The misguided do-gooders (or the leftist tyrannists) were at it today holding a gun buy-back event at a church in Dallas. That’s right, I said a gun buy-back in Dallas. As in Dallas, Texas. As in, hey libtards, is ya ignorant? This is Texas!

Across the street from said gun buy-back, a counter buy back was going on. The church was paying $50 per gun turned in. $200 if it was an “assault rifle.” Yeah, as if! The guns were then going to be destroyed. AWD was there for about an hour and a half and didn’t see anyone actually enter the church with guns to turn in. But I did see several people who were going to the gun buy back cross the street and auction their unwanted guns off for a lot more than they would have gotten from the liberals at the church.

There was a Russian-made SKS, a Remington 1100 12 gauge, a Colt revolver from the 1900’s and many more that found new loving homes today. And the previous owners walked away with a whole lot more than $50. Ahhhh, capitalism and free markets win over socialism and tyranny again. Also noted, every single person that had guns to sell were elderly white people. Hardly the type that are committing crimes on the street! Just some people looking for money for guns they no longer use.

What was interesting was the gaggle of left-wing media types. AWD listened as an “independent filmaker” (i.e. libtard with a camera) as he asked the usual stupid questions to a guy who had a AR for sale. “Why do you need a gun like that?” “Is it fully automatic?” “How many bullets can the clip hold?” “How do we make our streets safe?” AWD jumped in and said “we make our streets safer by putting more guns in the hands of law-abiding people. Every study shows, even the ones from anti-gun groups, that more guns in the hands of honest people results in fewer crime.” The libtard with a camera wouldn’t even look at me when I answered and acted like he wasn’t listening. I told him I would appreciate the common courtesy of listening to the answer of a question he asked. It was obvious what he was up to. He wanted to find the most ill-spoken type he could and have them say something stupid he could exploit. He was nothing more than a ten-cent Piers Morgan, who is nothing more than a ten-cent douche bag.

What was really great about this event is it was organized quickly and cheaply and word spread by word of mouth over Twitter, Facebook, email and other social media. The only people AWD saw at the church were a few Dallas Police officers probably wishing they were on the other side of the street. Lots of young people attended, including fillies. One frustration AWD always has had with the Tea Party movement is nearly everyone involved has gray hair. It’s good and refreshing to see young, patriotic Texans who are not about to give up their Second Amendment rights.

Here’s a group in Austin doing the same type of gun buy back counter rally. If you want to hear the lunacy of left-wing thought, skip to 4:20 and listen to Austin Police. Yes, Austin is the only leftist city in Texas.

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  1. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Thanks for this post. All politics are local, as the saying goes, and it’s good to see what’s actually happening on the streets of America and how citizens are active in their own communities with regard to the issues.

    Once, I was asked to move with a singer-songwriter chick to Austin. I was only 22 years old and it was tempting. But, even then I knew about its liberal tendencies and so turned down the offer. Who knew I’d be leaving another town, Tampa, FL, over twenty years later for pretty much the same reason!

    And speaking of towns and cities, I’m preparing to move back to the Atlanta suburbs, one of which is Kennesaw, GA, in which I had the pleasure to live for about 2 years. I’ve a feeling we will never see a buy-back program there!

  2. AWD,
    Been wondering if the gun buy back’s would buy home made guns, if so I could break their bank and put money in my pocket. couple blocks of wood and a car antenna a few brads a spring or rubber band and you got a gun.


    Just another one of those dumb events held by the usial morco-brained wackos for the media to pay attention to them so they can appear of TODAY SHOW,GMA,60 MINUTES,NIGHTLINE,20/20,DATELINE NBC,CBS MORNING NEWS,CBS SUNDAY MORNING or some other leftists propeganda program so they can feel all warm and fuzzy inside but not putting the slightists dent in crime Frankly people should stop attending that church entirly

  4. Thanks AWD for this video. It reminds me of why I no longer live in Austin which is my hometown. It was once a wonderful town and very conservative – then Texas Instruments opened its doors and brought libs from all over the world to ruin it. We used to hang out on East 6th Street without a worry. Best music ever. Should mention how crooked the Austin PD is. I knew several of them back in the day. Careful about old gray-haired ladies. We can be meaner’n a snake especially when we are locked and loaded. I’ve lived all over the country, but now reside (waste away) in OKC which is also ruined by libs. The best place for gun-owning conservatives is Montana. Having trouble finding 22/25 LR ammo. Any suggestions. Keep up the good work.

