Hey Dudes and Dudettes, did you know the British aren’t coming? Being the great thinker he thinks he is, congress-critter John Lewis has some advice for this nation regarding gun ownership, gun control and gun violence. He says we don’t need all these guns…and that’s that! If you haven’t heard his opinion about this…you will now. See if his brilliance astounds you.

I need to cut to the chase here because of numerous power outages in our neck of the woods and hope this gets posted for you to read if and when she goes down for good today.

This is via DC:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC, Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis invoked the civil rights movement to rally support for increased gun control legislation.

“Well, now is the time to act,” Lewis said. “It’s not a time for a commission, or more studies. It is time for action. It reminded me of another period, 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Robert Kennedy was assassinated. We can go back to 1963, when Medgar Evers was assassinated. We don’t need more weapons of mass destruction. Nothing saddened me more than last Friday. I cried, I cried when I saw what was happening in Connecticut.”

“These little children, these innocent little babies being slaughtered — if we don’t have the courage to act as members of Congress, as federal officials, then we’re not worth the position that we hold. We have to act, and we must act now. We cannot put it off. The CDC and my own congressional district have conducted studies over the years on gun violence. Take some of those studies off the shelves, but members of Congress, you hold the courage to stand up and speak out and pass the necessary legislation. We cannot wait and we shouldn’t wait.”

Lewis lobbied President Barack Obama and his congressional colleagues to act before children are “slaughtered.”

“Well, the White House must lead,” Lewis said. “The president must lead. Members of the House must lead. Members of the United States Senate must lead. We must be a headlight on this issue and not a taillight. When you see these little children, these little babies, being slaughtered, we have to act. I don’t want to shed anymore tears. I don’t have any tears left.”

The congressman conceded, though, that the Sandy Hook shooting also raised questions about the nation’s mental health crisis.

“It’s not all guns,” Lewis said. “We must bring the issue of mental illness out into the sunlight, out of the shadow, out of the closet, deal with it, treat people, have centers where people can get the necessary help. But we can start by dealing with the issues of guns. There’s too many guns. The British are not coming. The Russians — the Russians are not coming. The British are not coming. We don’t need all these guns to kill people.”

And of course, doing as all leftist congress-critters have done for decade after decade…they use kids for their agenda whenever possible…in this scenario it happens to be the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary, which is and has been despicable from Day One! Plus, good ol’ Lewis had to throw in MLK for good measure in his diatribe as well. Agenda, agenda, agenda…period! The progressives depend on the dumbed-down lemmings in this nation to complete their plans…and so far they have won, heck…the last election proved that!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. F*ck You, you Socialist Basta*d, take your agenda and stick it and go tend your slaves, i.e., supporters. I’m sick of your types… on both sides of the isle.

    • Ditto that…unfortunately types like him will always be around. Our nation is screwed in more ways than one…especially since we have a majority of gutless-wonders on our side of the aisle.

  2. bigtimer,
    I apologize that I didn’t read the whole thing, I feel I can play this one by ear, John Lewis is a bigoted ole black bastard that has outlived his usefulness, he has become the equal of what he started out to fight, he ride’s the dead horse of the civil rights movement, spreading discrimination with every heart beat and breath he takes, he’s gona die soon and join his brother MLK stoking the fires of hell.

    • No need for any apology…I know exactly where you’re coming from my friend…I agree with your sentiments.

    • Gasteve-

      at one point in time, I admired him. I swear that he is the poster boy for age damaged thinking.

      • Howdy misterb…

        Isn’t he a congress-critter in the state you reside in too? 😉

        • He is just a spit away, but I, very fortunately, have Rep. Phil Gingrey at my district. He is conservative, anti-spending, anti-illegal immigration and pro-American.

          PS Did you see my poem on Newtown?

          • Glad to know you have Gingrey…no doubt about that. And no, I didn’t see your poem. Our power has been going on and off due to major storms in our neck of the woods, sure hope they get it fixed today…once and for all.

