Seems Jesse Jackson knows how to side-step, avoid and get out of answering pointed questions directed to him once again…instead he does the old liberal side-step dance dontcha know! In fact, see if you can follow the mumble, jumble of his so-called priceless words when it comes to the left-side of his pathetic life that he’s lived off of via the dim-witted nit-wits that donate and follow him like bees to honey.

See what you think about this report. – This is via Mediaite:

Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared on CNN on Friday where he was pressed to defend Chicago’s strict gun control laws following the city’s 500th homicide, 87.5 percent of which are gun-related, this year. Jackson said that Chicago, unlike Newtown, has no gun culture – Newtown, Connecticut, having several gun ranges whereas Chicago has none. He also said that the pressing issues of poverty, unemployment and the lack of a sense of mobility in America’s urban centers are the root causes of gun violence.

Jackson was asked to defend Chicago’s gun ban, given the staggering rates of gun violence in America’s cities compared to other areas that do not have such strict gun laws and experience less gun violence.

“I think about Newtown, for example, they have three or four gun ranges. There are no gun ranges in Chicago,” Jackson replied. “Newtown is so different than the complexity of the urban crisis.”

“40 percent unemployment does matter,” Jackson continued. “Lack of education does matter.” He said that gun crime and joblessness are inextricably linked.

Jackson was asked again, given Chicago’s gun violence in spite of its strict gun laws, how even stricter gun laws can be justified.

“The guns are not coming from Chicago,” Jackson replied. “Chicago is in a bubble as the manufacturer — we’re a target market for gun flow. And they exploit the poverty and the pain.”

“It’s not gun violence. It’s also poverty and lack of education and lack of dreams, where people think killing is the only way out,” Jackson concluded. “This is the need for an urban policy of reconstruction.”

Watch the exchange below via CNN:

Nothing like watching the ol’ Chicago Machine hard at work…eh?

Throw in you two-cents….Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I’d call him a worthless human being but I’m not sure he’s a human being.

  2. He never answered the question. Instead he blames gun ranges for the problem. I don’t have a message for Jessa Jackson, I don’t care to waste the key strokes on him. It’s the same old rap from the race pimp. Poverty, lack of funding for inner city ‘programs, bla bla bla.

    I hope LBJ is roasting in Hell.

    • Rockets red glare says:

      As his son prepares for prison, and his daughter n law faces charges, who the hell would ever even listen, let alone publish what this corrupt race baiter spews.

      Just listen to ANY spokesperson from the Congressional black caucus, that is the result of diversity, same mumbo jumbo.

      Who would push this race baiting ebonics?

      MSM!! But why?

      When I was a little boy, I remember my mother holding my hand while shopping from vibrant store to store. In down town Gary, Indiana!!

      What happened? Yes, economics is a major factor, but what is the common denominator in an urban area that implodes?

      Everyone I grew up with were transplants who escaped the animal violence that forced my father to move our small family to the burbs, or thank God for me the “sticks”.

      Again, what is the common denominator?

      Mike, God bless you for trying to address these issues in a short post.
      If you can read Thomas Sowel. If you really want to find out historically what we are facing, go to Stuff Black People Dont Like, SBPDL.

      Inside that you will find the truth, and the truth sometimes hurts.

      The truth will set us free, It is pushing you rapidly in the right direction as it has me!

      God Bless!

  3. Jesse, you are mulatto, like barry

  4. bigtimer,
    like bees to honey, more like fly’s to s–t.

  5. “This is the need for an urban policy of reconstruction”.

    The facts indicate that we desperately need reconsideration of urban policy. Starting with reconsideration of the epic failure of federal social-welfare programs, of which JJ is a master pimp. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. He has no answers to even remotely solve any problems, he is a blood sucking leach and just needs to go back to the swamp waters he came from.

  7. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Chicago has no “gun culture”?! Tell that to all the people who have been murdered in Chicago! Rhetorical question: Why does anyone take this foolish man seriously? He ALWAYS blames black criminal pathology on everything else (e.g., poverty, lack of education, unemployment and the evil white man) other than the blacks who are committing the crimes. Jesse is an enabler, an excuse-maker for the ghetto undertow within our inner cities. He’s an agitator, a racial hustler who preys on the soft-mindedness and guilt of whites. And for crying out loud, can someone ask him to remove the damn marbles from his mouth?!

