Once again a gun is to blame for a murder-suicide that took place Saturday. The man that committed this act was a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, ‘work-place violence’ was also used in this horrific crime as well via the mainstream media of various venues. Political correctness for the left is always on hand no matter the topic. Many people want football banned period…this may be another step in that direction too.

During halftime last night on NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ mental-midget Bob Costas decided to take it upon himself to espouse his opinion for gun control…glad I wasn’t watching the game because I would still be furious!

See what you think about all of this, then state your opinions. – This is via DC:

During halftime of NBC’s coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Dallas Cowboys, NBC Sports analyst Bob Costas made a plea for gun control during his weekly commentary on “Sunday Night Football.”

Responding to the weekend murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, Costas relied on a column by writer Jason Whitlock, formerly of the Kansas City Star, to make a gun-control argument.

“Well, you knew it was coming. In the aftermath of the nearly unfathomable events in Kansas City, that most mindless of sports clichés was heard yet again: ‘Something like this really puts it all in perspective.’ Well, if so, that sort of perspective has a very short shelf life since we will inevitably hear about the perspective we have supposedly again regained the next time ugly reality intrudes upon our game,” Costas said.

“Please, those who need tragedies to continually re-calibrate their sense of proportion about sports will seem to have little hope about achieving perspective,” he continued. “You want some actual perspective on this? Well, a bit of it comes from a Kansas City-based writer — Jason Whitlock — with whom I don’t always agree, but who today said it so well that we may as well just quote or paraphrase from the end of his article.”

Costas quoted Whitlock’s suggestion that a gun ban would have prevented the tragedy.

“‘Our current gun culture,’ Whitlock wrote, ‘ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. And more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here,’ wrote Jason Whitlock, ‘is what I believe — if Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Cassandra Perkins would both be alive today.’”

So friends…it was all the guns fault that Belcher shot and killed his gal nine times, killed himself and left his daughter an orphan! – ‘Workplace Violence’ and ‘Guns’ are all to blame, not the person who had rocks in his head in the first place! Leftists have turned this country upside down…seems it’s endless when they have an agenda to fulfill…this is one of their biggest agendas, banning guns any means possible!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Blame the guns: not the steroids, the drugs, the gang culture mind set, the giant ego and anger or the head concussions / brain damage…

    (I’m sick of bambi and butterflies and unicorns and this Pollyanna- misty eyed- libtard vision of a multiculutralist – post male- utopia that lives only in the minds of mentally ill liberals)

  2. Looks like the Left has a good hold on the Sports Agenda also. Its only a matter of time before we start banning any contact sport as a health hazard when in reality it is
    Left that is a health hazard by far. They are unhealthy to all persons trying to participate in a vibrant growing free market capitalist oriented society. They are a Viral Leech among free people. A Human Cancer leaving us with Obamacare to cure it….

  3. I’ll bet someone could bludgeon big mouth bob to death with that big microphone he has in his hand. Heck someone could probably choke him to death with that ugly tie he is wearing or the shoelaces in his ugle shoes. So let’s ban all those items. Heck announcers like bobble head bob who ramble on and on and on as tho they have something important to say that the rest of us must hear, they cause more strokes and heart attackes from people like me yelling at the TV when they come on, which in return results in deaths. So let’s ban big headed announcers like bob costas.

  4. And whitlock is a racist moron.

    • You can be sure the msm will get racism in this situation too before it’s over…with msDNC leading the way!

  5. People.. something to think about

    What two groups are the most outspoken against the 2nd amendment and are hell-bent on disarming the population?

    The wealthy and government… and why is that? Is it a coincidence that they are united in this effort?

    There will be an uprising.. the wealthy and those in government see the writing on the wall and are thinking of self preservation. Who will be targeted when the ebt cards read $0? Who will be targeted when the shelves at walmart are empty? Who will face retaliation for allowing this to happen? The folks that want to disarm us!

    ANY government that seeks to disarm its citizenry has plans for tyranny.. get out of the cities if you can people! Unrest is just around the corner.

