Senator Rand Paul was hotter than a pepper sprout with what took place in the chambers of the senate not that long ago. If you haven’t heard about this major issue when it comes to our freedoms, you will now. After you read about this, as well as watch what Sen. Paul has to say…see if you’re as angry as he was.

Big H/T to Paul B. – You can read the report in full here…there’s also a slide-show at the bottom of their post as well.

The Senate passed a version of the National Defense Authorization Act that was stripped of a prohibition of the indefinite military detention of US citizens on American soil by an 81-14 vote on Friday, but only after a furious dissent on the chamber’s floor by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who called it an “abomination.”

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 will now head to the White House, which had earlier pledged to veto the NDAA because it prevents the president from closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. It is unclear whether the president will follow through on the threat.

The NDAA is a reauthorization of the large budget bill that sets the budget for a wide range of military activities, but it has proven most controversial for a provision that critics say would allow the military to abuse its detention powers to lock Americans away on the mere suspicion of support for terrorist groups.

In November, a bipartisan group of Senators affixed an amendment to the NDAA that would have explicitly prohibited the military from detaining American citizens on US soil. But earlier this week, a House-Senate conference committee led by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) stripped away that measure.

Paul, a libertarian Republican, voiced his opposition to the conference committee’s move in strong terms and urged his colleagues to vote against the bill.

“We had protection in this bill. We passed an amendment that specifically said if you were an American citizen or here legally in the country, you would get a trial by jury,” Paul said. “It’s been removed because they want the ability to hold American citizens without trial in our country. This is so fundamentally wrong and goes against everything we stand for as a country that it can’t go unnoticed.”

“When you’re accused of a crime in our country you get a trial, you get a trial by a jury of your peers, no matter how heinous your crime is, no matter how awful you are, we give you a trial,” he said. “This bill takes away that right and says that if someone thinks you’re dangerous, we will hold you without a trial. It’s an abomination.”

Citing past examples of injustice in America, including the military internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II, Paul asked, “will America only begin to regret our loss of trial by jury when the people have names like Smith and Jones?”

He also pointed out the open-ended nature of the so-called “war on terror,” which has now gone on for more than 11 years and shows no sign of letting up, even after the killing of Osama bin Laden. “When will your rights be restored if the battle has no end, and the battlefield is limitless, and the war is endless?” Paul asked.

But top Senators in support of the bill dismissed Paul’s charges as bogus, claiming that language in the NDAA preserves Americans’ constitutional right to trial by jury. Only when they ally themselves with foreign terrorist powers, they said, do Americans abdicate their rights as citizens.

Supporters of the NDAA like Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) pointed to new language in the conference committee report stipulating that “nothing” in the bill could construed to deny people of their rights in court — language that civil liberties advocates dismissed as meaningless, since the controversy is over whether those suspected of terrorism are afforded the right to trial in the first place.

In defense of the bill and in response to Paul’s claims, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) said, “I don’t mind saying I think we’re at war.”

“How long does that war last? I don’t know. I can’t tell you. Am I supposed to know that? Can we not fight it unless we know the date it ends? America, is it part of the battlefield?” Graham said. “What do you think al Qaeda would love to do more than anything else? Come here and destroy the building I am speaking in.”

Do you think calling this bill an ‘abomination‘ is putting it mildly…or do you think this is okay via your viewfinder in life?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Rand Paul has more guts than all the establishment Republicans combined. He is one of the few Republicans who oppose foreign aid. Ask most Republicans in Congress about foreign aid and you’ll get a dance routine. I remember Mr. Establishment Mitch McConnell trying to keep Dr. Paul out of the Senate. McConnell is a big fan of foreign aid. Rand 1 Mitch 0. Come to think of it, Mitch is sort of a zero, isn’t he. Mitch plays along to get along. He’s just glad to be there. He’s no Jesse Helms. Rand Paul 2016.

    • MM…

      Hope you and yours have a healthy, happy New Year.

