After you read about this…please tell me if you think this right. Via my viewfinder in life I find it completely nutso! What in the world is our country doing? This nation is completely upside-down in more ways than one…simple as that. I pray I live to see the day that our nation is topside-up once again before I leave this earth…but that’s just me.

Here’s the report…see what you think about all of this. – You can read it in full here:

This story will likely cause powerful, emotional reactions from several different directions. It involves a 50-year-old father and Desert Storm veteran who wants to play college basketball again.

Before you answer the question about a college allowing someone more than twice the age of the average player to compete, realize that this person has likely just become the first to play competitive collegiate sports as a man and a woman.

You read that correctly.

This is the story of Robert Ludwig, now Gabrielle Ludwig, a 50-year-old recent sex change operation recipient who is now playing for the women’s basketball team of Mission College in Santa Clara, Calif.

After her procedure this past summer, Ludwig petitioned the court for a new birth certificate that would designate her sex as “female.” On Nov. 30, a judge awarded her the new birth certificate and in the eyes of the government, Robert Ludwig is now officially Gabrielle Ludwig.

That one piece of paper opened doors for Ludwig. However, there were concerns that her previous time as a college player might be a problem. Back in 1980, then-Robert Ludwig played for Nassau Community College and the bylaws of the Community College Athletic Association only permit a player to participate for two years. But the athletic association decided to reinstate Ludwig’s full eligibility, based on the fact that he was now legally a “she” and deserved the full two years of permitted playing time with her new gender.

With all of the legal hurdles cleared, Gabrielle Ludwig on Dec. 4 stepped down from her position as assistant to the coach of the Mission College Saints, to #42, a member of the team.

Coach Corey Cafferata met his new player a year ago when Ludwig was coaching a youth league team that played in the Mission College gym. They talked about the possibility of finding a spot on the roster and stayed in touch. But Cafferata also told the Associated Press that Gabrielle was not given a guarantee that she would make the team:

“Gabrielle has earned a spot on this team,” he said. “She practices hard. She runs hard. She is no different from anyone on the team — she is a great, coachable player.”

“Coachable” or not, Ludwig’s presence on the court has brought controversy. reported that an ESPN radio affiliate recently suspended two announcers for on-air comments made about the situation. Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin of ESPN 980 are currently benched after referring to Gabrielle as “it” and also making remarks about her appearance. The statement from the station:

We strongly believe two of our employees crossed the line when discussing a transsexual person on their program last Thursday. Such intolerance and insensitivity will never be tolerated by this company. Due to the nature of their conversation, the pair have been temporarily removed from ESPN980′s Sports Reporter program.

Listen to the audio from ESPN 980 that triggered the suspension:

There have also been mixed reactions from fans in the stands. Some have issues with the gender reassignment topic, others with her size, and still others with her age. However, Dale Murray, the commissioner of the conference told that her age was likely to work against Gabrielle:

“She just happens to be a bit taller than everyone else,” he said. “What if she was born a female and six-feet five-inches? She’s a little older than other community college players, so that’s probably to her disadvantage.”

Ludwig is not immune to the complaints and controversy, and just last week she gathered the Saints together and offered to quit. The Chicago Sun Times reports that the team rejected that offer. In fact, it appears to have unified them. Says teammate Amy Woo:

“We all love her. If someone is going to talk against her, they are talking against all of us because it’s like she is part of a family.”

Lest you think this is the first time a transgendered person has played college sports, it has happened before. In Sacramento, the Cosumnes River College women’s team had a transgendered player on their squad for an entire season, and little was said or written about it.

Pro sports have a 35-year history with topic of transgendered athletes. Back in the mid-70s, another veteran of the U.S. Military, Dr. Richard Raskind underwent a sex change and became Renee Richards. An excellent tennis player with professional aspirations, Richards was denied entry into the U.S. Open tournament and took her case to the New York Supreme Court. In 1977, Richards won the suit and was allowed to play professionally.

