Tom Wolfe

Dr. Wolfe, I presume?

Southern-fried dandy and writer extraordinaire Tom Wolfe has been receiving quite a bit of attention in the race-realist sphere with his new book, “Back to Blood“—and, from the reviews I’ve read of it, for good reason. (For those not in the know, it’s basically a great American novel about the disaster that is multiculturalism.)

Given that it’s written by someone as prominent, respected, and widely-read as Wolfe, this is a considerable win for those who have long been sounding the alarm on what the elite-mandated multicult is doing to America.

But I believe there’s more to the story of the multicult beyond just going “back to blood”—i.e., beyond a mere return to ethnic chauvinism and racial/ethnic hostilities. If whites were being replaced by, say, Japanese, this might be the end of the story. But we’re not. We’re being replaced by mestizos demographically, by blacks politically, and by Muslims religiously.

And this means something entirely different.

Were the Japanese or Chinese or whatever other peoples of the northern climes overtaking America, it would result in a battle of cultures and civilizations. But we’re not in a “battle of cultures” or “civilizations” with blacks and mestizos and Muslims. We’re in a battle to save culture from non-culture; to save civilization from the uncivilized.

The ultraviolent, abjectly chaotic horror show that is any black-dominated city or nation needs no mention to this audience. Meanwhile, Mexico routinely suffers—and the Muslim world enshrines in law—the most gruesome and horrifying tortures not seen amongst whites since the nadir of the Medieval era—a time pushing at least a half millennium ago.

It’s now 2013. How can any culture claim to be civilized when skinning people alive, beheading people, stoning women to death, stitching skinned faces to soccer balls, etc., is common practice?

So how are such uncouth, uncivilized barbarians winning here in America, land of the free and home of the brave?

Well, as barbarians will do, they are concerned about only the fundaments of human behavior: Fighting/fleeing, feeding, and effing (the “four Fs“).

Etiquette? Honesty? Sophistication? Law and order? Ethics? Morality? Freedom? All concepts and behaviors well beyond the reach of the lot of them.

And so you can forget about science and technology. I mean, who invented the telephones they use? Who invented the means of production to make said phones mass-producible and hence affordable? Who invented the satellites that enable those phones to communicate with one another? Who developed the space program that put those satellites into orbit? Who discovered and developed classical physics that led to the development of the space program?

Etc., on and on. The answer is always the same to any such questions: whites did.

And what have been the accomplishments of blacks, mestizos, and Muslims? Their collective accomplishment is singular: They simply out-breed us.

And for this, we feed them, house them, clothe them, cure them; promote them well beyond their capacities; praise them without any merit or justification; and, most insane of all, put them into positions of power over us.

Eric Drexler once envisioned the world being destroyed by self-replicating nanobots which, because they were programmed to simply consume the environment in order to replicate themselves, turn the whole of the earth into a lifeless, colorless, gray goo. To quote Wikipedia’s entry:

Grey goo (alternatively spelled gray goo) is a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves,[1][2] a scenario known as ecophagy (“eating the environment”).[3]

I think Drexler was prescient, though decidedly mistaken. The color of the great goo that destroys life’s rich pageantry won’t be gray. It is—and will continue to be—brown.

Gray Goo

Nom, nom, nom

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    The NANOBOT beware that might be injecting them into us through imunizations and such as that so Big Brother can control us all Just like in old sci fi movies like IT CONQURED THE WORLD and INVADERS FROM MARS

  2. Well Red I guess that settles it…

    When all men are Goo, All men will be equal

    At least Nanobots would achieve dominance through efficiency. The new culture socialist will just do a hatchet job on the place.

  3. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    STFU and go back to watching NASCAR.

    Seriously, I agree with a lot of the articles and many of views on this blog but this article is just plain ignorant.

    • Name one thing you bastards have done to better our lives.Look it up white have done more for mankind than any black or mexican has ever done.All of you have been nothing but leeches on the white race.

    • STFU and go back to watching NASCAR. For those of us who know Redstater, that does not fit his profile. You sir are the ignorant one. Stereotype much?

  4. misterbill says:

    Red, Goo for you! This is an excellent piece.

    Apparently William the Bullshitter does not agree.

    Maybe because, guessing from his handle, he is of Hispanic descent.

    I always find it a bit amazing and a bit amusing that those whose tribe benefits, fails to see the truth of any statements about their ethnic group that is negative. Never mind that it is the truth.

    A large number of white people in America are so wrapped in white guilt that they would self destroy and take us with them in the process. They will, of course, attempt to weaken themselves and us to accomplish this , as witness the ignorant effort to disarm us.

    Peace to you and to the self destroyers I say

    –molon labe — as someone else said here today.

