For as long as AWD can remember, Republicans have been the whipping boys of the Democrats. They also have been the enablers to the big spending, huge-government goals of the Dims. This is puzzling. There has never been a greater divide between what the Democrats have become and what traditional Republicans once stood for. Republicans once stood for limited government, greater freedoms for Americans and low taxes. Democrats have become openly socialist while the modern-day Republican Party has become the Party of Tip O’Neill.

Americans returned the Republicans to power in 2010 with a mandate to drastically reduce spending in Washington. Republican leadership promised to cut spending that year by $100 billion. That was $100 billion from a $1.4 trillion deficit. After all the hemming and hawing, the amount of spending cuts the Republicans agreed to was $253 Million (with an M). Or just about the amount Congressional Republicans spend on feminine products annually. I must admit the $253 Million (with an M) is $253 Million (with an M) more than I thought they would cut. That is the level of confidence AWD has in the Grand Ol’ Party of Wussypants.

Speaker of the House and noted tanning expert John ‘Boo-Hoo’ Boehner has fallen all over himself trying to get President Obama to agree to a deal that would keep America from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. Angering some of his caucus in the House and most Tea Party conservatives, Boehner has also agreed to tax increases with NO promise of spending cuts from the Democrats. Talk about leading with your chin! Most sentient Americans will agree this country has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Also, Boehner has even fallen for the Democrat word-play by calling tax increases “revenue.”

This fiscal cliff is not Boehner’s problem. The problem of economic reality falls on the Democrats. Only the wussypants Republicans are too cowardly and/or stupid to position it as such and let the Democrats take their socialist medicine.

Over $6 Trillion (with a T) has been added to the national debt under Barack Obama. Senate Leader DB Harry Reid has not created a budget in 4 years! Yet, the Democrats sit back and chuckle while insulting Boehner with each appeasement he brings to the table. It should be clear to all (even Boehner) at this point….THE DEMOCRATS DO NOT WANT A DEAL!

Americans reelected Obama and added to the Democrat side in the Senate. This shows that Americans are content to continue living on borrowed money. Americans have not been greatly affected to date because they have been living in financial La-La Land. Sure, there’s a lot of people without jobs but financial reality has yet to really set in. America is like a bunch of Hurricane Katrina refugees who were given FEMA debit cards. Oh sure, it was a big party! For a while. Limos, strip joints, bling…but soon it was back to the Section 8 apartments broke and dependent on working people.

The 2012 election shows one thing. Too many Americans are nothing more than Hurricane Katrina moochers who don’t care about the fiscal condition of our country. Why should they? After all, it’s not THEIR money! Just keep printing and borrowing and keep those Hummer limos lined up.

Americans need to learn that elections do have consequences. They also need to be reminded there are limits to fiscal irresponsibility. Eventually the credit is cut off. Americans need to learn that wealth must be created through brains and labor and not from printing presses. And Americans must stop putting trillions of dollars each year on the credit cards of future generations.

So what should those rounded-shoulder fellows in the wussypants Republican Party in Washington do? Simple! Do like they’ve always done. Increase the debt limit and increase every spending bill the Democrats throw their way. Oh, even throw in some tax increases on those evil people who still have jobs! Making everyone poor will make everyone happy, right? WRONG, WUSSY BOYS!

What the Republicans should do is…NOTHING! They should not offer to raise taxes, increase the debt limit, or even vote on any other bill in the House or the Senate until the Democrats come to the table with some major…and I mean MAJOR…spending cuts. Not spending cuts in ten years that will never happen. I’m talking about big Rosie O’Donnell ass-sized, industrial-strength, major-league spending cuts that take place NOW! If the Democrats are not willing to show a grain of fiscal responsibility, the Republicans must shut the whole thing down! Shut Washington down!

