Korean pudgy rapper Psy set a record for the most YouTube views in history with his video “Gangnam Style.” Hell, even AWD has posted the video on this sacred page. That was before it came to light Psy made some anti-American military song in the early 2000’s.

The song and video has gone crazy in America. AWD was at a hockey game last night and watched grandparent’s doing the little galloping Gangnam Style dance when the song played between periods. For any of you Luddites who haven’t seen the video, here it is:

His video has been viewed more than 900 million times and he’s set to make a fortune from the madness. He even performed at the White House tonight. Of course, Obama asked if he would perform the song with the anti-American lyrics.

I admit, AWD has chuckled at the video. What’s not to find amusing about a poofter-looking, chubby Korean dancing around like he’s riding a horse? I generally find Koreans funny and amusing.

All was going well for Psy until it came to light he made some pretty rough statements about American soldiers and their families at the start of the Iraq war. Here’s the lyrics he sang in one of his songs:

“Kill those f**king Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives Kill those f**king Yankees who ordered them to torture Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers Kill them all slowly.”

Keep in mind, he wasn’t talking about yankees up north…but American soldiers. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so offensive. Joking, mostly, my yankee friends! Yankee conservative friends, that is. Psy’s words from the Iraq War are a little stronger than the traditional ‘Yankee Go Home’ or ‘We No Rikee Amelican Miritaly!’ So Psy has found his little chubby cheeks in a tough spot.

He released an apology this week to head off the criticism building among patriotic Americans. That doesn’t include liberals. He said:

“So solly! Me rike Amelica! Amelica is num-bah won!”

Well, that’s not exactly what he said. Here’s what he really said (or his publicist trying to get his little yellow ass out of a sling):

“While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self, I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted.

“I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words.”

Oh, well that makes it all better! Group hug! Just how could those lyrics be misinterpreted, Psy? What he’s saying is he still hates America but would be back in Seoul humping bugs if it wasn’t for the American invention of Youtube and American royalties. Psy overlooks the fact that his little weeble wobble ass would be dinner if America wasn’t there to keep the starving North Korean hordes on their side of the 37th Parallel. And he also didn’t think of the billions the American taxpayer has spent so he can to his Gay-gnam style stupidity in safety.

But on the other hand, Psy is a fuzzy little fat foreigner. AWD doesn’t pay much mind to the opinions of foreigners, especially Koreans. Koreans are generally best known for eating dogs and wearing white socks with black dress shoes. I figure if that’s all I had to offer, I’d be angry at America and the world too. And I’ll also give him he was younger when he said those hateful lyrics. Young people are supposed to be stupid. And it’s cool to be anti-American in foreign, dog-eating hellholes. It’s even popular to be anti-American in America among people of low intelligence (liberals).

Face it, would Psy’s video have been watched a billion times if he didn’t look so stupid hopping around like a Asian pillow-biter riding a pony? The song is catchy but it certainly isn’t Physical Graffiti or Exile On Main Street. It’s silly. We like it because we laugh at it. We laugh at Psy. Kind of like we laugh at Korea. And liberals.

AWD doesn’t forgive Psy but I’m not going to hold his anti-American military hatred against him either. He’s the parsley on the plate of importance. In a month or two, the Gangnam Style video will be done. Maybe after he pisses through his money he can get a job as a South Korean soldier and protect his own damn country! Gangnam style!

Maybe the American soldiers over there will give him a Code Led!

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Kick his sorry ass to the curb and don’t look back.

  2. Wtf did I just watch?

    Anyway, this turd should thank our military. Most likely, he would be sucking tree bark for breakfast and praising Jong Il if they weren’t in SK.


    Another annoying liberal blabbermouth no doupt well trained by the communists like all leftists brainwashers like the NEA and the Teachers Unions

  4. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Not just no……..

    HELL NO!!!!!

  5. I know I’ll be the voice of decent but let me explain. I live in Korea my wife is Korean. I have some insight that you should all respect.

    Number one Korea and Korean culture is not my favorite place or favorite people but sometimes we Americans have to respect where the otherside is comming from.