  5. David in SC says:

    You Sir have clarity, eyes wide open,,,

    As you’ve noted previously, time to fight back, hold your money, spend it like a weapon, for the enemy uses our own currency to subvert us, drain them slowly financially, speak truth against lies, frack political correctness, time for everyone to say what they think without fear of the establishment. Let those who can, do, and those who can’t, go extinct or leave. They all seem to be so damn proud of “afica” and “mehico”. I spoke to a friend today about the companay that his making bullet proof bookbags and child clothing in response Sandy hook, the latest gov’t anti-gun operation, and we were looking at this,

    I remember years ago reading that in South America and Africa you could have your vehicle up-armored or buy an armored vehicle, some had anti-something systems like electricifed door handles and flame throwers to prevent someone from breaking in. I’ve also read about clothing lines that are “bulletproof” as well as home fortress systems. This was in 3rd world hell holes where they kill each other with wild abandon and little regard.

    Now, it’s here. the savages are taking over. But collectively, we can stop it if we want too. Erbody needs to get damned mad, madder than hell,,,,

  6. Cinnamon Girl says:

    RedStater, excellent post. It takes guts to tell it like it is.

    As for whites, there is one thing that keeps me going, and it’s the fact that we survived ice ages, built our stamina, determination, strength, and fortitude in Siberia, Scandinavia, Northern Europe. We are of Viking, Celtic, and Gaul stock. We were the invading masses and often the defending ones, and we won time and time again.

    We mixed and mingled with others like us but when our own tried to keep us slaves through taxation from the state, we founded this country. Right or wrong, we survived.

    Let Australia ruin itself. Let Great Britain be a memory. But America will—-MUST go on. And it will go on only if OUR people make it so. We simply need to have the will again, and I’m seeing it all over the place from the common, yes, white, man.

    We should never apologize for our ancestors. We should never bow down to anyone because of our race and we should be proud of our accomplishments rather than abandoning them. America is now our only home. We must take it back. And if someone wants to call me a racist for saying so, so be it.

    • Tally no CG, agree completely. Our ancestors are the firmament with which this country was created and that will never change. Either they will adapt to American values and assimAlate to our culture or they will go extinct.


    • Damn CG,you had me standing up waving Old Glory and singing the SSB.Well said.

  7. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    Look, the point is that it is stupid to say that the pigment of your skin makes a difference in terms if what sort of person you are.

    It doesnt. It is culture and values. I am hispanic if you havent guessed by now. I am a strong conservative, I own guns, I love America and teach my children to love America. I don’t take for granted our freedoms and I strongly believe that this is STILL the land of opportunity. I have a masters degree in telecommunications and a high paying job. I work hard and I dont ask for any affirmative action special treatment bull shit. I dont want a head start all I want is a fair shot at the race.

    And for every thug cholo gangbanger there are 2 of us, you just dont see us on the 10 o’clock news.

    Nuff said!

    • David in SC says:

      I reckon that’s why so many Hispanic countries are jewels that people from all over the world flock too… And they’re own citizens dread leaving their little paradises. Right?

    • Guillermo, I agree with you. I’m impressed with so many Hispanic youth that I meet. They are not thugs and are well-mannered and courteous. They make good grades and have respect for others. I know there are some bad guys who have crossed the border from some latin countries but I’m beginning to understand they are the exception and not the rule.


  8. Congratulations Guillermo, seriously.

    I would ask one question, are you a hyphenated American or an American?

    Blistered, over!

  9. To Guillermo et al.,

    I take for granted certain things go without saying in my posts (both for purposes of brevity and avoidance of mind-numbing repetition). A key one is that I speak in generalities (and all generalities are false), referring to group characteristics and not the characteristics of any particular individual within that group. It’s an insult to my intelligence to imply that I don’t understand that individuals should be judged by their particular merits and not by their group characteristics. No one with a brain makes that mistake.

    Additionally, this nonsense about “skin pigment” or “melanin levels” needs to stop. This is a mindless talking point parroted by ignorant, thoughtless libtards. Race is much more than skin deep. The data for this are simply too voluminous to recount here, but for starters, consider the fact that forensic science can determine a victim’s race by nothing more than the victim’s bones (e.g., From there, move on to Tay Sachs, sickle cell anemia, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease; from there, on to sweat glands, testosterone levels, cranial capacity, prefrontal cortex size, schizophrenia rates, IQ distributions, etc.

    All this said, I am always hesitant to lump “mestizos” in with blacks and Muslims. (Side note: I have played around with various labels for what I’m looking for here, including also “Hispanic” and “Latino”. Neither of those seem satisfactory, though, since they both seem to refer to anyone of any race who can claim a lineage that hails from anywhere south of the border.) My reasons for this are identical to what you and AWD have articulated: That the vast majority of mestizos I have personally known have been polite, hard working, and law-abiding. But this also holds true for the vast majority of blacks, Muslims, gays, Jews, etc., that I’ve known.

    So whence my antipathy?

    Again, I’m looking at group performance. Blacks, on the whole, appear hopeless to me. Ditto Muslims (unless they convert). I do hold out hope for mestizos, but until large “Hispanic” enclaves start pumping out technological marvels, scientific geniuses and economic powerhouses the likes of which white civilization has been doing for centuries–throughout cultural and sociopolitical milieus as varied as anything the world has seen–I stand by my contention–unpleasant, discouraging, and impolitic as it may be–that the dispossession of whites at the hands of blacks, Muslims, and mestizos is the death knell of civilization.

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