            Why don’t you post it here again since this has to do with Newton…maybe others missed your sage work as well. 😉

            One other thing misterb…Merry Christmas to you and yours, hugs to Dakota. 😉

          • Thank you BT and right back at you. It will be for most of us, a tough year. Not because of personal as much as the failure of those who we elected to lead us and those who commit horrible crimes against children.

            Our Dakota will join us on Dec 26 until Jan 7. All thanks to God.

            The Angels’ Song

            You beautiful little bundle that I hold in my arms
            You win your grandpa’s heart with all your little charms
            I love the warmth of your breath I feel on my cheek
            As I hold you and hug you and listen as you speak

            You melt my heart when you ask me every day
            Grandpa, Grandpa, why did your hair go away?
            And you giggle when I whisper over and again
            I didn’t lose it honey, I just moved it to my chin.

            I see your Mommy’s lips each time you smile at me
            I see your Daddy’s eyes when you look up from my knee
            Oh, I am so glad you came to visit and warm us with your love
            Such a beautiful miracle surely came from above

            But now, that voice is quiet, for evil came one day
            And now my warm, smiling baby is as cold as the clay
            I can’t console your Mommy, she is so, so sad
            And I have not heard a word for days from your loving Dad

            Now I sit here by the window, with nought to do but stare
            It is the Christmas season, but this old man doesn’t care
            If my God would only let me, take your place tonight
            Then this broken family would once again be right

            The politicians now argue and try to soothe their grief
            By making a physical article as guilty as a thief
            They look at each other with anger and with scorn
            And do not give your family proper time to mourn

            I know, my little angel, if you were back here on earth
            I would hug you and kiss you for all that you are worth
            I would hold you and tease you for that little grin
            And I would never let evil hurt you dear, again.

            And as I sit here by the window, the days seem so long
            Since my little sweetheart answered the angels song
            And this heartbroken old Grandpa can only count each day
            Until those same angels come get him and carry him away.

          • misterb…

            Once again you’ve got me teary-eyed with your loving words. – Powerful my friend….speaks volumes.

            Thank You. ~

            Btw…do you remember way back when on another site, one of your poems to the son you lost connected us forever. – Remember that….since I felt it has been about a loss of a family member close to you, without you mentioning that in your poem, I connected because of my loss too.

            I will be forever grateful we connected…we’ve been thru a lot my friend…and we’re still kicking. 😉

          • Misterbill
            Gingrey is my Congress critter also. Know what you mean about Lewis but it seem’s all of the old civil rights bunch are old racist bigots now, Old Joesph Lowery for sure, haven’t heard anything about Ralph David Abernathy since he published the book ‘And The Wall’s Came Tumbling Down’ the C R bunch disowned him for it cause he dared tell it warts and all even MLK’s homo tendency, Hosea Williams was the black sheep of the C R bunch and never got the respect he should have from them but even though he always made the news from DUI’s’ trying to board a plane with a loaded gun and always screaming Lies Lies Lies when he got caught doing what ever he did he was my favorite, Jesse Jackson was considered a power hungry opportunist that tried to hijack the SCLC for his own gain. I have to say they all are part of the problem with black America today.

          • Ga steve– BT

            Things happen when you have been around for a long time. I am not able to cope as well with the Newtown sadness as well as I could ten or twenty or thirty years ago. I have been, sort of running away from the happenings later. I am hoping hat Christmas and one of my sweet grand children spending time with us will chase the blues away.

            The bad stuff never stops– Oliver Stone has a series on cable in which he purports to tell American history. It is a remake of Howard Zinn’s Peoples’ History of the United States. It is revisionist history. It never stops–America is bad, everybody in America who leads is bad, there was no need to bomb Japan, no this , no that, Americans are empire builder.

            I may have been a kid, but I remember a lot and I have read tons since. Taking away the truth is worse than taking away our guns. They never stop.

          • misterb…

            Once upon a time I thought the lies would stop, the revisionist history, the race-card BS…etc. – I no longer do…the enemies within will not stop until they have completely destroyed this once great nation.

            Fight on we all must and will….but I fear the worst, hope I’m wrong, with all my heart.

