Have you heard about Devin McClean yet? If not you will. What happened to him is a perfect example of how upside down this country is! This fine man was fired for doing the right thing in my book…yet he was fired for doing just that because of ‘no gun zone, zero tolerance policy’ at his former place of employment.

Read and watch this…see what you think. – This is via TB:

When former AutoZone employee Devin McClean grabbed his gun from his car and chased an armed robber out of his store, he didn’t think his quick thinking would get him fired…but it did.

“I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and I see the gun. Your heart just starts pounding,” McClean told NewsChannel 3.

As it turns out, McClean’s Yorktown, Va., store was being robbed by the so-called “fake-beard bandit” (probably the worst nickname in the history of crime), a criminal who had already knocked over about 30 businesses in the Virginia Peninsula area.

As the gunman forced the manager to unlock the store’s safe, McClean, a 23-year-old Air Force veteran, slipped out the back to retrieve his Glock 40 from his truck.

“I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy,” McClean recalls.

“When I yelled ‘freeze’ and I said ‘Stop! Drop the weapon,’ he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand he started running,” the former AutoZone employee adds. “I felt like it was my responsibility to step in.”

The gunman wisely chose to flee.

“I watched him run down the street,” McClean told Fox News. “I came back inside and made sure my manager was okay and he called the police.”

But although the store’s manager was grateful for his employee’s bravery, McClean was fired two days later — right before Thanksgiving.

“It’s pretty much getting slapped in the face doing something that you feel was right everybody else around you feels you were right,” says McClean.

Other than to reiterate the company’s zero tolerance policy on weapons inside stores, AutoZone representatives refuse to comment on McClean’s firing.

And being laid off couldn’t have come at a worse time for McClean: He’s about to be a father.

“We’re having a little boy,” he said. “I remember when the guy came in with that gun. My initial thought was I want to make it home to my family. I want to have the opportunity to meet my son and for my son to meet his dad. And for someone to come in and shove a gun in your face?”

The former AutoZone employee explains that his decision to go back into the store and rescue his co-workers was informed by lessons he learned in the U.S. Air Force.

“Never leave a man behind,” he said. “I’m not going to leave my brother in a room with a guy with a gun — that’s threatening his life.”

“If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy,” he adds.

And you better believe there’s been some backlash against the company for its decision to terminate McClean.

Fox News provides the details:

Cam Edwards, of NRA News, called AutoZone’s decision an “injustice.”

“It may have been corporate policy to fire Devin McLean, but it’s also an injustice. He came to the aid of a fellow employee threatened by an armed robber and was canned. They should have named him employee of the year.”

He said the nation needs more people like McLean.

“He had the chance to run away but instead he chose to arm himself with his legally owned gun and save the life of his supervisor,” Edwards told Fox News. “Wouldn’t we all like to work with someone like Devin?”

Customers have launched a boycott against the company on Facebook and a petition has been started urging them to rehire McLean.

What do you think about all of this friends?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    A total and complete boycott of AUTOZONE and let these jerks know why as laong as they prophebit their emploies from excorsiing their 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS you will no longer patrionize their buisness

  2. He has a job offer and free firearms training at Front Sight Firearm Training Facility, all he has to do is call them @ 1-800-987-7719, Email, info@frontsight.com. Wouldn’t pass it up. They are hiring.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Big. This happened just a couple of cities away and received very little press locally. I can’t find an article about it in the Virginian Pravda, er Pilot newspaper, yet they run other stories from Yorktown all the time. I hope I’m not stepping out of line, but the Virginia Citizens Defense League is organizing a couple of protests. Here’s a snippet from their VA-Alert eMail;

    VCDL will hold a protest at 3 different Autozone locations in the next couple of weeks: Yorktown, Colonial Heights (regional manager’s location), and Hopewell. VCDL will get some signs printed up for protesters to hold while standing in front of the stores. Our goal will be to inform the public about Autozone’s shameful treatment of a hero, putting policy before the safety of customers and workers.”

    and a link;

    Now that O’Reilly’s auto parts has a local store, I won’t step into another AutoZone again until they change their policies AND offer a public apology to Mr. McLean.