  6. Then there’s this…worth checking out. ~


  7. Here’s Kirsten Powers and Judge Napolitano with their opposing opinions…


    …here’s Kirsten…


  8. Dumb-ass stupid libtards…..Bob Costas is a god-damn jack-off……give me half a chance and I’ll kick his god-damn ass for him………

    Look, the libtards know it’s not the guns that kill or that guns are the root cause of crime…..they know that it’s the dumb-ass libtard, gang-banger, or street criminal that’s unbalanced that has his finger on the trigger doing the killing and murdering……

    The libtards know it’s not the guns……they know……what they want is to ban all guns, defensive weaponry, and that ban would also include our hunting guns….their goal is to disarm us totally so we can’t fight back, so we can’t defend ourselves against progressive libtard tyranny……..their intent is to make us docile as sheep. …..their goal is control of the population…..

    as long as we have weapons Obongo, Bob “dumb-ass” Costas, or any of the commie type progressives will never be able to complete their transformation of this society…….they know they are in danger if we decide to end their tyrannical oppression………as long as we own guns they will never have control and they know it………

    I now purchase second hand guns from private owners so there is no trace of the sale……when these libtard government bastards try to force us to turn our guns over to the government and confiscate our guns there will be no record of me owning any firearm what-so-ever………

  9. I used to love Costas interview show- He did an excellent job with Paul McCartney ( actually seemed to be a Beatles fan) – but Costas works for our RULERS

    As Mr Limbaugh points out- you can say ANYTHING as long as it is the leftist party line

    PITIFUL performance

    I wonder if Costas lives in a “VIBRANT” inner city without a gate or a doorman to protect him?

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Mr Costas quit beating the drum of GUN CONTROL leave this liberal propeganda back in the deep pit where you and most of you liberal leftists journalists crawled out of We have a 2nd AMENDMENT and its in the U.S. CONSTITUTION placed there by the FOUNDING FATHERS and its right up there along with the 1st AMENDMENT that allows lowlife little worms like you to spread your leftist propeganda So either quit the whinning or Get another job

  11. Cinnamon Girl says:


    Mr. Costas, you are very full of yourself and always have been. In my opinion, you have truly crossed the line this time and have earned harsh punishment, if not an outright firing, from your employer. We all know that will not happen because unlike Rush Limbaugh or Jimmy the Greek, you mouthed a politically correct talking point rather than speaking the truth.

    While I have no problem with any kind of free speech, this was not the place nor time to sound off. It is not your job and was extremely unprofessional at the very least for you to attack the Second Amendment or any other of our rights. That said, you may have just been a mouthpiece. Either way, you’re safe and secure unlike those without firearms to protect themselves.

    So, Mr. Costas, I will continue ignoring you like I’ve done for many years. But I will not excuse you from your behavior. When your career is over I sincerely hope that you mature and see the error of your ways. Your irresponsibility can do damage beyond what your intellect can see.

    • CG…

      Nail on head. I’m thinking all of this is going to backfire on NBC, Jason Whitlock…and especially Costas!

  12. Bob, 1 you are an asshole..2 how about you test a gun out orally by placing the barrel of one in your mouth and test firing it?

  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Im so tired of these teary eyed leftists journalists blamming THE GUN LOBBY or avrage americans for all this This is a result of a bunch of liberal go gooders and their irresponsible little hand wringers ready to blame america for all the worlds ills brought on by their own sick culter

    • So am I tired of them…they’d not only ban guns, they’re working on banning football, they’ve already wussified it year after year. I’m sick and tired of all of them.

  14. Hey Bob, the guy murdered his girlfriend, you got that part, right? Shot his girlfriend the mother of his child, nine times, you got that part, right?

    F*** the NFL.

  15. We ought to consider removing a far more dangerous weapon – the microphone – from incompetent bufoons like you, Bob. 😉

    • I just emailed them also – thanks for the information. My email stated simply: “My research as well as many others’ research shows many more American citizens are killed each year by illegal immigrants (emboldened by cowards like you bob and our “esteemed” elected officials who refuse to enforce the law. Are you willing to call for a ban on illegal immigrants?”

  16. Cooter Brown says:

    I would love to see Old Bob Costas when he is in 70’s sitting on his couch eating chili mac when a big ass 300 pound militant kicks in his door and slaps him around for awhile before he cleans out his wallet and does his wife. I bet you old Bob would be wishing he had one of those nasty pistols to even up the fight. Dam MORONS have us out numbered. Sense when do we turn the NFL games into political soap boxes. Oh I forgot we got Obummer doing the same thing every day. Personally I think we need to ban spoons because they made Rosy O’Donnell’s ass way to big… Dam MORONS!!!!

    • Heck…I remember not that far back one of the networks had nitwit Olbermann on as a special talking-head during half-time…nobody watched, everyone complained and he didn’t last long there. – Like you say, this forum is NO place for the libs inserting their liberal agendas…it’s for family football time so we can get the hell away from libs spewing their progressive agendas 24/7!

  17. freespeechzone says:

    Bob Costas has his First Amendment rights–as do we, so, given he works at NBC, why would anyone be surprised at his rant for gun control?

    Having said that, I strongly disagree with Costas’ position and will LOUDLY exercise MY First Amendment rights to counter his ignorant and biased nonsense.

    Ironically, many liberals would love to silence us by force…I don’t want any opposition to my views silenced–too often, their rants validate that I am correct.

