If there is one city in the world that represents all the hope, change, ideology and character of Barack Obama, it is his adopted home of Chicagoland. Where other than Chicagoland can a lazy, pot-head, communist, racist, beneficiary of Affirmative Action rise to be the most respected position in the city…..a Community Organizer?

It’s no small accomplishment to become a Community Organizer in Chicagoland. With all the Minister X’s and Rhyming Reverends on every corner being held down by ‘the man,’ it takes some real talent…and connections…to rise to the highly-esteemed level of Community Organizer. But that is exactly what Obama did. But he didn’t do it alone. It takes a community to raise a Community Organizer! Obama had the help of local racists, communists, mobsters, terrorists, and assorted enemies to America to help him on his way. You know, Chicagoland’s finest!

Chicagoland led America in 2012 with 532 murders! That’s some accomplishment in a city where guns are illegal. But it’s the Chicagoland spirit that Obama loves that allows all those ‘urban yoots’ to rob, rape and kill anything and everything in sight! I’m pleased to report that Chicago is currently ahead of it’s 2012 pace. Only 13 days into the new year, Chicagoland is setting a blistering pace with 22 murders! With that spectacular performance, Chicagoland will be the envy of the Muslim world. Again. Chicagoland is hopeful to set a new record for murders in 2013. Chicagoland has called out it’s arch-rival for murders, Karachi, Pakistan for the title of Murder Capital of the World! Here’s pulling for you, Chicagoland! You can do it! Da Murderzzzzz!

With the world watching Chicagoland, the city is considering changing its name to honor the man whose beliefs are written all over the graveyards in that city. Chicago is considering becomeing Barackistan. What a tribute to the man who has done so much to make Chicagoland what it is!

Here’s the celebration of 2012’s 500th murder in Chicagoland. What an accomplishment!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to now-President Obama, has blamed the rise in murders on “illegal guns.” Doesn’t he know guns are already illegal in Barackistan? How silly of him. Sounds like a city needs stronger gun laws. If guns are illegal to own in Barackistan and over 532 people are being murdered by firearms, what Barackistan needs is for even the thought of guns to be illegal. THAT should stop the criminals from murdering with guns! Why didn’t they think of that before!

After the US Supreme Court ruled that the Peoples State of Illinois must allow concealed carry, Barackistan Police Chief Gary McCarthy said:

“You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy said. “I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

While Chief McCarthy’s statement runs in direct opposition to gun study after gun study, we must take his opinions seriously. After all, on his watch 532 citizens of Barackistan were murdered last year. McCarthy knows all about gun crime. You can tell when he predicts Barackistan police will shoot legal gun owners with a concealed carry permit. Maybe Chief McCarthy can pursue a Community Organizer career when his law enforcement days come to an end. Oh, that’s right…he’s a cracka. Nevermind!

Welcome Barackistan to your brave new world! Don’t forget to duck!

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    More PC nonsense what else will they do in the WINDY CITY besides elect more stupid demacrats like they do

  2. Yep…if the shoe fits wear it! – And the shoe fits here, big time!

    Btw…that police chief is a major part of the problem, let alone ‘stuck on stupid.’ – Let them destroy themselves…they’re on the path of their own destruction now.

  3. Just go to Radio Reference and tune into the Chicago scanner live feed and you’ll be shocked…….

  4. Why not just give all citizens a 357 revolver and a box of ammo, murder might peak some and then it would drop fast.

  5. Now there are handy maps to help you get a good idea of just what type of action is going on. This is the one for the Fuller Park neighborhood of Chicago. The icons are very interesting.


  6. That’s the “People’s Republic of Barackistan” to you! And it’s NOT Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it’s “Oberst-Gruppenführer Rahm Emanuel.”

    As for Chief McCarthy, let’s just call him Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria.

  7. Chicano. I mean Chi-cago.

  8. Uh yu uh it;s working…OK Sure, Emanual couldn;t give 2 shits about a single one of those deaths…But he is definitely good at throwing excuses and one of the largest piles of bullshit of any libbie asshole in the country,


    They again have a stupid liberal demacratic mayor who needs to go live in the gobi desert for the rest of his life a totaly worthless liberal idiot

  10. I loved the convenience store in the video, bars over every square inch. It looked like a Mad Max post industrial nightmare.

    Still no mention of the Mexican Cartels controlling this central hub in the middle of “what’s left of Amerika”. Yeah, the gangs are slinging dope, and that dope is coming straight through America from Mexico unhindered.
    Barrackistan is the epitome of the liberal final solution.
    We now have 11 states where there are more people on welfare than there are people working.
    On another note, the libtard brainwashers are trying to associate Obama (Barry) with Lincoln- if you can possibly imagine that? Guess who the “rebels” are? Conservatives and gun owners!

  11. I left Chicago 20 years ago and never looked back. We were smart enough, even then, to arm ourselves. A retired Chicago detective I know, is not legally allowed to carry. His attitude is ‘I’d rather get caught with one than without’. Crazy city.



