This was an email sent by fellow Dude “michael”. I found it to be a good summary of where we are today and thought I’d share with everyone here.

We are in a period that could be described as “The Slow Tyranny of Soft Despotism”—boiling the frog. They would quietly do it and announce it after the fact.

The banks would close for days to stop bank runs like what happened in Greece, and we are in worse shape than Greece right now. There is no real money in the banks [anyway].

The Social Security Trust Fund got thrown into the General Fund under Slick Willy, as did Medicare and Medicaid monies. (That, an income tax increase, and severe military budget cuts helped Clinton balance the budget. The income tax increase threw us into a slight recession that Bush effectively killed with his tax cuts.)

Now we have “O” trying hard to put us back into a depression by raising taxes on the rich. The “rich” are the ones that hire people for their businesses—and we are 80% small business in the US.

To make matters worse is the Fed has lowered interest rates and your retirement accounts, savings accounts, 401’s, 457’s, are getting very little interest. Dead in the water. The banks borrow and invest using them as collateral, but there really is nothing there except IOU’s from the government, which is in such severe debt they could never pay them all out if they wanted to. 401 K’s were set up deliberately by the government as emergency back-up money for them to draw on in times like these and to make you dependent on them. 47%ters.

No one kills Santa Claus or the Golden Goose which will be giving out to more than 47% soon. Barry Goldwater reminded people a long time ago that government given power to give you everything has the power to take it all away, and they are doing it right now as we speak. They are talking of nationalizing all retirement plans, private and public, and promise you a little more than SS when you retire. Most retirement plans are not fully funded, just promised.

It’s why GM got bailed out: They couldn’t pay their retirees. Their CEO said he wasn’t running an auto manufacturing company, it was an HMO he spent more time managing.

Student Loans got taken over by the Government and are in debt trillions. Should you not be able to pay them (government) back, you will have to make arrangements with them. You cannot declare bankruptcy over them. [So] now they have control of the Higher Education System for all practical purposes.

Obamacare gives the government control of 16% of the entire economy plus all the ancillary business that support or are involved in it, such as lighting, wiring, plumbing, painting, air conditioning, computers and their networks, landscaping of hospitals, doctors offices, control over all medical devices, all prescription drugs and who gets or does not get them. Control of paved hospital parking lots, all cement work done in hospitals (unions love this). They will effectively start to control ambulance services and who gets them or pays for them. They will control every single thing about the entire medical system.

The last item the Government will come after is guns and they will just send ya a letter telling you to turn them in by such and such date or face fines and/or jail time in re-education camps currently called FEMA camps.

Time for shooting has gone. The shooting should have been the ballot box. Too many people stayed home and too many critical states had ballot problems (e.g., Allen West in Florida). Too many evangelicals did not like Mormons.

Sadly it’s all up to the RINOs in Congress now—they either grow balls or the republic is dead and we will be saddled with democracy and all it leads to.

It’s going to be an interesting decade ahead.

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  1. That’s the sum of it all at this stage of the game…in a nutshell!

    Thought I’d throw this in here as well.

  2. Yep that pretty much says it all. I would suggest burying ALL of your older, untraceable, or inherited guns and ammo in undisclosed locations that only you and yours know where they are. That way when you do get that letter, or knock on the door you can give your registered firearms over to the Government with a smile on your face, knowing that you still can protect yourself.

    I also heard somewhere that someone in Washington wants the authority to increase the debt limit to infinity!!!???? WTF!!

    • I heard “Infinity and Beyond”

    • Home Depot will experience a run on 8″ PVC pipe.

    • CastAway,

      Sound advice… but I’m not sure knowing myself that I would volunteer to hand over my weapons… they most likely will have to kill me in order to take my guns.

      Here is some food for thought also… for those handguns that are registered, one could always report that the weapon was stolen out of the car. Many years ago I had a friend with the Highway Patrol… he suggested I never register a gun if possible… I took his advice after registering my first handgun.

      • Paul B,

        I understand your position and how you feel about giving up your guns, that would be a VERY difficult decision to make. For me though, there are too many loved ones who are counting on me for their survival, especially the little ones, that for me the only choice I would have is to give up my unburied guns, if my neighbors didn’t come to my rescue first.

        That is a good idea about saying the gun was stolen, the only thing is, is that the government goons now have X-ray vans that just have to drive by your house to see the amount of guns you have. I think if they were buried they wouldn’t be able to X-ray them or find them, especially if they are not buried on your home property.

        P.S. I have not personally verified the X-ray truck claim, it may just be conspiracy, it is just what I’ve been told. So if I am wrong on that please forgive my misinformation.


    Joe McCarthy warned us about these evil communists Time to take him more seriously

  4. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Hey those are stills from the movie” Idiocracy.” Great stuff.

    • …and worse. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the two Private Mortgage Companies run by the US Govt. ( definition of fascism ), you know the ones that were the major cause of the housing meltdown or at least contributed heavily to it, they are back and up and running again buying up good and bad mortgages as they did before. One would think the Govt would learn. Definition of insanity, if it f**ks up once lets do it again!
      Do you hear the Demos complaining about this? Do you hear the Repos complaining about this? NO! They both like it. Kicking the can further down the road so they can get off the hook a bit longer, sit in their office a bit longer so they can get that Guaranteed Pension for life. One only you and I could dream of with the best of health care. They are exempt from Obamacare. They are better than us lowly people who pay their F**KIN wages!

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    This one goes back a ways, but I believe there is much truth here…

    This leads me to the true topic of this series: the possibility of a future Civil War in the United States. This is something that has been covered before, particularly by James Davidson Hunter, in his book Before the Shooting Begins. For a review of that book try this. So I am not broaching new ground here. However, I do feel that it is a subject that receives insufficient attention, and that is something that I intend to correct. I will try and determine what the chances of a new Civil War are, as well as its scope and potential for destruction. I will also try and determine who might be the two or more different sides in this conflict, as that is something that isn’t necessarily clear at first sight.

    I happen to think, and Hunter has argued this as well, that a future Civil War will be an evolution of the current “Culture War.” As I have demonstrated before, the Civil War was in fact another, earlier “Culture War” that become a full blown conflict. Hunter argues that there are two major opposing “camps” in the “Culture War” today, the Orthodox and the Progressive. He tends to shy away from the terms “conservative” and “liberal” as there are some who don’t fit in those two political categories that do in fact fit in the two culture war categories. There is also a quasi-category, sometimes called the “secular” category, which I prefer to call the “cultural agnostic” category, composed of people who don’t really have stake in the culture war or who just don’t fit into the two other categories for some reason.

    The Orthodox and the Progressives are fighting over the future of America, and only one side can win. Hunter believes that the Progressives will likely win, as they control the media and educational establishments. However, he wrote that in 1992, before the Internet had taken off, and before there were alternative news sources. So now one of those elements is less powerful than before. The Progressives still control the education system though, and that is something that gives them an edge. Only a fraction of the population as a whole can home school or go to private school, so that isn’t going to make a huge difference. Anyways, the Progressive still have an edge, though not as big as a decade ago.