Dudes and Dudettes…I guess the lesson here is instead of defending oneself, it’s better to lay down and die! Seems Pizza Hut has a policy that will demote you if use any kind of weapon when being attacked by a gang of thugs. This policy is beyond ridiculous to anyone normal with a brain that works, this is just one more major problem with what’s wrong with this country…in my humble opinion.

Here’s the report. – This is via FNI:

Protect yourself from attackers and receive … a demotion? A pizza delivery man in Maryland who fought off a group of attackers was given just that. Sam Swicegood was demoted from his job at Pizza Hut after he defended himself from being beaten up.

Swicegood described being sucker punched, after which defended himself by covering his face and swinging a small pole at them repeatedly. “I thought that I was about to die,” he said.

Pizza Hut cut his hours and his pay for violating their no weapons policy.

You can read a more detailed report here. You can watch two reports about this story in the link here, also at the link at the above.

By the way, if you watch the reports you can see that the weapon he had was a small aluminum tent pole.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    BOYCOTT PIZZA HUT and tell them what they can do with their stupid polacy I hope the NRA or other pro-gun,pro 2nd amendment group bring a lawsuit againnst their unconstitutional polacy

  2. Another business I won’t do business with.

  3. bigtimer
    Agree with SPURWING on the boycott thing, we can bring about a lot of much needed change with our pocketbooks and it not cost us a thing, anyone know of a website that is dedicated to bringing attention to business that conservatives need to boycott.

    • Agreed…but me thinks it won’t make a dent in their business, could be wrong. ~

      One thing about this though…if enough did boycott, maybe they’ll get the message about changing their asinine policy.

  4. Cooter Brown says:

    I order up at least 4 or 5 Pizzas per month to feed my grand kids and friends that drop by but no more. As a boycott I will never eat another Pizza Hut product again. So stuff it Hut boys..What a bunch of Morons!

  5. Well!!!!!!! I’ll not be visiting Pizza Hut soon… watch the blowback, it will be coming as this info makes its way around the internet.

  6. It does no good to say it here, call them up at Corporate and let them know you will not do business with them and will try to get others to do the same. Send a hand written letter, that usually gets some attention.

  7. Rockets red glare says:

    First time poster, long time reader…

    Love this site, particularly love the people commenting, minus the lib trolls of course.

    I wanted to share a little something about pizza slut that totally floored me, and I believe you fellow patriots may appreciate!

    My Wife and I live in the free State of Indiana, and my brothers and sisters down in big sky country know damn well what I mean……, my
    Wife loves pizza slut bread sticks, so I would often drive down the street and grab a family size order to go, run home, yum yum, all good!

    Now I can’t speak for your state, but here in Indiana every business is required to hang their business permit in plain view behind the counter.
    So I went for my ritual (last) order of sticks and happened to look up at the business cert. The name of the business entity was “La Raza Corporation”.
    I asked the dude at the counter if he knew what la raza was, and of course his answer was “huh”? I wasted air and promptly told him I would never, ever purchase or visit ANY pizza slut in the future, ever!
    True to my word, I have not nor will not.

    I told my lovely Wife in detail how I felt about this, and I honestly believe she listened to about one tenth of my rant, but regardless, she respects my opinion and actions.

    La Raza corp owns hundreds of pizza sluts, and in my humble opinion, the whole pizza slut chain can go get F$@;!D!!!

    Thanks for letting me rant, God Bless all true Americans!

    • Please rant away more often. I sure as heck thank you for that information regarding La Raza etc…this just doubles-down the chances of us ever going to pizza hut again.

  8. My comment ended up in the spam filter I guess.


    Just a quick Bing search produced this. I had no idea.

  9. I love this whole boycott plan. Pizza hut has just been sold to a firm that intends to beef it up and just sell it on for a profit. If that fails, it’s hardly going to register in their accounts. But go ahead, boycott the pizza huts, the only people that are going to suffer are the lowest level staff. The waiters, the kitchen staff, the delivery drivers, they’ll be the ones to lose hours and their source of income. Anyone high enough up the ladder to have any say in matters such as the attack are generally well outside the range of public reactions, and with management qualifications will find it a lot easier to find new work if the backlash is really so great.
    But no seriously, everyone should boycott pizza hut until the day it’s a requirement for all staff to carry guns for protection.

  10. Rockets red glare says:

    Mike, thanks for the link.
    You know now!

    I did not come here to spew trash, only the truth!

    Thank you Bigtimer, for allowing me to post.

    It is my humble opinion that, albeit small to some, that collectively
    We can, and will make a difference. Just as your link to what I posted
    Proves Mike, the truth is set free, good work!

    We live in times that are troubling, and God knows many people are living in fear. Look at Chicago, the constitution was thrown out, and the murder rate went to 500, So far.

    Please notice how I mentioned “free state” in my post, and gave credit to my brothers and sisters in the big sky state.
    Personally I have no desire to stand behind my Southern friends, nor to stand in front of them.

    If I can I will stand right beside them.
    They surely would stand next to me!

    Some would say Yankee go home, but not this time, we have gone thru that
    And in this aspect of history, it will not repeat itself.

    Sorry if I ramble, God Bless you all!

    • And I say once again…please ramble away anytime, anywhere. Your posts are succinct, right on point. I enjoy your input very much.

      Btw…don’t know what you mean by ‘allowing you’ to post, heck…you can post away anytime you want to. AWD is the one who puts the ban hammer down when and if needed, …if ya know what I mean. 😉

  11. “Some would say Yankee go home…”

    Nobody here would say that. Glad to have you.

