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Molon Hewlette-Packard-e!

One of the goals of every red-blooded American today is (or should be) to undermine our totalitarian government in any way possible. Enter three-dimensional printing.

Over the past weekend, Defense Distributed successfully 3D-printed and tested an ammunition magazine for an AR semi-automatic rifle, loading and firing 86 rounds from the 30-round clip.
Gunsmiths 3D-Print High Capacity Ammo Clips To Thwart Proposed Gun Laws, Forbes, January 14th, 2013

I’ve downloaded the schematics for the various AR-15 components (here, via compressed file or bit torrent). Have you?

All you (or a friend) then need is a quality 3d printer and, voila, instant black-market arms dealership.

Hear that, totalitarians? That’s the sound of f*** you.

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people.
– Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

Letter to the King

Beyond words.

PS: Great read: Dear Mr. Security Agent (Hat tip GA Steve.)

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  1. They’ll just outlaw 3-D printers, simple.

    And that letter is as fake as Pamela Andersons tits.

    • Yeah–or the “ink”. No doubt they’ll make the polymer resin stuff as difficult to get as some sort of pain medication or whatnot.

    • The old USSR required that copying machines be registered. This is America; the “News Media” would NEVER ask for such innocuous machines to be registered because it would allow the GOVERNMENT to confiscate them.

      Why, the ACLU would defend them as merely printing 3-D speech, like a TOY GUN. Isn’t a TOY GUN possessed by a child 3-D speech, no different from a T-shirt with an AK-47 printed on it? You wouldn’t kick a child out of school because they had a mere picture of a gun, right?

      You do believe that, don’t you?

    • MT…

      Agreed. ~

    • Damn MichaelT,

      Just ruined my day, I thought Pamela’s tits were real… they felt real!!!


    Hitler and Stalin also like to get themselves photographed with kids for big time propeganda shots then sent the fathers to fight and die for their fanatical cuases Obama is doing the same with many kids parents sending them to fight his wars for his convenence and this war monger received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?! Tyrants always try to make themselves look like a Mr Rogers or Santa Cluase when in reality their the spawn of satan

  3. Plastic shell casings are out there also, not much brass used, all the way up to BMG 50’s. Lighter means ya can carry more. Restrictions create now “Toys” to play with. Potato Guns are not just toys anymore. A rock embedded in a spud moving at 800’/sec (.45 speed) will do more than dent the side of a car. Easy to make from PVC pipe, powered by Aqua Net or propane.

    • It doesn’t have to be a rock either.

      A steel pipe filled with unstable materials with a lit fuse can be launched out of a potato cannon just as easily as a potato.

  4. As they have done with copiers that lock up when trying to copy paper money, government will require the printers to recognize certain images, and lockup when they do. Then, the FBI will be notified, just as what happens when you try to copy paper money.

    • That will only stop the ill informed.

      Such programming can easily be undone if you know much about computer programming.

      And once a few people know how to get around said programming it will be easy enough to find the knowledge on the net where anybody can read a “how to” manual on getting around it.

      For instance they have outlawed unlicensed manufacture of guns for years but sites like are plentiful in number and show you how to make anything from single shot disposable weapons to fully automatic sub machine guns out of stuff you would find at most home improvement stores.

  5. Cinnamon Girl says:

    MichaelT may have it right. 3-D printers will simply be outlawed. Then, as always, only the outlaws will have 3-D printers. And RedStater may also be right. Outlaw the poly/resin.

    Certain toys and cribs and child seats have ceased being made because of possible dangers. I cannot say I’m all against that because, sadly, some items were flawed and so were some irresponsible parents, and then some children and parents were tragic victims.

    Now, we’ll see whole industries crumble because something they make could be used as a weapon. Wait, Jesse Ventura already made that point when he said the carmakers and liquor brewers should be put out of business because they cause drunk driving deaths.

    My friend has one of these printers. He makes figurines and masks with them because he’s into sci-fi and fantasy. I guess he needs to forget about making any prop guns or swords as well.

    And MichaelT, yep. I’ll add: that letter is as fake as Courteney Cox’s lack of aging.

  6. David in SC says:

    Every printer and copier in the US tags anything printed or copied with the printer ID, computer name and DNS address microscopically now, and few know. This is a law created to help the FBI track the doc/pic back to the owner. It’s been in effect for over a decade now…

    Eyes wide open.

  7. Steel blades and brass!

    Blistered, out!

  8. Forget guns.
    With todays technology, why not use the nitrogen cooling
    systems of computer enthusiasts to chill an industrial hand
    or rifle laser, powered by a waist carried lithium ion battery
    A small diamond, like a wedding ring, focused and collated
    properly using C.A.D. programs output to 3D printer for
    circuit board, housing and collator, with focus lens(external
    The science says it is possible, the tech is here, the manufacturing
    of a device as described above would almost render ‘guns and ammo’
    obsolete…not to mention our Govt nor their allies have anything
    even remotely like it.
    Effective weaponry at a future step.
    Banning the use of resins is almost impossible in todays throw away
    world of plastics for everyone and everything.
    Anyone who has ever worked in the pvc pipe or extrusion injection
    molding industry knows the proper chems and wax content to create
    homebrew resin.