Not sure about all of you, but I threw in the towel on the political process after the results of the November general elections. The game is clearly rigged, as many of our fellow dudes and dudettes had been warning us.

Like clockwork, ridiculous “gun control” legislation started coursing its way through the den of thieves known as Congress almost before the bodies from Netwon were even cold. Now, like a one-two punch, they’re working on “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The latter will flood our nation with a bunch of worse-than-useless welfare moochers who will reliably vote Democrat, thus keeping the corruptocrats in permanent power. The former will remove our ability to oust said corruptocrats from power. Game, set, match.

Below are the “gang of eight” who are purportedly in agreement on an amnesty package for some 11 million illegal Democrat voters (courtesy

Democrats: Sen. Michael Bennet (CO), Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ), Sen. Dick Durbin (IL) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY)
Republicans: Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ), Sen. Lindsay Graham (SC), Sen. John McCain (AZ) and Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)

Gang of Eight


Consider this a list.

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  1. Howdy Red…

    I’m past disgusted about all of this…have said so here and there and everywhere.

    We’re fracked, the nation is too. – Simple as that.

  2. I most certainly sympathize with all that you posted here. But best be careful: The brains at the FBI, Secret Service, and DHS might interpret this as a hit list. Or a threat against a public official. And could end up paying you a visit.

    I only post this because I would hate to see you get in trouble. Or for this blog to be shut down. We have enough trouble with our government as is.

  3. Somebody has to to put Menendez in jail hopping on underage Santo girls Think anybody has the balls

  4. Its a go to list when we need to see who is responsible for turning the nation over to the illegals. YOU are going to pay for their medical, dental, welfare, and YOU are going to pay for their education. YOU, an American citizen are going to pay more to these illegals that you spend on your own kids and you are going to do it for the rest of your life. These Gangs of 8,6,12, 4, whatever should be treated as Gang Members as they operate slightly outside of recognized legislative procedures. McCain is as crooked as any gang member in the US today, he gets away with it because he is white, filthy rich, a war hero some say. He is a senile old bastid who has bought his way in life and just can’t understand common people. Flake is a flake. He has been wanting to normalize relations with Cuba for years and let them immigrate up here. he has deep Mormon roots and support here. The town of Snowflake is named after some relatives here. When John Kyle retired we lost a good man in Congress, replaced by a flake.

  5. David in SC says:

    I hope we dump grahamnesty soon, but as Red says, the game is rigged. Complaining on blogs just isnt enough any more, I dont know what but we’ve got to start doing SOMETHING different while avoiding their round ups and brownshirts.

    CARPE’ DIEM, every day!

  6. these men are not Americans ,,,Vote chasing opportunists ,yes..RINO’s and Democraps ….Rubio thinks it can grease his skids for 2016… Support Rand Paul if possible IMHO:; Hey ABisaBA..NEVER fear speaking your damn mind …That is what these assholes want. We are a nation founded in Free speech and other novel ideas that work fine as long as people have the balls to preserve them.


    Their all traitors anyone who supports citizenship for illegal aliens(future demacratic voter)are traitors and need removed from office

  8. I agree, a by-partisan screwing of America and the middle class.I believe we are being pushed too far, only bad things can result from such idiotic legislation.

  9. These jerk offs are some of the biggest tools in Washington today.They ‘ve sold out to PC hoping to be remembered in history as great men…It’s our job to prove that wrong.>

  10. Why dont mccain just go away what a RINO

  11. Jaysus, just wait until Jeb Bush and son George join them. Spanish will be our national language and the only work done in America by Americans will be to mow Mexicans lawns.


    We are going to let 11-12 million illegals in country, we are letting go of 20,000 Marines we have spent 100’s of millions of dollars training. What are they gonna do? The jobs the illegals don’t want so they can draw welfare. This President and Congress are F*CKING this country royally. The truth is to get the welfare money we HAVE to cut the military, we can’t borrow all of it from China. We are cutting our military, the interest on the money “O” has borrowed from China funds their entire military. Can it really get anymore F*CKED up than this? I got it, “O” will pay the Chinese to run his detention camps for us.

    • Yep, glad to see that someone else understands why Im so angry… firing soldiers so they can spend more on welfare mooches has been the plan all along… whenever the talk of budget cuts arise the Dems ALWAYS target the military because they cant afford to cut off the parasites that vote for them… and the Repubs are too gutless to raise hell loudly about this… game over folks.. communism has won

  13. David in SC says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find the new ads at the top annoying? Today Im getting a pink “zulily” Closet full of color ad on an Angry White Dude website??? Next it’s be depends or something like that,,,(sarc)

    • David-

      The ads were driving me crazy. I installed Adblock Plus on Friday last and have not seen a banner ad since.

      PS I am using Firefox.

