As many of you already know…our precious freedoms are being silently taken away from us incrementally, day by day, across this land from sea to shining to sea. Yet, the majority of us do nothing and trudge on with our daily lives. And those that do fight whatever the topic is with all their might remain basically silenced by the msm of all venues if it doesn’t fit their progressive agenda…unfortunately.

Of course, agenda matters when it comes to the progressives and their jihad on America dontcha know! Valerie Jarrett is proud of her students doing as told…and that they are! BHO does as told, he’s always been a puppet on a string of the uppity-ups, they taught him well, he’s been a well-greased snake-oil salesman for them from day one…and they’re reaping their awards for this now. The destruction of a free America is about to be free no more in a matter of a few years…and they have the timing of that well planned. – Soros is proud…his money for decades and planning has been well invested for his future take-over of a constitutional republic and turning her into a banana republic.

This report is going to be one more example of just what I mean about our personal freedom being taken away…and even though it is, we must be forced to pay that price to Big Brother’s agenda in any way available. Whether it’s being arrested and jailed with protesting this govt. overreach or not…the majority of this country just does not care one way or the other. – Past pathetic….period!

Here’s the story about this issue. Meet Jennifer Stahl. – This is via TB:

Jennifer Stahl has been a strong advocate against the smart meter program in Naperville, Ill., for the last two years. The issue came to a head Wednesday afternoon when she was arrested while refusing to let the utility workers install the controversial device.

“I was protecting my property,” Stahl said in an interview with TheBlaze Thursday afternoon. “I felt my emotion was like a momma bear protecting her babies.”

Stahl was at a friend’s house when she received the call from her husband that the utility workers had arrived. She was home within 15 minutes and saw they were at a neighbor’s house. Her neighbors were not home, but they had signs stating they did not permit the new meter to be installed.

Stahl said she waited on her porch for the workers to arrive at her house. When they did, she refused them access to her backyard through her locked gate. The police — including the police supervisor, a sergeant — were called. Stahl said the sergeant explained the workers had authorization to access the meter, but Stahl stood her ground saying she didn’t approve it. The sergeant continued to try and convince Stahl to comply and said if she didn’t, he’d arrest her.

“The city has always had and maintains the right to access our equipment, and today we were simply exercising that right,” City Manager Doug Kreiger told the Chicago Tribune, which reported Wednesday’s events.

The lock on Stahl’s fence was cut, and when Stahl wouldn’t step away from the meter, she was lead away by an officer, cuffed and waited for a marked squad car to arrive to take her to the department. When asked why she was being arrested, she was told it was for interfering with a police officer.

Did she ever think it would come to this?

“It occurred to me,” Stahl said, explaining that she previously had considered how far she would go to maintain her stance.

“I didn’t put my name on a federal lawsuit” to stand down now, Stahl continued.

(You can watch the local CBS news report about what was said above. Just click the highlighted TB link that’s at the start of the story to get it if you desire.) Here’s a report I found about this below:

The group Naperville Smart Meter Awareness has filed a lawsuit, for which there are currently motions to dismiss as well as to grant temporary restraining orders for residents refusing the meters.

Tom Glass, a member of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, told TheBlaze Thursday he felt the fact that the city is arresting residents for refusing is “completely frightening in this day in age.”

“The city is still sending around people to read these [smart] meters … they don’t work,” Glass continued.

Stahl was one of two women arrested while smart meters were being installed on their property without permission Wednesday. Malia “Kim” Bendis was the second who received two misdemeanors for attempted eavesdropping and resisting a police officer, according to the Tribune.

This video posted to YouTube shows Bendis protesting the removal of her analog meter for installation of a smart meter:

Stahl estimated at the rate the city is going installing smart meters that they’ll be complete with 100 percent compliance by the end of the week. The Tribune reported 57,000 homes (99 percent) have them so far.

“It’s not acceptable that the city can choose for me on my behalf to install this meter that I don’t think is appropriate for myself,” Stahl said. “I choose to keep my analog meter because of all the issues. I can’t believe the city is not providing an alternative option.”

The controversy over smart meters has been seen in cities around the nation. Some have concerns about the type of data the smart meters will allow to be collected (and how that data will be used). Others worry about the health risks associated with transmitter in the smart meter, including headaches, insomnia, tinnitus and DNA breakdown.

Here’s video of a third Naperville mother emotionally refusing the smart meter Wednesday fearing her daughter’s health:

As for Stahl, she said when she arrived home later, the smart meter was installed.

“I choose to rise above. I’m not going to worry about what I’m going to do [about the meter] at this point. I’m going to focus on my energy into mobilizing the people of Naperville and around the country … to do something to take a stand as well,” Stahl said.

Anything you want to say about all of this? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. LonelyInBaltimore says:

    What the F— is going ON in this damn country?!


