Say it ain’t so! Just when you think things can’t get any worse in some situations…sure enough they do! What I’m speaking about is the possibility of Barney Frank becoming a ‘Senator Barney Frank’…seems he wants the position in the worse way! That’s right folks, he has volunteered himself for the job. What a guy!

Here’s the report. – This is via TB:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just-retired Rep. Barney Frank says he’d like to serve as a temporary successor to Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the secretary of state nominee.

Frank tells MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he’s asked Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint him.

The Democratic governor will be required to fill Kerry’s seat with an interim appointment, while setting a day for the special election between 145 days and 160 days after Kerry’s resignation.

Patrick has said he expects the interim appointee won’t run in the special election. Frank says he doesn’t want the job for the long term.

He previously had said he didn’t want the appointment. But the 72-year-old Democrat, who served 16 terms and headed the House Financial Services Committee, now says the next few months will be important for the nation’s finances.

Throw in your two-cents…after-all, there’s plenty to add when it comes to the likes of Barney Frank and what he’s done in the past while he served in the House. – This congress-critter just won’t go away!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. misterbill says:

    Listen close, here’s my instruction
    Give me the seat so I can cause more destruction.
    I will sing and dance to a slow bolero
    While I slip my tongue in a gay vaquero

    I know you thought I would stay retired
    But , truth be told, I’m once again fired
    You may wonder why I’m willing to take the heat
    It’s ’cause I’m excited about another guy’s seat

    • misterb…

      Roaring with laughter. So true, so true! You hit the nail on every head in more ways than one! 😉

      Btw…does anyone believe for one nanosecond that Fwank won’t want that seat for as long as possible? – Retiring from politics my ass!

  2. He’d fit right in – better grab his A$$. I mean that figuratively of course.

  3. Cinnamon Girl says:

    All this business about governors appointing Senators needs to stop. It’s already so bad in some states and definitely in the Federal government—-with the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality. Let the people decide.

    But then, we all know the “people” in certain highly populated areas of the U.S. will decide upon whichever candidate (if he or she even becomes a candidate) gives them the most stuff or lies the best, such as with the whole GOP War on Women bullcrap that scared otherwise clear-headed women into voting for Obama and other Dems.

    Another thing: term limits. Sixteen terms??? That is INSANELY out of order. This country is worse than England under George III.

    • Yeah…in sixteen years this POS has helped do much damage to this country. Dodd/Frank is one major problem, let alone his involvement in Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae, along with one of his boy-pals too that he inserted on the payroll there. – Plus, we can’t forget about his house of ill-repute etc etc. On and on I could go…but I gotta stop for now…I shall return later.

  4. Might as well give the Ballchinian the appointment, he’d fit right in with the squaw from Mass. and the rest of the moonbat senate. We’re already screwed with the Dim majority and Reid in charge, wouldn’t change one piece of legislation.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Barnsmell Freak needs to have his pinhead examened his stupidty is showing through

  6. Dude,

    I have to confess to you and my fellow AWD readers that I’m feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment, given the recent election and the tailspin this once-great USA is in…
    It won’t take much more scenarios like this to make me surrender my American passport and emigrate. I’ve already started pricing real estate at a couple of potential destinations.

  7. anyone know his bra size???????????????? fat pig

  8. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Hell the old bastid will probably put out a sex tape.

  9. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    Why oh why do we not have term limits on congress?

  10. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (5/8) My Husband Gregory –

    “welcome to Amerika amigo”

    This lisping sodomite bio hazard makes me ill

  11. Well, you need to be sensitive. Old Barney retired and he married. He’s been layin’ up in his penthouse consuming and being consumed and now he wants to return with a fresh, new and rested constitution. Time to get back to work promoting sodomy, pederasty and champagne.

    I sure would love to wake up one fine morning to a news report that reported him sick with advanced HIV/AIDS but on his way nonetheless to a bath house to commiserate with Rahm and Barry.

    • Jax…

      I like your suggestion at the end where and whom with he commiserates with when all is said and done. – One can hope.

  12. Pity ya didnt mention hes a joo