    In truth, there are no ‘poor blacks’ in Chicago or in America for that matter. There are a variety of government services and charities available to help any black person who needs food, shelter, clothing, education or medicine. Everything’s available to them just for the asking! Just because most inner city blacks don’t have a six-figure income or not living in some posh estate doesn’t mean they are poor by any means. Look around the world and you will see some poor folks, but not here in America.

    Moreover, there are all sorts of unemployed people in the US and throughout the world, yet the vast majority of them don’t rob and murder others nor sell drugs on some street corner. Yet the criminal conduct of blacks is always excused by virtue of their so-called poverty.

    Is it not clear by now that whites have been duped by Leftists and racial agitators concerning the true nature and character of blacks in America and throughout the world? Our 50 year experiment in attempting to bring blacks to the level of civilized whites has simply not worked. All our efforts to make them refined and civilized has utterly failed because the overwhelming numbers of blacks are dull-minded, have a disdain for education, uncouth, loud and abrasive, poor attitudes, impulsive, resentful toward whites and unable to take responsibility for their many personal errors because they have been taught to play the victim.

    Obviously, this is not the mark of every black person. Some are quite decent and fine people. But the fact that so much of black history and black culture is connected to crime, ignorance and the like tells us something undeniably about the nature of these people. The true enemy of the black man is NOT whites, but blacks themselves!

  8. RidinShotgun says:

    God almighty, where do I start?
    “A lack of mobility in America’s urban centers are the root cause of the violence.” – TRANSLATION: All whites have fled the inner city, leaving no victims for our gangs but each other. “A lack of mobility” means we need public transportation out to the suburbs where all the whites live, thereby giving our gangs some fresh victims and a new territory to conquer.

    “Gun crime and unemployment are inexorably linked.” Once again, this has been disproved time and time again. I am one of those people who have had relatives who lived through the depression and was old enough to understand the stories about what life was like back then when they were told to me. Things were worse for EVERYONE than they are today and yet crime in general was nowhere near as violent as it is today. One of the many reasons for this was that most people in the neighborhood were on the same sheet of music as the cops were when it came to crime on their street, so it made the cops job much easier. Also, the blacks weren’t allowed to rape and pillage the way they do now. If you were from Harlem and got caught in the Tremont Ave. area of the Bronx – especially after dark – you got what was coming to you and vice versa. If it was vice versa, the cops would ask you the following question when you reported the crime, “What the hell were you doing in that part of town anyway? Don’t you know what happens to people like you who don’t live there?” Nowadays, if you’re white and get caught in Harlem and get a beat-down, you’ll get asked the same question, but not if you’re black. If you’re black, you’re entitled to go anywhere.

    “Newtown is so different from the complexity of the urban crisis.”
    TRANSLATION: We love using the word complex to describe our problems because we CAN’T say the following; “Newtown is different because it’s 99% white and whites normally don’t do things like this. The white boy who killed all those children wasn’t right in the head. Us? We is normally prone to violence and don’t have no impulse control, it’s been dat way since we wuz back in africa. So white people know that for us, this ain’t nothing new.”

    “Lack of education does matter.” This would imply that there are no schools in Chicago and we all know it ain’t so. Is there education going on the public schools? Of course not and there are a few reasons for this, chief among them being the fact that as any homie will tell you when aksed, “Doing well in school? That’s a white thing!” and as we all know, being white is the BIGGEST crime in this country today, so it follows that any behavior that’s white would be reviled.

    “It’s Not gun violence, it’s poverty and a lack of dreams where people think killing is the only way out.” TRANSLATION: You can’t blame us, we’re just bystanders in all of this.

    “This is the need for urban reconstruction.” TRANSLATION: It’s all YOUR fault WHITEY!!!! and fork over what money you have left, youze payin for dis again!!!

