Talk about the enemy within, CNN’s Piers Morgan certainly qualifies for that description and then some…and he’s not even a U.S. citizen! Yet he tells us how things should be in our country via his leftist viewfinder in his louse-bound life!

There’s so much to say, so little time to do so…so, I’ll cut directly to the chase. Be sure to go to the link I’ll use for this report to see and connect highlighted links inside for more information if you need it.

This is via FNR:

CNN host Piers Morgan said he believes the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are “inherently flawed” and asserted that it’s time for the Bible’s position on gay rights to be amended.

“It’s flawed,” Morgan said during an interview with evangelical pastor and author Rick Warren. “Both the Bible and the Constitution were well-intentioned, but they are basically, inherently flawed – hence the need to amend it.

“I do not believe the Bible is flawed,” Warren said. “What I believe is flawed is human opinion because it constantly changes.”

The British-born talk show host held his ground during a lengthy conversation about the Bible and gay rights.

“But you and I know the Bible is, in many places a flawed document,” Morgan said – a point of disagreement with Pastor Warren.

“My point to you about gay rights for example – it’s time for an amendment to the Bible,” Morgan told Warren. “You should compile a new Bible.”

“Not a chance,” Warren replied. “I willingly admit, willingly admit that I base my worldview on the Bible which I believe is true. And my definition of truth is – if it’s new it’s not true. If it was true a thousand years ago, it’ll be true a thousand years from today. Opinion changes but truth doesn’t.”

“We’re going to agree to disagree on that,” Morgan said.

Robert Jeffress, pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas, Tex., told Fox News that Morgan was incredibly off-base with his remarks.

“For Morgan to label God’s divine revelation as ‘flawed’ because it doesn’t confirm to his own opinion is the epitome of arrogance,” he said. “My guess is that the Bible will be around a lot longer than Morgan’s program.”

Paul Kengor, the executive director of The Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College, told Fox News that to doubt the Constitution is one thing, “but to assume the infallible authority to judge the words of God is something else altogether.”

“It’s quite ironic that at this sacred time of year, Christmas, we’d be talking about truth allegedly changing and the need to amend sacred Scripture,” Kengor said. “It’s also remarkable to watch secular liberals like Piers Morgan assume unto themselves the extraordinary authority to divine what in the Bible is true and what is not, what is flawed and what is not, and where certain “amendments” supposedly need to occur. Do they fully realize precisely what powers they are proclaiming?”

But Jeffress did find a silver lining in Morgan’s comments.

“At least Piers Morgan recognizes what many Christians fail to comprehend– that both the Bible and the Constitution define marriage as a union between a man and a woman,” he added.

The CNN host has been under fire in recent days after he launched a crusade for gun control laws in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

He used his Twitter account to call Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle, a “dangerous, dim-witted, deluded menace to American safety.”

During an interview on his CNN program Morgan called Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt a liar and an idiot.

“You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Morgan asked Pratt.

“You don’t give a damn, do you, about the gun murder rate in America?” Morgan asked. “You don’t actually care.”

That encounter led to the creation of a petition on the White House website calling for Morgan to be deported. Tens of thousands of people have signed the petition alleging that “British citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment.”

But it appears there may be some people in England who would prefer that Morgan stay on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean.

A second petition on the “We the People” website was launched called, “Keep Piers Morgan in the USA.”

“There are two very good reasons for this,” the petition states. “Firstly, the First Amendment. Second and the most important point, no one in the UK wants him back.”

The petition was reportedly started by a Briton and now has more than 5,000 signers.

A third petition calls for the White House to keep Morgan in the country to protect his Constitutional rights. That petition has more than 1,000 signers.

Now, while I know many of you may not know who Piers Morgan is, let alone care…we need to keep fighting the good fight against leftist-loon creatures like him. At least that’s how I feel, how about you?

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Piers Morgan your a barefaced liar who uses his spot on the leftists news to push leftists propeganda for the COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK and the UN and BIG BROTHER Please get a more appropriate job as a sanatation worker after all if you can deal out the trash well then certianly you can handle it

  2. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    This only shows the extent of the liberal arrogance especially since their demi-god Obama was reelected. The Brits of all people didn’t even want this guy in his own country and now he shows up here.

  3. Jesse Ventura has always been a loose cannon. This time he had it pointed in the right direction….


    • Gotta admit a lot of Loose Cannons helped America stomp the Brits in our early years. I like Jesse, don’t always agree with him, but damn it we could use more like him especially when they go after people like Piers.

  4. I hate the man and his message; and find the whole thing laughable because it is Civilian owned guns that protect his right to spout his vile rhetoric damning those same people and the tools they keep in order to preserve everyone’s freedom.