Let those who voted for Obama see what it’s like when those EBT cards and welfare checks don’t appear magically in their mailbox. Let them see how much the Democrats really care about the people. Teach them that wealth is created through sacrifice and labor and that responsible people who work will be rewarded. For once, let the lazy, ignorant, and worthless know what it is to go without. No more ObamaPhones for morons!

America must return to the principles that once made us great if it is to survive. Welfare and big-government deficit spending are not included in those principles. Producers must be rewarded and encouraged to produce more by allowing them to keep the vast lions share of their earnings. Moochers must be allowed to produce or starve. Yes, I know that sounds harsh. When it comes to welfare-sucking moochers, AWD’s “Give A @#&*” meter red-lined a long time ago. I know I’m not alone.

One thing we have learned is Washington cannot NOT spend money! They should be given no more.

This country can start paying our way right now or face collapse in the near future. If Washington does not address the former, the latter will surely come. This is the last chance for the wussypants Republicans to do something right, for once. And the right thing to do is NOTHING!

Senator Rand Paul on the fiscal responsibility of Congress:

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  1. My favorite quotes from


    “ObamaPhones for morons!”
    “Monkeys on Methamphetamine”
    “Robotic Squirrels bitten by Rattlesnakes”
    “[Healthy] Menus for Mars”

    Yes, we are doomed as a society

  2. The Budget Control Act of 2011 provides for automatic spending cuts beginning next week. These cuts are only a down payment on spending reduction. If we can’t allow these cuts to happen, we will NEVER cut spending. We need to cut defense, domestic discretionary, welfare, and entitlements. My favorite part about the BCA is that it whacks the Pentagon, a cesspool of pork and corruption. Would you pay $500 billion for the F-35 when we no longer have even one credible enemy? All the chinks have to do is glue together a pair-mache “stealth fighter”, and Congress rushes to buy the next ornament for the Air Force’s Christmas tree.

    • Yes, the F-35 is an overpriced, overmatched piece-of-crap. We should have cancelled the F-35 program and purchased all F-22s. Unfortunately for your argument however, the Chinese and Russians already have stealth aircraft flying while we have terminated F-22 production. We could have sold F-22s to Japan and earned BILLIONS in foreign exchange; since we didn’t, they are designing their own.

      Check out Air Power Australia’s website for how our stuff matches up against the “chinks” and Russkie stuff.

  3. Vast numbers of diligent, thrifty retirees have been destroyed by Bernanke’s ultra-low interest rates designed to offset The Great and Powerful Obama’s massive deficit spending. BHO is floating the economy on the time value of money stolen from savers; compound interest? Ha Ha Ha! What Evil and Wicked men Bernanke and BHO are are.

    We Are Doomed.

  4. This article reminds me of a conversation I had the other night with one of my relatives. We discussed the economic impact that the Bubonic Plague had on the population of Europe at that time. I told my relative that the surviving people benefited with higher wages, better living standards, cheaper food and housing. The entire feudal system was dismantled and it helped give birth to the modern day system of free market capitalism.

    Well, to tie this into what is going in today;s world, I told my cousin that if a super plague were to emerge, such as influenza, and it took out say, 120,000,000 people in the US alone then what would happen to our standard of living? It would improve drastically. I made a list of things that would improve:

    Higher wages.

    Better job security.

    Less competition for jobs.

    Cheaper healthcare.

    Cheaper medical and auto insurance.

    Cheaper gasoline and energy.

    Cheaper rent.

    Cheaper real estate.

    Cheaper food and water.

    Improved relationship and marital opportunities.

    Less crime due to less disenfranchisement.

    Lower taxation.

    Smaller government.

    Better civil liberties due to one individual matter more than ever.

    Less traffic congestion.

    Less pollution (noise and industrial).

    Church might improve.

    Traditional values would possibly increase.