  3. Then there’s this new twit and his BS. – Check it out. ~


    Despicable people we have in this country…bad enough they serve in the House and we pay their salaries.

    • The blood is all over the gun control freaks. Every time they cause something bad to happen they blame it on the right. Well the left has killed more people than all other political groups in history combined and they are still breaking records cheered on by Putin, Chavez and Castro, their counterparts in a SICK political machine. A Pox on their houses and everything they stand for.

  4. This asshole is nothing but another Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all rolled up into one! Why all of a sudden is it perfectly fine for these black activists and congressman to spew racist bullshit like a water fountain with little or no consequences…but if a white guy did holy shit the Earth would explode according to these stupid lefties! The double standard is beyond sickening! Hey….Lewis….why dont you start telling your own people to stop the violence before you attempt to take away law abiding citizens rights???? Its the savages among your own kind creating most of the problems with crime to begin with.

    • Shhh…the msm doesn’t want to know about the hypocrisy, they (the majority of the networks) help perpetuate it. – I’ve had my fill of it.

    • These guys are never going to stop! They all have so much hatred in their heart that they do it for revenge;just like Obama said, “vote for revenge”. The sad part is that people like Ted Kennedy helped put these guys in power, and now there mandating our future. I wonder if America’s future will be just like the movie “White Man’s Burden” with John Travolta. That would really be messed-up! But the way things are going, that movie is going to be prophetic.

      • Fern…

        I don’t think I ever saw that movie…but I know one thing, you’re spot-on about Dear Leader and his ‘vote for revenge’ comment during the campaign. – He’s ‘transforming America’ dontcha know…and we’re watching it happen right before our eyes.

  5. Message for John Lewis, gun control is James Earl Ray, one shot one kill.

  6. RidinShotgun says:

    Just another tired, washed-up hustler from the civil rights era trying to remain relevant. He and dozens more in congress like him cannot get a job in the real world and so they live on us like barnacles, eating away at whatever they touch, namely people like you and I.
    Ummm, yes John we know the British aren’t coming (Hell, if they were, they’d probably ask to join up on our side.) and the Russians aren’t either (They’ve been invited by you and your ilk.) No, John, WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE COMING FOR US AND WE WON’T BE CAUGHT UNARMED BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE IN STORE FOR PEOPLE LIKE US AND WE’RE NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.” Savy?

  7. The British or the Russians aren’t coming…. but the Feds are….

    • JS…

      You said it all…period!

      Btw…I saw where AG Holder is going or went to Newtown, Ct. today. For what reason? Since his plans for F&F failed for gun control, guess this is their second bestest opportunity. – Never let a good crisis go to waste!

    • And in the event of urban riots, coming soon to your diverse neighborhood, rest assured that African-Americans and Hispanics will be coming in force. And they ain’t coming for the town dance. And let’s face it, BHO is intentionally legalizing the Mexican invaders as part of his insidious plan to reduce America to a festering, Third world eyesore commanded by His Highness, El Presidente’.

      Obama’s transformation of America is that of making the productive Elorg a resource for all the parasite Morlocks. Gunowners have been continually backing up since the National Firearms Act of 1934; the question is when and IF anyone will finally fire a shot in defense of the Second Amendment. And will this create an avalanche of retribution against the Second Amendment terminators? Will Americans go the way of the UK and Australia and meekly surrender?

  8. Lewis may be on to something. If there had been a gun ban long ago, then there would have been no way to fight a civil war, so there would still be slavery and nothing you could do about it. Great thinking you mush mouthed commie.

    • Hey Mr. Grumpus….

      Boy, oh boy did you ever make a great point…wished I would have thought of that to include in the blog post. Plus, if he really knew his history, and others like him, no matter the skin color…they wouldn’t be on the dem side of the aisle spouting their commie crap.

  9. From WND:
    “America has boarded the wrong, secular train. Now we’ve lost our Judeo-Christian heritage and its byproduct – a Christian culture.

