chains of welfare and social programs that permanently bind them to poverty…and voting for Democrats! What about liberals caring about the poor children who can’t get educations? Try letting the parents of a poor child escape the nightmare of inner city schools by choosing the school they want their children to attend using vouchers! Not so fast Einstein! The liberal public school unions won’t hear of that!

So hearing libtards whine and cry (between manicures and colonics) about the poor, pitiful moose caribou (whatever the beastly thing is!) rings of the usual brand of liberal stupid tactics (LibStupe in AWD-speak) of attacking a conservative. For example, New Yawk City dweller Maureen Dowd wrote of Palin and her hunt:

Does Palin really think the average housewife in Ohio who can’t pay her bills is going to load up on ammo, board two different planes, camp out for two nights with a film crew and shoot a caribou so she can feed her family organic food?

It’s amazing that Palin patronized Neiman Marcus during the campaign. Couldn’t she have spun cloth to sew her own clothes?

Does Dowd really think the average household in Ohio (outside of their decaying cities) doesn’t enjoy filling their freezer with chemical-free meat? It would be hard for Dowd to imagine the fact that even rural little fillies enjoy hunting and fishing. I believe it would be harder to imagine that same mother in Ohio reading the NY Times! Of course, it’s easy to figure Maureen out when Dowd’s total experience in the wild is having her chauffeur drive her through “the pahk” on the way to the opera!

Also, isn’t it a little stereotypical of Dowd to believe a curvy womern who hunts would like wearing fancy clothes from Needless Markup? Can’t a hunter enjoy the outdoors and the theater? This perfectly illustrates the problem with liberal elites. They believe they know everything about everything when, in fact, they are the most ignorant people around. Liberals make a huge mistake believing anyone who hunts is a bloodthirsty redneck. AWD, the Big Sexy, has often referred to himself as a cultured redneck. I enjoy hunting, fishing, Texas honky-tonk, a nice mud-wrestling match….but I also equally enjoy going to a Broadway musical and the symphony (no lavender-scented bubble baths!).

All this reminds me of a true story. AWD lived in Minnesota in the 90’s and there was a huge problem with Canada geese on golf courses. The Department of Wildlife wanted to fire nets over gaggles (look it up libtards) of geese. The “environmentalists” sued to stop the netting. A compromise was reached that would allow netting under the watchful eye of environmental experts. After the first goose was pulled from the net, the wildlife officer handed the goose over to the so-called expert for inspection of injury. The expert pulled back and said, “I’ve never held one of those!” It made the news. Those “environmentalist animal lovers” didn’t care about the geese. It was just another way for ignorant libs to screw with people with common sense.

Lib television show writer Aaron Sorkin (whoever the hell he is) wrote of Palin:

Like 95% of the people I know, I don’t have a visceral (look it up) problem eating meat or wearing a belt. But like absolutely everybody I know, I don’t relish the idea of torturing animals. I don’t enjoy the fact that they’re dead and I certainly don’t want to volunteer to be the one to kill them and if I were picked to be the one to kill them in some kind of Lottery-from-Hell, I wouldn’t do a little dance of joy while I was slicing the animal apart.

Of course you wouldn’t do a little dance, Arnie! Unless it was the “YMCA” at the Village People reunion tour at some poofter bar in Hollyweird! Hunters don’t have a visceral (I looked it up) desire to torture animals either. And they don’t! Hunters are taught to pass on shots that won’t deliver a humane and clean kill. But Arnie doesn’t have a problem using animals for food and his favorite line of designer wussy-wear, just as long as he doesn’t have to do the dirty work himself. Might mess up his manicure getting blood under his nails. Ewwwww!

These city slicker libs continually show their ignorance of all things outside of their wussypants infested hellhole cities. Hunters are not bloodthirsty killers who shoot anything that moves. That would be California hunters (a cuss-word to hunters in Western states). To those of us who hunt of fish, it is not a matter of enjoying killing. City libs like Dowd and Arnie haven’t experienced the smell of the woods, the absence of cell phones, total blessed silence, watching animals in the woods scoot along the ground or fly through the air. They will never understand how keen one’s eyesight and hearing becomes when there is an absence of noise. Never will they know the feeling of anticipation and not knowing when the hunted animal will silently appear. They will not realize the amount of luck that comes with each successful hunt. They will never understand the bittersweet emotions that come from taking game. The sadness from loss of life to the animal but the contentment of knowing the meat will be enjoyed throughout the winter. And knowing that the game was taken in its natural environment and not bought at the grocery store.

Liberals view those of us who hunt and fish in the same stereotypical terms as they do members of the tea party movement. In the liberal world, tea party patriots just couldn’t oppose President Obama because of his nightmare spending and socialist agenda. Why, all of their friends just love Obama! It HAS to be the teabaggers oppose Obama because he is a black man in the White House. Yes! That HAS to be it! Of course, they never discuss how those same white tea party “racists” support black politicians like Allen West and Tim Scott.

