Like many of you, I tire of hearing the term ‘fiscal cliff‘ being thrown in our faces 24/7 via the mainstream media of all venues for weeks now. Seems Rand Paul has a plan that makes sense to me, but that’s just me.

One thing’s for sure…knowing how the congress-critters work, this most likely will go nowhere when it comes to the gutless wonders we have for leaders on the GOP side of the aisle. Plus, we know what the msm will do no matter what…even if Paul’s strategy happened to take place.

See what you think. – This is via The Hill:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that a plan by which Republicans in the House would vote “present” and allow Democrats to raise tax rates would ultimately be better than agreeing to a “fiscal cliff” compromise so that Republicans wouldn’t have ownership of a potential economic recession.

“I think if we go halfway, or we split the difference with him, then both parties have their hands on it,” Paul said during an appearance on Fox News. “When we go into recession, it’ll be confusing.”

Paul said the so-called “doomsday plan,” under which Republicans would allow Democrats to repeal the fiscal cliff’s automatic cuts and increase tax rates, with the intention of fighting for entitlement cuts during a debt-ceiling negotiation in early 2013, could be politically opportune.

The Republican senator said the tax-rate increases would become, like the president’s signature healthcare reform, “a Democrat juggernaut.”

“Their fingerprints will be on it, ours won’t,” Paul said.

The freshman senator also bemoaned what he saw as an unwillingness for Congress to address needed austerity efforts.

“As long as we’re spending $3 million to study what monkeys do when they’re on methamphetamine, that means we haven’t started cutting up here,” Paul said.

Paul also insisted his objections were practical, not ideological.

“If I thought raising taxes were going to be good for the economy, I’d say ‘do it.’ But I think it will be the opposite,” Paul said.

You can read more about this here.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. bigtimer
    I have to agree with Rand Paul, sit back and vote present and let those that voted for obama see what they voted for, much like the children I raised sometimes you have to let them stick their hand in the fire.

    • I agree too, but make sure conservative principles and positions are fervently declared before doing so.

      This kid Rand is no nonsense, and didn’t let Greta derail him off message.

      And she tried with the “hiding err, avoiding taxes” comment, and trying to shift focus on Google being unfair and Hypocrites, which of course they are, but Rand didn’t let her obscure his point.

      So far I like him, made his statement and held his position, we need another 500 just like him.

      But I don’t care for Libertarian statement of principal article 3.4.
      It’s Beltway double speak by people supposed to be against Beltway double speak IMO, and I prefer the Constitution Party Immigration platform over article 3.4.

  2. I am 100% for the Senator’s plan.He mentions just 1 case of wasteful spending and we have all seen countless items just like it,(the shrimp on a treadmill comes to mind)

    I think it would get everyone’s attention,certainly Harry Reid’s. Damn right,let’s do it.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    he only thing that should go right off that cliff is OBAMA the UN and the DEMACRATIC PARTY

  4. Rand has a good plan. The danger is that Harry Reid will not let it go to a vote and blame Republicans for the disorder. Of course the Country will blame Republicans for obstructing. The Democrats don’t want to own it.

    • Right you are…even though the dems do own this, the msm will make sure they don’t. Anything for Dear Leader!

      Hell…Reid hasn’t passed a budget in four years…or something like that. It’s unheard of! Can you imagine if the repubs had done this?

  5. Any bets as to the RINOs who won’t go along with RP’s plan and instead “compromise” and vote for the demonRAT “plan”? In other words bend over and present like the submissive she-males they are.
    Mr. Paul has a good plan. It is time for Boehner (spelled like boner, only softer with an “eh” in the middle) and his ilk to shut, step down, and move aside. NO MORE votes for the republicrat party line. I’m going to contact my representative and tell him to vote “present”. We’ll see, he’s abandoned TEA party ideals before.

    • I’m not taking that bet…the majority of us know what’s coming with Cry-Baby Boehner and such…unfortunately.

      That’s a good idea about us calling the congress-critters and let them know we like Rand’s plan.

  6. Rush has been advocating this very idea. Let Obama and the Dems own it. Don’t sign on, don’t agree to any deal. The down side as Rush points out, the country goes over the cliff, and lo and behold, King Nothing comes in a and saves the day by ‘granting’ a middle class income tax reduction, and once again, the GOP is the bad guy.

    Of course the low information voters won’t see this as the ruse it is, but what else is new?

    • Yeah…I’ve heard El Rusbo too regarding this issue. I haven’t heard him mention the ‘vote present’ plan…but, I’m not around all the time and surely could have missed it.

  7. Don’t know if any of you are catching the Mark Levin radio show at the moment…but he just said Rand Paul was supposed to be on next. – This ought to be a good one.

  8. Here is what I sent to my representative. Thoughts?

    Dear Representative Rigell, Much has been said, yet nothing seems to be getting done regarding a federal budget or the purported “fiscal cliff”. I, for one, am tired of alleged conservatives, like yourself, submitting to compromise when it comes to the “general welfare” of our once great Nation. Any compromise that does not, at least, include a three to one reduction in spending to each dollar of tax increase should not even be considered. I would prefer that you, and your fellow Republicans take the advice of Mr. Paul and vote “present” to ANY budget proposal that does not include these spending/entitlement cuts. It is well beyond time that this administration and Congress begin to take a close look at the fiscal crisis that YOUR offices and policies have created, and start doing what every business and family does on a daily basis…LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS! WE are currently “borrowing” almost half of every dollar that YOU are spending! YOU are breaking US!
    p.s. Compromise at this point is useless. OWN IT! FIX IT!

  9. The dems will just blame the repubs anyway. Nothing is ever their fault. They’ve been doing it for decades, why stop now?

    • Bingo! – They won’t stop now…they know they have the msm to ensure that via their bull-horn, with msDNC taking the lead!

  10. Republicans need to start thinking next elections. Steer clear from the future blame game. Just do like people in Washington State and Colorado, with Obama care and legalized marijuana, they’re so heavily medicated and sedated that they don’t worry about any “fiscal cliff”.

  11. This poll may be correct…but you can be sure the majority of the msm will ensure the fault belongs to the republicans 24/7…and we all know it!

  12. Dr. Rand Paul is what we need more of in Congress. I always liked his pop, Dr. Ron Paul also, a fine family. Remember Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment trying to keep him out of the Senate ? Rand’s brother and a sister are physicians also.

  13. We must all take our medicine, let it fail and come crumbing down, then rebuild from the ashes.

  14. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Well, of course everyone knows…………