Former Florida governor and noted tri-sexual (he’ll try anything sexual) Charlie Crist has taken his old, worthless, orange ass over to the Dims by changing his voter registration. Now if he can convince Boo-Hoo Boehner to do the same. Hell, they’ll take anyone for a vote..even the dead! I thought Crist was a DemonRat already!

Charlie made the change at the home of Hussein Hopenchange and then tweeted (I bet he did!) about it. He made the change on December 7th, a symbolic date. December 7th is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In keeping, later that evening, Crist went down faster than the USS Arizona.

Pardon all the jokes here but is there anyone in politics who is a bigger joke than Crist? Except every elected Dim caucus and most of the wussypants Republicans in Washington? In keeping, Crist should fit right in with the corrupt, self-absorbed douche bags without an ounce of character in politics.

If you remember, Crist ran for the US Senate against Marco Rubio in 2010. Crist also took a lot of Texas RINO John Cornyn’s NRSC money. Cornyn is a sucker for picking losers. When Rubio started moving up in the primary polls, ol’ switch-hitting Charlie swore he would not declare his freaky-deaky orange ass an independent for the general election if Rubio won. Which meant that was exactly what he intended to do. And that is exactly what he did! Of course, he got his ass kicked in the general election. So what’s a tri-sexual man of no character to do? Pull an Arlen Specter, come out of the political closet and change over to the darker side of the political force and become a Dim! Crist changes political parties almost as fast as he changes his sexual preferences.

Charlie is hinting he’ll run for Governor again in 2014. No problem. He’ll get whooped again. But it won’t be so bad. Maybe Obama will name him as the Czar of tri-sexual, orange, worthless turds. His administration is full of them.

Charlie Crist announcing he’s a Dim is like Whoopi Goldberg announcing she’s ugly and stupid. Yaaawwwwnnn….

Here’s a photo of when Charlie was told they had run out of moisturizer at Obama’s house:

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  1. Good luck “Good Time Charlie”. Hope ya suffer same electoral fate your bud Arlen
    did…, assh8le!

  2. He’s always been a democrat as far as I’m concerned. ~

  3. The pic of Ovomit and Crist confirmed my unconcious knee-jerk reaction of averting my eyes from, and switching away from, any image of Ovomit. If Ovomit appears as an image on TV, I hit the channel changer faster than you can say “Uh.” If it’s an internet image, I mouse down and away quicker than a New York second. If it’s a magazine cover, I quickly place it face-down, if I don’t chunk it into the garbage altogether. The very likeness of Ovomit makes me, well,….. vomit.

  4. I don’t know about Charlie Crist, but I’m going to do a tactical mod on my Mossberg 500. Crist and Boehner can get in the tanning booth together for all I care.

  5. I don’t see a problem with this, wish we could get all the RINOs to bandwagon over to the Democrat Socialist Party


    Blabbering liberal dimbulb-crat why dont he tell us how stupid liberals But we already know that

  7. stratomaster says:

    The fake tan gay man was always a democrap. He turns my stomach.

  8. Pseudo-Speaker Boehner and “Can’t Miss” Charlie Crist could do ads for Florida orange juice, being a couple of orange-tinted fellows themselves. Remember establishment Repubs assuring us that CC was a fine conservative when the 2010 Senate race kicked off ? They kept trying to get Marco Rubio to abandon the race. Charlie assured all he was staying Republican during the primary the very day before he switched to Independent when he saw he couldn’t beat Marco. At least he gave us 24 hours notice, maybe 12 hours. Self-absorbed Charlie is a heckuva broken field runner, a lot of shake and bake; nifty moves, constant lies. He will make a fine Demoleftist. I’m betting he will lose the next Dim Primary. They’ll want a dependable socialist instead. Maybe the losertarian party will take him in after he loses. They’re still trying to crack the one percent vote barrier. has good Charlie coverage, a fine site, MM-recommended. Please check it out and report back to us.

  9. well, well, well… color me surprised, another RINO showing his true colors.. good riddance. Too bad the rest of them wont march over to the other side of the aisle where they belong without us pushing them

  10. The only reason Christ became a dimorat is because his new boss John Morgan…a rich ambulance chaser lawyer is a staunch Obama supporter. Im quite sure if Crist still had an R by his name ole Johnny Morgan would have sent him packing. Hes even sleazier than Christ. They are both turds as far as Im concerned.