    Michael T

  12. He should sue the knickers of those assholes

  13. Rockets red glare says:

    Thank you all for you’re kindness!

    I’ve lived my life in some crazy parts of town, but that
    Was children’s play compared to 12 rounds in a B-17.

    TBC, God Bless!


    Boycott 7/11,LONG JOHN SILVERS and WALGREENS becuase of their No Guns polacy

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  16. Unbelievable!!! I would boycott, but it won’t make any difference. (Around here, that is the #1 shittiest pizza there is. I never go there anyway and I’m really not sure how it stays in business.). I hope they are sued; they should be!

    • I read somewhere yesterday that Sam Swicegood wasn’t working there anymore, looking for another job elsewhere. Sure hope he finds one…and checks their policies beforehand. ~

      • That is too bad. We don’t live in Maryland. Or I’d ask my husband to hire him – hopefully somebody there will give him an opportunity.

  17. Right up there with Autozone! I vote with my wallet and refuse to go to retailers where I may be at increased risk due to inappropriate bias against legal CCW!

    Blistered, out!

  18. Interesting stuff – I was not alive for lbj. My mother says he was an a$$. So people, who shot Kennedy and why? When I was less busy (=had less bills/house/taxes/shit to pay for) I read a lot about that. (I also did significant reading about the falsity of global warming, but I digress. A topic for another day.)

    ANYWAY, the most plausible explanation for his assisination that I found was his plan to eliminate the federal reserve system (which is neither federal, nor reserve) in the US and regain control over our own currency. Therefore, he was shot. Now this may or may not be true, but it seems reasonable. Jackson’s tomb is something like “I beat the bank”… = this is a very big deal. What say you?

  19. I have a copy of the warren report my gram gave me. I read some of it a long time ago – I didn’t find much useful info. Maybe I should have read it all?

    • Becky, you’re right about “nose pickin Johnson”,…he was a criminal of the lowest kind and an asshole!
      I have always thought he was involved in JFKs assisination.

      Needless to say, I despised the bastard.

      Pizza Hut? YUK! I haven’t eaten there for decades and NOW I never will!

  20. Boycott PH.

  21. I’ve got to say one more thing. I L.O.V.E this site. I’m not only informed, I’m always entertained. The geraldo Rivera post was so funny I couldn’t even read it out loud to the husband. I was laughing so hard I was crying, literally. Thanks for keeping this such a great place to visit!!!

  22. I guess I’m just a disrespectful sonofabitch but I do, sometimes, have to go into businesses that “don’t allow firearms”…..


    It’s called CONCEALED carry for a reason. What they don’t know sure as Hell won’t hurt them and if, God forbid, I was forced to use it I’m sure that someone would be grateful that a sheepdog was there to protect them.

    At the very least, they couldn’t fire me.

  23. We need a running fast-food deliveryman body count. It’s got to be more than one per day. Then we can run the numbers on dead employees per food chain and food type. My #1 favorites are the thugs that order Chinese, murder the delivery boy, and then have dinner. Clearly, our most important objective as a people must be to ensure that ghetto food delivery personnel are unarmed. I sure hope this turns into a PR disaster for Pizza Hut (which sells America’s Worst Pizza).

  24. Peacifist Watch says:

    Sent to Pacifist Hut Corporate:
    “My Family and Extended family are joining the increasing number of consumers Boycotting Pizza Hut over it’s no self-defense policies. It is one thing to fire someone for carying even a legal weapon because of insurance and liability issues..as typical USA corporations only care about the bottom line, but to punish a driver like Sam Swicegood, for fending off an attacking gang of people with a stick is absolutely unacceptable. Not only are we fearful for the hardworking employees of your company, I now fear for the safety and welfare of my family and friends when we visit your establishments. When crooks KNOW you have a pacifist policy, they will TARGET you and put your patrons in danger. My true hero was an off duty Police Officer who was at a Restaurant at Jack London Square in Oakland when armed robbers came in and held people up at gunpoint. He stopped the criminals but was shot himself and paralyzed from the waste down. If he hadn’t been armed and acted, citizens could have died!

    • What that off-duty officer did was certainly heroic, let alone self-sacrifice. – Thanks for your information and input.

    • This is a case where you tell your lawyers to stand down, and you pay the extra insurance money. No reasonable employer can in good conscience send its employees into the ghetto without even a stick or some mace to defend themselves. Clearly Sam has a case against his employer on this one.

  25. Celebrate Homogeneity says:

    I think Pizza Hut is like many other large companies: they will sacrifice their employees all in the name of not having Jesse, Al, and Eric on their asses should a self-defense incident take place. And, if not the usual suspects, there are thousands of slip-and-fall attorneys who would gladly make headlines with a case against the evil corporation.

    I had no idea that La Raza Pizza existed. Now that I do, I am completely through not just with Pizza Hut, but with any franchises operated by the parent company.

    • Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) is a quick service restaurant company with approximately 37,000 units in more than 120 countries and territories. The Company operates through KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Its units are popular hold-up targets, as Its employees are unarmed and helpless. The company refuses to disclose the numbers of crimes committed against its employees annually, but it is believed to be quite large.

  26. Today’s pizza delivery victim:

  27. anonymous says:

    first off pizza hut drivers in MD make minimum wage while in the shop and $5.00 an hour while on the road.

    he wasn’t demoted, after the incident he said he didn’t want to drive anymore so we was put as an insider, then contacted the media to make a scene…

    then he was transferred to another location b/c of the public badgering the store was receiving and b/c he wanted to be a driver again…

    here is his website btw, if you want to hire him go for it…