      Just saw this as well from Rand Paul. ~

      • Thanks big – same to you and the family. It will have to be better than ’12, won’t it. I need to get back to those Montana back roads – amazing scenery ( Every time I see McConnell I think of character actor Edward Andrews. I always enjoy your posts and appreciate the Rand Paul tape. I remember meeting Rand and Ron in Atlanta in December 1987 when Rand was finishing medical school and Ron was running for pres., never figuring both would be in Congress a few years later. It seems about ten years back.

  2. bigtimer,
    John McCain has been nothing but trouble for a long time, a lot of good men died in Vietnam too bad this worthless man survived.

  3. “In November, a bipartisan group of Senators affixed an amendment to the NDAA that would have explicitly prohibited the military from detaining American citizens on US soil. But earlier this week, a House-Senate conference committee led by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) stripped away that measure.”

    Nothing more needs to be said about McCain. This so called war on terror that Bush started has led to the loss of more freedoms than can be counted. TSA, DHS, The Patriot Act, warrant-less wire taps, the government has the ability now, in the name of the war on terror, to spy on you anywhere you go.

    The police can haul your butt to jail for anything. The US Border Patrol, a federal agency, can’t keep the border secure, but can harass American citizens just going about their business.

    George Walker Bush did more in eight years to take away freedoms from Americans than anybody prior. Hell yes I agree with Rand Paul.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ya’ll and may the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY be with US ALL!


    Yes I whole heartily agree with Rand Paul.

    • Dirty Al
      God bless you and yours my brother in Christ,

      • Too bad Az. didn’t vote the bastid out his last go ’round…we could have had JD Hayworth, he was/is a great patriot…loved him when he was in the House.

        ga steve…oops, somehow I put this response to you in the wrong place, this is in response to what you posted about McRINO a few posts above. 😉

        • Yes, J.D. should be in the Senate today. Notice the establishment Repubs supported McPain – disgusting ! J.D. sometimes does fill-in work as a talk host in Atlanta, and does a very good job of it. I also like Bob Barr and miss him in Congress. I’ll bet Bob doesn’t miss Congress. I voted for Bob Barr every time I could.

          • I liked Barr when he was in congress as well. The msm sure did a heckuva job on him every chance they got.

            As to the ‘establishment repubs’ supporting McRINO, I couldn’t agree more…and I’m throwing in Palin too.

          • bigtimer
            Always liked Bob Barr, the Democrat party in Ga which was controlled by Tom Murphy hated his guts and did everything they could to fight him even to the point of putting out flyers of him showing him with a very dark completion in hopes of keeping the racist democrats from voting for him, I became upset with him when out of office he went to work with the ACLU.

          • So did I…in fact we both did in this household. I know he stated he was working for our side with the ACLU, but that never worked out to well. – Seems there was another thing that bothered me about Barr, about when he left office or had. It had something to do with abortion…can’t recall at the moment.

            Btw…was there some issue with the second amendment and gun control way back then too?

            …my poor ol’ brain ain’t what she used to be at times, thanks for any info/reminders if you or others remember too. 😉

          • bigtimer,
            Did a little digging. long read but a lot of information, GOA comments also.

          • ga steve…

            Thank you, thank you, thank you…that brought back many memories when I used to watch the House and Senate live for years and years. That info helped me recall my ensuing frustration with Barr on and off over the years. – So much appreciated.

  5. Rock on Rand


    No more US military as UN peace keepers time to pull america out of the UNITED NATIONS and evict the UN from america and end all amercan involvment in the UN and to revoke all UN WORLD HERATAGE SITES and BIOSPHEAR RESERVES

  7. bluffcreek1967 says:

    The ‘Patriot Act’ might have begun with the best of intentions – namely, to protect Americans from the threat of Muslim terrorists and those who aid them on American soil – but like so much that our government does, it results in more of our liberties taken from us and greater governmental control. Our founders recognized that the federal government must be limited, that it must be controlled lest it exceed its authority and reach. This is exactly what we are seeing before our very eyes.

    In many respects, if our government had simply not allowed massive third-world immigration (especially Muslim immigration) to occur, there probably would not have been the urgent push for the ‘Patriot Act’ to be implemented. But because we have so many third-world Muslim immigrants here now – and because we lack the collective will to deport them all – our elected officials feel compelled to come up with creative solutions to monitor the large numbers of fanatical Muslims amongst us (all the while violating the very Constitution they are sworn to uphold). This is how utterly insane our country has become!

