Have you heard the latest regarding another upcoming mandate? This one concerns ‘Black Boxes‘ becoming a requirement in all vehicles in about three months. Now while this may sound nice enough via the msm reports…the devils really in the details. This may become another slippery-slope with far more regulations inside this mandate than the majority of citizens will ever realize. Yes, Big Brother wants to watch every single thing you do inside your vehicle from beginning to end. Before I get into a summary of the report for you all to see…make sure and keep in mind that the second link I will put here is much more important for you to read when it all comes to what really is happening behind the scenes…if ya know what I mean.

First off we’ll start with a a summary. – This is via FNI:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is set to propose regulations requiring that automakers include event data recorders, or “black boxes” in all new cars.

The event data recorders automatically save 5 to 10 seconds of information about the speed the vehicle was going, whether or not the brake was applied and whether or not wearing a seat belt is used.

Automakers have been putting these devices in cars voluntarily already, but they worry about mandates that will change the current 5-10 seconds of recorded data to hours.

Gloria Bergquist, spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said in a statement: “One of our priorities for EDRs continues to be preserving consumer privacy.”

Next off, this is the detailed link that contains much more…please take the time to read it all. As far as this gal’s concerned this is just the beginning of what may come when it comes to more of our personal freedoms disappearing into thin air. I’ll put an insert of what was discussed from this piece, then you can read it in full. – ‘Invasion of Privacy? Feds Seek to Make ‘Black Boxes’ Mandatory in All Cars

There’s no opt-out. It’s extremely difficult for car owners to disable the recorders. Although some vehicle models have had recorders since the early 1990s, a federal requirement that automakers disclose their existence in owner’s manuals didn’t go into effect until three months ago. Automakers that voluntarily put recorders in vehicles are also now required to gather a minimum of 15 types of data.

Besides the upcoming proposal to put recorders in all new vehicles, the traffic safety administration is also considering expanding the data requirement to include as many as 30 additional types of data such as whether the vehicle’s electronic stability control was engaged, the driver’s seat position or whether the front-seat passenger was belted in. Some manufacturers already are collecting the information. Engineers have identified more than 80 data points that might be useful.

Privacy complaints have gone unheeded so far. The traffic safety administration says it doesn’t have the authority to impose limits on how the information can be used and other privacy protections. About a dozen states have some law regarding data recorders, but the rest do not.

“Right now we’re in an environment where there are no rules, there are no limits, there are no consequences and there is no transparency,” said Lillie Coney, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy advocacy group. “Most people who are operating a motor vehicle have no idea this technology is integrated into their vehicle.”

What do you think about this upcoming mandate friends…is this more of our liberties lost? Do you consider this more federal tyranny, or do you consider this a good idea from our federal government?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Engine kill switches and GPS tracking will soon be added to the black boxes as law enforcement wants them to track and stop runners, and the technology exist for them to listen in to your auto conversations. You can run but not hide anymore.

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  3. “Privacy complaints have gone unheeded so far.”

    SOMEBODY is asking for this. My guess it’s some law enforcement asshole, the same ones in Illinois that are always demanding more gun control and weapons restrictions. Why do telcos keep your e-mail and text messages around for periods of time long after you supposedly are finished with them? Why are law enforcement types now demanding that your text messages be kept for years? And more importantly, why do your useless Congressmen and Senators ignore your concerns but pay heed to LE types and government apparatchiks? These are the same people that want your cellphone to contain GPS to track you down.


    Since like most all dictators Obama and his vile followers from the UN disreguard our constitution I mean GEORGE ORWELL warned us of this in his book 1984

  5. There folks out there that do not and will not see the negative implications of such devices. Just look at some of the tracking devices readily available and sold under the guise of “safety”. You can buy watches and phones with GPS which allow you to track the whereabouts of your teenager or “elderly” parent and collars to track your pet. I recently read about schools that require the students to wear ID badges with tracking chips that “alert school officials” if a child leaves campus. A certain insurance company wants you to voluntarily install such a device in your car to “save” you money on insurance rates;
    If you read the FAQ, it enables you to track (online)the data yourself, including individual trips. They even “volunteer” that the data collected DOES NOT include speed or location, and does not contain GPS technology Even though that question doesn’t appear to have been asked, even infrequently.
    All the things I’ve cited above have me worried. Mostly because people seem to think that these devices are “cool” and will bring them peace of mind, knowing that they can find their pet/loved one in case they wander off. What I see is that we are being programmed to accept being tracked in the guise of safety. Of course, I’m already a conspiracy theorist who sees the sinister intent whenever he hears key words like “safety” and “protect the children”.

    • Thanks for the info about good ol’ Soros owned ‘Progressive’…plus, your last sentence says it all..in a nutshell. – Nothing like Big Brother!

  6. “Automakers have been putting these devices in cars voluntarily already, but they worry about mandates that will change the current 5-10 seconds of recorded data to hours.”

    Once they get a foot in the door, thats it. As to your question, of course it’s an invasion. Everything the government mandates is an invasion.