    America was a Christian nation. The Mayflower Compact declared, “In the name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwritten, having undertaken – for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith …”

    Let’s decide if America is a Christian nation or a pagan nation – and get on with it; the sooner the better.”

  10. Master of Sinanju says:

    Misterbill, from your lips to Gods ears.And may the Lord render a righteous judgement on Lewis. (I refuse to call him “honorable” or “mister”.)

  11. Believe it or not Lewis isn’t the dumbest Congressman we have here in Georgia. Hank Johnson didn’t want anymore Marines and equipment going to Guam because he thought the island might tip over. These are the types of people making laws we have to live by. Have you noticed that the really, really stupid people in Congress are Democrats and the dumbest among that crowd belong to the black caucus?

    • Lol…right you are. Between him and good ol’ Cynthia McKinney, you’ve had quite the characters haven’t ya?

    • Jeff Johnson
      Its not just the blacks from Ga that have gone to Washington, there’s plenty left in the state gov also, my state senator told me of the black rep from Macon that sits in the back of the house chamber and they have to wake him up when it’s time to vote on a bill.

    • I grew up in working class Atlanta, in what is now Hank Johnson’s district. As least he is less offensive than his predecessor Cynthia nutcase McKinney, daughter of Jew-hating Billy McKinney, former Atlanta cop turned Georgia state representative. (I’m a WASP). Billy was blatant in his hatred, too. When I was in college that was a conservative Republican area, crime-free, hard to believe now. They still play PGA golf tournaments at East Lake Country Club, which is holding up well today, amazingly. Surprisingly, whites are now moving back into that area of Atlanta yet the crime rate is still high. Of course, that was 45 years back when I lived there – zippo crime then. I’ve had enough of the urban experience. Neighborhoods go quickly. That one did. So does time. Enjoy every day. You’re right – JL and HJ are pathetic. Wouldn’t you hate to have either as your congressman ? Maybe what we need is a better quality of ultraliberal nutjob misserving in Congress.

      • MM from Ga
        Would that be DeKalb County? I built subdivisions there in the 80’s on Stone Mt- Lithonia Rd, I liked the area but today Stone Mt is majority black, waiting for them to blast the carving’s off the mt since that be racist.

        • Yep, I was born at Ga. Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, and know where you mean. Some of my co-workers at Eastern Airlines lived there where you mentioned. They got out. I grew up off Memorial Drive, in Atlanta. As you say, it was nice there for a good while; good to avoid now. I lived on the DeKalb – Gwinnett line in Mountain Park (Gwinnett) from 71-96, now live near the Ronald Reagan Parkway (my favorite road). A while back I was a sub teacher in the Gwinnett schools after Eastern Airlines folded. When I was a kid I thought Redan, Grayson and Snellville were way out in the middle of nowhere. Now I get in traffic jams there. I’d like to move to the North Ga. mountains. I think Ga. is great if you avoid some areas. Stone Mountain and Lithonia have really changed. I remember before Stone Mtn. Park was built.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Listen you baldheadedd ape we dont need you and your leftists CBC demanding we all surrender our firearms to you and your leftists goons so do us all a real favor and LEAVE AMERICA AND NEVER COME BACK

  13. I lived in his district in Atlanta for six (6) loooooooooooooooong years. Every election day, watched TV when he dust off his raggedy old picture of him and MLK walking / marching to some whore house somewhere in the south. What a joke of a man this is. Uneducated, illiterate worthless piece of crap. I finally had enough and moved back to the suburbs. I still conceal carry in the burbs but don’t have to have eyes in the back of my head anymore.

  14. Wow so confusing. He invoked the Civil Rights movement to enact gun control? Does he forget, at one point in our country, black people had to fight to have their natural right to bear arms recognized?

    And he’s upset and cried over, These little children, these innocent little babies being slaughtered ”

    So he’s done a 180 on his stance on abortion. Does he know for the last 3 years more black babies were aborted in NYC than were actually born? That must somehow be a Civil Rights issue too, right?

  15. Lewis and ilk need to buy a clue…if they’d look to Texas they might learn something, but that’s iffy too…just ask Sheila Jackson Lee.


