AWD has been so busy lately performing brain surgery/selling plumbing fixtures that I haven’t had much time to post Music That Doesn’t Suck. In the two past weekends, AWD has seen Willie Nelson at Gruene Hall and Michael Franks at House of Blues. Both were fantastic. Was my first time ever seeing Willie and to see him play at the oldest honky-tonk in Texas was a treat! Willie’s a comm-a-nist and all but, hell, he’s Willie. Michael Franks was some great jazz lovin’ music for crackas. Took the filly, Angry White Daughter and her great husband. After the show when we got home, I chased the little filly around the Casa del Amor. Caught her ass, too! Woo hoo! Sexy, bay-bah!

Chris Cassone is a fantastic musician who writes gooder’n hell music from a conservative perspective. If you remember, Chris wrote the music for the Breitbart Is Here tribute to Andrew. He’s struck gold again with this tribute to the American heroes murdered in Benghazi as Obama slept. Enjoy:

Damn if ol’ Chris doesn’t look a little like David Gilmour of the Pink Floyd playing that bad black Stratocaster! Tears that thang up, too. AWD also has a black Strat, albeit a wrong handed version. But that’s where my pickin’ comparisons stop with Chris. I only know four chords…but damn if I can’t play them sumbitches! Chris is good people!

Here’s the Breitbart Is Here tribute. We can never say enough good things about Breitbart. Music by Chris Cassone. Video by Big Fur Hat of I Own The World. Watch it and you might see a familiar, supa-sexy face in there.

Damn, gives the Big Sexy goosebumps every time I see that! Especially since AWD is in the vid! Great work, Chris and Big Fur!

Now y’all all know that AWD is open to all good music. That doesn’t include rap….but damn if I don’t like everythang ol Nate Smoove does! I hope his message will get through to young people and figure it out that big government is not our friend. Nate’s got a cool reggae groove going here in the song titled “Freedom Fight.”

Note to Nate: when your wife calls in the middle of you working, tell her she better get herself in the kitchen and bake you a pie! I like this song. Nate’s got if figured out. Remember….free your mind and your ass will follow. Are we gonna fight this tyranny? Daaaaammmn right! Good stuff, Nate!

Now for some non-political music that doesn’t suck, here’s Michael Franks singing “The Lady Wants To Know.” There’s a high probability that all of AWD’s chirren were procreated with Michael Franks on the stereo. I’m sexy like that.

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  1. Silberfuchs says:

    Amen brother, one for the collection.


    Liberal music is always about WAR,ENVIROMENT,MAN AND MAN MARRAGE,Liberals like songs like BIG YELLOW TAXI,DOG & BUTTTERFLY, Conservative songs are anything pro-america and pro-family like GOD BLESS THE USA,GOD BLESS AMERICA or THE NATIONAL ANTHEME

  3. I am not really into “political” music of any kind,
    This will not get out of my cd player while driving

  4. I didn’t know you play the cymbals. Wow. Nice outfit.

  5. Here’s one the libs are sure to hate on so many levels;

    They’ll all get theirs ‘When the Man comes around’.

  6. Thanks for these they’re great! You should also check out “the voters”. They are really talented! Even though they mostly picked up popularity to energize the base prior to the elections that are now over, some of their songs are timeless (or I should say made for such a time as this). Songs like; Pelosi’s Jet, Blame it on Bush, Leading From Behind & Wife Of A Soldier say a lot for those of us on the right.

  7. Here’s a song of mine that is attempting to expose the commandment to lie in islam, called taqiyya. It’s called ‘taqiyya dance’. Please add to your collection and pass on if you’d like:

    All the best,


  8. awd,

    Thanks! I’m waiting for the video of you dancing to it!


  9. Y’all should get a kick out of this..seriously give it a minute

    Think of it as “speed polka” LOL