    • We can only hope. The planet could stand to lose half of the most useless species (humans). She would breath a sigh of relief.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Im sure Obama and his fellow villians want america to go over the cliff since like all socialists they want america to become a communists nation thats why they want to disarm us and why else did they allow the Sandy Hook incedent to take place and why else is thw UNITED NATIONS wanting to confiscate all our guns and send us all to gulags those who refuse to abide by the NEW WORLD ORDER

  6. Might as well let us go over, we will get blamed anyway. Monkeys on Meth. Lets put about about 5 Chimps on Meth with golf clubs in the House Chambers and lock all the exit doors for 24 hours. Makes more sense than what Congress does most days, then do the Senate. It wouldn’t make it any more dysfunctional that it currently is. This might be an improvement.

  7. This spectacle is infuriating. You can’t tell me that there is NOTHING in this bloated behemoth to cut? It’s always children, elderly and the police. And fire, too. How about cutting foreign aid? How about cutting your (all of ’em) salary, perks and health insurance. How much assets does the Government have – property, planes, autos, computers etc…lets have a big friggin yard sale. Shortly before Sandy hit the NE, FEMA decided to unload about 200 shelter trailers. Thy let them go for dollars on the square foot. 5 to 8K they were sold for to investors. Well, these nasty capitalists resold the trailers for appx 15K to 20K AND paid sales tax on the deal (and I’m sure plenty of other ‘fees’). Viola! There’s your revenue. Ah, probably wont happen, though.


    These sniveling little wussietards you ask for JOHN WAYNE on a horse and you get PEE WEE HERMIN on his dumb bicycle

  9. 79Firebirdman says:

    Let’s just go over the “fiscal cliff” and get it over with. The Republicans are gonna take the blame no matter what. Just let it happen and the Dhimmicrats and their lapdogs in the media lose most of their leverage and blackmail tactics against us. Maybe then, the more rational of the kool-aid drinkers, after their taxes go up will finally realize that there ain’t no freebies and somebody has to pay for those Obamaphones and political payofffs to all of the assorted union goons.

  10. The problem is, this is all so painfully easy to remedy — it was a long time ago. Government needs to model itself on the microcosm of the individual household (remember “home economics?”) by obeying these simple commandments: Live at or below your means. Do not spend more than you make. Ask yourself before any purchase: will I die without this? Cut up the credit cards. Thou shalt not steal.

    The Dims and Rubs all know this. (There are certainly enough people telling them, if it’s slipped their minds.) It is not an issue of knowledge, it is one of will. Our “representatives” long ago left their first love — the American People — and instead, went whoring with Money and Power. Lust for both went to their heads, to the point where they have lost all ability to be rational, let alone responsible.

    “With her enticing speech
    she caused him to yield,
    With her flattering lips
    she seduced him.
    Immediately, he went after her,
    as an ox goes to the slaughter.”
    (Proverbs 7:21-22)

    You asked in another post whether we thought our heyday was past, or whether there was still a future to hope for.

    The heyday is clearly past — for now. If we have a future, it will be among those who climb from the wreckage of this government folly.

    But first the wreckage.

  11. Malkin has some thoughts about this too…

  12. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    No brainer! The repubs have control of the purse strings. No one can spend a dime without them. They can stop all deficit spending by refusing to increase the debt ceiling. But don’t hold your breath.

  13. ” Let’s Make A Deal ” Boehner – is he originally from Orange,Cal.? Maybe he could do orange juice commercials. George Bush I thought he could trust Dims. We’re still paying for that mistake. He gave Dims new life when they were headed for the trash heap. Boehner needs to go. As you say, he has the cards. Rand Paul is right – let the Dims own it. Rand Paul 2016.

  14. The weenie repubs have the authority to stop this madness but don’t have the will, they’re more worried about their next election and damn the people!
    Nothing but a bunch of political whores who ass kiss the demonRATs.

    I’d love to see them cut off funding for the State Dept commies and prosecute that treasonous old bitch, Hitlery!
    The State Dept wastes billions every year on their frivolous social engineering welfare for enemies of America, but refused to give security to our men in Benghazi who were murdered.
    If that isn’t high treason, I don’t know what is!