Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the stable! HusseinHopenchange has apparently selected libtarded Massachusetts Senator Lurch Kerry for his next Secretary of State. Have you heard he’s a Vietnam vet? Me neither…in the last 6 seconds. I guess Kerry’s the most logical choice with Obama in the White House. That means Kerry is the absolute worst selection that can be made. I suppose terrorist Bill Ayers turned down the job. Or maybe Kerry proved that he hates America more than Susan Rice.

Kerry is infamous for his Congressional hearings where he gave testimony against his fellow war veterans after returning from Vietnam. You did know John Kerry was a Vietnam vet, didn’t you?

Great! Just what America needs to rescue our destroyed foreign policy after four years of Hillary Clintoon! A horse-faced, hippie traitor from Massachusetts who had his nose up Ted Kennedy’s ass for 40 years! And you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Hillary!

This guy has voted against our military throughout his entire diseased political career and has given aid and comfort to the enemy. Remember when he told college students a few years ago that if they didn’t study they’d end up stuck in Iraq? Yep, perfect for Obama’s Secretary of State. Someone who hates America as much as our President! Maybe our enemies will laugh themselves to death!

It would be hard to decide who is the biggest douche bag in Washington…there’s just so many. But John Kerry has earned a special place in the halls of douche baggery. Elections have consequences and the consequence of the last one was the destruction of America. John Kerry for Secretary of State? Naaaaaaaayyyyyyy!


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  1. Here’s a Horseface Kerry story for you…

    I offer for your consideration Exhibit A: Senator John Kerry, former Democrat candidate for President of the United States. Back in the 1960s John received a draft notice from the Army. He immediately sought a deferment and then more deferments. When John’s deferments were tapped out, he rushed to a Navy recruiter and enlisted in the Navy with a request for service with the Navy swift boat division, which was not then engaged in any conflict.

    John thought his ass was safe, but then the Pentagon deployed the swift boats to active service in the Mekong Delta. Poor John.

    Not to worry. Johnny was a college graduate with the smarts to game the system. All he needed for a jet flight back to Massachusetts was three Purple Hearts. No problem. The most minor injuries, even those resulting from “friendly fire,” will qualify for a Purple Heart.

    Two of John Kerry’s Purple Heart physical injuries were self-inflicted – not intentionally, but clumsily. He just couldn’t handle munitions. In one instance John fired a fragmentation grenade from an M-79 grenade launcher into a cluster of rocks. The explosion sent thousands of metal fragments ricocheting in all directions. One of these metal splinters flew out and pierced the skin of John Kerry’s arm. John could have pulled the protruding metal splinter out with his thumb and index finger, it was just beneath his skin, but he chose instead to leave it where it was for several hours until a doctor could pluck it out and be a witness for John’s Purple Heart application. The fragment was half an inch long and a sixteenth if an inch wide. The doctor removed the splinter with forceps and applied a Band-Aid to Johnny’s little booboo.

    In the second instance, John Kerry tossed a concussion grenade onto a sampan (small boat) full of rice. John wanted to blow that rice away. John should have taken cover, but he just turned his back and left his stupid ass exposed. When the concussion grenade exploded it blew rice in all directions. John Kerry’s protruding butt was riddled with high-velocity grains of rice. Ouch! John immediately applied for a Purple Heart. His game plan was on track.

    These decorations were John Kerry’s express ticket out of Vietnam; he distinguished himself by being one of the rare few who ditched his shipmates in mid-campaign by scoring three Purple Heart scrapes. Speaking as a former infantryman, I would have been embarrassed to receive a decoration for such inconsequential injuries. Servicemen in all branches have declined awards for injuries that they themselves considered of no consequence.


  2. Damn man! I was hoping he would pick Krusty The Clown, a real fit for this administration. 2nd choice would have been RodeoMan, he’s on tough Hombre.

  3. I think Porky Pig or Bugs Bunny are better choices… Kerry needs to return those medals..SOB sure as hell didn;t earn them…Rubber stamp job from political conections..


    Anyone who has rubbed elbows with HANOI JANE has no place in our goverment and no right to live in america and anyone who hunts quail with a rifle is too much of a Greenhorn to even be night janitor in the halls of clowngress

  5. Jane Fonda was too old?

  6. From where I sit, pretty much no one who is currently in any kind of leadership position in our government should be there!!! Much less promote those who have proven incompetent into a higher state of power! We are collectively going insane as a people!!!

  7. Where is George McGovern when we need him? Oh, he’s still dead, isn’t he? Who else could we find that would go to our enemies on his or her knees? Nominations?

  8. Let’s face it, whoever this admin chooses, you won’t like it. So why not just say so and be done with it?
    Obama drives me up the wall. I can’t stand the man – and I can’t stand Hillary either. But it’s not worth stressing over.

  9. Not a surprise! What would have been great is if he was nominated for SecDef!!! You democrats own it!

    Blistered, out!

  10. As a white male why should I give a crap who the secretary of State is? If they want to negotiate a peace between the Arabs and the Jews why should I care?

    We have to drop this foreign affairs bs. The problems, the catastrophe is right in front of us in our country. Imadinnerjacket in Iran will never cause be near the problems that BO and his gun grabbing minions will cause me. I don’t give a damn about Benghazi or Syria. Just dont try and take away my right provided under the constitution.

  11. @Mike W

    “I don’t give a damn about Benghazi…” Mike W

    Really? Four murdered Americans doesn’t bother you? The fact that four Americans were left to be butchered by Islamofacists, do tell.

  12. America needs this man as Secty. of State…………..


  13. Swiftboaters to the rescue.

  14. This bucket of jackass puke should be hung by his cricket-sized appendage.
    Just sayin’

  15. I’ve always despised ‘ol horsey face because of his despicable acts during the “Nam War” and ever since.
    He’s even worse that Hitlery,….if that’s possible.

  16. What a choice. First Hitlery the liar made a mess of it..and now they want this jackass in there? Im sure all our enemies would love Kerry crawling around on his hands and knees kissing the muslims asses in the crack and apologizing to them. This has got to be by far THE worst administration in the history of America….or whats left of it.

  17. I have a scar just shy of 1 inch long on my arm that was my souvenier from Vietnam (1968). I refused to fill out any paper work to get a purple heart and was almost forced to until told an Army Major that it would be HIS name on the front page of every newspaper in America that would run it if he forced the issue. He begrudgingly backed off. These assholes like John Kerry, running around with their UNEARNED Purple Hearts make me sick! We have tens of thousands of vets with arms and legs missing, massive scars all over their bodies and barely lived whose medals have been CHEAPENED by rubbish like Kerry. He and Hanoi Jane should have been SHOT for their actions way back then! Yup, perfect choice for Sec. of State–considering who is nominating him. One of two things will happen. Either he will not be confirmed, or bozo the clown will pull a weekend emergency nomination and avoid the Senate altogether.

  18. Yeah, almost forgot, I would hope that NO veteran has ever watched a movie with that bitch Fonda in it in the last 40 years. I haven’t!