    • You’re more than welcome Reb…and I’m with your sentiments as well.

      Thanks for the link and all the information you’ve posted too. I’ll check out your link and pass it on too.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Get a lst of all buisnesses that prophibit their emploies from arming themselves and boycott them all and let them know why in a letter to the company presidents

  5. bigtimer

    This is the end of society as we once knew it. We’re at the mercy of liberalism which continues to chip away at common sense! This young man exhibitted the kind of bravery & masculinity which “good” progressives collectively dismiss! My husband has used the service of Autozone on numerous ocassions but anymore. Once we make our voices known, and support this rare patriot in the nefarious age of Obama, they’ll get the message!

    • Howdy Renee…

      “The end of society as we know it” is spot-on…and then some! At times I’ve had my fill and this is one of them. I do hope AutoZone feels the pressure…but who knows what will happen.

      Btw…did you and yours get moved and settled in yet? – Hope all is well in your new location. 😉

  6. Bigtimer.
    I buy all my auto supplys at auto zone, not anymore though, think I will drop them an e-mail.

    • Methinks you aren’t alone by a long shot when it comes to AutoZone getting an earful. Wonder if it will do any good…sure hope so.

  7. Hope somebody offers this young man employment soon.

    • Liam…so do I! He’s a worker, not a taker. Plus, he’s served our country to-boot! – I have a feeling job offers have come in for this brave man…if I see updates later, I’ll be sure to post them here. 😉

    • Liam,
      See my above post, he has a GOOD job offer with training. Its not a joke, the CEO of Front Sight sent out an email to all his subscribers with the job offer and free weapons training class, all Devine has to do is call him or email him.

  8. Hat Tip from me to Mr. McClean. Good job Man.

    It is a very constructive lesson we all learn at some time in our life. That making the Right, morale, and common sense decision, then acting upon it. Will more likely than not, have odious consequences and sometime severe personal penalties.

    AutoZone has the right to have a zero tolerance policy against guns on the premises.

    People also have the right to boycott and Pickett this establishment

    Mr. McClean’s best revenge towards his former employer will be his success at another job working for someone who appreciates his efforts.

    And every Gangbanger in town now knows AutoZone has a zero tolerance anti-gun policy for their employees. That makes for an easy target.

    Gotta make your Bones, Go to AutoZone

  9. Waspish…love your post, especially the last part below. 😉

    “And every Gangbanger in town now knows AutoZone has a zero tolerance anti-gun policy for their employees. That makes for an easy target.

    Gotta make your Bones, Go to AutoZone”

  10. The irony of this is has me nearly at a loss for words.. a young, well-mannered black man with a job ( something our society needs more of ) gets hosed for committing a selfless act to protect others..

    I’m sure the left-wing establishment dumocrats hate the fact that a young BLACK MAN used his weapon legally to defend the lives of others.. kinda puts holes in their narrative of a weapon free society were only law-abiding citizens will be unarmed. Imagine if he would have shot another black man over a “beef” outside of a nightclub at 0200… Reverum Al would protest his firing and the “black community” would be chanting we shall overcome.. idiots

    I understand Auto Zones policy ( dont agree with it ) but they have to use thier heads on this one… if they dont give him his job back I will never shop there again… oh, wait… cant remember the last time I actually did.. meh

    • Vince…we sure aren’t hearing much if anything about this man on the leftist networks either. – Agenda, agenda, agenda.

      • that’s my point.. where is Reverum Al and the other black marxist, race hustlers and poverty pimps to protest on his behalf? I guess his selfless act and responsible behavior has earned him the scorn of the left… now if he was a worthless blight on society who just shot a white cop, the left and their ghetto pets would be up in arms over his persecution.. pardon the pun

          • …and your reason for a HuffnPuff link here… is?

