Angry White Dude is outraged! Another high-capacity tour bus has crashed and left nine people dead! It’s time we had a serious national discussion about high-capacity buses that pack people on and crash down mountains! Enough is enough!

A capitalistic tour bus company has killed nine people in Oregon. Again! The bus went out of control on an icy road in Oregon and crashed down a mountainside, killing nine people and injuring 20 more. How long must America suffer the danger from these high capacity human death traps? Moreover, I’m sure the high capacity tour bus company is owned by an evil 1%’er capitalist pig!

The bus slud out of control on icy roads and flipped over the guardrail, leading to the deaths. Maybe it’s time we had a national discussion on icy roads and sub-par guardrails! Enough is enough! High capacity buses are killing more people than evil semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity clips and high-capacity triggers (whatever the hell that is!).

Over 40,000 innocent lives are lost every year to automobile accidents! This is insane! It’s time we take a long, hard look at automobiles! Does America need to travel in cars? Perhaps we should talk about limiting the number of victims each death trap vehicle should hold! Hell, we know Chinese mini-van drivers are responsible for 39,999 of the 40,000 deaths resulting from automobile accidents. We need to have another national discussion on Chinese mini-van drivers! AWD is all about national conversations!

AWD volunteers to head a blue-ribbon panel to discuss how America can rid ourselves of the danger of high-capacity bus tours that lead to the senseless loss of lives. Enough is enough!

What America needs is a national discussion on why we should return to bicycles! Or better yet, perhaps Americans should walk and cut down on the number of vehicular deaths!

AWD’s thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the Oregon bus accident.

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  1. Your point is well made…nail on head and then some! – Have to wonder if the clueless on the left even get this, or if it just goes right over their empty-heads!

  2. Another senseless tragedy caused by an Assault Bus!! Godd*mnit Americans!! When will you realize that your love of Assault Buses only leads to mass murder???

  3. Someone get Piers Morgan, Bob Costas and Rachel Maddow on a telecom, our best and brightest need to deal with this national tragedy!

    Blistered, out!


    How many more peole have been killed by drunk drivers Now many more kids have been killed by ABORTION? and where is ABORTION written in the U.S. CONSTITUTION? like the right to keep and bear arms is? SCREW STUPID LIBERAL JACKASSES

  5. High capacity buses are killing more people than evil semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity clips and high-capacity triggers (whatever the hell that is!).AWD

    Don’t forget about the ‘barrel shroud’ and the ‘shoulder thing that goes up’. Very dangerous items that must be outlawed. I’m looking into getting old fashioned wood furniture for my shotgun, to give it an antique look.

  6. Where is Obama With a speech and a few fake tears over this tragedy? This kind of killing has to be stopped. I agree with jon….lol

  7. Sheriff’s Tip: Lever Guns for Personal Protection

  8. Max & Eric says:

    I think we need to close travel sites on the internet, the ticket seller`s need to take responsibilty for this. they should be punished. Discount fares, easy access, racism, Capitalism, white greed all leads to crashes like this. My god man, where`s the TSA and DOT when you need them. ALL High capacity busses need to be wrapped in nerf. actually I do a little driving for a small company for shits and grins I`ve been do int the limit and have been passed by these f***in things like I