  16. Same thing I had to say to the other black asshole from TX,shove your race card up yur ass, STFU and go away, I am sick of these band wagon jumping opportunists,,,,,We HAVE to take this country back before we lose it all!!!!

  17. Wished someone in the msm would ask Lewis if they condone what Dear Leader and his team have done to exploit this tragedy for more fund-raising! – Deplorable!


    Btw….has anyone told Dear Leader the election is over yet?

  18. John Lewis, you say I can’t own a firearm. The Second Amendment says I can. Case closed.

  19. John Lewis, go to hell you black SOB,…I say “Molon Labe”, you bastard!
    How would the CBC react if whitey decided to form a Congressional White Caucus?…..The bastards would scream bloody murder and call us racists!
    It is waaaaaay past time to stop coddling blacks and other minorities and giving them special rights at the expense of the majority. We can thank *&$%# bleeding heart, apologist liberals and RINOs for allowing that crap to happen,….unAmerican treasonous bastards, all of them!

    • tazz…

      Tell us how you really feel!

      Btw…I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sick and tired of this BS as well.

    • Hell we should just pressure our Reps to. form a White Caucus. The Congressional Black Caucus has become exactly what they hated when they started. Most are Socialist and Racist by their own definition.

  20. Another example of how gun free countries are so safe!!!!!!!


    Take a look at the rest of the world , many places of which have complete control of guns.


  21. It’s never going to stop. Are you going to give up your right to defend yourself? I didn’t think so, me either.

  22. Today’s quiz:

    Which is faster?
    a> A 911 call

    b> A 9mm discharged from a hand gun


    If you chose 1, who is still standing when the police arrive?

    a> the victim

    b> the perp

    • You’ve got me laughing misterb….you know which choice those of us with brains that work will pick and what the answer is to the second part you have added there. – We can only hope for a troll to come along and declare differently…as they always do.

  23. “The British are not coming. The Russians — the Russians are not coming. The British are not coming. We don’t need all these guns to kill people.”

    Dear F ……tard Lewis
    Amigo, we’re not worried about the Britards, we’re worried about your bros, the blacks and the outrageous disproportionate crime rates.
    We’re worried about the 1.6 million gang members from your welfare state spawn. We’re worried about the illegal alien criminals now flooding the country with no background checks.

  24. Spurwing Plover says:

    I thoght Souron had been detyroyed

  25. I am not a skilled user of handguns. In the military, I qualified with an M1, barely. Nonetheless, there are classes close by that I can attend if I wish to , either build, or refresh my skills with weaponry.

    The recent uproar over guns gave me pause as I listened and read different reactions to the recent horrible incident. The more I thought about it, the more I found that my opinions were still strongly in favor of the Second Amendment to the extent that I wish we were more like Switzerland and every home had a gun and every homeowner knew how to use it.

    I have eight young grand children. I would feel much safer if I knew that each school district had a cadre of Dads, Moms and just plain old good citizens that would guard our schools and our children.

    Maybe even add to that mix removing the signs that declare school areas to be drug free. I know it does not work, but a delicate nosed German Shep would do a great job.

    When I first moved here to the Atlanta area, the president of our local PTA was protesting the police putting an undercover narcotics officer in a couple of our high schools.

    I wonder how she feels about the Second Amendment? and armed teachers?

  26. Dear John Lewis,

    Go spend a couple of months in your ancestral homeland of western Africa. Then, after your visit, I’d be really interested to hear how bad America is. Eating roots and hyena guts, sh*tting in an open ditch at the back of a mud hut, and all the while listening out for neighboring warring tribes will surely give you new-found appreciation for European-Anglo culture.

  27. I feel like sending him a fart in a bottle to suck on. Clueless commie windbag.

  28. Speaking of congress-critters and nutcases…have any of you heard about this?


    Where’s the msm?

  29. Lewis, kiss my gun toting ass you commie bastard.

  30. AWD, how could ya put a picture of someone that UGLY here?

    also, california may give illegals unemployment benefits.


