AWD never really cared for Buffalo Wild Wings food. Now I won’t ever go back. Not because their wings are tiny and the service is typically bad…which it is. Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t want law-abiding citizens with concealed carry giving their hard-earned dollars in their restaurants. Well, OK then.

AWD finds himself voting more and more with my money these days. While watching (endless) previews before seeing the movie Zero Dark Thirty last week, AWD saw several movies that looked interesting but I won’t see. One is a mafia movie (the Big Sexy loves mafia movies) with Sean Penn. Nope, never ever will I pay anything that goes to Sean Penn. Another was with the Rock that looked quasi-interesting. But it also has Susan Sarandon. Uh, no more calls please…..we have a loser! I would rather mud-wrassle with Rosie O’Donnell than see anything with that comm-a-nist hag Susan Sarandon. Capitol One credit cards can kiss my big white ass before I get one of their credit cards after hiring the douche Alec Baldwin as their spokesturd. What in the hell are these people thinking?

So now AWD learns that Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t allow guns (legal, that is) in their restaurants. Well, Buffalo Wild Wings can also kissear my grande culo because I’ll never eat there again. I don’t care if they one day change their libtarded policy…never, ever will a Buffalo Wild Wings morsel of food pass the AWD’s big sexy lips!

Peter Helfrich of Buffalo Wild Wings said:

”We want everyone to have fun but we want to keep everyone safe.”

It’s lots of fun begging for your life when you have no way to defend yourself when a criminal or psycho enters the Buffalo Wild Wings with the goal of killing everyone inside! Fun for the whole family!

Peter Helfrich is a moron! He assumes guns cause violence. Wonder who he voted for? So he and his stupid restaurant penalize legal concealed gun owners because they “want everyone to have fun and be safe.” Hey Pete, look how well those gun-free zones are doing across the country! Look further to Barakistan (aka Chicago) here it is illegal to own a gun. They lead the universe in gun murders! If you want to keep your diners safe, Petey, you’d welcome honest, law-abiding citizens with guns on your premises. He probably moisturizes.

True story. The last time (and I mean the last time) AWD ate at a Buffalo Wild Wings was about a month ago. It was dirty, the food was bad and I felt I needed a gun to protect myself from the waiter who appeared as if he was out on work release! I had pretty much decided I would never go back to a Buffalo Wild Wings then. Then AWD read about the no gun rule. That sealed the deal!

Vote with your money! Don’t go to restaurants or stores that won’t allow you to legally protect yourself should the next madman or murderer come your way. Don’t see movies with actors that speak out against your beliefs. Don’t watch network shows that go against your ideology. Let libtards support these tools. When’s the last time you heard anything about the Dixie Chicks? Exactly!

Don’t buy products or services from companies that support leftists, either. Alec Baldwin is despised by conservatives in America. And conservatives generally have jobs and pay their bills. Yet Capital One selected Baldwin to try and sell credit cards to a segment of America who can afford credit cards but hates Baldwin’s guts! Great thinking!

I have a secret to confess. AWD carried Gunther the Glock into the Buffalo Wild Wings the last time I ate there. No one was shot or harmed. In fact, no one but AWD knew Gunther was there. But had a killer or psycho (or my waiter) tried to shoot everyone in the restaurant, Gunther would have sprung to action to put the murderer down.

Buffalo Wild Wings has chosen to penalize lawful gun owners so AWD calls on lawful owners to penalize Buffalo Wild Wings. Besides Hooters has better wings and..well..hooters.

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  1. Needs a sign on front door that reads “FREE FIRE ZONE”

  2. Vote with your wallet is right. I needed a ‘Magna-visor’ for a very small job at work and I went looking for one. I finally ended up going to Hobby Lobby. A very nice shopping experience. I never heard of Buffalo Wild Wings. Good thing I guess.

  3. Many years ago when Arizona passed a CC law Home Depot put up no gun signs in a couple of stores and Promptly lost several very big accounts and hundreds of small accounts which went to a competitor, signs were removed Promptly. Money Talks BS walks. Very few businesses in Arizona put up those signs anymore they need business.

