Piers Morgan

Imagine--a Brit wanting to confiscate our weapons!

Hypothetical: Let’s say I move to France. I get a prominent position on their biggest news network. I use this megaphone to lambaste the French for eating cheese, drinking wine, having hot women, and surrendering the moment someone chips a nail. I.e., I basically tell them that some of the core elements of their culture are stupid and they’re ignorant, racist extremists for wanting to preserve those elements.

Think the leftists in America would be singing my praises for my “cultural sensitivity” and “embracing diversity”?

Of course not. I’d be disowned and mercilessly denigrated by the Powers That Be, and the French would [rightly] hang me in effigy.

But when some jacktard from some shitty not-America country scrambles his ass over to the good ol’ US of A (because he’s from a shitty not-America country), we praise him if he immediately sets his mind to changing America…into a shitty not-America country. (Pardon my French.)

In a name: Piers Morgan.

Look, leftards: Practice what you preach. Embrace diversity. Honor other cultures. America is alone in its rabid defense of individual gun ownership. So let America be America.

But it’s only “ignorant, hate-filled, xenophobic, natavist, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigoted, neo-Nazi, bible-thumping, hillbilly, redneck white trash” who love their guns, you say? Well, that doesn’t seem very “multicultural” of you, now does it? (And never mind the fact that a wildly disproportionate amount of gun violence is perpetrated not by whites but by blacks and Hispanics…i.e., liberals’ top-two favorite pets.)

Oh, but you don’t feel safe in America’s “gun crazy” culture? Well, then, leave. And I’m not saying that ironically or with any sense of hyperbole. I mean it: leave. Countries with strict gun control laws are a dime-a-dozen. Go there. Where? Anywhere. Any of them. Take your pick! Mexico! Columbia! Brazil! Venezuela! Great Britain! Canada! Anywhere! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Seriously. If you hate guns and want them banned and confiscated, you clearly don’t love America. So allow me to offer some acronyms: STFU and GTFO.


“Live free or die” isn’t a request.

Move to Mexico

Not a joke.

PS: In related news (?): FPS Russia Manager Murdered, Execution-Style

PPS: Don’t be hatin’ on me for the “surrendering” thing above. 1) I’ve got some French in me, and 2) it’s only my very, very, very, very, very poor attempt at some humor. I know, I know…I should leave that up to AWD.

PPPS: My “Molon Labe” video, for the sake of it:

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  1. Dave in Texas says:

    AMEN!!! Don’t like it, leave. Piers Morgan can float back to his gun safe, hypocritical, blind country. God bless the U.S.A.

    P.S. – I hope you are doing well Red. Last time I was here at the AWD site you were picking up the pieces from Sandy. Great read by the way.

    Morgan go home.

  2. Red…

    I read about that guy that was murdered this morning…I’m very curious to who, what and why this man was killed! – Hope we have the answers soon.

  3. Biden: Executive orders, action can be taken on guns


    Vice President Joseph R. Biden vowed action on gun control from President Obama on Wednesday and floated the idea that Mr. Obama could use executive action to do so.

    “The president is going to act,” Mr. Biden said”

    • Eric Holder was scheduled to be at the meeting that’s currently taking place at the White House.

      The same Eric Holder that ran Operation “Fast and Furious” to discredit the 2nd Amendment…

  4. Well said Red,another post that makes me want to stand up and sing the SSB while waving Old Glory.

  5. more people died from infections aquired in the hospital last year than from guns… yet they want to take our guns but not a peep about banning hospitals… hmmmmmm

  6. if you don’t have to give up your car when people drive drunk with theirs then why do you have to give up your guns when people commit crimes with theirs?

  7. so let me get this straight.. if we make guns illegal it will keep them off of the streets?

    Wow we should do that with meth and heroin too… oh wait.. never mind

  8. Fisk Ellington Rutledge III says:

    Of course the Left has redefined this duty just as they redefine and rationalize all their other lies and fantasies. The Left is certain that righteous self-defense is murder; that cowardice is courage and honor is shame.

    And it’s not just “assault rifles” the Left is after this time. They want to strip people, and especially White people, of as many guns as possible. It will be just like the armed pilot program. They’ll say look, “we have a program in place where a person can own a gun.” But nobody can successfully jump through the hoops.

    Look for the Left to simply define everyone who wants a gun as mentally unstable. The Left believes that lie. They will act on it.