    He must have visited Pleasure Island he already has made a ass of himself

  32. John Lewis is a worthless political hack, fully predictable in his comments. Nice white sections of Atlanta wind up in his majority black district. My lawyer daughter says she would never vote for him and usually writes in my name. She does pop proud. Lewis usually runs unopposed. He had guilty-feeling white guy Jack Kemp snowed. Jack once said Lewis was a civil rights icon who deserved that seat. I say like hell. Lewis deserves defeat. Atlanta deserves better.

  33. Moore is the definition of ‘Insanity!’


  34. Regrding Newtown, here’s the question that comes to my mind.

    If the perpetrator(s) had been a group of terrorists instead of an allegedly troubled white male, what would the current discussion be?

    Guns? Or terrorism?

    It is interesting to me that the Obama administration always seems to get the discussion they want or need to advance an agenda.

    “Working on it, just under the radar.”

    Just connecting dots.

  35. It’s quite befitting for these hypocritical leftist loons such as John Lewis to lecture our entire nation on the “dangers of firearms” whenever a tragedy of this magnitude takes place. They lead such privileged lives away from the cameras within an insular world surrounded by a professional level of heavily armed security & body guards!

    • Right you are, their double standards are disgusting. They count on the msm to remain silent about that…oh wait, I forgot…many that work on the networks are protected by armed guards themselves at their place of business.

      It’s always ‘Do as I Say…Not as I Do!’

  36. Cinnamon Girl says:

    You know, I am just SO proud of being from Georgia and having more than once lived in this man’s district. Heh.

    My father used to bolt from the room each time he was speaking on camera.

    The good thing about Lewis is that in general he’s not respected. While his words are ridiculous and his stance on basically everything is dangerously ignorant, it’s easy to ignore him because he’s an aging (with his ideas) simpleton who, while he will hold his office for life, I am sure, isn’t taken very seriously by very many powerful people.

    So, I don’t have anything to say to him other than, “Hey, John. Retire, already.”

    • CG-

      When you tell Lewis to retire, he thinks you are talking about his car. He and Hank Johnson are trying to stop Guam from tipping over.

    • CG…

      I wished more than Lewis would do just that….RETIRE! – Including plenty of RINOs. ~

    • Yeah, remember when he tried to speak at some OWS rally and got pissed and stormed off when they wouldn’t bow down to his great blackness?

      • Wow…good memory! Now you really have me chucking.

        Btw…I also remember when both sides kissed and made up type of BS. He went on to make his speech after that…and no one listened or cared.

  37. Hey I totally agree with him!!! I cry and it saddens me deeply to see all those little babies being slaughtered. Congress MUST act, POTUS MUST Act, It Is Time!!! We have to have laws passed NOW to stop the slaughter of over a million pre-born babies a year!!! He’s right, it is a tragedy that these innocent babies are being murdered, and Congress should put a stop to it today!!! What’s that? He wasn’t talking about the millions of babies being murdered by Planned Abortionhood? He’s ok with that, he just wants to disarm the law-abiding citizenry of this country? Oh, Well in that case… F**k You Retard! Go tell some more lies about how you were scrumanated ginst at da Tee Potty Ralluh!!!

  38. Wonder if he cried something like this:


  39. Cooter Brown says:

    When a Moron opens his mouth he proves how big a Moron he is. Let ol John go down to Georgia and collect all the guns his homeys have including the New Black Panther first. Then I might listen but right now UP YOURS JOHN!!!!!


    John Lewis DROP DEAD

  41. Really, where do they find these “people”?

  42. We need to send the Congressional Black Caucus (not too racist) to Guam. With any kind of luck, it’ll tip over from all those lardbutts and we’ll be done with them.


    John Lewis arrogant old rooster dont strut around on my beach or i,ll kick your tailfeathers clean off

  44. John Lewis is always asking “How ya’ll white fok’s kiss n ain’t got no lips”?

    • ga Steve, AWD has him some big juicy kissin’ lips to go with my big sexy juicy boo-tay for the fillies. Lewis ain’t got nothing on me. Except stupid and ugly.