  5. Agree with all, Gun buyback programs are a perfect illustration of the fairy-tale utopia promised by the left, that being said, we as firearms owners need to wake up to the fact that the current administration occupying the White House has been and will continue to be engaged in a campaign to sway public opinion and demonize all Conservatives, especially those who have firearms. This is one of the methods they used to win the last election, and Uncle Joe has already gone on record saying the Obama Election Campaign machine will be energized for the Gun Control battle. Let’s not underestimate what we are fighting here(Romney did)and work on a plan to stop the nonsense.

  6. You know I really wanted to hear what that cop was saying on the gun buyback video, but there was NO SOUND.

    Something else: I know there’s lots of Patriots in Texas, but you have WAY too many Mexican illegals.

    That’s why I can’t bug out to Texas.

  7. AWD, that’s an excellent report and it is sickening to see what the tyrannist morons are trying to brainwash people with!….Anyone with two neurons to rub together will know that bs is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

    Off topic, next month we are moving from the “peoples’ republic” of Mexifornia to Arkansas, we’re sick and tired of their BS here.

    Since we will have a different isp, how can I keep my same moniker or will I have to change it?
    Any pointers you or any of the other folks here could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Was there as well, glad you enjoyed my fresh young face, LOL! Lots of young ins realizing their elders in power are screwing the pooch…

  9. Whats the deal with people getting shot at gun shows today? Thats not going to play well for us.


    Just as stupid as getting people to exchange their guns for food coupons,giftcards,tickets, or musical insterments Just more proof these people out out of touch with reality and stuck in lala land

  11. Rockets red glare says:

    Mike, people are not getting shot at gun shows today.

    Someone here in Indy, at a rippoff gunshow touched off a small caliber
    Into his hand. Please be careful what you publish, many are watching
    And are going to pounce!

    We DON’T need THAT!

    I have been to Wallmart and Galyans today. A gentleman working at
    Galyans told me there was a group of people lined up hours
    Before thay opened in a desperate hunt for .223, 9, 7.62 anything.

    Mags? Gone at 19 bucks each (yes, Pmags).

    He called it crazy, I call it insane.

    All of this crap was being resold at the gunshow for more
    Than double the cost, the same day. Today, by the way.

    The post above from AWD, my new voice of reason, shows the two sided reality of the gun debate. Butt…….
    Another is what took place in a Chitcago buy back program last year.

    An NRA backed program titled “Guns save life” had collected junk firearms
    For well over a year in anticipation of the event to help a respected youth shooting sports group acquire funding for their youth shooting program.

    Over 60 Completely junk antiquated rifles we’re turned in, at the dismay
    Of CPD who dogged the participants.

    Total take, cash for the kids and the program?

    Over six grand, of which they purchased brand new rifles to train the

    Now I could say alot of things about the Liberal thought process,
    But as far as I’m concerned this is the true real world example of

    Hanging on rainbows and flying with the unicorns folks, the Progressive
    Liberal mindset is at its core insane and evil.

    I’m thankful some people have some damn sense, Texas and some others,
    Cause this crap is WAY outta control!

    Having said that, I would stand with you, would you stand with me?


  12. Wherever you go, I doubt that you will ever see anything like this. Never hand over an AK-47 to an ape without giving him proper training.

    Now that’s what I call entertainment!

  13. Rockets red glare says:

    Mike, dont get sucked up in the Racist crap, thats what the libs want.

    We know the truth and the problems. Do not get caught in this trap, you cant win.

    Keep a level head, fear God, keep your emotions out of your discussions best you can.

    There is a wealth of understanding of what has taken place over time, educate yourself and go to SBPDL.

    Big Lib cities are in their final stage, their murder rates are thru the roof. Solution, more gun laws.

    Let them burn and starve themselves out, good people like you and me cant
    Pay for Sanctuary cities and outright lawlesness.
    Regardless, a line in the sand has been drawn whether you realize this or

    We stand for Tyranny or Liberty and freedom.

    The feds can hit my paycheck, but taking a loaf of bread from my family
    While we are hungry, well that just aint going to work.

    Try to take my neighbours bread, you might as well take mine.

    Understand what Im saying?

    Stay strong, know that the Yankees that your granfather hated will be
    A first line of defense for you!

    God Bless!!