    • Hey there…trust me, you’re not alone by any measure. I cannot believe what I read, watch and hear daily. – It’s simply unbelievable…hell, you’d think you we’re in a nightmare, make-believable USA now, compared to what she once was. Then again…we are.

    • Listen to Coast to Coast radio, or at their website..
      this has been in the news.

  2. Cinnamon Girl says:

    While I admit I’m ignorant of smart meters (and will do some research to learn more), it is outrageous this is happening.

    It’s funny to me that people will protest whatever they believe is bad for them that is done by a private industry, but will happily go along with something promoted (or rather, enforced) by the government!

    This is a prime example of brainwashing. Smart meters = good. Fracking = bad. It’s absolutely amazing. Our own government takes away our freedoms, our desires, even our needs and gives us physically and emotionally harmful ideas and devices over which we have no control (unlike the controllable firearm in the hands of a responsible citizen).

    There is no doubt whatsoever now that we are no longer free at all.

    • CG… exactly! And to top it all off, including all we both said here…it’s costing us an arm and a leg at the same time. We cannot handle, nor sustain this power. We cannot afford to feed the beast if we are broke ourselves!

    • 79Firebirdman says:

      The main issue with smart meters is with their ability to remotely monitor and control power usage, including the ability to turn off your power for using “too much”. Who gets to decide what is too much usage and what would be the motivations, political or otherwise, for the decision?

  3. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Okay. I just went outside and checked and….we have a smart meter installed. Then I looked up the harmful effects….and it surely explains a lot. Tinnitus, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrythmia, all things I never had before living here. Maybe it’s a placebo effect but I don’t think so. I didn’t know I HAD a smart meter and didn’t know they could cause these things until now. Holy crapola.

    • Spooky isn’t it? – Big Brother hard at work!


      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        BT, I hear ya. JUST LAST NIGHT, before I had ever heard of anything such as smart meters, I was noticing persistent tinnitus and remarked to myself that it was pretty pervasive. I’ve also had nausea nearly daily and just last year, after a year of living here, I started getting revving heart beats.

        Wow. This is worth looking into some more and finding out if my mother has one so I can at least alert her. Gee!

        • CG…

          Just look at what they’re doing with replacing good ol’ Edison light bulbs, hell we have to install some screwy looking bulb now that takes forever to warm/light up to the capacity we’re used to for the wattage size we’re used to…we have to be aware if that greenie-weenie govt. issued bulb breaks…we must call our govt. to come in an clean it up with their hazmat suits on if our bulb breaks. – This isn’t a joke either.

          Most people can’t afford the newer bulbs (thanks to the progressive greenies congress-critters), we can’t afford the govt. charge to us from the them coming to our homes in hazmats suits to clean it up as we are required to do either…WE CAN’T AFFORD NOT CHANGING THIS COUNTY AROUND…FAST! Or we are done, over and out! ~

    • 79Firebirdman says:

      The day that my utility puts one of those things on my house, I’ll find an ambulance chasing lawyer that’s good at what they do and file a class action lawsuit.

    • CG,

      I also never heard of smart meters before this post by BT… may have to file a lawsuit against BT for stress due to reading this post. Anyway, went online and read about side effects due to these meters… seems there are plenty of people claiming sickness once these meters were installed.

      I’m sure the meters are just being installed on houses where republicans live… LOL

  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Okay, a couple more findings. Dizziness (wow—-just getting that in these last few months), and persistent nightmares or very odd dreams (sure, I’m stressed but not THAT stressed, not for two solid years), and even asthma (I’ve never had trouble breathing before living here and I’m very near the Gulf, with less pollution than Atlanta).


  5. Yep, just another step in the marxist take over… and Im the crazy one huh?

    • Vince…you’re not the crazy one. The sheeple that cower and do nothing about this are the crazy ones. Like you say, this is just one more step of the long arm of big brother reaching in to our private lives and controlling us any which way they can.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Court says Obama recess appointments invalid

        A Yahoo! User • 1 hr 3 mins ago

        i am surpised this news was printed.

        flash 1 min 15 secs ago

        Right you are but it’s spelled Fuhrer

        mark • 1 hr 8 mins ago

        Wow we actually have a court out there that still respects the Constitution!

        michael • 53 mins ago

        well at least ONE court understands the constitution

        • Hey Snake…

          I heard that news about an hour ago via radio as well. As soon as I settle in for awhile I plan on looking into this and posting about it later today. (maybe)


    Smart meters realy just another tool for BIG BROTHER to monitor us 24/7 the DEPT of ENERGY,EPA,DEPT of the INFEIOR and KING OBAMA the FINK as well as the sinister UNITED NATIONS as well

  7. I had one put on when we were gone for the day, they informed us after the fact. I here ya can have fun with them with aluminum foil. Its another way for them to control your electrical use. Lots of sites out there for you info on them and monkey wrenching then, not that I would advocate that.

    • Snicker, snicker….not that anyone would advocate doing something like that to Big Brother. WE MUST be good little peons and OBEY!