    The incident where Psy was talking trash was right after an American tank ran over two little school girls. I am not very familiar with the incident but I can understand the sentiment. I have news for you all I come from a military family and I respect the military but sometimes our soldiers have their faults. This incident is just like the issues in Okinawa when the Marines(I think) raped that little girl of course people get pissed off. Our military does a lot for these countries where our bases or located but sometimes our soldiers can be real shit heads at the least and down right evil at the worst. When an American soldiers commits a henious crime in another country they should recieve just that much more peanlty if not just out right death.

    In all our military is made of some very exceptional young men and women but the just like any situation the bad stories are what will dominate and form peoples opinions. I don’t fault Psy for his outburst it was after a tragic event. We need to expect better of our military and hold them to a higher standard they are the strongest fighting force in the world and need to be respectful of that.

    • Very well said. But you need to get real too.

      “Our military does a lot for these countries where our bases or located”

      American bases are not located anywhere to do anything for the locals – irrespective of where they are. American bases are situated in places that are of strategic importance to America. Otherwise America wouldn’t have troops there, or spend one penny on keeping them there.

      You need to look reality in the face. And American troops have been responsible for some terrible abuses – for which they have never been held properly to account.

      Even getting out of Iraq was not Obama’s decision. Iraq refused to renew immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq – they would no longer get away with doing whatever they liked and not being held to account. THAT’s why Obama “got the troops out of Iraq”.

      Jeeze, grow the F up. And if you don’t already know all this stuff, look it up for F sake.

      • Well said! America needs to stop feeling guilty and sorry. We are not perfect, and should feel like we owe the world an apology. Just look at how much it has contributed to modernize the world. We should be proud and stop idolizing these outsiders that just make money off of us. America just needs to stop smoking pot and maybe they’ll see things with clarity.

    • Hmmm…I’ve worked with about 600 Koreans for the last 2 years here in Kuwait. For your information, I don’t HAVE to respect anything or anyone!! Just because something is culturally different does not mean it is worthwhile at all. Koreans, from where I stand, are just about as big of liars as Arabs. I don’t trust a single one of them here to tell me the truth about anything. If that is a cultural thing, as I have been told, then why should I respect that?

      I truly hope this is my one and only interaction with South Koreans!!!!

  6. This chink mother….r was cute with that gay video for about thirty seconds, his time is up. He forgets we stacked his kind like cord wood

    • “He forgets we stacked his kind like cord wood”

      Yayy! We are the most lethal motherf***ing killers in the world! Yayyy! We’ll riddle you with bullets for singing a song and DARING to criticise us! Yayy!! Best motherf***ing country in the world!


  7. How’s about PSY stop cursing America and blame the Islamists that actually killed S.Koreans?

    Just a thought… Kick his ass, and then, just MAYBE take his apology.

    • “The incident where Psy was talking trash was right after an American tank ran over two little school girls.”

      • BigWayne, if I’m right, he said it was after a Korean missionary was kidnapped and killed in Iraq after the Iraq War started. If so, interesting he would choose to blame American military and their families. Even if the tank incident happened, I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. The American military isn’t perfect but it would be interesting to see how interested the South Koreans would be for us to pack up and leave over there. Incidentally, AWD has called for us to do just that for years.


        • “Incidentally, AWD has called for us to do just that for years.”

          Excellent. Bring them ALL home. All 1,000 bases full of them, worldwide. The money is needed at home. Plus, American interference is getting the rest of the world down.

          • BigWayne, I take more of a capitalist approach. If countries want American military protection to keep the boogie man away, let them pay for it. The safety of South Koreans like Psy are not my top priority and why I go to work each day.


          • As I said before, American troops are not there to give the locals ‘military protection’. The Pentagon has a policy of having “lily pads” – bases they can use as jumping off points when they want to involve themselves in the affairs of the region. Affairs that are frequenly none of the U.S.’s business.
            And the locals haven’t asked for them. 99% of the time they were never given the choice to say Yay or Nay. Australians weren’t given the choice to agree or disagree with the latest arrangement to have American troops on their soil. And I can tell you that millions of them are fuming over it.

