Wow…George Will had some words to say yesterday regarding gay marriage. Did you know if you’re an elderly person you’re the problem when it comes to gay marriage being the normal. That’s right friends…seems the wisdom from Will is they’re just waiting for us to kick-the-bucket and everything will be A-Okay in this country when it comes to their ‘human rights’ on this issue. – Well, as long as I’m still kicking it’s not okay with me…and never will be. A marriage is between a man and a woman…period! I’m sick and tired of this being crammed down our throats…but that’s just me.

Here’s what he had to say. – You can read it in full here.

Conservative commentator George Will told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week Sunday that political hostility toward same-sex marriage in America is diminishing: “Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying.”

Stephanopoulos asked panelists how they believed the Supreme Court would rule on two separate gay marriage cases it agreed to hear this week. One of the cases examines California’s Prop 8, which bans same-sex marriage in the state, and by examining this law, the court can determine whether gay marriage is a right under the U.S. constitution. Will said he believed it was possible SCOTUS would say “it’s not necessary for us to go here,” because it’s being decided amongst the states, but according to him, it was more likely that they would endorse gay marriage. Will went on,

“On the other hand, they could say, ‘this is now safe to look at this, because there is something like an emerging consensus.”

Will implied that it’s older Americans who mostly oppose gay marriage and as they pass, so does the opposition. Stephanopoulos shared a poll indicating that approval of same-sex marriage is increasing across the nation and James Carville, another panelist, told him he thought Will’s logic was “absolutely correct.” Even Mary Matalin, conservative political consultant, agreed with Will and Carville, saying it makes sense for the Supreme Court to endorse gay marriage in the face of changing public opinion because, “Americans have common sense.”

Since I watched this live…Will didn’t just ‘imply’ this…he made it plain as day for all to see. I’m not with Matalin or Carville either in any way, shape or form…how ’bout you?

Throw in your two-cents. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. My fear is that when we allow the State to dictate what the church is REQUIRED to do, we will be truly lost. A marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman and God. To force a church to perform a religious ceremony against it’s principals is surely blasphemy. To me, it places the state as superior to God and forces Him to be witness to an abomination.
    There are churches that will perform “gay” ceremonies. Let them do so to their hearts content. It’s not MY soul at stake. If the State wants to change the definition of “domestic partnership” to include same sex couples, so be it. It takes God out of the equation and my conscience is clean.
    Churches have refused to perform marriages for a myriad of reasons. My church refused (36 years ago) my wife and I because the priest believed we were too young. We found another where the priest counseled us and performed the (religious) ceremony outside of the church. Some refuse because of the religion of one of the partners. Like I said, a myriad of reasons. Yet I have yet to hear of a straight couple suing a church over it. The “gay” issue is all about lawsuits.
    What I see today is a concerted effort to place the State in a superior position to God. I see a day, in the not to distant future, when clergymen are imprisoned and churches shuttered because they followed God’s teachings and refused the State’s mandate.

    • “The “gay” issue is all about lawsuits.
      What I see today is a concerted effort to place the State in a superior position to God. I see a day, in the not to distant future, when clergymen are imprisoned and churches shuttered because they followed God’s teachings and refused the State’s mandate.”

      We worry about the same as well Reb…we discussed just that yesterday too. We have before, but when Will and others went on about us older folks being the problem…we did so once again.

      Glad to see your post…you said much via my viewfinder in life.

      • I don’t know, bigtimer, I heard it differently. He said “the opposition is dying; it’s old people” — meaning, older folks are the ones usually opposed to gay marriage. That (IMO) is true, but it’s only a “problem” for those who want to force it on us as a political/politically correct issue. I don’t mind being a problem in that case.

        Mary Matalin brought up the issue of out-of-wedlock births to heterosexual couples being “epidemic,” which is also true — but I fail to see how she justifies gay marriage from that. Her argument was simply irrelevant.

    • It will start with the revoking of churches tax exempt status.

  2. bigtimer
    I may be mistaken but Mary Matalin and James Carville are husband and wife, that would be a stacked deck, and Staphalococus is queer any way so its like the bunch that awards the Pulitzer Prize, you got to be one of them to get it.

    • Yeppers…Matalin and Carville are married, have been for ages now, – As to Georgie…he’s married too (to a gal, a liberal as well)..but we do know he’s a Clintoon stooge…and continues to be for Dear Leader.

      The bubble all these people live in make me sick at times…and this is an example of one of them.

