At this stage in the game when it comes to Dear Leader…nothing would surprise me, not even the possibility of him trying to run for Prez for a third term. Since I watched this live early this morning, I wanted to share this with you and see where your thoughts are on this possible scenario.

You can read about this here. – Here’s the report:

A caller identified as Lawrence from the Bronx, New York, asked C-SPAN guest Brendan Doherty Saturday whether he believed the constitution could be amended so that President Obama could run for three terms. If that wouldn’t be possible, Lawrence continued, could the Democrats “overwhelmingly” take back the House in 2014?

Doherty recently authored, “The Rise Of The President’s Permanent Campaign,” a book that examines whether a President’s time spent campaigning can be separated from time spent governing in recent years. He fielded the caller’s question as best as he could, answering honestly, “The prospect of amending the Constitution to allow a president to serve more than two terms…is tremendously unlikely. ”

Bill Clinton wished that he could run for another term at the end of his presidency, Doherty said, but it wasn’t possible. He also noted the Constitution had only been amended 27 times – 10 of those amendments being the Bill of Rights – and that “amendments are hard to get through.” Unfortunately for the caller, Doherty said, “I don’t see any grassroots support to let a president serve a third term.”

He also answered Lawrence’s second question in the negative, telling him he believed chances were “slim” for Democrats to “take the House back.”

Watch the full clip below, via C-SPAN:

Seeing how the Dictator-in-Chief has already trampled on the constitution more than once or twice…why wouldn’t he try to do so again when it comes to a run for a third term? Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t try to deem it so via another Executive Order…how ’bout you? – Just some food for thought!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. The Hobo Projekt says:

    If he had the nerve to do that…. Civil disobedience on a major scale.

  2. If tried through the congressional process I don’t see it happening. To stage a coup and declare a third term, he would have to have the backing of the military, I don’t think the transformation of our military is at the point which he could try that. All despotic leaders have failed without the co-operation of the military.

    They tried, but eventually were driven into exile. So, go ahead Obamulus The First, go ahead and try it. You could live out the remainder of your pathetic existence in some Indonesian shit hole.


    Obama wants to be dictator so he can stay in office for life just like Hitler,Stalin,Mao and Castro and oppress us for years

  4. No, it takes a 2/3 or 3/4 vote in House and Senate and signed by President then takes a 2/3 or 3/4 vote of all the States Houses, it would take years and executive orders cannot create amendments to the constitution, period. Repos control most state houses. He is out in 4 years!

  5. obama see’s himself as this era’s FDR, I was a grown man before I found out the truth about fdr, just like obama fdr was not qualified to be president, he allowed his appointees to run the country and was a person that no matter what you discussed with him or your point of view on a subject you always walked away thinking fdr was on your side, my parents thought he walked on water just as many today think obama does and there is the problem, there are a lot of similarity’s between fdr and obama, all you got to do is read about fdr and see it.

    • Agree with ya ga steve…my grandparents on my mother’s side felt the same way. It’s spooky out there to me these days since Dear Leader gained power, it will continue to be so until he is gone…once and for all.

  6. Oswald would come out of his grave if Obummer tried to change the Constitution allowing him a third term.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him run for a third term and serve it. Who’s to stop him, our elected GOP’ers don’t have the gonads to stop him, and the public is too cowed to rise up and stop him.

  8. Improbable, but not impossible.

    I think it more likely that BHO will continue his relentless class-war as the means to smash the GOP by dividing RINOs and Tea-Party conservatives. If successful, then the Dems will have a virtual lock on the White House for the foreseeable future. And they will continue to methodically pick off House Republicans — by any means necessary — until both chambers of Congress are run by the donkeys.

    Rendering the party of old white males permanently powerless is the strategic goal underpinning Obama’s vision of “fundamentally transforming America”.

  9. I suspect his handlers won’t allow it but if not who’s to stop him and on what basis?

    Point – We have not had a budget in place for the last 3 years, only continuing resolutions, this is in direct violation of the constitution. Nobody cares, least of all republicans.

    Point – When Obama stated they would no longer prosecute immigration offenses, or whatever it was they said, it was clearly in violation of the constitution, nobody cared, least of all republicans.

    Point – When reasonably credible questions were brought up about his eligibilty under the constitution, not only did nobody care, least of all republicans, republicans went out of their way to ridicule those who questioned.

    Occassionally you’ll hear of McDonalds suing some rinky dink restaurant in hicksville USA named McDanals or such, they do that because if they let it slide enough times, eventually they go to court and the judge says “You didn’t do anything here, or here, or here. Clearly the name McDonalds is not something of value so you no longer hold exclusive rights”.

    Same thing here, clearly the constitution is no longer held to be relevant by the representatives of the population, the poulation is doing nothing about it therefore the constitution no longer has special standing in the governance of the people. If he wants to runs for a third term, why not?

    • Each points well made. – Thank you.

    • Exactly. All three crimes should have been pounced on. The media isn’t going to do it – unless it was a repub. admn. – so that leaves the republicans. God help us. The reason Republicans don’t come out forcefully (and I mean FORCEFULLY, like starting motions to impeach or investigations for crimes, and then CROWING about them repeatedly) is because their afraid they’ll be eaten alive by the media and then lose their seat, position, whatever. The media is that powerful. Too many people think George and Robyn are wonderful fact filled people and if it’s not on their show, then it didn’t happen.
      I’ll also add to your third point that…. when you get the opposition to censor themselves – it’s game over because now you have YOUR enemy fighting YOUR battle.


    Did Oswald realy shoot Kennedy or was it the figure in the grassy knoll? and was Jack Ruby a hit man sent to kill oswald to keep him from spilling the beans?

    • Good questions Spur. ~

    • Spur
      I always thought it had something to do with the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about, bucu many dollar was made during the Vietnam War, Kennedy had cold feet for Nam but LBJ had a lot of investments in co’s that sold to the U.S. Lady Bird owned most of the stock in Carlin Black Label beer. Don’t get in the way of a politician and his bank account.

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  12. It’d be a damned good way to get the revolution started.

  13. Technically, if he gets a sex change and name change he can be president two more terms.

    • Roaring with laughter fern…heck, I wouldn’t doubt he wouldn’t try doing that…least of all mind doing so either. 😉

  14. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I don’t see him trying this. After all once he leaves office he gets the super magic diamond encrusted EBT card for the rest of his life. I figure he and Bill Clinton will start hustling women together.

  15. After reading the latest from ” DHS insider”, I believe they are working on making it happen.

    • Hey doris…that’s an interesting one. I think Vixen posted same link a day back or so…I mentioned you also somewhere as well.

      Hope you had a great Christmas and we all make it thru the next four years. ~