  8. charles nelson says:

    Does Rand Paul understand what this will do to our military? Does he even care? The US Navy will go down to numbers not seen since before WWII, the US Army will go down to pre-WWI levels. The USAF will go down to the lowest level in its entire existance. If he does not consider this a problem, then he has lost all rights to critisize any military weakness towards China, Iran, or for that fact any other threat to our national security, because we will no longer have the military to protect those interest. Welcome to the 1930s.

    • Well, exactly what is the purpose of the War… uh, Department of Defense?

      “At the opening of the twentieth century there were five great Western empires—the British, French, Russian, German, and Austro-Hungarian—and two emerging great powers: Japan and the United States. By century’s end, all the empires had disappeared. How did they perish? By war—all of them.”

      Pat Buchanan
      A Republic, Not an Empire
      Reclaiming America’s Destiny

      Actually, the Day of Reckoning is upon us. Our economy has been wrecked by the global outsourcers and the illegal alien importers and all manner of economic parasites. We’ve made a choice between military power and the voracious domestic leach bloc. El Presidente’s reelection has made it clear that we will spend every penny BHO can find from the living and everyone’s inheritance will be confiscated upon death.

    • The bigger the military, the bigger the war lobby. The Constitution allows a Navy, but prohibits a standing army.

  9. PAmadwoman says:

    He is spot-on. I made the point (or tried) in another post some weeks ago that you can’t sidestep the right to due process because of the degree or heinousness of the crime. It is a fundamental — meaning essential, foundational — right of every American citizen, no matter how disgusting, depraved, violent, despicable, incomprehensible, stupid, and/or dangerous the crime is. The reason? Because in a civilized society, the system is, and must be, designed to err on the side of innocence. That means that if any law abiding citizen reading this is falsely accused and erroneously charged with a crime, he (or she) will have the right to be represented in a court of law and have his case heard. I work in the field; trust me, their are WAY more villains than innocents that get charged, but there are, occasionally, people charged who are genuinely innocent. All it takes is the neighbor’s little kid saying you touched her inappropriately. Begin nightmare. THAT’s why we have a right to due process.

    What Rand Paul describes is the logical conclusion of the loss of that right: imprisonment for mere suspicion — meaning, ultimately, you won’t even have to be charged with a crime. That means all you redneck, gun-toting, AWD-reading, Constitution Party conservatives. You look like a terrorist to the government? Well, then, it sucks to be you. That’s what he’s talking about.

    Paul is definitely showing up on my radar for 2016. (If we still have elections then.)

  10. They don’t define what material support is, they don’t define what support is. Everything is open to interpretation. Will innocents get caught up in this net? Yes and they will lose everything because of it.

    McCain’s dedication to this country and the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect is now suspect.

  11. I agree with senator Paul. The only amplification is that I would point out other cereal agency’s may still maintain the ability to imprison an American citizen without due process, ie the patriot act.

    There are plent of federal facility’s and VA hospitals that could be those locations…without the right to due process, we as American citizens are left naked to the whims of federal agency’s.

    Blistered, out!

  12. Isn’t there something in the Constitution about this? Why are we relitigating the Bill of Rights?

    • Because the Ruling Class considers the Constitution to be the proverbial “Parchment Barrier” to be stepped on and spit on. They have no fear of their illegal laws being overturned by THEIR Judiciary.

      In the end there is only Jury Nullification and your Colt AR-15.

      Events are rapidly progressing in El Presidente’ direction – “FORWARD!”

      All together now, SING IT!

      The Internationale

      Arise, the workers of all nations!
      Arise, oppressed of the earth!
      For justice thunders condemnation:
      A better world’s in birth!
      It is time to win emancipation,
      Arise, you slaves, no more in thrall!
      The earth will rise on new foundations:
      We, who were nothing, shall be all!
      Forward, brothers and sisters,
      And the last fight let us face;
      The Internationale
      Unites the human race!
      Forward, brothers and sisters,
      And the last fight let us face;
      The Internationale
      Unites the human race!