    I,ll bet theres plenty of passages in the bible about being armed and self defense

  15. For all of us that attend church and are of the Christian faith. Here’s something to think/pray about and even pass on to your Pastors and Ministers;

    • problem is that many pastors now wont preach the truth out of fear of losing thier 501(c)(3) status… any mention against homosexuallity or abortion is considered “hate speech” by this government and will revoke your tax exempt status as punishment

  16. Lemme guess. The gun buy-back was at an Episcopal Church, right?? TEC never met a far Left cause it didn’t fully support and promote.

    • Surprise, surprise, another NWO church with its openly gay bishops ( direct violation of Gods word ) it’s no surprise to me that satanic church is participating in the disarming the people… they are doing us a favor.. disarm the morons

      • I did a little checking. It was First Presbyterian in Dallas that hosted this event. On one hand, I’m surprised it wan’t an Episcopal church. But I expect in due time, TEC will be doing it, too.

  17. Did you ever wonder what happens to the guns bought by the city? All the good stuff will end up in the hands of officers, they ain’t stupid. Also remember the Chief gets first dibs.

  18. Commanche:

    You are spot on, I’ve often thought that someone should put a tracking device in one of those “evil assault rifles” and dispose of it at a buy back, then track it to see just where it goes. I would not be surprised to find out it turned up in the private collection of some LE official, or local libtard politician. I would be even less surprised if it turned up in cartel hands south of the boarder courtesy of shitbag Jeff Holder.


    Offer a exchange for ski-masks and running shoes becuase many crinimals use these when commiting a crime

  20. “He was nothing more than a ten-cent Piers Morgan, who is nothing more than a ten-cent douche bag.”

    How dare you AWD? Piers Morgan is not a “ten-cent douche bag”! He is, like myself, an Englishter, and has a right to his proper title, which is: “Worthless tosser”.

    Honestly sir your cultural insensitivity knows no bounds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Somebody needs to buy up a bunch of cheap old .22’s and go sell them for profit at one of these bs events

  22. Here in Orlando, some moron libtard got the idea for a gun buyback that gives a free pair of Nikes to anyone stupid enough to turn in their gun. The wind up is, people clean all the junk unsafe guns out of their homes to get free sneakers. It does nothing to stem the tide of crime. In fact, usually the ones turning in the guns for the free sneakers are the ones who probably commit most of the crime anyway. They usually have these in minority neighborhoods hence the Nike idea. There is nothing racist in mentioning the fact that in my area….80% of the crime is committed by minorities. Sorry if that ruffles a libtards feathers but the facts dont lie. I always find it funny that anytime you say something like that it automatically makes you a racist in the eyes of the leftist morons.

  23. “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading” Thomas Jefferson

  24. I’ll be happy to sell these assholes my guns….20 million each. Molon Labe!

  25. bargis tryhol says:

    Here in Florida we celebrated Obama’s coronation a different way…

  26. Bloodless Coup says:



  27. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    How do you BUYBACK something you’ve never owned in the first place?

  28. All this nonsense about taking our firearms away is just that, nonsense. The frenzy being created is actually funny. The world is awash in weapons. It’s not going to happen. Just make sure that you make your opinion known to your legislators and this too will pass. My stock in Ruger has continued to be a good investment, so talk it up and keep that powder dry.

    This kind of subject, along with abortion, gay rights, etc., only diverts attention from the real issue we should be addressing: The economy.

  29. I was prepared to hate this website…..””Shut the F— up, Donnie! lmbo!”
    “Thatโ€™s right, I said a gun buy-back in Dallas. As in Dallas, Texas. As in, hey libtards, is ya ignorant? This is Texas! ”

    I love it! But then, I was born in Texas…before the libtards! There should have been some kind of immigration law against them!

  30. I believe that a lot of the firearms turned in at those gun buybacks have been used to commit crimes. Why else would somebody surrender a perfectly good weapon for chump change? The cops buy them from the public with no questions asked, and then they are allegedly destroyed. Of course, we know the best and most expensive ones wind up in the possession of police officers. Still it’s the best way to ditch a hot piece that wasn’t yours to begin with, and even get paid for it.

    • jespasinthru, I have been to a counter gun buy-back. The only people I saw selling guns to the PC do-gooders were older, white people. Hardly your criminal element. We lured several of these elderly people from the official gun buyback where they sold their firearms for several hundred dollars than they would have received from the PC do-gooders. Gun buybacks are a waste of time and money.