I was recently queried by a fellow patriot asking if I knew of any groups readying for war. Short answer: No, I do not.

But, it did jog a realization (which I’m sure most of you have already had): We all should be readying for war.

Note that I don’t mean “war” metaphorically. I mean “war” as in war. Fighting, suffering, excruciating pain, gore, death, loss, heartbreak, tragedy, destruction, inhumanity, chaos, etc. I.e., something which no sane person wants but which we would be fooling ourselves in thinking isn’t being pushed upon us by The Powers That Be.

So I figured I’d put together a post outlining thoughts I’ve had and strategies I’ve taken to get myself into a position for whatever may come. I hope that it spurs some good input from the group. Consider this another “WIP” post whereby I’ll synthesize all the feedback into something more comprehensive later.

In the meantime, this is what I’ve got:

1. Keep it on the DL

Patriots are the New Homosexuals

Back in the good old days when faggotry was considered something to be embarrassed about, homosexuals had to dance around their intentions and very, very, ever-so-carefully feel out other potentially like-minded men out of fear of being “outed” and thus subject to humiliation, ostracizing, or worse. (“You’re a friend of Abe’s?” is the new “You like Judy Garland?”)

Perhaps this analogy doesn’t hold true in blessed Red States like Texas, but up here in cursed Libtard country, it certainly does.

So to the question of “How does one find fellow [local] brothers-in-arms?”, the answer is: very carefully.

The Lessons of a Certain AWDer

No, it wasn’t me. (I think it was patriot extraordinaire Mister Bill who was mistaken on that.) It was a fellow patriot whose name shall remain, for our purposes here, “Peanut Butter”. Anyway, he posted a comment that was construed as a threat against someone in position of power, and, voila, got himself a visit by the Secret Service.

What can we learn from this little situation?

  1. They’re watching us. This isn’t paranoid talk. This is not theory. This is fact. The evidence has been gathered and it is indisputable: They are watching us.
  2. They will find you, no matter how anonymous you think you are. (Again, not paranoid conspiracy theory, but demonstrable fact.)
  3. Control yourself, soldier. Bite your effing tongue. Loose lips sink patriots. If you think it might get you or any other patriot in trouble, don’t type it. Save it for a hushed, face-to-face conversation with a close confidante.

Only the Paranoid Survive

Do I know any groups preparing for war? No; nor should I. If any person or group were openly advocating for violent insurrection against the USG, I’d say they’re almost certainly an agent provocateur or honey pot.

Again, they’re watching us. They’ve not doubt infiltrated every patriot group out there, from militias down to blogs like this one. Don’t play the patsy. Distrust anyone who talks concretely about violence or destruction.

Don’t be these clowns.

2. Network

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers is strictly an outreach organization to educate current and former military men and law enforcement officers on their commitments to the Constitution. Nothing more and nothing less.

However, I’ve found this group to be filled with patriots who strike me as willing, ready, and able to defend the country by any means necessary. In short, though the OKs aren’t, by definition, going to organize anything more than Constitution 101 classes, their members are nonetheless good people to know should/when SHTF.

III% Patriots

I’ve posted about this group before. I like their message and their spunk. They’re no doubt heavily monitored by Nappy Napolitano and her bull-dyke crew over there at the Department of Fatherland Security (which would be to their credit). My only concern is that they seem to be having difficulty organizing/gaining traction.

In any event, I’d recommend joining their ranks at any of the following locations:

Local Militias

This is something I have yet to explore, but I intend to do so before the month’s out.


Like the Oath Keepers, prepping has nothing to do with fighting or anything like that, yet most preppers I’ve met seem to be disproportionately eyes-wide-open patriots who are willing, ready, and able.

3. SHTF Plan


Food, water, medical supplies, medication, fuel, etc. Again, join a good preppers group to get all the niity-gritty on the what and hows of getting all this crap together, etc.


Guns and ammo, baby. If you don’t have them yet, get them now. (In case you haven’t noticed, the clock is ticking. Fast.)