    God these people have become so predictable they aren’t any fun anymore. I’d actually have a bit of respect for him if he said the following; “I’m sorry, but this is the way we are, we can’t help it. We’re prone to violence and all you have to do is look at where we came from as proof that we can’t create anything from scratch, or maintain anything that has been given to us because we’ll ruin it.”

    • Your translations work for me…so does your summation. ~

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      “Nowadays, if you’re white and get caught in Harlem and get a beat-down, you’ll get asked the same question, but not if you’re black. If you’re black, you’re entitled to go anywhere.”

      This is absolutely correct. I’ve been commenting on this fact for YEARS both online and in person with people willing to have the so-called open dialogue, and my main thrust is that we need to take back our streets. What I mean by “our” streets is that if one is a citizen of a city, town, county, state, or even country, and one pays taxes for the upkeep of the streets (read: public areas) of those places, one should feel safe to go anywhere one wishes.

      Instead, legal citizens, taxpayers, and law-abiders are the very ones whose lives and property are threatened and in particular, if they have a certain paler complexion.

      As for Jesse Jackson, he has used the black race, their “poverty”, lack of education, and lack of employment, as a way to excuse their behavior and a way to extort money from whites for himself and his interests. This actually makes him quite an expert politician if you ask me. He’s made far more money than most presidents ever have.

      But, I’m going to get personal here because I grew up believing in Jesse Jackson, believe it or not. Here is my message for Jesse:

      Mr. Jackson, I am utterly disappointed in how you turned out as a person. When I was a child, I believed in you. Millions of us did; black, white, yellow, and brown. When I was a child, I’d watch your speeches and feel inspired. Naive as I was, I thought you’d inspire your own people to work, to be strong and honest, to arm themselves with good education, and to love one another and all of us, and then we would all do the same, in turn, making this country a better, brighter place when I became an adult. I thought, at the very least, racial problems would be greatly diminished.

      Yet, I saw your messages turn angrier, more desperate, more accusatory toward my race, and definitely more demanding. I saw your followers becoming mostly those of your own race, and I saw them becoming more and more violent. I began to have fear and sadness whenever I saw your speeches, your rallies, or read your words in newspapers or magazine articles. Perhaps invoking fear and sadness in non-blacks was your goal. If so, what a terrible waste, indeed.

      Now, I only pity you and the people who believe your lies, your vitriol. But the worst, absolute worst part of it all is that PEOPLE ARE DYING because, in part, of you and what you really represent.

      • cinnamon
        With the election of obama the truth about how blacks feel finally came out, it was all a scam all along, while whites embraced MLK’s dream the blacks being driven by hatred only wanted revenge, obama made me a racist as he has millions of others.

        • That was part of his plan to ‘transform America’…dontcha know!

          • Poverty is where the money is. I remember a book by that title years ago. LBJ’s anti-poverty programs didn’t work except for the dispensers of the confiscated goodies in exchange for votes, of course.

        • Cinnamon Girl says:

          Two things have made me a racist. Dear Leader, and living for four years now in two different 90+ per cent black areas.

          There is no way for people of any color or any way of thinking to truly know others until they live among them. Some people, like me, differentiate, though, between ghetto blacks and non-ghetto blacks. Behavior is the indicator. However, like you’ve pointed out, they can and they will stick together for the sake of race and not behavior.

          Today, I trust no one. And I do mean NO one. Part of this comes from maturity but a healthy part of it comes from experience as of late. Still, I cannot help but be saddened by the fact that our races don’t get along, it seems, unless or until the white race bows completely down to the black race. And this thinking, that so many blacks possess, smacks of an inferiority complex. I just want to shake my head (that is, when I’m not downright irate about it).


    Time for Jessie Jackasson to get off his soap box quit looking for the next big news event Time fohis RAINBOW/PUSH to be productive citizens instead of a public nuscanece

  10. Blah, blah, blah…from our cold dead hands Dear Leader, from our cold dead hands!

  11. Cooter Brown says:

    Yo Jessie lets me axe you a question. Have you gone to South Dallas and suggested to your Bro’s to drop their rosco’s first? Didn’t think so. I also refuse to let a low life scum sucker like Jessic Jirkoff make me feel bad for being white and owning a gun…

    • “I also refuse to let a low life scum sucker like Jessic Jirkoff make me feel bad for being white and owning a gun…”

      But they’ll keep trying, because that’s all they know. And it pays well for race pimps like Jackson. They are the true plantation masters.


