AWD always finds it interesting when people say “what would the media say if it was a Republican in office?” I hate it when people say that. Except when AWD says that. But why do we say that? Why does conservative America expect the mainstream propaganda media to do anything else but carry water for Hussein Hopenchange? Why do we give half a sh*t about what Chris Matthews or George Snuffaluffogus thinks or says?

As John Galt said in Atlas Shrugged, A = A. In the parlance of our times, that means “it is what it is.” Or more direct, libtards are dishonest pieces of propagandist sh*t who long ago ceased to be journalists and are now nothing more than pitiful, sorry propagandists! A = A.

The Big Sexy has not watched a program on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN or MSNBC (other than the occasional sports game) in YEARS. AWD is quite proud to say the last series I followed on the MSM was Miami Vice a thousand years ago. And I watched that until show @#&* extra-terrestrial aliens landed in Miami on a flying saucer! Never saw Cheers, Friends, Seinfield, American Idol or any other product of leftist turds who write that leftist garbage!

Conservative America, which is much larger than libtarded America, must quit watching any network run by leftards! Who gives a rat what the NY Times writes? I’d rather French kiss Whoopi Goldberg than read the NY Times. And I’d rather saw off The Captain than kiss Whoopi!

Vote with your dollars! Don’t attend movies by liberal turds in Hollywood! One cool thing that has risen over the past several years is new conservative filmmakers creating art we actually agree with! If libs want to keep making anti-America crap that tanks at the box office, have at it. Or another @#&* Spiderman movie! I won’t pay my cash American to watch it! Yaaaawwwwwn.

Here’s where AWD stands. I don’t have time for libtards. I don’t argue with them. I don’t try to convince them of the truth. They are the parsley on the plate of my life. An annoyance. A fly that keeps buzzing around my big sexy melon. I don’t care what they think anymore. I ridicule them. I don’t care what they think. I don’t give their opinions any care or concern. I bodyslam their political correct BS with industrial strength, supply-side, alpha-male logic and reason! The same goes for their mothership of information, the mainstream propaganda media and their networks. The sooner it crashes and burns, the better for us all!

Andrew Breitbart’s goal was destroy the mainstream propaganda media. We have the power to do that. All we have to do is turn the @#*&ing television off! Do something cultural. Go to a concert. Read a book. Watch ‘rasslin’. Go to the range and blast away practicing your double taps. But don’t pay the salaries of leftist by watching their stupid, anti-American programs!

I don’t care what Chris Matthews or Al Sharpton says any more than I care what the United Nations says. Screw them all sideways! They are my ideological enemies. Their opinions mean nothing to me!

So the next time you hear Sean Hannity say “what would the media say if it was a Republican who did this?” tell him to shut his damn pie-hole! It’s stupid and weak! Expecting the propaganda media to report the truth and be true journalists is like expecting a rattlesnake not to bite you when you pick it up.

Kill the mainstream propaganda media! Don’t watch their sh*t. Don’t give a rat what they say or write! They are our enemies! Why should I care what MSNBC thinks? Answer: I don’t!

You have the power. You make the money. Use your power wisely! Screw the propaganda media!

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  1. Threw both my TV’s in the street 20 years ago, watched the moochers hustle out to pick em up. Ain’t nuthin good on TV anymore. Don’t miss ONE thing that was on TV, its pure unadulterated garbage, fit only for Commie Rat Bastards, the ones who run it.

  2. Damn AWD,

    Do not ever, and I mean ever think about sawing off the captain. Should you ever do that, stray cats will start coming around your house.

  3. Dang Prez Duderino…this sounds familiar from the past. Nevertheless, it still applies today, with the exception of some of us may not watch their BS, but the message still goes viral on the internet…kind of hard not to read or watch when it’s there, which I do…I plead guilty. 😉

  4. 100% agree! Get off your fat asses, quit paying the liberal cable companies and do soemthing constructive……like target practice, take a class on the Constitution, go to church, teach children… offers a million constructive things to do to debase liberals…..GET AFTER IT!!!!!

