Baby New Year

Yours Truly

I have one resolution for 2013: Spend as little as possible. I’m not doing this for reasons of personal finance (though it certainly helps). I’m doing this as my little effort to “go Galt.”

In fact, I had begun this practice at the end of 2012. For Christmas, I spent grand total of $50 on a bottle of booze for my father. Outside of that, everyone got a product of my time, with stuff cobbled together from recycled or salvaged items. I didn’t even purchase a toy for my kid. (Not that he would have appreciated it anyway—despite mountains of toys, his favorite playthings at the moment are a fly-swatter and a milk jug.)

I intend to keep to this austerity budget all year long, as diligently and as strictly as I am capable.

America is on the precipice, if not already over it. The anti-Americans are in charge, from Big Business to Wall Street to DC. They’ve secured a piece of my earnings through tax withholdings; that’s about all I’m willing to concede outside of provisions for basic needs (food, water, rent).

Nota bene: This includes charitable giving. I have been generous to charities all my adult life. But I know many in these various not-for-profit outfits are die-hard liberals. So my response to their requests for money? “Government shall provide.” Just as it was in the former Soviet Union, so shall it be here: with the state assuming to care for everyone from cradle to grave, there was no such thing as charity. It simply vanished as an element of the “social fabric”. The more statist we become as a nation and a people, the less the masses will feel compelled to give to charities. And thus the charities will die a slow death, as the people spiritually rot.

So I think it wise to stop giving now to make it abundantly clear to them what their future is under our current sociopolitical trends: “Government shall provide. Hence, no more money from me—I already gave at the office!

To hell with charities. To hell with the stock market. To hell with businesses—large and small alike—that have actively championed liberal (read: anti-American) causes. To hell with anyone who voted for Obama and has the audacity to echo his retarded demands for “economic patriotism.”

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together realizes the only way to be economically patriotic is to do whatever he can to starve the beast.

Starve the Beast

Oink, oink!

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  1. David in SC says:

    Great post Red! Yeah, kids sometime like the strangest things. My father told me when they were kids all they had was a bicycle rim and a stick, and they played with that all summer long.

    Also, check this link out, the first step to recovering our freedoms is too break the lamestream media monopoly.

  2. Police Audio Confirm: Going For The Guns – Martial Law By Early 2013

    According to a Lieutenant in a North Carolina police department with 31 years experience, law enforcement is preparing to take away our 2nd Amendment. The training has already begun as law enforcement in North Carolina have already begun training with military drones. We learn that the governor of North Carolina has been selected by President Barack Obama to help enforce the martial law scenario. This Lieutenant also states that he expects gun confiscation to begin within the next 2 to 3 months. He also confirms information that we have heard before, that a contrived economic collapse is about to occur leading to martial law in America, as early as the beginning of 2013. What will he be doing at that time? Going home to protect his family, the same we all should be doing.

  3. David in S.C.
    We had a large truck tire that I would get inside and my sister would roll me down the driveway and turn it lose, I would go flying down the hill cross the road and crash into the fence on the other side, my sister enjoyed it as much as I did, she was always saying “let me roll you down the hill” my brother was a different story he would roll me so I always wound up in the briers.


    I will not be watching KING FINK OBAMAS corination as far as im concered he totaly STINKS

    • Spur…neither will we.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        You’ve both just given me an idea. I’d like to organize a protest against Dear Leader’s inauguration. It will be small (I’m in the bluest county in Florida) and local but at least it’ll be something.

      • You go gal! – If you have the time to do this, and do so…keep us filled in. Ought to be interesting. 😉

  5. misterbill says:

    Did you hear what Boehner said to Reid??

    Well say it to Obama for me.

  6. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Red, I agree, and I have spent less money in the last 4 years than ever before in my adulthood. Why? For the same reasons you listed and quite frankly, because of necessity.

    My s.o. and I have had hard times these last 2+ years, which, to some degree, we elected to have since we opened our business. We’ve never, neither one of us, ever made a lot of money on our own but we took this chance so that we could be self-employed for our own sanity. Working for others your entire life, if you’re an especially independent type, can be unbearable.

    So, because we are on a strict budget, we do without. I lack a washer and dryer, a car, vacation money, the ability to eat at restaurants more than once a month at most. But I also lack credit cards and any personal debt. While I am all for private charities and have given some money and a lot of goods and time to them over the years, no more.

