Then shape up, bitch!

I rang in the new year with a few friends, amongst whom were a few high school teachers and a cop. The cop had just become acquainted with the euphemism, “Mondays“—as in: “I hate Detroit because it’s full of Mondays.” (“Mondays?” “Yeah—you know: everybody hates Mondays.”) Upon “getting it”, all the men in the room were delighted with the new code word they could use to express their disgust with worse-than-useless blacks while eluding the PC police. (The women? Eh, not so much.)

Shortly before Christmas, my company hired a “Chief Diversity Officer.” (And here you thought “CDO” meant “collateral debt obligation”, silly!) When I heard this, I couldn’t contain myself and asked the controller, “Seriously?” He shook his head: “I know, I know. Ridiculous.” “Then why are we doing it?!” I asked. (It’s not as if we’re making money hand-over-fist these days.) “[Effing] corporate requirement,” was all he could muster. I could tell he was as pissed off as I was, but was biting his tongue.

Before that, during a Chanukah luncheon with some local Libertarians, one asked, “How could Obama win with such a dismal record?” The chairman of the local party chapter burst out angrily, in the middle of the crowded Kosher deli where we were dining: “Because there aren’t enough whites in America anymore!”

What’s the point? Well, these are all dyed-in-the-wool Yankees. If they’re getting it, my God…might there actually be hope that the majority of Americans are likewise wise to the PC insanity? That, should push come to shove (which I’m pretty sure will happen sooner rather than later), we’ll have more people on our side than what the 2012 general elections might otherwise indicate?

Or perhaps I’m reading too much into these little anecdotes. Perhaps I’m just reaching for any little shred of hope I can find…

Political Correctness

Death to PC!

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  1. Red…

    I hope what you’re sensed may be right…but heck, after last election I just don’t know anymore. – One thing about it…time will tell, that’s for sure.

    Btw…TY so much for what I got in the mail…have it hanging with others, put a big ol’ smile on my face. 😉

  2. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I have long referred to them as “ninjas”, but I suppose mondays could work just as well.

  3. Corporations are sued daily by members of protected classes for wrongful dismissal. They allege discrimination, and cite the poor representation of their group in corporate management. The existence of a well-funded and active diversity program serves as evidence in court that the company does not discriminate. Corporate diversity programs make it possible for companies to avoid racial quotas. The perverse effect is that, to avoid costly class-actions, CEO are forced to publicly “embrace diversity” within and without the company, emphasizing it in their shareholder communications, their corporate philanthropy, and in actual practice. Membership in pro-diversity organizations is a plus. For a CEO to speak frankly about the need for employee excellence is to invite a class action. Indeed, many companies have lost class actions are are operating under a court-ordered diversity program. The presence on corporate boards of representatives of protected groups ensures that no CEO can ever speak frankly on this subject until he has retired from all corporate boards, by which time he will be dead. There are zero incentives for CEOs to buck this system and embrace excellence. It is noteworthy however, that some companies have been able to play the diversity game in such a way that they have been able to maintain standards of employee excellence. However, such a policy is very expensive. It requires paying top dollar for the very best minorities.


    Garfield isnt the only one who hates mondays becuase its the end of a fun two day break from School and the start of a five day bout of PC Brainwashing by BIG BROTHER and its back to that routine and boring job and that jerk who calls himself BOSS

  5. Actually Red mondays are like fridays to me. Oh…What?….Oh THOSE Mondays. Never mind.

    Alas Red, I believe we have crossed the Rubicon.

  6. Sorry, I just watched a gay movie critic on CNN talking up Django Unchained and saying that the new Chainsaw Massacre was “fun”…

    Oh and we have another very large black flash mob that turned into a riot.

    Police Forced to Evacuate Louisiana Mall After Enormous Teen Brawl Breaks Out in Food Court

  7. Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones

    Large U.S. cities that the rest of the world used to look at in envy are now being transformed into gang-infested hellholes with skyrocketing crime rates. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans and Oakland were once bustling with economic activity, but as industry has fled those communities poverty has exploded and so has criminal activity. Meanwhile, financial problems have caused all of those cities to significantly reduce their police forces. Sadly, this same pattern is being repeated in hundreds of communities all over the nation. The mainstream media loves to focus on mass shooters such as Adam Lanza, but the reality is that gang violence is a far greater problem in the United States than mass shooters ever will be. There are approximately 1.4 million gang members living in America today according to the FBI. That number has shot up by a whopping 40 percent just since 2009. There are several factors fueling this trend. Unemployment among our young people is at an epidemic level, about one out of every three U.S. children lives in a home without a father, and there are millions of young men who have come into this country illegally and have no way to legally support themselves once they arrive in our cities. Gangs provide a support system, a feeling of “community”, and a sense of purpose for many young people. Unfortunately, most of these gangs use violence and crime to achieve their goals, and they are taking over communities all over America. If your community is not a gang-infested war zone yet, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate. If nothing is done about this, the violence and the crime that is fueled by these gangs will continue to spread, and eventually nearly every single community in the United States will be affected by it.