  5. General Quarters says:


    I have saying this since 84. It was more subtle then and since 2000 growing worst. In 08 they just do not hide it anymore. Our country had a successful revolution because the only media then was in print in the form of fliers, essays and books from great thinkers. Also if I might add, churches, bars and taverns were great meeting places for the exchange of ideas. Your operating premise to hit them in the pocket book sounds good but it will be not effective because the majority of people are to far gone being critical thinkers. My assumptions for the lack of critical thinkers is multi-faceted and based on my professional experiences dealing with people that required efforts on their part to be self reliant. I used to train people in optical technology that included test measurement equipment for optics. It is a fact that only 30 % of the people I worked with would read a manual to learn and be self sufficient. The remainder would rather call on the phone or request I come in again and again to tell them how to do things. This is also why they started charging people calling for software issues that if one read the manual, would find the answer staring at them. My point is 70 % of the MSM audience live on soundbites and just tell me what I need to know with out them taking the time to question and engage. Gee, if CBS says this it must be so? This is also used against FOX news: Alinsky tactics. How to combat it other than armed take over of the media or old fashioned “tar & feathering” is keep getting more information out. Hitting bottom may be to late for us to recover but who knows.

  6. The only truth in news is on the internet. Soon the Marxist,commie,Islamists in DC will take control of it too.

  7. Someday we’ll all see that the media has been our opponent as equally as the Libs. If folks read this article then they would know today. It’s past time to fight but like it or not, that’s what we’re in – it’s War now. The conservative elected officials may not think it’s true but those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear certainly understand it. Game On.


    SLIME magazines big attack on our 2nd AMENDMENT rights the usial lies from this leftists rag And i myself havnt watched the news since SEPT 12th 2001 Its all leftists propeganda anyway

  9. Amen Brother!!!

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    No More DAN BLATHER,TOM BROKENJAW,BABA WAWA, or any of those other leftists propegandists

  11. Miami Vice, what a show. I miss those girls in the Brazilian cut bikinis. Florida was fun back in the 80’s.

  12. Nice followup on the “Wings” post.

    Seven years without cable now. Every years I ask if anyone wants it back. including 17yo girl and 19yo boy. Resounding no.

    Cut off their cash flow, they die.

  13. Piers Morgan gets angry after losing Gun Control debate and throws his notes …

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    Here’s a part of one guy’s rant. Wonder who it was?

    I am now more convinced than ever, that if action is not taken soon, the game is over. We have had numerous discussions on the importance of reaching the masses in such a way that it knocks a significant number of them back into reality. There is maybe one in a million that actually comprehends this. You are the one in ten million who has shown the fortitude and brain power to do something about it. The mass media news outlets are a problem, but not the main one. THE problem is the constant barrage of anti-white, anti-conservative propaganda – not from pseudo-news networks – but from regular network television shows. I don’t think it is necessary to convince you that this nation has, for the most part, been reduced to a motley collection of malleable idiots. This dire situation could be reversed, even quickly, if some sort of parity could be achieved in terms of what people are presented as entertainment. The left understands this, and they have understood at least as far back as Lenin. If this offends, so be it – piss on FOX – their entertainment for the proles is about as revolting as that from CBS, NBC and ABC. Let me qualify that by saying that I am referring to their entertainment channels rather than their news channel. Though, in what may be an indication of my growing paranoia, their news channel is…well, their existence came about, because, to use an analogy, you can’t have a unipolar magnet. Everything else switched to one side, vacuum created, bam!, money, money, money. Honestly, I don’t know what their talking heads and higher-ups really believe. Don’t offend – posture and make money. DO YOU REALIZE JUST HOW ABYSMALLY IGNORANT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS? Ignorant enough to continually and voluntarily stuff his head with a daily ration of government approved PC propaganda. Which, if you happen to be *gasp* white, teaches self-hatred and promotes cognitive dissonance. Wake up, white dumbasses!


  15. “Conservative America, which is much larger than libtarded America, must quit watching any network run by leftards!”