    And while all this threatening talk is spewing from the Left like so much sewage, Obama and Holder remove the waiting period for legal immigrants, most of whom are third-world savages.

    It is Whites the Leftist tyrants want to demonize, criminalize and disarm.

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  9. so we they want to confiscate guns because they cause crime?

    will they take cameras because they cause child porn?

  10. They’re comin!

    Man Behind One of YouTube’s Most Popular Gun Channels Found Shot in the Head


  11. JustAnotherRandomThought says:

    Ok, those of us with even a small amount of sense realize the major plan behind fast and furious. They are trying to swing the tide against guns. Problem is, they were found out before they could fully implement their plan (or were they?). Theres no doubt in my mind that there are probably several other operations designed to sway the public’s opinion on guns.

    No for the conspiracy theory….
    Evidently there is a professor at Florida Atlantic that believes the SandyHook massacre to be a hoax. He is not denying that a tragedy took place, but he is pointing out several discrepancies. For example, a medical examiner stated all victims were murdered with a .223 caliber round. But the shooter was found with only handguns, and the a rifle locked in a trunk. There were several witnesses that reported multiple shooters. Reports of police pursuing 2 suspects into the woods. And reports of a man outside on the ground and cuffed by police.

    There are also reports of several shooters in the Aurora shootings. Once again, blame was placed on a rifle that shoots .223, yet the victims were murdered with shotgun and pistol ammunition. Plus, why would homicidal psychopathic maniac give up and alert police to homemade explosives? (He could just be bat sh!t crazy).

    Then there is also the fact that both the Aurora suspect and SandyHook suspects’ fathers are set to testify about a major banking scam possibly involving the gov’t. But the scam is not reported.

    Then we have the A-hole in chief saying we need gun legislation by the end of the month, and threatening executive order to accomplish instead. Whats the hurry, aren’t you supposed to weigh all the options and take your time in your decisions….Not just make random ones?

    I’m no conspiracy theorist myself, but somethings off lately. Even more than usual….


    I hear that some memember of the DASARDLY DEMACRATS party has now refered to those 20 kids killed at SANDY HOOK as MARTYRS for their cuase for GUN CONTROL these liberal demacrats lower then a snake in a wagon rut REPULSIVE REPTILES DIRTY DIRTY DONKEYS

  13. They are no different than Stalin or Hitler. They will kill all real opposition when it appears traction is gained. Breitbart was a threat by a factor of 10 to them, he or they would not survive. They are taking an early run at the 2nd to give them a full 4 year try as most opposition will not last 4 years. EO’s only work IF Congress allows them too.

  14. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    I don’t really believe that they will try confiscation, rather, they will do everything else ie: taxing the hell out of ammo, banning internet sales, restricting amounts of ammo, etc. etc.

    However, if they DO try the confiscation route and if so much as ONE citizen is injured or killed in that attempt, I believe that that will light the fuse for an armed revolution the likes of which this administration NEVER contemplated.

    The tiger can only be poked with a stick so many times.

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    HEY LIBERAL WANKS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A GUN FREE SOCIETY GO LIVE IN cuba,china,venuszualia,the EUROWEENIE UNION and see your gun free paradise just beware of all the crinimals running loose

  16. Goon control, no gun control.

  17. I would suggest that we just chill on the rhetoric; any real invasive EO are instantly illegal and the SCOTUS will immediately strike them down in an emergency session.

    If this actually is attempted, immediate impeachment will be initiated.

    What any governor may or may not do is that states problem, I would suggest impeachment proceedings as well.

    Time to clean house, the right way and with a vote.

    If it comes to it, there are plenty of citizens that will not comply, period and full stop.

    Lets just keep our eye on the ball and stay calm.

    Blistered, out!

  18. master of sinanju says:

    Brother Blistered, I pray to ALMIGHTY GOD you are right, considering how ohole does whatever he (jarret) wants!


    Disarm all the bodyguards protecting political hacks teach them to do old jedi mind trick of disarming a attacker by taking away their weapons it worked for Obi Whan Kenobi,Anakan Skywalker,Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as well

  20. 79Firebirdman says:

    Note to Piers Morgan. It’s so pitiful that your once mighty country is now only a footnote in history because of libturds like you willingly encouraging national suicide by allowing unchecked immigration of third world stone age savage mooslims. We’re not Englandistan. Not yet anyways. And don’t want to be, so let it be.

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