Last year, Renee Richards talked with ESPN TV about the acceptance of transgendered athletes and fairness of allowing men who become women to compete in women’s sports:

What do you think about this issue? Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Big, what is really wrong here is her/his/its teammates have nicknamed her/him/it “Big Sexy.” Now that just ain’t right!


    • That’s not right indeed…but you’ve got me grinning, and I’m hungover today. – Long story. 😉

    • I wish REAL women (XXr’s) would object to this……hold on, I am channeling Nostradamus: I predict that men’s marginal basketball players will opt for “Tommy-Jane” surgery and get their self esteem jollies by dominating women’s bball teams……..

      We are no longer “slouching” towards Gomorrah…..

  2. Where is there left that’s sane anymore? The moon sounds good to me at this point….

  3. We are upside down, so why not. Pot is legal but tobacco is not. Crazy people shoot innocent people but lawful gun owners are the new monsters. Hollyweird glorifies extreme violence but the overly well paid actors decry what goes on in reality world. So, why not a middle-aged 6foot 5inch man/woman transgenderd mass of confusion playing for a woman’s collage sports team? I mean, wasn’t the fact that Obama got re-elected a clue?

    • What also bothered me about this report was when ESPN suspended the two sportscasters who called her/him an ‘IT’…it is an ‘IT’ to many of us…what is sooooo wrong with how others perceive this BS?

      • What sort of society would indulge the fantasies of such tragically confused individuals? The proper terminology for the above example would be ‘mutilated male’ – not ‘woman’.

        • Exactly! Self mutilation indeed Snake…at least that’s how I see it via my viewfinder in life.

          • The first tragic clue is we are talking about Basketball . When was the last time you saw someone dribble without carrying the ball.

            The rest of the article is just downhill from there.

            Basketball is nothing but a circus, forget sportsmanship, so might as well have a freak-show it draws revenue.

    • Technically, if Obama gets a sex change, he/she can get re-elected for two more terms :).

  4. This is the complete acceptance of disfunctional people in society. Society needs to have a certain agreement on behavior with out it there is no cohesion. The more people that are disfunctional from the norm are forced to be accepted as the norm the less cohesive society becomes. This is exactly the same as the studies on multiculturalism and the lack of trust in multicultural societies.

    The problem is liberals feel like the teacher of a Kindergarten class. When the class rejects the odd kid who eats paste and stands too close the teacher tries to make peace and force the class to accept the odd child. This may work in a school setting and teach some level of acceptence but as the behaviors become more disfuntional and destructive there needs to be societal control.

    • Who said “her” behaviour was “disfuntional and destructive”?

      • Find our yourself Brid! – Or are you one of them? You change your poster user names as a man and a woman after you get the ban hammer time after time…you ought to know the answer to your own question by being the nitwit you are!

      • Go into a kitchen, take up a cleaver, place your genitilia on a cutting board and whack away. When you’re done, go shouting about the neighborhood proclaiming that you are now a woman and I will point blank tell it that its behavior is the very definition of destructive and dysfunctional, not to mention delusional if not clinically insane.
        It is the opposing teams who should sue -this GUY gives his team something of an unfair advantage, yes?
        This society is done, finished, kaput. McCarthy was right, but America preferred suicide to standing up against this charlatanry. It is time to divorce ourselves from the rotting corpse of the Federal States before it is too late to rebuild America.

      • I did Rodeo-Broad

  5. Science goes out the window when it does not ‘support leftist dogma’.
    S/he ‘may be taller’…yes indeed, ALL MAMMALS SHOW THE MALES, ON
    AVERAGE, TALLER THAN THE FEM’ of their species. [due to T hormone and GH}

    What a tranny is, is someone pretending.
    S/he is no more a female than AWD is.

    And s/he gets to play, thought her/his eli. ran out.

    O pa-leeze.

  6. AWD, wheres yr story on Christine Daniels / Mike Penner?
    The LA Times had him/her on page 1.

  7. “She just happens to be a bit taller than everyone else,”

    well, sht yes.

