Dudes and Dudettes, see what you think about St. Louis Police Chief Tim Fitch’s ideas regarding gun control and the useful idiots who want more of it since the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary took place.

I’ve read and watched some of his thoughts about this issue a few weeks back and was going to post about him then…something came up and alas I didn’t. So, since I saw some more from him today thought I’d share it with you all while I had the time. Don’t know about you…but he uses common sense, something the leftist-loons with their never-ending agendas are always lacking.

This is via GWP:

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch created controversy after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre when he said that school employees should be armed.

President Barack Obama and others favor re-instating the ban on assault weapons and outlawing ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Chief fitch says it’s way too late for any of that.

Chief Fitch says the rush to buy guns after the massacre of schoolchildren in Newtown shows that it’s too late for any new gun control laws to have any real effect. Fitch says with hundreds of millions of guns already in the hands of private owners in the United States, that it’s already easy for anyone who wants to have a gun to get one. And Fitch says armed deterrence, like having an armed police officer at every school, is easier to do than trying to get guns off the street.

“I think that horse is out of the barn. We know there’s over three hundred million guns in this country that are out there. I don’t think there’s any way, I mean, if you pass a law it may feel good to pass a law, but realistically, what’s it going to change? You’re not going to, nobody in this country’s going to go up and knock on every door person’s door and say turn in your assault weapons, turn in your ammo. That’s not going to happen,” stated Chief Fitch.

Speaking of useless idiots…check this out! Seems Di-Fi never lets go, being the biting sow she is. Plus, to top this off Feinstein’s bill will mandate that “grandfathered weapons be registered.”

Democrats announce plans to go after handguns.’ – Of course this will go nowhere…period!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Like banning alcohol worked during prohibition…. like banning some drugs works now, with a meth lab on every corner… A gun ban would just rise the level of illicit machine shops. 😉

  2. Nothing I have is registered and never will be.

  3. The problem is not that Congress wants to save lives by banning certain guns, they will eventually want to ban all guns. Why? Its very simple. We have Tyrants in waiting
    in the political parties,waiting till they can take over the country, after all they have all the money they need its POWER they want, power over you and I. One clear example is Michael Bloomberg. He just has to have the power, its the only thing left when money cannot satisfy your desires. Obama, tyrant in waiting. All they need is our guns, just as Hitler did, Stalin did, Lenin did, PolPot did, Mao did. Guns and weapons in any age in the hands of the people STOPPED tyrants from taking over. Since the English have been disarmed crime has risen. Large kitchen knives are now the target of knife bans in England. It will never stop. Our Government cannot even manage a Post Office or Amtrak in the black, it can’t even produce a budget to run the country on and its main thrust is to take our guns before we really get pissed off and come for them. they are using a totally preventable school shooting as an emotional justification to take our guns and put us in their benevolent arms. F*CK THEM ALL!!
    If all of our Representatives are not doing something to stop the gun grab then they are part and party to it. They are Tyrants in waiting also. They side with Tyrants or they side with the people, there is nothing to negotiate.

    • You are right. People should look around to other countries like Syria to see how a lack of weapons can prevent people from eradicating a tyrant. We need our weapons to protect ourselves form our government when it starts to dictate.

  4. Once a leaf falls from a tree, it can never be reattached. Making new guns laws won’t change anything. In fact, it would only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to have guns, and we all know that criminals don’t obey laws. If they did, well, they wouldn’t be criminals.


    Look how quickly these liberal idiots blamed the NRA over this piceting protests and waving their stupid signs in the air and like the lapdogs they are the liberal leftists news media ate this stuff up and spread it in their daily rags and the talking head were on it for days and your usial liberal demacRATS writting up worthless gun control bills and DIANE FRANKENSTIEN was first at the gate when the latests polls show americans are still opposed to any gun control laws although thats never stopped liberal demacRATS they obey their master OBAMA and the evil UNITED NATIONS

    • When it comes to the polls, it depends on just which leftist news source has decided to poll it. They all have agendas…it’s been obvious to see. Saw one today from USA Today news rag…they’ve decided the majority of americans want more gun control. – I don’t believe it….then again, I never thought Dear Leader would be elected either.

      Right you are about Dear Leader and ilk when it comes to what they’re doing via the UN.

  6. How about amnesty for all those millions of guns.
    we have millions of illegals about to get it.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    This sheriff is sure to be labeled as a REDNECK by the leftists news media scumrats

  8. Then there’s this from Tom Horne…


  9. RidinShotgun says:

    Gun laws only apply to whites apparently – read on.