  5. GTFO of my country you Limey piece of shit. Why don’t you have seance’ and see if you can contact King George III and see what he has to say about your ideas Piers.

    You people really want another one don’t you?

    Molon Labe

  6. It’s very interesting that many of the people who insist on gun control send their kids to schools with very heavy security, including that twit Gregory who brandished a magazine, forbidden by DC law, on national TV.

    So, Mr Gregory, why is that an unacceptable tack for me to take with my own kids? Or, does it tend to bring you down a notch in your elitist universe. Armed security not good for the masses? Just for our “elected” officials and for popinjay dullards like yourself?

    When someone is so angry, so enraged as to be blinded to good sense, they will find a way to carry out and act upon their anger. Indeed, the murder mystery writers in Europe have to come up with very clever ways to kill off the object of their writing, since guns were “abolished”. Scissors, drowning, run over by a car, thrown from a train, electrocuted, strangled (a most popular method in the pages of fiction) and all sorts of ways that the murderer can accomplish their desired task.

    So… we are once again where the socialists, ever the idealists, always search for the easy answer which is all-too-often incorrect. I’ll use the analogy thusly:

    Kids aren’t doing well on the tests that the teacher gives out. When you ask the kids why that is, they say, “Teacher asks questions that are too hard.” But when you further ask the students what the teacher taught and none of them can remember, well, then, one can see the problem.

    “Did you study the material?”
    “Did you sit down and do your assignments?”
    “Did you do as the teacher recommended and read the lesson the night before in the text book?”

    If the answer to all three questions is “no” then you deserve a failing grade.

    The socialists’ answer to this situation? Dumb down the tests. Make it so easy that everyone gets an “A”. The end result is a two-fer. The students then all think they’re brilliant and also, the school gets more funding because they have such high scores.

    Now, let’s move that to the gun argument.

    The socialists say, “It’s the gun’s fault. Without a gun, that person would never have done that.”

    How would they know? This is the first incorrect assumption made by the socialist. They claim to understand the human mind and emotions so well that said violent criminal wouldn’t be had there been no gun.

    So, let me ask. “What was the killer’s motivation?” “If there was no gun, would the killer have then studied bomb-making and satisfied their anger that way?”. “If no bombs, would the killer have waited outside the school until their target appeared and then driven their car to run them over?”. “Without a gun, would the killer have plotted a more complex plan to attack the people he wanted to hurt?”

    With the exception of the first question, the answer to all the others would be “yes”.

    The banning of guns is just the simple-minded person’s way of dealing with reality. It’s the same with the person who constantly runs into “bad luck”. If the person who never repairs their car keeps getting pulled over for inoperative taillights, they only see that the “cops are following them around”. When they show up at the grocery store without enough money to pay for the goods they’ve selected, it’s because, “They raised the prices too high and kept me from getting what I want”. And though the latter is partly often true, it’s because of that very line of thinking that we’re in the mess we are.

    Always looking for the simple, unexplored, parochial “fix” to some problem that either didn’t really exist or became a problem because government tried to fix it.

  7. Morgan is making good money for CNN the more he stirs the pot on children dying. He is the sick one, perhaps as sick as the killer in a more subtle way. No truly caring individual would carry on this way. He is in this for the money as is a so desperate for ratings CNN is. People need to boycott the products advertised during his show times and call them up and tell them you are not buying their product that is advertised during the Piers Morgan show as he is making $$ off dead children, are they?

    • Good point. I’ll add that even if enough phone calls, emails, letters etc. were sent to advertisers on the show they wouldn’t DARE remove an ad from an allotted spot. They wouldn’t want to deal with the backlash of leftist groups protesting (doing damage) outside their offices. And the media will be there covering it all (even FOX) about how ‘some groups’ feel the company is racisthomo whatever. And by the way Piers Morgan, why don’t you go to the middle east and call the koran flawed? Oh, right , you might need guns for protection then.

  8. Col. Sanders says:

    Never watched this daft twit, didn’t care for him on ‘America’s Got Talent’, and if he truly feels that way about the Word of God then all I can do is pray for him and his soul, for he is headed to a place where he won’t need a cardigan, and I don’t mean Fiji…

  9. As everyone knows, I’m a little slow… so let me get this straight. What Piers is really trying to say is that two men swapping spit and ramming their tools up each others rear is perfectly normal and that stinking Bible is wrong to condemn such an act. Btw… when gays do their thing, does the guy who tends the yard work always get on top, or do they take turns?????????????????????

    Well gang… I’ll take the side of the Bible.

  10. RidinShotgun says:

    Hmmm, you’d like the bible amended? Tell you what, take it up with God and get back to us. By the way, We’ll be standing by with the marshmallows for toasting when he fries your ass.