Liberals are not smart. They are smug in their elitist ignorance. Idjits like Maureen Dowd or this Sorkin puke have no idea of the people and lifestyles they criticize. They look down from their high-security condos on the west side (east side..doesn’t matter…they’re all morons) and view the world the way they want to view the world. Doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or not. It’s just so much easier that way…doesn’t require thinking.

As for me, I’ll gladly look forward to my next hunt as much as I will the next time I get to attend the symphony. But I won’t take me no lavender-scented bubble baths before going! You’ll have to ask Keith Olbermann about those!

Congratulations to Sarah Palin on her successful hunt. That caribou will help feed her family and perhaps others. For any libs reading this, a caribou will die one day. The usual cause is old age, starvation and being eaten by predators. You never hear liberals criticizing wolves!

AWD continues to believe in the Lord and his loyal servant John Browning! Look him up Aaron Sorkin!

Here’s Sorkins hit piece on Palin

Here’s Dowd’s piece in the NY Slimes.

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  1. I’ve gutted and killed my share, but I don’t hunt anymore. I find animals to be noble creatures unlike most of their Human counterparts. And by not hunting I do my part to “conserve” this resource.

    However I fully support another mans right to cull game from the wild for personal use or pleasure, as long as it is not an illegal commercial endeavor, example dead bear rotting in the woods cause it was shot for the gall bladder.

    The flip side to illegal harvesting is Preservation and is the worst management scenario. I think if the resource is managed correctly, in other words conservation not preservation, we will have a healthier population of game animals and a future generation of hunters.

    I personally find a tasty Cow steak more economical and less trouble than a piece of venison. But that’s just me, I’m more domesticated these days.

  2. Hmmm, where to start…

    First & foremost we must keep this thought in the forefront of our minds, “Mo Dowd is a clueless bitch and completely untethered from reality“…

    After that everything else is relatively easy…

    I loved the Neiman Marcus comment…

    Gee! Did anyone over at the NYT ever consider the possibility that when Ms. Palin (who I believe is nova bright in comparison to Dowd or the Kenyan Kommie Klown for that matter) was on the ticket she had handlers during the campaign that insisted on a place like Neiman Marcus instead of Target or Walmart?

    Like 95% of the people dumb Dowd knows are probably libtards and don’t which end of the skinning knife to hold let alone how to use it…

    The one overriding feeling one comes away with is that if you happen to be stuck in the wild with dumb Dowd her best and maybe only contribution to survival would be to use her as bait…

  3. AWD-perfect. Spot on. Libs are good at telling you how you should change your ways and life-as long asit costs them no money. I hunt. I too shot a buck 2 weeks ago, and am going up this weekend to the shack for Wisconsin’s late season. My lib nieces and nephews think it’s cruel. They tell me I should stop. But when I counter that I spend well over $1,000 per year on bird feed, deer feed, alfalfa, materials for nesting boxes, clover seed and the labor to plant the trails. I ask them what they have done to help wildlife… know the answer

  4. this is from my journal….delete if not appropriate. Point is libs would never understand this…

    Back from 2 weeks of hunting. It was an eventful time.

    1st week was bowhunting. Sat in the woods a few too warm evenings-and a few too cool. I hunted less than I should have, but more than I wanted to. Saw some deer, 2 bear, turkeys, grouse, and a wolf. No deer struck my fancy, so I’ll eat my bow tag in a stew. Marinated in Crow, and leftovers baked in a Humble Pie.
    Cleaned the cabin. Old towels used for who knows what, at an unknown time. A dead bat under the bunk beds for who knows how long. Fixed the bird feeder roof. The bears consider it “easy open”, and do so-often. Made sure the 30.06 was still spot on in anticipation of gun season-it was.
    Spent quiet nights alone, me, ROO, and the new dog Banjo. Dingo again did not go.

    The hiss of the gas light, the oven making the cabin too hot while it does what’s ordered-in this case cooking the Turkey I shot on Sunday. Wild rice from an unnamed local lake.
    Thanks to all 4.
    Relighting the 50’s? Servel propane fridge as every southerly gust blew out the pilot.

    Found my eldest’s Little Mermaid blanket stuck between the wall and the upper bunk. Bought 20 or so years ago. Her favorite. When it got too worn, it headed north and became a cabin blanket. Worn still further, Comet, Echo, and Dingo relished it’s warmth on top of their dog beds.
    But too worn now. Barely perceptible what it even was. So, one cool night, it was added to a campfire. 2 of the dogs sit at the perpetual duck marsh waiting for me, Dingo is being chased, and the eldest is 29. It’s time.
    I sat back alone with a High Life and watched the smokey memories drift skyward.
    And felt the last bit of heat it provided.