    • Good article, lousy run Prog. cities create the atmosphere of crime and chaos in all American cities, giving the Prog. agenda the boost it needs to take guns from people that would not be caught dead in on of these shithole places. These gangs provide the fodder for ALL peaceful law-abiding citizens to loose their only protection from a Prog. Tyrant to take over. It is deliberate, and should be resisted by any way possible including extreme force.

  8. misterbill says:

    A little off subject here, with Monday simply meaning -today- Monday, January 7, 2013. In about an hour, My little family will go out to the car and I will drive us to the airport. There, a bright light in my life, a permanent smile on my face, and a great big piece of my heart will get on a plane with another piece of my heart, Debbie, my wife, and head back to New Orleans.

    She is six years old. Her nickname is Kodi. She has an almost permanent smile on her face. The top of her head is probably sore from “Pa”, (me), stooping to kiss it so many times since she arrived for a vacation with us on December 26. Her dad, our son, lives with us. His ex lives in New Orleans. It was a sad day when their little family moved there for jobs and to be with Kodi’s other grandparents. Her parent’s relationship did not last and our son returned home.

    It is a ten hour drive to get to see her. Too much for an elderly couple to do often. So, we follow the air flight sales and try to see her that way. You cannot put a price on love.

    I am devastated at what is happening in our country. I despair for what this generation is leaving for my little sweetheart, (and my seven other grandchildren). I do not know what I can do to try to fix it. I do know I have to watch it closely and do whatever presents itself wherein I can have an effect.

    So, go home my little sweetheart. Know that you are always in Pa’s thoughts and I love you beyond any words I can put on paper. The tears welling up in an old mans eyes are best hidden from you. I can only pray to my God that my love will keep me ever in your mind.

    ..and I promise you, I will do what little I can to try to keep you from being harmed by the evil, ignorant people who would take away your childhood and would destroy you chances to live and grow up in a country such as I grew up in.

    I love you!!!


    PS I can hear it already, before you board that plane. I love you too Pa! It will ring in my ears until the next time we meet.

  9. dr poontang says:

    That’s nice misterbill. I can only hope we can protect our children from the disease of stupidity that runs so rampant in our towns, cities…and government.

    As far as the plight of our cities goes it disgusts me every day I read about these animals trying to destroy the very society that has given them everything they have.

    I have a message to all of you pathetic excuses for anything: I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to be a victim. I refuse to be a statistic. I am a compassionate, educated, employed law abiding citizen and therefore a gentleman but don’t ever mistake that for weakness. I will be judged by twelve before I am carried by six…if you get my drift.o<

    • misterbill says:

      Indeed I do. I am happy that many decent. law abiding Americans are competent with firearms. They make it safer for all of America.


    Obama and his fellow demacRATS wants to disarma ll americans while opening our borders to illegal aliens Which is a act of TREASON

  11. misterbill says:

    I remind you of this and pray the membership has grown:

    List of refused orders

    The Oath Keepers feel that their sworn oath to the American Constitution, grants them not only the right, but the duty to refuse unconstitutional orders. The Oath Keepers organization has published a list of orders that they will not obey:

    Orders to disarm the American people.
    Orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people.
    Orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.
    Orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.
    Orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.
    Any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.
    Any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.
    Orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”
    Any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.
    Any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    Constitutional basis

    The 10 points of the Oath Keepers Oath are based on fundamental language in the United States Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, popularly known as the ‘right to bear arms’. They also have basis in upholding the 4th Amendment, which protects the people from warrantless searches and seizures of their property, the 6th Amendment, which guarantees a speedy trial, the right to confront witnesses and to have the assistance of counsel in a criminal trial, and the 10th Amendment, which provides for states rights and sovereignty.

  12. Liberals have created a monster and it’s called the welfare underclass. We now have 1.4 million gang members that are the spawn of this liberal Frankenstein. Now they want to disarm us, right when the gang bangerse are really picking up some steam.
    Hey look ma, no border. Mexico is crawling with psychpaths but it’s not P C enforce our laws. Yeah, that’s the ticket ,let em flood in. Those gringos can sort out the collateral damage!

  13. This reminds me of the day I learned (from one of former managers, who is black) that a lot of African and Caribbean black people really do not like “African-Americans” because they see them as lazy and giving them a bad name…

    I was slack-jawed, like, “But, that’s only some people, not all of them! My friends aren’t like that!” My manager shrugged and proceeded to tell me that his Caribbean-born mother was the most r4cist person he knows (and not against white people, either).