  8. I want to climb up on my roof and scream like a chicken. I can’t take any more of this. I want the govermnent out of my life!! What size toilets or light bulbs I use is nobodys business!! This madness has got to stop!!!

  9. Sure is!! The old toilets are worth a fortune now because the new “water saver”ones blow! you have to flush them 3 times to get rid of what you just got “rid”of and those light bulbs are full of mercury.Drop one and is breaks….you have to call a hazmat team to clean it up.Smart meters! Anything this government calls smart, well you know it is dumber than shit!

  10. Snake Oiler says:

    A “Conspiracy Theory” Based at The New York Times

    The Obama Administration is facilitating the activities of foreign jihadists and al Qaeda throughout the Middle East, while claiming that it is fighting al Qaeda and that the organization has been “decimated.” This monumental deception is being carried out not only by the administration but its supporters. It is a crime that has cost four American lives in Benghazi and three in the kidnapping and hostage crisis in Algeria.

    The George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) is running interference for the Obama Administration by attacking those, like Senator Rand Paul, who are trying to expose the suicidal policy.

    In an item headlined, “Senator questions Secretary of State about right-wing conspiracy theory,” CAP says Paul used Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “to advance a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory involving alleged gun-running from Libya to Syria, via Turkey.” The basic facts about the so-called “right-wing conspiracy theory” have been reported by The New York Times, hardly a right-wing propaganda organ. And the “conspiracy” also involves Qatar, the host and sponsor of Osama bin Laden’s favorite television channel, Al Jazeera, now poised to get into 40-50 million American homes through the purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV.

    • Soros can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I hate that evil bastard…and I rarely use the word hate in this way.

      Btw…speaking of Rand Paul ~

      I suppose this is a conspiracy too according to the many tentacles of Soros’ group of piss-ants.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        If you have the time, this one is pretty tremendous…

        Dumber Than You Think You Are

        If you passed through any school system since the 1960s, you are a lot dumber than you think you are. Those of us educated in the 1940s and 50s learned the fundamentals of literacy, history, civics, mathematics, and science in ways that no system relentlessly devoted to “self-esteem” ever could.

        • Snake…

          Thanks…I’ll have to check that out later if I get the time. The lede to that is telling as it is though. 😉

      • well said. I feel the same way. He is pure evil.

  11. Speaking of big brother…have any of you heard about this?

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Borg are in Obamas cabnet and the UNITED NATIONS as well

  13. Obviously, the smart meter is there to control your pot growing lamps so that the Federal government can control the state-approved pot growing crop. It’s a win-win for the Federal government; they manage the power grid AND they manage the pot crop so that the State cannot undercut the Mexican cartel’s pot prices… no more need for The Great and Powerful Obama’s Fast and Furious guns to maintain pot prices!

  14. Snake Oiler says:


    By Attorney Jonathan Emord
    Author of “The Rise of Tyranny” and
    “Global Censorship of Health Information” and
    “Restore The Republic”
    January 24, 2013

    From 1940 to 1988 the United States was unquestionably the world’s greatest superpower. The beneficiary of a great free market, intellect from around the world, and civil liberty, the nation was a beacon of opportunity, progress and liberty. There was among Americans a sense of invincibility. Best characterized by ingenuity, bravery, and compassion, America and Americans were the envy of the world. Jealously hated by some, lovingly admired by others, we were undoubtedly the greatest economic and military power the world had ever seen and the only place in the world where people yearning to be free could find refuge.

    Ronald Reagan epitomized the American spirit of this era. From humble origins, he rose in radio broadcasting, in acting, and finally (and most magnificently) in politics. Originally a Roosevelt Democrat, he became a conservative Republican. He believed fundamentally that the nation’s best days were ahead of it and that, while freedom remained but one generation away from extinction, the American love of liberty would be translated into action that would overcome every obstacle placed in front of the nation.

    From the Model T Ford to the personal computer to a myriad of inventions in between, America in its hay day was a formidable example of just how far mankind could elevate its condition, if only free. Those who came to the United States from foreign countries were awestruck at the wealth, variety, opportunity, and freedom this bountiful nation provided. In no other country could those who possessed almost nothing material but filled with innate talent and drive, translate those gifts into wealth. America was the great meritocracy.

    We were distinctly different from Europe and proud to be so. Unlike the kind of top down control exercised by European governments over their markets, our marketplace was far less constrained. Unlike the kind of rigid social classes common in Europe, Americans enjoyed extraordinary upward (and downward) mobility. A boy who grew up on an Illinois farm could become a rocket scientist. A girl who grew up on a ranch in Montana could become a member of Congress. The Ohio son of a merchant, a boy who wondered whether man would ever fly in interplanetary space, could become a test pilot and then an astronaut. If you could dream it, you could be it.

    I recommend reading the whole piece. The descent is described in the second half.


    Say no to the eco-nazis

  16. big magnet.

    that is all.