  13. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    How expert are the ‘experts’ we trust to take the school mass murderers down? Can’t trust a trained conceal carry teacher? Can they be much worse than 3 out of 10 hits? Approve conceal carry for any school worker with an annual background check, semi-annual refresher at the range and you have a…….policeman sans the litter and traffic law knowledge.


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  15. Thank God I live in a Red State!!! BUT, if BARAKASTAN refugees escape that hell hole, or any other “blue” hell hole, they MUST adopt a Red State mind-set. The bad thing about AHoles from places like that moving to places like mine, is they have a BAD tendency to bring their libtard mentality with them, and want to make Red State cities/communities into NEW BARAKASTAN’s

  16. chicago guy says:

    Barakastan? I prefer Chimpcongo.

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  18. Anyone wanting to bet that approximately 90% of those 532 deaths were black on black crime.

    • No takers here Paul…Im from there and know all too well that it isnt the “cracka’s” that are killing each other. Its the typical baggy pants wearing piece of shit gang bangers pissed off that someone else stole their drug selling turf.

  19. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Two nights ago I had a short conversation with a native Chicagoan (sp?) and she vehemently defended her fair hometown. She’s been in FL for years but still feels Chicago is her home and I understand that. Many of us hold our birthplaces sacred and we will defend them. Hence the conversation was short. Here is why.

    One of us brought up the violence in Chi-town without being specific such as mentioning the 500+ murders in 2012. My friend then said that the problem in Chicago is that there are too many gangs and that also the murders are occurring only the areas of the city that people should venture into to begin with.

    Well, fine. Yes, there are too many gangs. Yes, these murders occurred mostly, I presume, in “bad” areas. But, what made them bad? And what keeps it from spreading further and further out? The gun ban is obviously not working and in fact, has spurred the violence because these gang-bangers know they’ll not have to be concerned with anyone stopping them, including the police. Regular Joe Household cannot defend himself and da po-leese aren’t allowed to profile nor to shoot anyone, except, it seems, a law-abiding gun owner.

    The message I got from my friend is that people deserved what they got if they went into one of those bad areas and otherwise the city is wonderful if you’re not in a gang. It made me roll my eyes and change the subject.

    You’re part of the problem if you’re not part of the solution. And the police chief and the mayor need to be held accountable. But, I’m not holding my breath.

    One last thing: gun crime has fallen fairly dramatically in my area of FL. Why? No gun restrictions and the police patrol the town heavily, including using helicopters as a deterrent. It’s working. Too many of their own have been shot down trying to defend this city and they’re not fooling around. They also want people to feel safe here to attract tourists and keep and grow the citizenry. Why can’t Chicago do the same? It baffles the mind.

  20. If 532 white people had been murdered in Chicago in 2012, the MSM would care. They don’t give a rat’s rear-end about black-on-black murder. “Gunfire in Harlem. Film at eleven”.

    • I dont give a damn about black on black murder either. The problem is they dont only kill each other. If all they did was kill each other off this nation could become paradise if the last ones shot each other. Hate to say it but ever since Lincoln freed them they have been nothing but a huge pain in everyones ass since. Abe should have put them all on ships and sent them back home after the war was over. Why does 17% or so of the population create so much bullshit for everyone else? Look at every prison in the nation and the majority of the inmates are young black males with very violent criminal history’s. Sorry, but until the black race finally becomes civilized I have no use for them. It has nothing to do with skin color and EVERYTHING to do with lack of character and morals. Their own civil rights leader MLK asked us not to judge people by the color of their skin…but did he realize that his own words blew up in his face with the actions of his own people? How can you respect people who dont respect themselves?

  21. Cinnamon Girl says:


    Someone please tell me of anything that could be put in place to stop this sans going door to door to confiscate guns from felons. Any plan also cannot include profiling or other references to race since that’s a no-no in America.

    While I often have little sympathy for people whose culture is built around extreme violence and sloth, I don’t think anyone deserves to die over a basketball game, a gang territory, or anything else, outside of the justice system.

    Help me out?

    • Actually, a good many of the thugs committing these crimes DO deserve to die. Thats why criminals have become so bold. No consequences for their actions. Back when America executed criminals at least there was some deterrent. Today the criminals can look forward to 20 years of free TV and free health care at our expense if they get caught committing a murder.

  22. I am SO glad I left that shithole 24 years ago! That sewer will continue its decline into a third world cesspool as long as democrats run it. Anyone with any common sense can look at the big cities with large black populations and see that they are ALL crime ridden…broke screwed up shitholes filled with crime,drugs and poverty. And no matter how many billions the leftys and the democrat vote buyers throw at them they will continue to be savages because they just dont give a shit about anything but themselves. It saddens me to see my home town and place of birth become this f’ed up but its because of years and years of democrat ass kissing to the blacks that created what it is today. Sorry if that offends some libtard but the truth is the truth.