          • Big, deleted. AWD doesn’t throw traffic to libtards!


          • Howdy AWD…when you say deleted, why is the is the link still here? I’m confused my friend. 😉

          • bigtimer

            she is still pissed about last night LOL

            it’s a wonder she hasn’t blown out the two stents that keep that sludge she calls blood flowing to her bitter heart..

            I bet she has no mirrors in her house … and sobs uncontrollably with self loathing when she catches a glimpse of herself on any surface unfortunate enough to show her reflection

          • LOL Okay, let me know when the list of usual suspects actually do something about the injustice done to this young man… Arianna Huffington is not a member of Rainbow Push, NBPP, NAACP or any other black marxist organizations.. but thanks for your input

          • Just for the record, didn’t Arianna Huffington sell to AOL in a $315 million deal last year?

            And you’re welcome. I just did a quick Google.

          • I will repeat… let me know when the usual suspects of left-wing black agitators actually do something for this kid…

            geesh.. you really do suffer from cranium anus interface

          • Say whatever you want in response… I wont answer because you are just looking for attention. Why don’t you hang a pork chop around your neck so your dog will come near you.. I’m not going to entertain you anymore.

          • You seem to be doing just fine with your own verbal incontinence, Vince.

          • That was cool, love to see Libturds screw Libturds.

  11. I had an opportunity to work for Auto-Zone some time before I got my present job. Then I did a quick internet search and found out that none other than George Soros owns stock in the company. That was reason enough not to do business with them, this reason is even better.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see where the DEMACRATS wants to now disarm all discharged military men knowing the shamful behavior of the demacRATS party SHAME ON THE DONKEY

    • they ( DHS ) declared us potential domestic terrorist a few years ago under this administration… their way of thanking vets for our service

  13. Steve Sybert says:

    A travesty of justice. As a gun-waving vet, he might just play hell getting another job anywhere. If I was him, I’d go back into the Air Force. And hope I don’t get stationed in New Jersey.

  14. Steve Sybert says:

    Speaking of Auto Zone, they built a new store here in Lebanon MO where I live, and the day they were supposed to open, they found themselves being picketed by a bunch of construction workers. Seems like they were not paid for their talents and labors by the main Auto Zone company for building their store. Kinda funny at the time, I recall.

    • That’s another very interesting tidbit about good ol’ AutoZone. – Heck, if that had been WalMart….the msm would have been all over it!

  15. Wolf, Sheep, Sheepdog. The moral of this story? The sheep never understand what the sheepdog does.

  16. Google The Apollo Group and find out how much Soros is into and who his buds/backers are.

  17. Damn straight bullseye BT! Too bad that whiny Photog who was capping pics of that poor bastard in NYC, who was pushed onto the subway tracks and run down by a subway, didn’t have a set of balls similar to the ones Mr McClean was blessed with.

    Damn sorry forgot to nest it, my bad.

  18. Exactly…great juxtaposition.

  19. And the perp is ……….drum roll…………. black. Now whadda ya know!

    Good thing he did not shoot the robber, him being black and all ya know. He looks kinda hispanic and we all know he will magically turn white once he shoots a black perp.

  20. EXACTLY!

    • Thought so. :-)

      Btw…that witch prosecutor that has a love for hating guns/self-defense should have been charged with withholding evidence more that once by now…but nooooooooooo that won’t happen in a million moons! – Infuriating!

  21. Just sent AutoZone an email telling them what I thought of their stupid policy and unless they change we will never buy anything from them

  22. I have not been back to AutoZone since I heard this story. Devin McClean has served his country in the Air Force and his fellow man in his community.

    I urge everyone to not only boycott AutoZone but to spread the word and flood the AutoZone corporation with email in support of Devin McClean. I am a Virginia Citizens Defense League member with a carry concealed handgun permit. I hope that I am never in the postion that Mr. McClean was in but if I am, I hope that I have the courage to do what he did.