  18. Sports writers/commentators are among the worst libtards

  19. He also didn’t mention the obvious…gun violence is disproportionate among BLACKS!..as is all other forms of violence, like his pal O.J. and his knife.

    • That’s a good one Sulla…in many ways. 😉

    • I believe “The Juice” used a knife,I believe O J just about cut her little head off (sleep with a dog and you get fleas).I used to see that ego maniac strut around showing off his white center piece. I didn’t hear them calling for a knife ban.
      At this juncture I don’t have sympathy for white women abused their thug boyfriends.

  20. I have not watched a full football game since the 1982 NFL strike

  21. Did not know where to put this–it is a MUST READ!!!!


    • misterb…

      I read all I could until I couldn’t anymore because my blood pressure at this stage of the game can’t take much more. This is horrendous to say the least…I hope others check it out as well.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

  22. NBC : National Barack Channel or maybe Nitwit Bob Costas
    ESPN : Egotists Spewing Pathetic Nonsense
    ElvisNixon.com had a great comment on where Costas hangs his hat – probably not in a downtown area surrounded by inharmonious neighbors.

    • Exactly right…and you can be sure Costas is protected by others at all times. – Hypocrisy is thy name when it comes to libs with an agenda.

      • Actually, hypocrisy is prevalent in human behavior.. especially when it comes to ingroup identification.

        • Oh STHU and go away…you’re nothing but a dense pest.

          • now now..no need to be hostile there BT.
            Humans with a strong ingroup identification do tend to have a different set of standards with those in their group and those on the outside..especially if there is a perception of the “others” being an adversary of some sort. I have dwelt among many different groups in life and have noticed this to be very consistent in all of them. There has also been a lot of stuff written about this in anthropology and and psychology. On a functional level, it serves to protect the ingroup and foster a sense of comradeship but it can also erode the integrity of the ingroup.

          • You’re nuts.

          • How so, exactly?

        • Oh Biff, really…

  23. Spurwing Plover says:

    Soon the only sports they will allow will be TIDDLYWINKS or sports where theres no winners and no losers becuase of this SELF-ESTEAM poppycock

  24. Dismas In Wonderland says:

    If guns kill people then that microphone is what makes Bob sound so stupid.

    • Bluto…

      Read and heard about that too earlier today…the bastid is getting his claim to fame while he can isn’t he? – Despicable.

  25. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    But is his hair real?

  26. Dear Bob: why, oh why, would we need a gun?

    Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family

    Do you think that is an alarmist headline? Well, I am not the one saying this. Law enforcement authorities all over the country are telling citizens that they can no longer deal with all the crime and that people need to lock their doors and prepare to defend their families. Just recently, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California told citizens to “lock their doors and load their guns” because there is not enough money to pay for adequate police protection any longer. The murder rate in San Bernardino is up 50 percent this year, but the city is dealing with bankruptcy and has been forced to lay off 80 police officers. But San Bernardino is not the only city dealing with this kind of a thing. In Oakland, burglaries are up 43 percent so far this year, and to say that there is a “crime wave” going on in Oakland would be a massive understatement. If you can believe it, in Oakland “more than 11,000 homes, cars or businesses have been broken into so far this year – translating to about 33 burglaries a day.” Sadly, there simply are not enough police to keep up with it all. Due to budget cuts, it is being projected that by February the size of the police force in Oakland will be about 25 percent smaller than it was back in 2008. But what is happening in Detroit is perhaps even more frightening. Today there are about 1,000 fewer police officers in Detroit than there was a decade ago. But crime just continues to rise. So now even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“. With very little police protection, an increasing number of citizens are taking matters into their own hands. As I noted in a previous article, justifiable homicide in the city of Detroit increased by 79 percent in 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is approximately 2200 percent above the national average. But don’t laugh at what is happening in cities like San Bernardino, Oakland and Detroit. What is happening in those cities will be coming to your community soon enough.

    From coast to coast, criminals are becoming increasingly bold and increasingly desperate. My sister lives near a large city in the middle part of the country, and a house across the street from the one her family just moved into was recently vandalized. The criminals took all of the exposed copper pipe and copper wire that could be accessed easily.

    Other criminals have become very focused on gold because it has soared in value and it is easy to resell. For example, there have beenmore than 250 gold chain robberies in Stockton, California just since the month of April. According to the CBS News affiliate in Sacramento, criminals are just ripping these chains right off of the necks of unsuspecting citizens, and many of the victims that have tried to resist have ended up getting hurt. Normally the criminals sell off the jewelry within 24 hours, so solving these crimes is a real challenge…

    Most victims of the robberies are female (65 percent), and 44 percent of victims are age 50 or older, the data showed. The most common time of day for the crimes were between 12 and 5 p.m., though this only accounts for about a third of the crime.