  3. They call right wrong and good evil, liberals are now called conservative,

  4. Will is a political Gas Bag at his best.


    Any real marrage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN same sex marrage is immoral and irresponsible and typical of liberals

  6. I’m an Athiest but let me give you my view from outside the church. The average Christian church in America and Europe has changed and become more liberal with every passing generation. The churches themselves no longer exsist as a house of worship and to teach the Bible in the classic sense. The church has now become an entity upon it’s self and exsists not only to contiune it’s own existance but it also now more than ever interperts biblical doctrine.

    Churches my whole life have been misusing offerings and selling out the countries in which they reside. There are now just as many poor and homeless in America and Europe more than there ever were yet these churches seeking to convert more people and fill their coffers send a huge amount of your donations to the Third World. They also sposer and invite millions of Third World refugees to the West.

    Churches are not the friends of the West. IMHO of course.

    • So…just curious here Muay, nothing more. – While you stated how you feel about churches and such…how do you feel about Gay Marriage being a human right etc?

    • MuayTyson
      Even though you have wandered from the topic there is a lot of truth in what you say, I am a Baptist and today they are leaning toward amnesty, if they do I will leave them, The United Council of Churches and the American Council of Churches has been hard at work for years to corrupt the churches into all this social justice crap we hear about today, We need neither a priest or preacher to tell us how to worship Christ, we all have a consensus and know right from wrong.

      • My 2 cents, having grown up in a family with a Baptist preacher for a father. I agree with Steve. Even what is called fundamentalist Christians today are shifting more and more left. In doctrine and in social dogma. Why does the government HAVE to step in and feed, shelter, and cloth the poor? Because the church won’t do it anymore. Jesus ministry on earth was mainly directed at the poor, needy and sick. Those people are just “icky” and “good Christians” don’t want to get their hands dirty.

        AIDS was deemed by Christians as a just punishment for faggots. That may indeed be true but our mission is to help the needy as Jesus did. I always thought Bono was a crank seeking fame until I really read his statements on the Bible, Church, and Christ. WOW what a guy! He really “gets it”!! Wish more thought like that and maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in a position where so many millions cry out for government help!!

    • ‘here are now just as many poor and homeless in America and Europe more than there ever were’
      wrong..there are way more…due to Immigration and blacks breeding

      What you mentioned dickens called ‘TELESCOPIC PHILANTHROPY’
      Help someone far away but ignore ‘issues nearby’.


    • Those would be the Laodicean church(es);refer:Revelations ch#3.

    • Nostradumbass says:

      From the book of CDB v3.3:

      Preacher man talkin’ on TV
      puttin’ down the rock and roll
      He wants me to send a donation
      cause he’s worried about my soul
      He said “Jesus walked on the water”
      and I know that it’s true
      But sometimes I think that preacher man
      might want to do a little walkin’ too

      And I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothing
      if I can’t get it on my own
      If you don’t like the way I’m livin’
      you just leave this
      long haired country boy alone

  7. First, if George Will is a conservative how can he make this statement. He is not a conservative. The conservatives that I work with, fish and hunt with, and spend time with, do not support gay marriage period. I don’t care what crap the MSM keeps ramming down our throats, conservatives do not believe in gay marriage. If gay marriage is such a great idea and is becoming so widely accepted, then why do my 16 and 17 year old students freak out when the mention of it in class. They don’t support it, and this is the next generation. I do not work in a country club school, but rather in a juvenile court system. Gay marriage is not accepted in most circles, including my criminal students.

    • DR-
      We need to get together and share notes, I am in sin city as well!
      Concur with all you said, when I taught in the same city, it was discussed but clearly separated from what ‘normal’ is.

      Blistered, out!

      • B, nice to know there are others from this site in L.V. as well. I have a RV lot in Boulder City with a 5th wheel trailer on it. I escape to it for the weekends. My RV neighbors fly the Tea Party flags, does my heart good when I pull into the community and see the “snake” on a flag.

        Good to hear your comments. My students by nature are very conservative, of course except for smoking “local weed” which is why most of them are in lock up for anyway.

    • DR…

      You don’t know how much I appreciate all the information here when it comes to your every day life experiences and the younger generation and their way of thinking regarding this issue. – Hope Springs Eternal

  8. KennakaKeeper says:

    I have stated my opinion in many other posts here. We have no rights, only privileges that can be taken away at any time. When is America going to wake up and see this happening.

    • Heck KaK…I thought she was about completely awake during the midterms. – Evidently, 2 years later many went back to sleep. – I about give up times like this. – Heck, this nation is in quicksand now…glad I’ve seen what this nation once was in my lifetime before that quicksand sucks this nation in that bottomless pit completely.

    • Better question; When is America going to wake up and Repent?
      9/11 should have been a wake up call but just about all of us blew it.

  9. this is what ‘equality’ leads to / degenerates to….