    This year one of my resolutions, and I make few, is to obtain a truly comprehensive list of liberal companies and cease supporting them with my dollars and cents. If they supposedly detest capitalism so much, let them see how they do without our money.

    Once, I banned McDonald’s for eight years because their service and products were so bad. They’re banned again and so will anyone who works to bring down this country.

    Thanks for this post, Red. And for those of us who can still spend, please do so wisely. It matters now more than ever before.

  7. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    It doesn’t get Boehner off the hook. Or ANY of ’em for that matter including the method that got ’em there.

  8. I like the idea of spending as little as possible to quit feeding the federal beast. I just picked up a used car from a private seller vice a dealership. I’ve started bartering for other goods/services and shopping second hand stores and yard sales for things I can’t get through barter. Buying off the internet from out-of-state sellers was a way to avoid sales tax, but even that will end as soon as Harry Reid figures a way. I’m keeping my bank accounts at minimum levels and squirreling away any “excess” cash whenever possible to keep the “interest income” on the lower scale to avoid dividend taxes. The couple percent I “earn” on my savings and checking accounts doesn’t add up to all that much anyway, but I don’t trust the banks to keep it any safer than I can. Besides, when the walls do come tumbling down, I’m sure anything in the bank will be lost forever. Better to have at least a few worthless scraps available.
    I hate to say it, but I don’t plan to give ANY money and very few goods to “charity” in the next couple of years either. As far as donating items, if I can’t sell or trade it myself, I’ll hang on to it until I can. Too many of the so-called charitable institutions have become as bad as the federal beast. When you assess “administrative fees”, very little actually goes to fund programs any more. In other cases, far too many of the “major” charities also lobby AGAINST some of our hard won and inalienable rights. So, sorry Red Cross, Salvation Army and ASPCA. You’ll just have to do without my support in the future. At least until they change their way of doing things. When and if I do give, it will be at a local level and then only goods which are perishable (foods) or my services which will address a specific and immediate need. NO MORE MONEY from me.
    I’m watching out for me and mine first, my neighbors second and anyone/thing else last. To my relatives suckling on the government teat, and there are more than I’d like to admit…NOTHING from their mean uncle David. I’m not bitter, but I got to where I am buy WORKING and we did our best to raise our three children to do the same (with success). Unfortunately, I have nieces and nephews who weren’t raised the same way. Maybe it’s time we re-institute work houses and poor houses instead of merely passing out checks. Give the dead-beats a healthier respect for hard work and EARNING their way back into society. Here’s a thought, maybe PeTA, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society can get together with the American Eugenics League…I mean Planned Parenthood, to set up spay and neuter clinics outside for welfare recipients. Now, I would donate to THAT!

  9. Sounds good to me. Become a minimalist. It will be good practice for the coming years.

  10. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I agree Red! Great post!

  11. Just got back from my local gun store and it was packed.
    ALL the AR’s and good guns are gone and about half the ammo!

    People were uptight! Snooky and snuggle up ight in your comfort zones, it’s coming and you better be ready for it!

    Red Alert!! Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013

    • That fellow needs to lay off the coffee. 181 views? No comments? Who the hell is that nut job? They are not confiscating guns, yet. Agent provocateur.

  12. My grandfather lived through the depression,never trusted the banks. He would put his money in fruit jars,and,bury them in his vegetable garden. He said, get used to hunting,and,fishing ,learn to survive. I thought he was eccentric at the time. Now ,not so much.

  13. My grandfather lived through the depression,never trusted the banks. He would put his money in fruit jars,and,bury them in his vegetable garden. He said, get used to hunting,and,fishing ,learn to survive. I thought he was eccentric at the time.

  14. MichaelT…thank you.

  15. The majority of Americans voted for a President Barrack Hussein Obama, so the way I see it, if you’re hungry go see BO, can’t make your rent go tell BO, power company turned off your heat? Ask BO to take care of it. Need a new car cause the hoopty won’t start, go jack a new car from BO.

    I am only going to pay the bare minimum I can get away with, and have been doing so since 2009. I decided in 2008 I wasn’t going to BO’s party and sent my RSVP “Not Attending”

    So if there is Not enough money in the public coffers to cover the Obama phones, the majority can go pay BO a visit, and take your pitchforks with ya.

    Remember the key is for Patriots to survive and your own money helps you do that. Let the Majority go to BO and fight each other over who is more needy than the next man in line.

    What’s Michelle going to say… Let them eat Twinkies and HO HO’s