    Then rifle season. Much ado about little, but I still go. Tell the wife I have to. She doesn’t know any better, and to be honest, she enjoys her time alone as much as I do. Just took Banjo to be my ears. Alex,10 (oldest grandson) went for the 1st time. A big boy, doing very well in school allows one to miss school for such an important event as deer season. Tavern fish on Friday night. Cabin food. Race to be the 1st one to the outhouse in the morning. New things for him. Big guns. 30.06,7-08,30-30-not the .22 and .410 he’s used to. Loud. Cool. Scary. The Cold. Greet the sun on it’s daily chin up over the southeastern horizon. The coyote packs saying good night at last light from whereeverthehell they are today. Bear tracks in the snow-tired, but yet not quite tired enough. You and I??

    Wet wool socks.

    Thanksgiving dinner at the cabin. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, red cabbage, dinner rolls, gravy. Sweet potatoes. Pumpkin pie and Blueberry pie. Football. Cribbage. A shitload of dishes.
    I hunted the Swamps of Misery. I hunted the Marsh of Despair.
    I hunted the Dismal Spruce-their 40 year old stunted trunks still striving upward from the wet moss. But not until snow lit up the forest floor-as is rule. No one shall hunt the Dismal Spruces without snow cover. Ever.
    That is where the “Altar” stand is. A finger of high ground jutting in to the devil’s landscape. Fallen, corkscrew trees. Thick tag alders not fit for man nor beast. Eerie twisting winds. Strange shapes,shadows that defy the sun. Sounds not familiar to me. Perhaps protesting that I have trespassed-even though it is on my 80. Sacred ground. Darkness comes early in these places. Walk a little faster on the way back to the cabin, the warmth, the radio, company, and a warming shot. You see the rifle provides no security here.
    Not much fauna in the Dismal Spruces, except the deer that pass through on their way to where ever-and the wolves that follow them. The stray bear, bobcat. I know it. 6 days of seeing nothing at the “Bear”,”Wolf”,Ridge”,”Center”, “Woodie” and “Meadow” stands.
    But Thursday night, snow….so off to the Altar on Friday. It was 3:55 when a lovestruck buck chased the doe of his desires past my stand.
    A good shot from the 30.06, a little sadness.. a lot of respect. Thanksgiving two days in a row.
    I walked as fast as I could with the cold making my anemic lungs pay to the cabin to get help to drag the deer to where the ATVs could earn their keep. Stuck 4 wheeler-twice, foot run over, knee deep water filled potholes. Rest, but the cold laughs-go ahead, rest-but there will be a cost. Broken foot, wet. Breath…breath. Rest again. Cold. Hungry and thirsty. The Dismal Spruce spirits and their allies protest with brutal winds. Horizontal snow biting the eyes and ears. Dark, then darker.Stumps hidden by marsh grass. Deadfalls. Finally to the top of the ridge and the trail. Shut the ATV off, look to the south. Shrink into the pallid warmth of the coat for a brief second or two of relief. Ah hell…Let the cold win for a bit. See the tree tops waving us back to the cabin. Friendly advice or warning? The north wind trying to push us back down there, but never trust a north wind, for it is commanded by a tyrant….. the north wind is evil. I know it.
    False promises, outright lies. Betrayal. Just as nature can be caring, kind, vengeful spririts come just as easily to her when scorned. Too cynical to believe her empty promises, yet knowing I deserve it for I have taken one of the few dwellers of the Dismal Spruce. The winds and the spruce and the moss and the dark and the snow and the spirits say
    “How dare you come here? You and yours are not worthy. Get out-get out.”
    Jeff and Alex can not decipher the words for they are young, but I can. Eerie strange language, but the truth. So we do as ordered on my request.
    Thanks mixed with a tinge of sadness does not appease.

    Stovepipe pants legs from the now freezing dunks in Satan’s potholes. Painful left foot. Freezing cheeks, hands feet. And remembering just how weak we really are. I got nothing on the smallest Chickadee.
    Back well after dark. Drink to the buck I’ve taken. A toast to the powers that be for the opportunity, and the ability, and the Chickadee.

    The wet,frozen clothes will hang on a nail on the ceiling beams. Tomorrow they’ll be dry with just puddle of marsh water beneath them to tell the tale of yesterday.Sleep will come easy tonight.

    Fish fry on Friday. Fresh Venison on Saturday. 7 year old Cheddar and Little Debbies for dessert damn near as old. Yahtzee with the grand kids both nights. King’s Corners.

    Tavern food. Locals. Weekend warriors. Some aquaintences missing from last year, and even less than the year before. Next year will be no different. But it will be.

    A 40 mile drive to the ER in Medford at 6am Sunday when the pain became too much for even this crusty old man to tolerate.