    • I think you mean the Homo Depot

      • I had no idea. Do you know anything about Lowes? I won’t ever patronize Home Depot again.

        • I try to stay up to speed, and, thus far, no negative feedback on Lowes. Hope you are well, friend.

          • Snake,

            Know one thing… the CEO of Home Depot absolutely hates Obummer… that is why I support HD.

          • Guess we’ll have to disagree on this one. HD is a huge backer of all things homosexual. Would have made more sense to stay neutral, but, ‘…choose you this day whom ye will serve…’

        • HD has been sold a couple of times since then. Ok here now. We had Home Base as alternative then. We have a Lowes across the street from every Home Depot in my area. I play them against each other all the time. Its a buyers market now. I buy from both as they seldom have the exact same object in both stores. I found out many items are only made for each store by the manufacturer. GE makes washers for Lowes that are not found in HD and vice versa. Its like Michelin makes a special tire only for Costco or only for Sams Club so ya can’t cost compare. Tricky bastards. I usually get Discount Tire to beat both of them with comparable Michelins.

          • My local ACE hardware still sells guns and ammo,so guess what.

          • Rockets red glare says:

            Depends on where you live I guess.

            I recently went into both, in hardware, and asked if they
            Had a 2-56 X .50 screw.
            These were not kids I was asking, but department heads.

            Not ONE knew what the hell I was asking or even understood
            What I was asking for!


            Hope even if Im put to pasture I would have some knowledge
            Of the products and not become a Joe Biden, Damn….!!

  4. There is no better read than a rant from AWD.

  5. I love beer. I love wings.

    I love my God-given human right to self-defense, a whole lot more.

    Guess I’ll just make my own wings and tell BWW to go piss up a rope. We don’t need their kind in Arizona.

    • Actually this ^^^ is the solution.

      Don’t avoid BWW, instead every-time you are on the road and need to take a piss, stop into BWW and use their restroom without buying anything, and carry your pistol concealed while you are at it.

      What are they gonna do? The sign just stops you from open carry.

  6. You still pay to go to the movies big sexy ?

    It’s all too easy anymore to get the movies on the net while their still in the theaters, you just have to know where to look.
    It saves you money & it hurts the loony liberal talking heads at the same time.

  7. Never been to BWW, and most likely never will. But I did see one of those no guns allowed signs posted at a gas station that I used to frequent….right underneath the “We take EBT” sign.


    I hope all the robbers make them on their maps as a place to rob becuase when guns are banned the robbers are welcome there But therees also WALGREENS,LONG JOHN SILVERS,7/11,SHORT STOP, which we all need to boycott

  9. I think maybe there should be a “boycott these business” post – where commenters add businesses and reasons that readers should stay away. 1. Bww 2. Pizza hut 3. Etc.

    • Excellent idea, Rebecca!

      Dude, please consider having a page on your site where places we need to boycott can be displayed.
      It seems that these days there are not a lot of ways for us to work towards our goals. There is just so much against us. However, as you say, where we spend our money really is a vote that counts!

  10. Redneck Heaven is the place to be anyway!

  11. I like Buffalo wings every now and then, but ya know I can really live without them, they are not what I call a necessity.

    But what is so ignorant about these social proclamations by such businesses are… how will they enforce such policy?

    Mr. Mittens goes wherever he wants, he is a cat, and cats can sneak into anywhere, so can Glocks, Colts, and Rugars.

    So what are these businesses prepared to do? Hire off duty TSA to strip search their customers for concealed carry weapons?

    Install metal detectors and Body scanners? All that shit cost money, and I doubt they could sell enough wings to cover the hit to the bottom line.

    No they just wanted to say/post something controversial to get free advertisement.

    Some thug stealin yo hot wings and wallet? Too bad, if you have an aversion to guns, where are your Kung Fu skills?

    Mr. Mittens is my cat and we mind our own ignorant redneck business, we ain’t gonna help nobody that won’t help themselves in Obama’s America. We paid our fair share, now go get rescued by BO it’s part of your entitlement package.

    Putting up a sign didn’t stop this cat from concealed carry, it took Barred windows, scanners, access control, video surveillance and armed guards to keep this one away from tasty hot wings.