See here, here, and here for good conversations on what to get.


This is extremely important, and perhaps the single most important thing for those of us in enemy territory. E.g., what do you do when SHTF?
How do you get your family to safety? What are your contingency plans? How do you get in contact with friends and family when all communication systems are down? What do you do about gas in the car when there are no gas stations in operation? Etc.

On 9/11, Rudy Giuliani reached into his desk and pulled out an emergency plan for the entire metropolis of New York…and executed it. We should all be this prepared and thorough with our planning when all goes to pot. (No, I’m not there yet myself.)

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Update 2013-01-11 – 15-58

Courtesy Facebook post:

In November of 2004 it took 13,500 US Marines and Army soldiers to subdue the Iraqi city of Fallujah, with a population of 326,000 – about the population of Cleveland, Ohio.

Of the American force which entered the city, 95 of our men were killed, and 560 horribly wounded. The Red Cross estimated that some 800 civilians were killed during the fighting. This battle proved to be the bloodiest of the war and perhaps the toughest for US troops since Vietnam or even the Pacific campaign of World War II.

No one had ever expected such effective resistance from the poorly trained and demoralized Iraqi army, led by incompetent officers…

But instead the US found itself fighting against the highly motivated yet untrained average Iraqi middle class citizen who had absolutely no gun culture and had suffered for generations under a police state. These outraged citizens were armed with nothing more than Saddam’s left over AK-47’s with a limited supply of ammunition and a handful of grenades.

Indeed, the US military found the Iraqi’s so stubborn, it was forced to resort to violating the Geneva Conventions and fire deadly White Phosphorus poison against human beings in order to rout the defenders. Fighters who had nothing more than light arms.

So the next issue then becomes: if the vaunted United States Marine Corps had this much trouble with uneducated, untrained, poorly led and barely equipped civilians in Iraq, what do you think is going to happen when the local police try and start confiscating guns here in America? Against motivated people who KNOW how to use those guns, and have been purchasing ammo and weapons at unprecedented levels for the last four years?

Presuming those criminals in government can find a cop or soldier even willing to break their oath in the first place; we’re NOT giving up our guns and will fight to preserve our liberty.

Time is running out fast people. If we’re to prevent this violence, call your local politicians NOW and tell them to STOP provoking the American people into a Civil War. Let them know in no uncertain terms: you will NOT comply with any “law” to disarm the citizenry.

Update 2013-01-11 16-01:

Too much profanity to repost. Please visit here: The Badass of the Week: Simo Häyhä
Hat tip “michael”.

Update 2013-01-11 17-13:

A review of a previous post: There Will Be Blood

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    Dont allow anyone to disarm you and that inclueds OBAMA the FINK and his IMPERIAL STORM TROOPERS from the BLACK PANTHERS

  2. LonelyInBaltimore says:


    Many thanks from a newbie.

    MUCH respect that you deserve,


  3. I need to pick up the pace in my preps. Things seem to be moving swiftly. Great article, hope you’ll revisit it as you gather information.

  4. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    Speaking to the “networking” segment…

    • Keep Honking, when are we shooting our bows?


      • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

        I’m a little further out of range than I was this time last year… about 2.5 hours further south of ya now.

        If you still have those GPS coordinates I sent you, that’s where I’ll be when/if this shit goes down.

  5. Good one, keep honking. Thee are a few others which I should include as well.

  6. Thanks, RedStateNYC for all the good advice.

  7. BigLittleKid says:

    Yes, many thanks.

  8. Concur Red, some very good advice.

    Don’t forget flashlights and buck knives…just plain good to have.

    Blistered, out!

  9. This is why I won’t give in.

    Live free, or die.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Jeff says:
      January 11, 2013 at 11:39 am

      The above photo is every liberal’s/gun control advocate’s wet dream: They are the one holding the pistol and the kneeling guy about to take a bullet in the head is everyone they want to do it. And they will do it, if given the chance. Liberals always have some one they want to murder. Just ask antichrist Obama’s friend Bill Ayers.