    Parino said robbers took even police by surprise initially.

    “When [criminals] do these crimes, they normally get rid of the items within 24 hours,” he said.

    That’s why police are now checking up on secondhand stores and pawn shops on a weekly basis.

    Many dismiss reports such as these as “anomalies”, but how many “anomalies” do we need before we finally admit that we have a widespread problem in our society?

    Personally, there are many major U.S. cities that I would not want to be living right in the middle of right now.

    Just take a look at Chicago. It has become one of the deadliest major cities on the entire globe. In recent years we have seen massive cuts to the police budget coupled with a dramatic increase in gang activity in Chicago.

    The murder rate in Chicago is way up this year and the police force is massively outnumbered.

    As I have written about previously, there are only about 200 police officers assigned to Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. It is their job to handle the estimated 100,000 gang members living in the city.

    How would you like to be outnumbered 100,000 to 200?

    When things really hit the fan, Chicago is going to be a complete and utter nightmare.

    And sometimes we get a peek into how people will behave when things break down. Just look at what happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    If you can believe it, some criminals actually took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to loot homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens. That was the neighborhood where approximately 100 homes burned down. The suffering of the residents of that neighborhood made headlines all over the nation. But that has not stopped criminals from moving in and taking advantage of their vulnerability

  27. shawn33mari3 says:

    Hey all Bob Costas fans and other news journalists (if that is what you call yourselves) If you are going to ban guns because they are such a hazard to the American people, then we need to ban alcohol as well, since alcohol kills 2.5 million people a year (WHO, 2010). Where is the commentary on that, huh? The statistics of alcohol related injury and death far outweigh the deaths per year by firearms. If you really care about reducing violence, then prohibit alcohol as well, it will reduce cancer, sexual and domestic violence, child abuse, DWI, suicide, STDs, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, health care costs for treatment and recovery, emergency room visits etc. You want to make a safer society right? We legalize marijuana, glorify alcohol, but oh no…”we need to get rid of our guns…they are soooo unsafe!”

  28. Steve Sybert says:

    Now, Mr. Costas has a right to his opinion, but that’s all it is, an opinion. With that said, go f yourself, Mr. Costas, and stick to football.


    That jerk needs to inhail his micraphone and choke on it

  30. Biff reminds me of a commenter named Lance on ChronicleOnline.com, in Florida, which used to be a good forum until Lance took it over with his overbearing Obamacrat leftwing superiority, “right-wingers are stupid hicks” attitude. Maybe he is the same guy.

  31. The Hessian says:

    More people were murdered by NFL players than by NRA members.

  32. This football player overpaid prima donna with a bad attitude.
    If you’re going to go out, go out alone. This guy left a legacy of being a cowardly woman killer (just like O J).
    Let’s just say he’s smoking dog turds in The Infernal Regions right about now!

  33. When they take our guns……

    you can bet that Bob Costas will still have his security teams and they will have their guns.

  34. This all ties in to this story (Jason Whitlock)…a great read.


  35. Costas is sticking by his guns…(pun intended)


  36. I don’t think any assclown that gets paid like this Costas Fukstain has any right to spout libtard garbage on the job. Why aren’t these people demanding that we ban murder? Oh wait it already is unless you are an unborn human. Whats next Costas? Lets ban cars and maybe bow and arrows…How about the steroids the footballl players take that causes them to become violent and kill. Oh wait again I think steroids are banned also right?

  37. When we take out 50 million libtard scumbags…..make sure Bob Costas is one of the 50 million……he’ll make good fertilizer……..

  38. I’m curious about Leftist/Statists like Mr. Costas. Imagine for a moment you were sitting in a booth in a cafe at lunch, minding your own business, and some crazy drove his truck through the front of the building, stepped out and started shooting everyone, who would you rather have sitting next to you; me, or the head of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence?

  39. Costas is good at sports interviews. His analysis of the unfortunate
    murder is beyond his talent. Taking advantage of his position was not smart. In this case, he is stupid. His choice.

  40. Snake Oiler says:

    It will pay you to know about it…

    Belcher Murder/Suicide Is Exploited By Media


    And of course the guns involved are also being blamed. After all, Bob Costas might not have a job if they try to do away with head injuries in the NFL. So the next culprit on the list is guns. After all, nobody is ever responsible for their own actions.

  41. Jon Bunnell says:

    Hey criminals. Bob has a lot of money and doesn’t own a gun.

  42. Wowee! Sure am glad those demographics are changing, and angry white dudes will soon be extinct. Well, the ignorant ones.