    “What if she was born a female and six-feet five-inches?


  8. reported that an ESPN radio affiliate recently suspended two announcers for on-air comments made about the situation. Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin of ESPN 980 are currently benched after referring to Gabrielle as “it” and also making remarks about her appearance. The statement from the station:

    See Tammy Bruces book ‘New Thought Police’.
    ‘They’ will set mores and censor us.

  9. Is there something in our water supply that is making people go nuts?????????????????????? Moving to a cave in Tibet……..bye

  10. Yr’s ago when Clinton came up with Don’t ask don’t tell a co worker told us about his experience at reserve camp he just finished, he went to the latrine one day and there were three porta-jon’s lined up, they were labeled Men, Women, Others.

    • Completely disgusting what this country has become…period. – Thanks for that info ga steve, problem is…it just makes me all the the madder!

      • “Completely disgusting what this country has become”

        If you don’t like it no more, LEAVE, for Chrissakes!

        • It’s waaaay past your bedtime Brid. Get some sleep and leave us alone…you’re not even a resident of the USA.

          • I repeat, if you don’t like it no more, LEAVE, for Chrissakes! instead of putting one moaning post after another. It’s utterly tiresome.

          • I’m not only a resident of the USA, I’m a citizen of the USA. Stop with the paranoid “brid” remarks and grow a backbone.

          • Go have another abortion Brid…see if you like yourself even more you lowlife POS!

          • LMAO! You have your knickers in a right twist, little woman … Hard to calm down is it?

          • No…I am calm you idiot, be afraid when I’m not.

          • Afraid?? LMAO!! Bored more like it. I’m moving on.

          • As I said before, I’ll pray for you. I’m totally opposed to abortion, under any circumstances, and I’m beginning to think you had one yourself. May God forgive you.

          • You’re a liar…I remember well how you responded to that issue with me. You fool only yourself, I feel pity for you.

            Ask God for forgiveness…as well as the child you aborted.

          • A non-existent child. Since I don’t have a womb, you silly person. You’re a last word freak too. Very childish!

          • Oh golly gee….whatever happened to your hubby and three sons? You’re nothing but a rampant liar…desperately trying to be someone even you don’t know. – You are one pathetic entity.


    Liberals use purly emotional gobbledy gook and not logic

  12. Newtown Conn

    I’m watching the Obama Service for the elementary school victims and it’s a freak show

    A lesbian priest, a handicapped guy preaching with a speech impediment, the guy to his right looks gay. Some clown giving a prayer with buttflies on his robe from the Baha’i Faith ( a multicultural service). Now we have goddamned Islamic prayer!

  13. I’m watching it to get a glint of his plans for gun control.
    They’re gonna be coming at us hard!

    • You bet they are! – I’m very glad you’re watching this and reporting back to us. – My hubby is watching a movie so you’re filling me in…or I most likely would be watching as well.

      I, for one…thank you.

  14. Is RodeoBroad serious about this thing not being freak of nature?

    Here’s a song for you RodeoBird

    Deadbolt-Truck Drivin SOB

  15. I just LOVE how ‘it’ was able to go and retroactively have its sex changed on its birth cert. Perception is reality. Up is down. War is Love. ‘Person’ born as ‘man’ is ….a ‘woman’. Dope is good. Guns are bad. Black is beautiful. I give up..

    • Day is night, black is white, wrong is right….on and on and on. I’ve never seen anything like what our society has become, then again…who would have?

      • The University of Connecticut has a policy on harassment that imposes penalties, including expulsion, for offenses such as “the use of derogatory names,” “inconsiderate jokes,” “misdirected laughter,” and “conspicuous exclusion from conversation.” This same university places no restraints on the sexual conduct of its students, including homosexuals. The school handbook says that “the university shall not regard itself as the arbiter or enforcer of the morals of the students.”