  10. Mr RedStater you are quite correct.


    Preparation, hell; this war has already started to judge by the FBI crime stats re: black/white violent crime rates.

  12. Our campaign ought to be not only to prepare for war, but to get the retarded moocher states and their elitist masters to Want us to seceed. We need to push these vermin to the point where they bid us ‘good riddance’ -then MAYBE we can re-establish a Constitutional Republic of Free Citizens without bloodshed and/or war.
    We must make them want nothing further to do with us (at least the average lib on the street) so that their war to subjugate us, and force us to remain in their ‘union’ will not have popular backing.

  13. The Danish film “Flame and Citron” (Flammen & Citronen 2008)is about how two resistance fighters, red-headed Bent Faurschou-Hviid (“Flame”) and Jørgen Haagen Schmith (“Citron”), assassins in the Danish resistance take on domestic enemies during Nazi occupation. They were awarded the US Medal of Freedom post-humous.

    Fortunately for readers, someone has posted the movie in sections on youtube.

    The Chinese movie, City of Life and Death, about Nanking 1937, is about how an unarmed civilian population is treated by armed men from Japan.

    It too has been posted on youtube.

    After watching those movies, you should not have ANY question of why the Second Amendment exists and why you NEED an AR-15.

  14. Red… you can use my name, SS already knows who I am. Good post, especially about keeping a low profile and feeling others out. My neighbor two doors down is getting ready for the worst… I think the government is going to be in for a big surprise if they cross the line.

    • But I like calling you “Peanut Butter”! lol

      But seriously, I agree–I don’t think they (the USG) get just how widespread the anger is and how ready we all are to put an end to the insanity.

      • Right Wing Terrorist says:

        They don’t get it because they also live in an artificially constructed echo chamber designed by their buddys in the MSM.

        • I think that they ‘get it’ and are intentionally going ‘forward’.
          The question is, why?
          Is it blind faith in Statism? Is it the simple fact that they know they have already destroyed America and the end is in one way or another inevitable? Is it just a damned Greek tragedy, where everybody can see what is happening, but due to their individual make up and motivations they are helpless to change?

          We all know that reality is this country is way beyond broke and the only reason we haven’t seen Weimar or Zimbabwe hyper inflation yet is because the rest of the world is still accepting payment in dollars. What happens when they stop accepting toilet paper Federal Reserve notes? What happens when China floods the bond market with worthless American debt?

          What will happen when George Zimmerman is acquitted or found simply ‘not guilty’?

          What will happen if LaRaza (with their former VP on the Supreme Court) decides to try and steal their fantasyland of Aztlan?

          What will happen if a solar storm knocks the grid offline for a week or two, or if N Korea launches a nuke set to explode in LEO (Low earth orbit)knocking the grid offline?

          We’re sitting on a powder keg, and even the most purblind Washington lickspittle has to be able to see it.

          I think they are simply making their putsch now, in the hope that they can hold their positions of self aggrandisement and power, rather than try (the impossible) to reconquer the continent after.
          I may be overestimating them, but that is better than underestimating them… Ever corner a wild animal in your yard or woodshed?

  15. That is scary, the visit I mean. What was dais that was so bad?

  16. Pat Buchanon on McLaughlin Group said that a MILLION AR-15s were on backorder. So that would mean 20,000 ARs per state. I’d say that you should get your friends to put orders in the pipeline and that an AR-15 would make a fine wedding gift. Heck, any of your children would be ecstatic with getting an AR-15! I’ve given a Ruger 10/22 as a wedding gift. Every AR-15 sold now is a poke in the eye of the gun controllers and their news media. And don’t forget to buy hi-cap mags to keep our American factories humming and the Joe Bidens and Dick Durbins decrying their purchase by their subjects.

    The marketplace is where to make your checkbook vote.

    Vote early and vote often, as they say in Chicago.

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