          • BigWayne, the lily pad theory is true. However, I personally know soldiers who served in South Korea. Every day they went through the practice of responding…even with nukes…should North Korea attack. Even if the purpose is to have lily pads in strategic places, there is some ancillary security benefit of having the US military on one’s soil, no?


          • “Every day they went through the practice of responding…even with nukes…should North Korea attack.”

            They have to have them doing something. Can’t have them sitting around in the bunkhouse all day, can they.

            “there is some ancillary security benefit of having the US military on one’s soil, no?”

            Not if I were a local, no, I wouldn’t see it that way. Why attract Muslim jihadis onto my soil?

          • BigWayne, think the South Koreans felt the same way as you in the 50’s? Just come out and spell out your agenda and quit beating around the bush.


          • My agenda is straightforward, AWD. And I’ve said it already. Bring all U.S. troops home. And spend the money where it’s needed.

          • BigWayne, I would add “don’t spend the money where it’s not needed.”


          • “don’t spend the money where it’s not needed.”


          • Frakkin’ brilliant! Imagine how that would affect our debt! It would only take a couple of border wars to have folks overseas begging us to defend them. The Hessians did it for Britain in the Revolutionary War, so the idea is already out there.

            I’m sure we could defend ourselves better and regain some respect. All our worry about being attacked and allowing the bad guys to arm themselves isn’t stopping them anyway.

          • “It would only take a couple of border wars to have folks overseas begging us to defend them.”

            Still waiting to be begged into Kashmir, are you?




  9. I just don’t understand all the fuss but I must confess, I haven’t and I won’t watch Gangnam’s video.

    Kim Jung Un recently discovered a unicorn lair and he has also been proclaimed as the sexiest man in the world. Psy (WETF that means….and BTW WTF does Gangnam Style mean) is a squat fat asian with a perfectly square head and he could pass for Un’s twin.

    Psy, which I suspect is an asian abbreviation for pu ssy has no talent at all when compared to Un but he is a snappier dresser, all things considered.

  10. Apology means nothing unless he did it in his native hangul language.
    Never trust what a foreigner says in English only what they say in their native tongue!

    Blistered, out!

  11. Obongo loves this guy………..what does that tell you???????

  12. @ BigWayne,

    I live right outside Yongsan Military Base I think I would know the economic advantage that it brings to the area. I sense you have an agenda and it is anti-American. I was trying to show both sides of the story you just want to bash the US.

    More information on Psy for those who care. At the age of 18-21 all Korean males must serve in the military or police. Psy was born to a wealthy family and attended university in the United States he did not finish but some how he avoided military service. He took a long time for Psy to be able to make amends and be able to be in the spot light. He is not concidered a serious muscian but is more a novelty act.

    Korea like any country that houses US bases have a skitzophrenic relationship. They love the security and the economic advantage but they hate the behavior of some of the soldiers and some of the US political polocies.

    • “but they hate the behavior of some of the soldiers and some of the US political polocies [sic]”

      You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. It’s the same all over the world.


    Slap a warning label on it so restrictive it couldnt be sold a a a adult related buinsess. Hold him financialy liable for any murders traced to his garbage,KICK HIM IN THE NADS

  14. Fat little bastard. Puberty may change him. I’d punch him in the Adam’s apple-if he had one. Sedition. Ban him from America-but I see he is being invited to the White House.

  15. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    What’s all that buzzing I’m hearing in here?

    Is there a gnat in the room?


    Totaly boycott this jerk and his crappy animated music video dont fill this pigs bank account

    • That would be symbolic gesture at best seeing that “real American” types are not likely to listen to any electronic music, let alone cheesy electro house from a foreign country.


    Joe McCarthy was right all the time about these evil communists Spiro Agnew was right all along about therse miserble leftists journalists

  18. cement shoes for the gook


    And swimming in the ocean wearing those cement shoes

  20. He smelt money once T-pain twittered his idiotic video, its LMAO’s track anyway and we were sick of that long before he took it. Of course he’s sorry, if he wasn’t he’d not be able to cash in on the west.

  21. After accidentally hearing and seeing this crap, is there any doubt why simple minded americans eleced Little Barry?