  11. I live in the South……

    I’m used to people with Piers Morgan’s attitude……

    telling us how they used to do it in NYC, Chicago, etc………



    • UK is in a depression, and is muslim land.

    • I live in the South, too. We’ve had an influx of idiots from California and other lib states, who, btw, love how their $$$ go so much farther than they did in the cesspools they escaped from. BUT, as you say, that doesn’t stop them from trying to tell us how we ought to become more “enlightened” and “progressive” like the morally and fiscally bankrupt “paradises” they came from– while looking down their oh-so-tolerant noses. I have libtard family members in CA and every single one of them is nuclear-grade clueless. Every. One.

      • Vixen, liberal yankees fleeing their northern socialistic hellholes turned North Carolina from a solid red state to a purple, high-tax, anti-business mess. All the while telling us how much better it is up north. We used to tell them “the same road that brought you here takes you back up.” We’d also tell them other things that I cannot post here. 😉

        Happy New Year!


        • Howdy, AWD!
          I’m in Tennessee. I used to see a bumper sticker here back in the day: “Welcome to Tennessee. Now go home.” Perfect. 🙂

          Happy New Year to you and yours, AWD!

      • Hey Sis…so good to see ya here! Where the heck have you been? You really had me worried. – Hope all is well with you and yours…and your doggie too.

        • Big,
          Just saw your reply. My doggie boy turned 10 months old on Christmas Day. He’s a BEAUTY and HUGE (about 80 lbs!)— full of life and intelligence, too. A real sweetie pie, but challenging at times. He needs lots of “work” to do and loves to go to the dog park to meet his buddies. Sometimes there are as many as 7 Labs there and they chase, play-fight, retrieve, etc. until they’re exhausted. It’s been raining here today, so he’s been a bit restless even though I walked him 4 miles this morning and threw the tennis ball for him a gazillion times this afternoon.
          As far as the fam is concerned, we’re all well. Hubby reached an agreement for a buyout of his business and that was finalized just today. It’s been a stressful year that we’re ready to put behind us. Unfortunately, after reading that Canada Free Press piece I linked at another thread here, I’m not so sure what on earth to expect in 2013. The fools who re-elected The Thing in the White House will rue the day. Of that I’m certain. It’s unfortunate that the rest of us who weren’t deceived will also suffer for their idiocy.
          Love ya, Big!

          • I am so glad to hear of your latest news/update to you and your family. I was wondering about your business etc…thought maybe that may be a source of major concern still for you both. Very happy it worked out well for you both.

            Hugs to you dog.

            Btw…I read that link you had posted elsewhere, commented a bit about it too. If Doris was here, she would love that as well. Don’t know where she’s been lately. May be taking a break too.


    Liberals want to change the bible to be more pro-gay and gender nuetral they want to ad ANIMAL RIGHTS into the U.S. CONSTITUTION becuase liberal run on their mindless blabbering and look for the next news events

  13. Piers Morgan is a carpetbagger, desperately seeking relevance. He appeals to the ignorant and weak-minded. However, his “European Model” mentality is one that has been adopted by the Left, including Obama. As we watch the European Model fail in Europe, eunuchs like Morgan are exporting it over here. And the sheeple sleep…

  14. ADW, I read elsewhere that Rahms kids are protected by guns.
    like barrys.

  15. Piers, take Martin Bashir with you…

  16. Hey Morgan…stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!

  17. peopel don’t know CNN recieved billions in bailout money. This is why they don’t care about their low ratings. They have become a form of State Media and mouth this administrations talking points non-stop


    Piers Morgan has two flaws his pea sized brain and his big fat piehole


    Piers Morgan you nations nambdy pambdy parlament has opened the door to islamic extremists your nation is now controled by a bunch of forgein intruders and your peole have been disarmed becuase of the EUROWEENIE UNION so just soak your pathetic head in cement

  20. Here come the lawsuits…wondered how long they’d begin. ~

  21. Bit of info for you my colonial friends. Piers Morgan was fired as editor of the Daily Mirror in the UK for publishing fake photographs of British troops supposedly urinating on Iraqi prisoners. He and the crappy rag he used to edit are a proven disgrace. He was finished here after that.

    You don’t want him. We don’t want him. Where can he go now? I hear the US retains a little bit of very nice property on Cuba? Something Bay? 🙂

  22. i would hate to be the poor bastard they send to texas to collect the assault weapons. u know in my part of texas we think its a duty to own one.not to hunt with, or protect our homes but for last resort protection of our country. a 12 guage works fine for home protection but an assault weapon works better against a rouge gov. or foreign invasion. so if you like that british bastard piers morgan and his gun control good luck learning to speak russian.

  23. Piers Mogan forgets if was not for americas guns they all would be speaking German. Go back England “REDCOAT”!!!!!