  10. This whole country is going to hell! This is just the first step in the degradation of this country’s moral values. If in doubt, all you have to do is look at what happened to other nations that went down this path. After all this is done, it will be ilegal for any minister or priest not to perform the ceremony…any opposition will be jail, fine or both. The indoctrination already started, just look at shows that our children watch. I think all we can do is pray for the future of our kids and do our best in teaching them what is right, wrong and respect for GOD!

  11. Back to the original issue: sorry to say, but it is true that the vast, vast majority of people against gay marriage are the over-50’s. The younger generation has been indoctrinated into believing that homosexuality is “normal.” We as parents teach them one way, but our teaching has been gradually drowned out by other voices. Once upon a time, the schools and parents were in agreement on most things; now the schools have a high-budget agenda to subvert the morals we try to instill at home. Television, like it or not, is like having a demon in your living room, constantly pouring deceit into the minds and hearts of your children. Parents are no longer the only influence, or even the major influence, in their children’s lives.

    No, not all young people are in the dark, as DesertRat pointed out. My children are both opposed to gay marriage as well (although the younger one is less concerned about it than the other). But I think they are the exception.

    I’m expecting my first grandchild next year, but my excitement is only equal to my anxiety over what kind of degenerate society she (or he) will be growing up in. Not the America I knew, certainly.

    • You know there is evidence to suggest that true homosexuals (not just people screwed up in the head) feel the way they do because their brain operates more akin to someone of the opposite sex.

      With genetic engineering & brain study advancing at an ever increasing rate it could be possible that within 30 years they will be able to make it so if a parent doesn’t want a gay child they wont have one.

  12. As a Christian I very much disapprove of gay marriage & believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

    As a red blooded American man I feel the urge to puke when I’m around gay men & and a sudden tightness in the pant region when I’m around gay women (only the pretty ones though).

    As a Libertarian I do however believe that gays/lesbians should have the right to civil unions or something similar to them that cover the same legal rights as marriage. That being said I don’t think they should call them marriage as Marriage has always been seen as between a man & woman no matter what society your in going back as mankind has written record.

  13. The Political issue of Gay Marriage is a confabulation. The body politic should have no jurisdiction in anyone’s marriage.

    The real question should be why is the government involved in marriage period (hetero or homo). Marriage is a religious rite or ceremony that the state controls for it’s own cut of the loot.

    I practiced cohabitation for many years and my conscience started to bother me, so I explained to my woman the responsibilities and sacrifices she would have to make marrying me. She felt love conquered all and agreed to marriage.

    She cries rivers of tears every April 15th, she didn’t realize she was marrying a higher tax bracket.

  14. I’m probably going to catch some flakfor this, but I say screw it, it sure as hell won’t be the first time. From what I can see most problems about this stem from two ideas. The first idea is stems from the definition of marriage. The second idea comes from what a ‘state sanctioned’ marriage is.

    Most people I know define marriage as a union between a man and a woman recognized by God. Its the definition I prefer as well. There are some anomalies to this, but everyone agrees its recognized by God (except Atheists those bastards). Marriages are performed by a religious representative (priest, preacher etc). The State comes along and decides they want to get into the marriage business, too. They issue marriage licenses. Generally the paperwork is handled by your priest or whatnot after the religious ceremony. You can opt for a Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony as well. Here’s the trick. If we are asking the State to recognize a marriage as just between a man and a woman, haven’t we already changed the definition of marriage? Now it is a union between a man and a woman recognized by the State. Actually this change of definition happened as soon as the State started handing out marriage licenses.

    In the case of defining marriage by the State, I for one do not want the Government meddling in my religious affairs. They already want to be my eternal mommy and daddy. Now they want to replace God? Go away and leave me the f-heck alone already.

    The second idea is one born of someone who has gone through a divorce and has realized the State doesn’t give two shits about my religious ideas about marriage. As far as the State is concerned a marriage is a contract between two individuals to cohabitate in order to gain certain rights and benefits not allowed to couples who do not have a marriage license. ITS A CONTACT FOR LEGAL CRAP. The State and your Divorce Attorney doesn’t care about God, nor should they. They care about the Law.

    My point to all of this is, the STATE should get out of the business of MARRIAGE. It was a huge mistake. Let’s stop confusing the issue for starters. You want to get married? GO FIND A CHURCH. You want to enjoy the legal benefits of a Civil Union? Well then head down to State and fill out the paperwork for a Civil Union.

  15. George Will, who in the hell made you God?…You’re nothing but an “overrated egotist” gassbag!….FOAD!

  16. Alas…….., superfluous, Gordian wording Will has become too big for his bowtie.