      • Wow. I left a comment, here it is.

        “You communist filth will die by the millions. We will kill you where you stand, and leave your corpses to rot in the sun and be devoured by scavengers.”

        Long live the Republic!

        Molon Labe

  13. Don’t worry, Obama and Holder would never consider abusing this power.

    And don’t fret, when you are detained for suspicion of being a terrorist threat (say for refusing to hand over your guns), I’m certain McCain and Graham will be there for you.

  14. Here’s some more with Rand Paul…this deals with the ‘fiscal cliff’ brouhaha.

    As usual, he minced no words!

  15. Cinnamon Girl says:

    When I first read the book, “1984”, I didn’t understand it very well because I was too young (about 6 or 7—-advanced reading classes).

    Over the years like all of us I watched the USSR grow in power and then finally fail, but not until many millions of their own people were murdered for dissent and were killed in the wars and battles fought either to defend themselves from Nazis or from their own government.

    We all watched the wall come down in Berlin.

    But I never, ever, ever, thought the United States of America would become another USSR, or worse.

    We already have Newspeak. We are in Oceania, ruled by The Inner Party. The Ministry of Truth is real.

    Over this past year I’ve said many times that we are living in the “Idiocracy” world but now I see that that sentiment was actually quite optimistic.

    Maybe I’m like Misterbill today—-a bit pissed off. But I’m tired of being told that black is white, war is peace, and ignorance is strength.

    • CG…I’m tired of being told exactly as you precisely mentioned at the bottom of your post as well. – It’s maddening!

      Hope you and yours have healthy, somewhat happy coming year. (I’m only saying ‘somewhat’ because of the Dictator-in-Chief.)

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Thanks, BT. I’m trying hard to not be depressed many days. My s.o. and I are working so much and making so many sacrifices to own and operate a business and the additional stress caused by Dear Leader and his lackies, including regular, everyday people, doesn’t help. I appreciate your message. We all need to uplift each other as much as we can since we are all we have!

        • Uplift each other we must….we have a long slough to get thru in the next four years or so. It ain’t gonna be pretty!

    • Cinnamon, check your email.


      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Checked. Sad that the self-proclaimed “intellectuals” didn’t understand it, but then again, it is because they didn’t that we’re going in this screwed-up direction! :/

  16. i agree with rand….this is an abomonation thrust on the american population.
    and another example of unneeded laws and regulations from the ruling uberlords of mordor on the potomic…any citizen of america who gives support to foriegn terrorists should be arrested and tried for TREASON…a law that has been on the books since day one of the republic….so why do we need another law to stop criminal from doing criminal things??? if they stopped doing criminal things they would not be criminals would they??
    they have time to debate and pass stupid laws like this, but they can’t do the simple things required by law….like PASS A BUDGET…
    damn right i’m pissed

  17. How will Military & Police Respond to The Systematic Gun Grab?


    “I’m currently in the army, all my buddies and i know what side we are on, its the side of freedom and the constitution. we are all gun owners and proud Americans. the government really doesn’t realize that they will loose upwards of 75% of the military if they force us to choose a side.”;index=1

  18. BT,

    Thank you for posting this… I’ll give you my first newborn child when it arrives someday… waiting for the stork to fly over.

    Apparently our politicians now consider we the people not worthy of a trial when accused of crimes… I for one will vote my senators out from Missouri if they were part of this 81-14 vote, and chances are they were. I’ll also be calling talk radio here in KC and bringing light to this issue as most people have no idea what is happening. Anyone reading my thoughts… I say it is time to vote all of our (stinking) politicians out and kick them in the ass as the door closes.

    Welcome to the Soviet Union America and thanks to all the ignorant voters who put this socialist president back in office.

    • Hey Paul B..

      Lol…no thanks, our kids are raised and all that jazz.

      I thank you for the information about this…just wondered when I would see ya again after I did post this. – Things are really crazy in my world, hope they settle down soon.

      As usual, agree with the sentiments in your post.

  19. YonLibertarianCO says:

    “Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged against provisions against danger, real or pretended from abroad.” – James Madison