    Like how about the dirty no good filthy United Nations monitoring the internet Need anymore reason why we need to dump the rotten UN and tear down that entire facility lets turn the area into a bird refuge without the vultures alreading living there

  8. What’s the point, when 32 million soon-to-be-given-amnesty illegals, and the millions of other “poor” don’t even bother with licenses or insurance in the first place? This new mandate will only affect the dwindling numbers of law-abiding taxpayers.

    • Assuming your in a state that doesn’t boot out the illegal aliens it catches then I would say it may be time to learn spanish & stop carrying ID.

      If you get arrested/stopped for something just blabber is spanish, if they do manage to bring in a translator claim your an illegal.

      You’d be surprised how many illegal aliens are simply let go with a waring or citation which they never pay after doing something that would get a legal citizen thrown in jail simply because the state/federal government wont imprison or deport them which results in the local police simply letting them go due to the fact they cant do anything else.

  9. Nope, you give up your privacy when you become a Technophile, and driving is a privilege not a right. Don’t get mad at me that’s he way it is, and I didn’t make the rules.

    Marconi’s first Transatlantic radio transmission is still out there in the universe, traveling outward, for anybody to hear, and possibly forever.

    Be pragmatic about privacy, assume it doesn’t exist except as an ideal. The only right you have to privacy is if you can secure it by being smarter than those that wish to spy on you, or you can become a Neo-ludite.

    Buy an old car fix it up, code your text messages, move your CB radio from location to location after every transmission, create a false identity for your communications and credit accounts,

    I mean if Barrack Hussein Obama can have multiple identities and recreate himself at will, then why can’t you.

  10. RidinShotgun says:

    A few thoughts; 1st off I believe this already went to the courts as a violation of your 5th ammendment rights (You won’t be able to question a witness against you.) 2nd I wouldn’t look to law enforcement as much as I’d look to the insurance companies for their dirty fingerprints in all of this. If they can – in any way – use this info as an excuse to drop your coverage, don’t think for a moment they won’t.

  11. iwillnotsubmit says:

    I am surprised they are not claiming “…its for the children.” That way when we express our disapproval of this pratise, we will be accused of wanting to kill kids. SOP for liberals.

  12. Well, I hope my wife likes her Toyota as much as I like my 1969 Mach 1, because we will NEVER be buying a ‘new’ vehicle again -and Good Luck Detroilet; my business no longer deals in ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ and now only accepts Silver, Gold and Barter; so you won’t even be getting my tax dollars anymore.

  13. The federal law enforcement lobbies have also got a hand in this as well, they want the “black boxes” to be able to shut down your vehicle via remote.

    & that’s just what they will admit to wanting them to be able to do, who the heck knows what else they want them to be able to do.

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    No good place to put this, but since it could involve driving, here’s more from the dope scene…

    December 8, 2012 at 5:30 am

    Well, it won’t be safe to grow marijuana in yards.

    If people grow it indoors it might not be safe, but with those big lights it will cause global warming.

    Washington is taxing it. Does that mean a pot patrol car will go around and count plants in people’s yards and inside their homes?
    December 8, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Amazing how the more divisive and stupid the nation gets the more it wants to smoke dope.

    Must be the reason why it’s called dope.
    Rusty Shackleford
    December 8, 2012 at 11:25 am

    In Yurp, specifically Amsterdam, they have long since admitted that legalizing drugs was a huge mistake as their city became the poster-child for wayward youths sitting/laying about stoned, high and/or totally out of it. It caused their emergency rooms to overflow and they started working 20 years ago to curb it with only pot and hashish being left to use openly, but the hard drug users remain, to some extent.

    It’s not reported on by our media here for obvious reasons.

    What still escapes me is that the socialists here still actually believe that drug use can be “managed” by the individual. Somewhat ironic is that’s the argument they use because it’s a “choice” and “freedom” but when someone is hopelessly hooked, it suddenly becomes a “disease” and “needs everyone to help”.

    In short, it’s just immaturity in choice-making and stupid. And to add to Moose’s well-stated issues, how about the first time some stoned teens obliterate a mini-van with kids going to a soccer game where several of them die. How’s that “freedom” working out now? Yes, it’s every bit as bad as drunk driving. So…how’s big government gonna manage that?

    Will the newsmedia report on it? They already DON’T report on illegal aliens who are on their 17th DWI and still on the road, so this will be something else they’ll have to ignore in order to preserve their idea of freedom, I guess.

  15. I’m ripping mine out. Lets see if you have the balls to enforce it. But it really doesn’t matter, if one is taken out of the picture, another will take their place. There are only a couple million in our military and 300 million civilians. There is no possible way they can take everyone. Even then, the soldiers must choose their evil masters or the one’s they love.

  16. I think they should just put a chip inside all of us. Maybe that way the government can know who’s working or not, who’s paying taxes or not, who’s illegal or not, and post all data online. Heck, if you’re going to monitor my driving, might as well go all the way.