  12. I never liked bufffalo wings and never will. Slathering chicken wings in goop is as appealing to me as eating a fresh dog turd. I will NEVER support an anti gun business like these assholes. Let them go broke while sucking Obamas ass.

  13. Hey Petie, “…I want everyone to be safe.”good luck with that,and I don’t do luck, I also don’t spend money in FREE FIRE ZONES. Not knowingly anyway.

  14. We have two BW3’s near us on has the sign the other don’t. I have decided to never set foot in either one. PC libtard stupidity has got to go!


    I hope the NRA and SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION sues them ina federal court over this

  16. Heck, these people are making it easier and easier to save my hard earned pennies. The rate they all are going their won’t be a place to waste money on crap I don’t need.

  17. I will gladly add BWW to my no buy list.
    Remember to boycott; California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and any State that requires firearm manufacturers to modify their weapons or magazines.
    Costco is a huge Obozo supporter.

  18. Spurwing Plover says:

    chickens dont have fingers,horses dont have feathers,fish dont have legs,buffalo dont have wings

  19. negro fatigue says:

    Why would you pay to see a Obama propaganda movie AWD?

  20. SalsaChupacabra says:

    I prefer Wingstop anyway. This is no loss.

  21. AWD,
    A neighbor came to my house today and wanted to try out a new Taurus 38 he bought for his wife, he commented that she had applied for CC and the Probate judge told her that they had been doing 3-4 a day since the school shooting in Dec. the county population is 30,000, he said the judge was very pleased to see the increase because before it was 3-4 a month.

  22. Right AWD……..hurt these libtards,Hollyweird a-holes,TV jerks and anti-American businesses with your WALLETS. Call.e-mail,phone&write all these JO’S and tell them so!! Let your voices be heard!!!!! F…K them all. I am angry!!! Sick of what is happening in my country!! Enough is enough!!!! DAMMIT

  23. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Well, well, well. One of these BWW opened its doors right across the street from our business a bit over a month ago and I never was even the slightest bit curious enough to go inside. Now, I have the best reason of all to never darken their doors!

    Yet, they’ll keep on keepin’ on, no doubt, because the sheeple already loved them.

    Years ago I used to go to BWW with friends who insisted the food, atmosphere, and service were so wonderful. My experiences were the opposite: WAY too loud because of the noise of TVs, large families, hollering college students and armchair quarterbacks bouncing off industrial-chic open ceilings, mediocre food served cold after a long wait, too-expensive beers, and so on.

    I’ll happily withhold my dollars from these losers.

  24. When doing hurricane relief work in Haiti, Sean Penn open carries a
    semi-automatic pistol on his hip.

    He’s not quit as dumb as he looks and talks.

  25. Rockets red glare says:

    Hey Ron,

    He’s so smart, tell that stupid lib to open carry in the Chicago
    South side.

    Oh thats right, you can’t carry in Chicago.


  26. bargis tryhol says:

    Well, here’s some news about Hooters too.

    Several years back we hired Hooters girls to work an auction. The live auction raised money for a very well known Foundation that promoted hunting and land conservation efforts for hunters.

    Hooter’s policy is to allow their waitresses to wear their uniform and work ‘off the clock’ for functions like ours. We would pay Hooters direct and they would pay the girls.

    Our particular auction had plenty of high-end firearms…Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols and Revolvers..All of which we wanted to auction off. We wanted to have the Hooters girls hold the guns up while they walked around the banquet room so biddrs could see them…No, not the Hooters… the guns!

    Anyway, once we instructed the girls of their evening’s task..All 6 of them objected and said they were ‘against guns and wouldn’t walk around showing them off.’

    They promptly walked out leaving us in a lurch. We already paid the $150.00 to Hooters and now had no girls to work the auction. Of course, they had no problem walking around in tee shirts showing off their tits, but well, that’s their choice.

    We contacted Hooters afterward to get our money returned and wrote a letter to corporate offices.
    We never received a call back, Never received our money back. And never received anything from their corporate offices as far as an explanation.

    Hooters blows.

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