    So ends my 2012 season at the “Cabin of Few Words” I’ll go back once a month or so to fight the mice. Sit in the dark with a distant AM station. And recall another great year I did not deserve…
    Thanks all. Don

    • Don, I so enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.


    • Don,
      Very nice, very nice indeed. Brings back a flood of good memories. My whole
      family hunted, three brothers, Mom and Dad. My Mother shot more deer than all 5 of us combined, damned near as many Javelina. She shot with iron sights out to 300 yards. We called her Dead Eye. She used a little Savage 99, 250/3000. It wasn’t till much later I found out how flat that little gun could shoot. She was almost a snap shooter, she was up so fast and firing and just never missed. Wished I had that little gun today, saw one in a gun show for $1500, we paid $51 and change in the 50’s. Damn near gone up good as gold.

    • …………

  5. Yeah, nothing more hypocritical than some libtard eviscerating you for hunting as they walk out of Burger King with a double cheese… have you ever been to a slaughter-house? Its far less humane than a happy animal in the wild being shot by a hunter. The stench of fear and shite is so thick as they wait in the coral to be slaughtered… they know whats happening to them.

    Liberals don’t give a rats anus about saving animals they just wish to destroy all traditional American culture and control our lives.. and hunting has been a big part of our history and culture. The irony these are the same freaks that complain about you shooting bambie but the will rip a human baby apart in the womb because its inconvenient.

    • Vince,
      My uncle was a rancher who went broke in the 50’s and took a job at a slaughter house for a few years to get back on his feet. When he left he swore he would never eat processed meat products again, hot dogs and hamburger included. He would go to butcher shops and have them cut fresh steaks for him and chuck which from which
      he ground his own hamburger. I was kinda into that when I ate meat.


    Liberals idea with znimals is appearing in some stupid PETA maney making ads(RUE McCLANIHAN,PAMELA ANDERSON,ALEC BALDWIN)While a conservative like to get out there and hunt deer,bears,cougers,geeese,etc)and if someone can remember AMERICA SPORTMAN all those celberties that appeared on it Becuase most all liberals grow up in the cities while most conservatives grow up on farms and the coutry Most liberals belong or donate to PETA while conservative belong to and donate to the NRA

    • And it is us-through the Pittman-Robertson Act, contribute more to help both game and non game species than all Libs could afford. It is us who, through our tax dollars allow the Libs to see wildlife on their “Eco tours”. They know it-we know it. Honesty and gratitude are qualities that fall to the right.

    • There’s an animal rights organization based in a large midwest city that has the most pathetic fund raising letters. If you could read some of the hand written responses to their fundraising activities, you would just cry knowing the organization exists for the sole purpose of enriching the pockets of the fundraisers. The organization will deliberately target old people and people with fixed incomes to literally extract ONE dollar from them. Beware of low-lifes trying to extract money from the simple-minded.


    And dont forget DUCK STAMPS there DON becuase the money from that gose into WILDLIFE CONSERVATION most of the money donated to PETA gose into printing awful comics aimed at kids for idiotic billboards or TV ads for them to run around in stupid costumes or going stark naked or hold idiotic protests or file frivolous lawsuits which they never win

  8. ‘Caribou Barbie’. Hehe

  9. I never hear the libs or Peta mention what muslims do to animals for their meat. Sick bast–ds. This cruel treatment would turn everyone against them if they knew . So, lay off the hunters,go after the inhumane torture and butchering of animals where you find “halal” meat . Thats everywhere,in case you haven’t noticed.


    The HUMANE SOCIETY has lost its meanig with a jerk like WAYNE PACELLI running them Their more interested in pushing the idiotic notion of ANIMAL RIGHTS just like that stupid PETA dose


    Liberals who have seen that stupid french film THE BEAR They want to adpopt a cub they see one on one of their dumb ECO-TOURS go out to hug and kiss it and dont see mama bear until their all eaten up and the way the male bear adopts the cub shows that these ignorant french directors dont know a poop about bears



  13. A few yr’s back the Park Rangers in the Smokey Mt’s arrested a couple for smearing jelly on their little girls face and trying to coax the bears to lick it off while they got a picture,

  14. Danny McCord says:

    Long time reader first time poster!!! Here in Alabama, my wife and I live to hunt to fill the freezer. Had a great weekend took a nice buck and fat doe which means we have a few more months of meat. We have lived on deer, turkey and wild hogs so long that fast food or even that fancy store bought meat makes us SICK to the point we are in bed for a day. Anyone who has never harvested their own food just dont know what they are missing


    Liberal hollywood wackos idea of animals appearing on ENTERTAIMENT TONIGHT hugging bunnies or doing some stupid Public Iterests spot for PETA after all ALEC BALDWIN and PAMELA ANDERSON has done it