        Yale University sports at least five gay and lesbian groups, including one exclusively for Chicano lesbians. Yale’s gays are loud and proud; their annual gay/lesbian ball may attract over a thousand revelers. When the Wall Street Journal took note of the fact that Yale had acquired a gay reputation, Yale’s then-president Benno Schmidt, shot off a letter to fund raisers denying that Yale was a “gay school” and assuring alumni that if there were any truth to the allegation that “I would be concerned too.”

        That’s all Yale’s powerful gay lobby needed to hear; gay activists swamped Mr. Schmidt with demands to know what was wrong with Yale being a very gay school. The best the apologetic Mr. Schmidt could muster was some unconvincing gibberish about the need to have a proportional number of heterosexuals at Yale to maintain the cherished goal of “diversity.”

        The explosive expansion of the gay comfort zone on American campuses has been a top-down affair. It is today’s gay and liberal administrators who have been most influential in promoting the gay colonization of campus communities, not activist students who comprise this revolution’s vocal but comparatively powerless youth corps. It is sympathy from above that has allowed the thorough-going infiltration of gay ideology into institutions that are now bent on undermining traditional American folkways. In many cases, profound changes have been made without any student demands. These changes are important to all of us because our universities are not mere mirrors of our society, they are incubators of social fashions and transforming paradigms – they are leading indicators of what our larger society may become.

        • Thank you Snake. That piece says it all in a nutshell…period. – Spooky indeed…but it’s already here, and here to stay I fear.

          …I truly hope I’m wrong.


    I wonder how much they knew this man was a danger to the public but didnt say a thing becuase it would interfer in the plans for Gun Registration and confiscation as Obama and the United Nations wants

  17. By being able to keep out of both world wars in part through the dissuasive factor of an armed populace, Switzerland demonstrates that possession of firearms by civilians may help prevent large numbers of deaths and even genocide. The Holocaust never came to Switzerland, the Jewish population of which was armed just like their fellow citizens. In the rest of Europe, what if there had been not just one, but two, three, many Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings?

    Traditionally, the Swiss Cantons had few firearm regulations. The first federal gun control law ever to be enacted became valid in 1999. Carrying of machineguns, but not possession thereof, is prohibited. Semiauto conversions of military machineguns may be bought with a permit, except that the retiring soldier needs no permit. Purchase of some types of firearms from a commercial dealer requires a permit, but private sales do not. Repeating rifles, both military and hunting, are exempt. Carrying a loaded weapon requires a permit. Surplus assault rifles may be purchased by any Swiss citizen from the Military Department, which has 200,000 for sale.

    The bottom line is one of attitude. Populations with training in civic virtue, though armed, generally do not experience sensational massacres or high crime rates. Switzerland fits this mold. But the United States does not. As H. Rap Brown declared in the 1960s, “Violence is as American as apple pie.”

  18. David DeWitt says:

    The guy is not ok. He is a pervert, with paperwork to prove it. Then we have a president pretender who wipes non tears with his middle finger at the camera.
    What a batch of total crap. Ugh.

  19. Seems kinda unfair for the other teams, no?

  20. sicko freaks need to be eradicated.

  21. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    This is just a ploy to make women’s basketball more exciting. Now we can see some dunking.

    I wonder why he/she chose basketball. It must not have the balls to play anything else. HA!

  22. Cinnamon Girl says:

    While I personally have no problem with transgendered people in general and no real problem with them playing on their new gender’s side of the sports line, Gabrielle should be ineligible because of her (when she was a man) previous stint playing.

    It is amazing that laws will be bent and even changed or at worst, ignored, to accommodate only certain people in this country. A white girl cannot go to college in Texas in preference to a black girl, but a previous man can play on a woman’s team, at the age of 50 no less, even though he had already played.

    The CCAA ruled wrongly not because he is now a she but because this person is still, as far as DNA goes, the same person.

    As for the two ESPN 980 announcers, their suspension is also wrong because all they were doing was using their First Amendment rights. It’s funny. Some people have rights, others don’t. The pendulum has swung way too far in the other direction.