    • Yesssssss! Its so annoying that I have considered just not getting on anymore. I hate ads being shoved in my face

  14. Nope ain;t just you… Ithink they suck too. In facts ads in general suck…Butso help pay the freight on this site..

  15. Lets be honest,11-12 million illegal people is an invasion ,I watch as latino’s tell us how we should treat their people,but,we should adapt the laws THEY inforce on illegals. Mexican people who have been patienly waiting to become citizens are against this amnesty program. If the Gop stood for anything ,they would know this alone would get Mexican support,the people trying to be honest citizens are kicked aside for the criminals . Its not fair ,and,they know it ,so if we HAVE to have a country full of these people ,be selective. Stand your ground for once .,jeeeez. Why destroy America in one sweep ?

  16. Cutting pay and health care of our soldiers,because we’re broke ,cant figure out where to CUT,how about the 28 bridges we’re building in Afghanistan,how about we stop building and repairing mosques ALL over the world,how does Hil-liar-y Clinton open up a clinic in the Congo ??? Sending Morsi billions, now we will give and give some more to “welcome” illegals to take whats left,all at the expense of Americans,and,our mllitary.I give up.





    North Dakota stuggles with oil boom. Hey just in time for illegals to come in and take GOOD American jobs, thank you Gang of 8 Balls.

  19. Don’t misunderstand my earlier post. You know that I’m all about speaking my mind. And free speech MUST be defended. MUST be defended.

    I just wouldn’t want to have happen to anyone here what happened to one of our own recently. Or worse. And if things keep going the way they are… we’re ALL going to be criminals. For going against the Collective. For rising above the common lot. For thinking of our government as anything less than all-knowing and all-powerful.

    I get worried at times. I really do…

  20. Oooooh… but Rubio is a rising star in the GOP. Right.

  21. Want to know something amazing… one of the hottest topics is immigration and almost every politician has it listed as a topic on their website.

    Guess who conveniently left it off… Senator Graham.

  22. bluffcreek1967 says:

    These men are the ‘enemies within’ that the Roman orator, Marcus Cicero, wrote of in 42 B.C. They have betrayed the American people, and they will flood our nation with hordes of third-world peasants. The cultural landscape will radically change – more so than even now – and we will find ourselves in a sea of brown and black faces with an occasional white face here and there. Our English language will be drowned out by the many different languages that our unassimilated immigrants will prefer to speak. Our country will change in ways we never imagined. We will pay for this grand mistake – and so will our children and each succeeding generation. They never even bothered to consult us on this.

    White Americans, we have been betrayed by our political leaders. What are you prepared to do about it? He much more of this can we take?

  23. bluffcreek1967 says:

    In light of ABisaBA’s words above, I wish to make it clear also that while I consider these politicians (and many others) as having betrayed the American people, I am NOT calling for any harm to be done to them! I hope my earlier post is not interpreted in such a way as recommending violence toward anyone. At the same time, we must stop giving these people the chance to betray us by voting them in time after time since their decisions are certainly not that of most Americans nor are they reflective of what is best for our country as a whole.

    How can giving full amnesty to 20 or so million Hispanics going to be good – especially when so many Americans are already out of work? How is it not obvious to these plastic politicians that such an amnesty will cost us dearly, and financially burden ourselves, our children and generations to come? How can our American culture and way of life (yes, we do have a culture!) not be radically altered by giving so many non-white third-world immigrants full legal status? We will end up being ‘minorities’ in our own land!

    Is it not clear by now that BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties are unfaithful to the American people and the original intent of our founding fathers?

  24. We tell our elected officials “no”, they do it anyway. When will someone have the @#$! to step up and represent the real American taxpaying citizen? I will no longer vote – doesn’t do a darn bit of good anyway – it is rigged. And Graham and McCain are two of the most liberal whiners – they backed illegals long ago – more so than they back us.

  25. @sandra:

    We SHOULD still vote. Just not for these people. Or any other candidate that will not act in the best interest of LEGAL American citizens. But we can’t just give up. We have to keep fighting for what we know to be right.

    Me for instance… I’m thinking about going Libertarian. Of course I would most likely be of the right-leaning variety. But still… guys like Rand Paul… they have some good ideas. Less government in our personal lives. MUCH less taxes, as well as less spending. Getting rid of most of the alphabet soup of agencies. Ending the Fed. And definitely being pro-2nd Amendment.

    Most Libertarians (including both the Pauls from my understanding) are also in favor of securing our borders. And enforcing immigration laws that we currently have. This falls in line with their platform that government exists to protect its citizens and FACILITATE freedom to live our lives as we see fit. So Libertarianism, or at least the Pauls’ brand of it, just seems to make the most sense.

    But even if you don’t agree with this particular party… you can’t deny that we DO need a good third party to get behind. It does NOT have to be one or the other here.