    • Hair on fire…color me beet red with fury! The audacity these creatures have, especially with Fast and Furious, contempt of congress, etc etc…will this ever end? What will stop this? – I can’t take anymore.

  10. We do recall 12 years of worship by David Gregory and fellow Democrats in and out of the media of the former president since he stated the following in 2000, on the one-year anniversary of the Colorado school shooting at Columbine:

    Clinton also unveiled the $60-million fifth round of funding for “COPS in School,” a Justice Department program that helps pay the costs of placing police officers in schools to help make them safer for students and teachers. The money will be used to provide 452 officers in schools in more than 220 communities.

    “Already, it has placed 2,200 officers in more than 1,000 communities across our nation, where they are heightening school safety as well as coaching sports and acting as mentors and mediators for kids in need,” Clinton said.

    President Clinton signed crime legislation passed by a Republican Congress that paid local schools to hire armed security. Moreover, most of those, treating the NRA as if it had proposed giving free vodka to alcoholics, send their children to private schools with armed security.


    • Howdy Snake…

      Read about all that a few days back. Glad you have it here for others who may not know about this…but, shhh…don’t tell the msm whatever you do!

      Btw…speaking of Dirty Dick Gregory, this is/was much ado about nothing the other day….after-all, he’s an elistist to-boot!


      Now if Chris Wallace had done this on Fox News Sunday…we all know what would have happened by now, especially with the rest of the networks, as well as tons of leftist loons of all venues…especially the dem side of the aisle.

  11. BT,

    My thoughts… retired police officers would be more than happy to walk the halls of every school in America and especially in this economy. The big question many are raising… how do we pay for all those extra salaries when the nation is in debt over its head. Very simple… cut off all the benefits going to stinking illegals and we’ll have more than enough money to pay these respected men as a first defense.

    Btw… I’m not coming to the site as much now… still pissed off over the elections and all the morons who voted Obummer back in office. Those same voters didn’t even know who the VP of the country was, but sure knew which party gave out the welfare checks. Anyhow, has Bluto been posting at all??? Haven’t seen any responses from him.

  12. The following link is incredibly disturbing, but honestly, it just might explain the insanity going on.


    I haven’t been posting anything for awhile– so disheartened after the “election” that I had to just take a hiatus from it all. This may have already been suggested here by someone else, but I actually had the thought that the Sandy Hook shooter was a “Manchurian Candidate” in order to get this gun control ball really rolling since Fast and Furious didn’t work to that end. I know, I know. It sounds preposterous. But just 3 months ago, if you’d told me the incompetent Thing occupying our White House would be re-elected, I’d have balked at that, too.
    God help us.

  13. This is another reason I love Sheriff Joe…wonder how long it will be before the O-Team finds some reason to sue him for this too. ~


  14. Cinnamon Girl says:

    What I wonder about is not the guns but the people. Why are we seeing such an increase in mass shootings? What possesses a person to mow down others in a movie theater or an elementary school?

    Surely the media actually has a hand in giving some incentive to these killers, who are profiled as being lonely misfits looking for attention. And I am aware that some people simply have homicidal tendencies, are depressed, and are very warped and perhaps beyond help. Still, I cannot help but wonder why the increase in the last, say, 15 years.

    The ones that kill then commit suicide confound me further. Why didn’t they just kill themselves first?

    And for that matter, why do gang members in Chicago and so many other big cities feel so compelled to drive around with their guns poked out the windows, popping off anybody they think of as an enemy, plus any innocent bystanders that might be in the way?

    Your input is appreciated. For my two cents, I say that for one, jail is not a deterrent. For another, emotions, whether pathological or not, are not kept in check. Additionally, the death sentence is all too rare.

    Meanwhile, we must be burdened with the consideration of arming school principals and teachers. It’s surreal!

    • CG…

      I don’t have the answers…but I did hear on the radio last night that Adam Lanza had been on meds most of his life. To me, that has always been a major problem in the majority of these attacks/massacres.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Good point, BT. I wonder if Ritalin and other drugs are akin to the “Pax” drug mentioned in the film, “Serenity”, where the “Alliance” (a world government gone amok, aka the United Nations), determines that they must make people happier, tamer, safer, and more serene so they develop and administer a drug to a 30-million-strong guinea pig population on a terra-formed planet.

        Most died from being too serene; they chose not to work, to feed themselves, to keep up their good health in a natural way. The others? They were transformed into blood-thirsty, cannibalistic murderers who cannot fit into society. It’s eerie.

        (Joss Whedon is a strangely liberal blow-hard but he wrote a whole television series and a movie showing just how wrong we can go if we fall into the trap of absolute government control.)