    If that is so, how do you explain the fall election results?

    • Hey Barf,The answer is massive voter fraud.

      • I agree!! As well as young assholes which I read in a study of the election results. Not Hispanics–young people.

        Peronally I think every whore in America voted for him too.Obamacare is funding the play for cash business.

        Fluke ’em all!

      • So..I see that some conservative are better at talking about self accountability than in practicing it. It’s easy to make excuses like “massive voter fraud” and other conspiratorial comedy..but it won’t help the GOP win elections in the future.

  16. I cancelled my DirectTV this afternoon. It’s finished. Free at last.

  17. Rockets red red glare.. says:

    Wow, whats new.

  18. Bloodless Coup says:

    So called Liberals are always trying to end free speech because they simply cannot handle the truth.

    BTW…Speaking of truth…

    Is Obama purging the Military of Soldiers who are unwilling to fire on American Citizens?

    Some say the answer is YES.

    Watch Video Here

    • Watch for the installation of political commissars in the military. Though, essentially, they are already there.

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  20. Dan Shapiro · Top Commenter · San Diego State University
    Lady Di is being “reasonable”. If you own one of the banned weapons, it won’t be taken away from you, you’ll be “grandfathered” as soon as you submit to:

    -Background check of owner and any transferee.
    -Type and serial number of the firearm.
    -Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprints.
    -Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate.
    State or local law.
    -Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration.

    Now here’s the FUNNY part! This is the same person who OBJECTS to someone having to obtain a photo ID in order to vote in elections. Why? Because the requirement is BURDENSOME!

    Told my son that if by some fluke Di’s bill became law, I’d seriously consider NOT obeying it. He said that the guns would then be ILLEGAL.

    I told him no they wouldn’t. Using liberal logic, the guns would only be UNDOCUMENTED.
    Cool answer from Powerline, we have a new class of guns, undocumented

  21. YonLibertarianCO says:

    The best revenge against the MSM is to boycott them, and that doesn’t just mean banning Hussein-bots from your TV screen. Take it a step further by refusing to visit their websites, even when your primary news source links to them.

    This serves a dual purpose. Not only are we obviously lowering their ratings and web traffic, which will decimate their advertising revenue; we’re also completely removing ourselves from their influence. We avoid every blatant lie, every pathetic twist, and every ideological omission they try and cram down our throats to discourage us and turn us into brainless sheep.

    Too many Americans with half a brain are still in the habit of watching the prime-time news every night. They don’t pay enough attention to realize the MSM is circling the Hussein wagon. Argh. Wake up people!

    • YLC,

      You’re right on target… only problem, I’ve come to realize 50% of Americans are beyond stupid.

      • YonLibertarianCO says:

        Paul B that’s the scary thing. Collectivist ideals, particularly where those who earn must be forced to give to those who do not, are simply far more appealing to stupid people. I guess that is a more fanciful expression of AWD’s classic “Libtards depend on stupid!” If the stupid people are the majority – at least of active voters – we’re “fooked” in Braveheart terms.

      • paul-

        I would say that was cynical were it not totally true. In fact I would guess the percentage is closer to 51%.

  22. “Kill the mainstream propaganda media! Don’t watch their sh*t. Don’t give a rat what they say or write!


    When the uh hem, ‘people’, wake up to this fact we might turn this around. If not, then there is always 4G -.

    not suggesting ANYTHING, just don’t be surprised……

  23. Fed Up Texan says:

    I gave up on TV years ago, myself. I could not tell you the name of any show, nor the “stars”. A couple of years ago I tried looking in to see what was there, and it appeared to me that all the male characters were limp wrist pansies.
    I haven’t checked in, since.

  24. A literal response to the thread title would be appreciated.

  25. When I point out the one-sided nature of MSM, it’s usually to illustrate to others who actually believe the news…those “low information voters” and TMZ devotees.

    I do not care if the MSM liberal talkshow hosts like my thinking…in fact if they dislike it I know I’m doing something right…but I do care what fools hear, believe, spread, and vote on.