    Jessie Jackasson and his Jackass son need to leave america and never return He is a big time grandstander

  13. Dr. Poontang says:

    “Follow him like bees to honey”. Not quite. More like flies to shit. Anyone who wastes time listening to this uncle tom is an idiot. I don’t even have a comment for his most recent bout of verbal diarrhea.

    • Lol…you just made one. – Which works for me as well.

      Btw…ga steve had a same sentiment as you did as well above. 😉

  14. Anyone remember this?

    Did anyone here believe it then, anymore than they do today?

    Gun sales going thru the roof speaks volumes since Dear Leader’s been prez…does it not?

  15. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Jesse before you go to porking another underage woman outside of your marriage and knocking her up, answer this for me. In Chicago, in 1925, the Black homicide rate was 103 per 100,000 which if you look at technology and advancement in medical science still puts it on par with Chicago today. Even with civil rights, affirmative action, a Black POTUS, welfare, free phones and section 8 housing along with magic EBT cards, it seems that Blacks as a whole are still pretty violent. Why is this asshole?

  16. I couldn’t understand a word he said. He sounds like Mushmouth on The Fat Albert Show.


    I read where him and his RAINBOW/PUSHfreakos were arrested while lyying down in front of a gun store to try and keep costumers from going in THEY FAILED

  18. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Here’s another one for you Jesse. You talk about jobs jobs jobs. However even if “jobs” were available would your people even show up for work? If we gave your people a paycheck just to show up on time, stay all day and leave on time without doing a lick of work could most of them do it? We won’t even talk about the lack of education or qualifications.

  19. When the Hell are we going to start ignoring these race baiting sonsabitches?

    It will be a much brighter day in this country when we start hearing:

    Jesse who?

    Al who?

    ______________<(insert race baiter name here) WHO?

  20. The difference between Jesse Jackson and David Duke is that you can at least understand what Duke is saying. Otherwise, they’re both full-time race hustlers, Jesse being the more successful. On what possible basis does CNN interview this charlatan? He would not exist if the MSM would just ignore him and his Operation PUSH protection racket.

  21. Same message I have had for any of them asshole left leaning jerkoffs..Drop Dead,,Please!

  22. Make sure your son turns in his FOID and gets rid of his guns before he goes to prison/hospital.

  23. Biggy, whatever happened to that nice lady Zion Fulfilled?

    She had some great perspective and always good with a jab!

    Just wondering where some of the former folks are.

    Blistered, out!

    • I only see her here once in a great while these days. – Like you, there are quite a few posters I miss around here as well. – Speaking of which, sure hope Bluto’s okay…haven’t seen him lately either.

  24. Jesse – first get a job that pays and then STFU!

  25. J. Jackson is a major contributing factor to my advanced state of Negro Fatigue. Because of Jackson’s non-stop noise about America’s poor vicitmized Negro, ad nauseum, I for one, have lost any sensitivity to all things racial. As far as I’m concerned, Jackson may as well be bitching about last week’s tuna casserole everytime he now opens his piehole and massacres the English language. Furthermore, any MSM outlet that now gives Jackson the time of day, I boycott. Who else is on board?

    • Methinks there are plenty that agree with ya…although it seems a boycott won’t work, I’ve seen that before, it usually goes nowheresville.

  26. Jesse why don;t you get a real job you worthless f***ing pogue – you and Al Barfton need to move to Iran – where they seem to like crazy assholes.

    Or better just f*** off and die !

  27. Are there any white people besides the white Uncle Toms at MSNBC and Tim Wise who like Jackson?

  28. Uffe Jensen says:

    Jesse Jackson is a thief a liar and should be in jail. He and his associates stole millions in federal money when he was managing Operation Push.