Angry White Infidel received some hate mail from some Muslim cat named Abbas Shaheed. Apparently, he did not find the Angry White Imam’s post about dead-wife humping amusing. Between camel-humping sessions, Abbas sent all manner of nasty grams to AW Infidel. Such as:

– yo bitch shu dafuq up, go screw ur aunt mother f@@@er!
– yeah damn ur family and ur wife if ur married, u aint got no shit to talk shit about other religions, u can rape kids u know, ur fuqing 6 year old daughter when she got rapped insidde of a dumptruck yeah bitch, damn u and ur mom!
– white bastard
go screw ur mom too if she’s lesbian, then call her friend over and do 3some u f@@@in’ 3 azzholed-alien mother f@@@er from my fuqing azz!
– ok listen u white bitch, im done with fuqing with ur mom, no more of your chritian bullsht or hindu vadjaslsdlsa. this is my world, go damn urself, and stay out of it, delete my email adress from ur ’email’ list dumbsht I know what u f@@@. sluts that I know. wat u wanna cry now? go f@@@ virgin mary for all i care.

Such anger from a follower of the religion of peace! So unlike the other peaceful followers of Muhammad! So Angry White Infidel dedicates the re-posting of the AW Imam’s piece to Abbas Shaheed!

Ohhhhhhh, shama lama you ding dong infidels. Angry White Imam in the house tent! And the AW Imam has got his freaky-deaky on, infidels! Because the Egyptian parliament has declared it is lawful for Muslims to have sex with their dead wives!! And what Muslim doesn’t have dead wives scattered all over the place? Oh, don’t get so self-righteous, you infidel dogs! The law only allows for the Egyptian Muslim man to have sexy time with his dead wife for the first six hours after her death. It’s not like Egyptians are like those savage Saudis, who can legally have sex with their dead wives until they have been dead six and a half hours! Animals!

Egyptians are, of course, the most civilized culture in the world, infidels. I know you agree. That’s why we Egyptians can only have sex with our dead wives for up to six hours after her death. It takes at least one hour to hose the blood off after the stoning, so we Muslim men must work fast if we’re going to get maximum flippy-floppy time in the saddle. And the parliament has enacted a fatwa to ensure that a Muslim man does not exceed his time limit. If an Egyptian Muslim husband has sex with his dead wife for even one minute more than the six hour time limit after her death…his penis will turn into a Jew. I know, it’s a horrible thought, infidels.

And, if dead wife humping wasn’t good enough news, the Egyptian parliament also lowered the minimum age for marriage for young girls to 14!! The Imam would like to see a much lower age. Sadly, Egypt is not as advanced as other Muslim nations that allow the marriage of girls as young as sperm. Also, many Muslim men in Egypt were greatly disappointed that the minimum age to kill young girls married to them remained at 15. Well, it gives us more time to dig the pit and pick the finest of stones. Because Muslim women deserve only the best!

Before you Jews and infidels cry for the poor Muslim women of Egypt, you should know that the Egypt’s National Council for Women is trying to have the new law overturned. As if, infidels! But Muslim women are creatures of Allah so they are allowed to speak. The National Council for Women said in a released statement:

‘The Egyptian parliament, by allowing husbands to have sex with their many, many dead wives, is marginalising and undermining the status of women would negatively affect the country’s human development.’

After their statement was read, we Imams killed and had sex with them. But not for one minute more than six hours! Allah forbids it…and besides, who wants a Jew for a penis?

To be honest, infidels, Muslim women have never been any better than a sick camel in the sack! Perhaps it is because we cut off their tingly parts when they are young girls. But doing the horizontal jihad with a Muslim woman is about the same whether she’s alive or dead, take it from the Imam. Thank Allah for those sexy goats who can be humped for weeks after their death!

Since Egyptian Muslims are a civilized people, the parliament has also decreed that the Muslim woman can also have sex with her dead husband for up to six hours after his death. If they ever manage to live longer than their husbands…which they don’t! But talk about climbing on top of a stiff! Bwahaha! Shama lama!

So once again, Islam wins and you infidels and Jews lose! Muslims get to enjoy some of life’s little pleasures….marrying children, killing them and then having sex with them. Don’t tell me you’re not envious, infidels! We will both know you are lying!

Since the Imam is so joyous over the new laws, I am going to treat you pigs and dogs to the Dance of the 1000 Imams. I will share with you that this is the song I play for each of my wives before she is stoned to death. They love it! Now, with the new laws and by the grace of Allah, all of my pre-stoning wives will have something to look forward to for at least six hours after her death!

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Don’t have to remind me why I have ZERO respect for any follower of that religion.

    They are so angry and twisted. Yuck!

  2. Abbas you are invited to my house we will sip hot tea, smoke the houka, and once the women serve us hot food I will send them out of the room.

    So we two men can work out our religious differences over a plate of Crispy Bacon.


    In the 21st Century we have someone living in the dark ages still

  4. This is disgusting.

  5. Yup, another fine example of just how sick these 6th century throwbacks are.

  6. Dr Poontang says:

    Absolutely repulsive! I have always felt that Islam is a disease of humanity but now I know I have been wrong. In order to be a part of humanity you must first be a human and not a filthy piece of dung. Not even animals have sex with their dead so Muslims must be waaaay below that. So Islam is not in fact a disease of humanity…just a disease. The only thing a Muslim is good for is
    ….well I will have to get back to you on that.

  7. Cooter Brown says:

    Oh Hell I have been doing that the last 20 years! And if I want her to know this I will tell her myself..

  8. What LANGUAGE was that that Abbas Shaheed posted that response in? It didn’t look like Arabic. Or English (duh). Ebonics, maybe? But even Ebonics is somewhat decipherable (sometimes). But whatever… it was painful to read. And they can’t for the life of them figure out why no one likes them. Or wants to welcome them into their country with open arms.


    Just imagine some islamic freako comming into your neighborhood and tell you that everyone would now have to abide by SHARIA LAW in which case you would tell them to GO TO HELL with MUHAMMED

  10. Louisiana Steve says:

    Ahmed once told me, “Dez wyffs bez smelly and sheeet, jus like day bez befo day be daid.”

  11. Angry White Imam, if you happen to speak with AWD any time soon, you might ask him about this.

    I heard about this happening in Miami, but now there is a buzz over Houston as well.