Looks like there was a rollickin’ good time at a Food Stamp office in East St. Louis a few days back. I can’t really add much to this situation simply because what took place here is self-explanatory!

Big brother is at work for all to see with this one example. We all know this is what Dear Leader means by his ‘transformation of America’…you can be sure he’s a happy-camper with situations like this. – Plans well laid, ‘Mission Accomplished!

See what you think. – This is via KTVI:

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL. (KTVI) – An alarming video of a Tuesday afternoon brawl at a social services office in East St. Louis had workers and clients concerned for their safety and brought calls for action.

A witness told FOX2 it began as a dispute over a place in line.

In spite of all the flying fists, there have been no arrests.

Workers and clients said that had to change.

State and local authorities didn`t know about the video until FOX 2 News alerted them.

East St. Louis Mayor, Alvin Parks, called for metal detectors at office at 9th and Missouri.

He said in today’s climate of mass shootings, such behavior was unacceptable, especially at a state office serving large numbers of people.

Sources said the fighting started even before the video started rolling at the Illinois Department of Human Services Office.

The video shows at least 4 women involved in the brawl, with fists flying from one side of the lobby to the other.

‘Yeah, I`m shocked man. I`m shocked,’ said past client, Detria Graves, as he watched the video, which had been posted on YouTube.

‘Definitely something needs to be done, it`s ridiculous,’ said DeShanea Stevenson, who`d often been to the office with her 3 year old son. ‘They just do that all the time, at the aid office. That`s what happens. It`s like nobody really cares.’

The police chief said security guards had the situation under control and the scene, about 6 blocks from the police station, was cleared by the time officers arrived. So, there were no arrests.

Office staff and past clients hoped the video would change that.

‘It`s just been cool, everybody standing in line, doing what they do, trying to get their stamps, trying to get, you know, whatever they`re trying to get. It`s never been like this in there,’ Graves said.

‘If I had my son with me, I`d be mad. I`d be very upset. No telling what`s going on. You never know what people have on them. You never know what could happen. Bullets don`t have names on them,’ Stevenson said.

There were no serious injuries reported.

A spokeswoman with the State Department of Human Services in Springfield said the staff was unaware of the video, until FOX 2 alerted them.

She said staff would review it and decide how to proceed.

Parks said it could have been worse; one of those involved apparently wanted to use a pair of scissors at the scene as a weapon; security guards prevented that.

He said police would review the video, too, and hopefully track down the people involved.

What a mess our country is in, these videos prove that and then some!

Okay friends…What say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Pathetic!!! I think this is just the start of the craziness; wait until it spills from welfare offices and out into the streets. These thugs have no regard for human life or decency…………………,………. When adults act like children……….

    • Disgusting isn’t it? – Our country is upside down, big thanks go to BHO. He wants it exactly this way…it’s the his transformation of America dontcha know!

    • Toni Gadbury says:

      That’s all these kind of “people” know, vile, subhuman ignorance and violence. God help us all when the handouts finally collapse because there aren’t enough of those of US WORKING to support their “lifestyle”. Ridiculous, scum of the earth behavior we have come to expect from the stupid class. They should be banned from ever receiving ANY kind of assistance from those who accomplish responsible work in this society. In great grandma’s day, if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. They should all be required to work just like everybody else. Maybe they’d be too busy earning a living to pull these stunts!

  2. These “people” are like hogs fighting over slop in the trough. They’re modern day slaves and they’re too stupid to realize it. Either that or too lazy to care.

  3. Screw em, put them in a cage with knives, come back in a couple hours, not much more than a dog fight going on.
    They ain’t lazy just no brains, none!

  4. Damn BT… what a coincidence. I was bored the other day, so I took the afternoon and went to the Kansas City zoo. I’ve always loved watching the monkeys… so when I arrived I headed straight for the monkey compound and behold, those damn monkeys were fighting over who got to be first in line for food. Like I said, what a coincidence.

    • Your coincidence has me laughing…what a perfect picture when it comes to what happened here. – Amazing Paul, just amazing! 😉

    • Racist, Hate filled people. Obviously NONE of you fear God. Now I understand why white people are the most hated people on the planet.

      • Yeah, and saying that you hate someone because of the color of their skin isn’t racist. Stop the hate and educate yourself. Don’t let people who make comments like that dictate how you feel. Trust me… they are in the minority.

      • fawn…

        I don’t need you telling me about God or fear. – Look in the mirror yourself.

        Btw…who are you to tell us who are the most hated people on this planet, how the hell would you know?

        Shut your pie-hole, I tire of phony, self-righteous race-baiters such as yourself.

        Look at the vid and tell me what color of skin those involved in this are. Put the blame where it belongs and face the facts you simpleton.

      • Toni Gadbury says:

        Don’t see WHITE people in the video fighting like animals… Do you?

    • Your a sick person. Sick people…People like you have a seat in hell with your name on it. your life sucks but wait to see whats coming next month.

  5. *shows ghetto welfare queen the video*

    hey, dat beez racists… weez not da only folks on da welfare.. da crackas be ons it too.. fo sho

    *shows ghetto welfare queen the video again*

    Hey, where beez da crackas?

    *reality sets into primitive brain*


  6. Mr. Grumpus says:

    DeShanea? Watermelondrea? Foodstampeesha? Nugrapeesha? Yaws quits awl dat fightin boo, whitey bees dun turnt off dem stamps and cahds. Ol graymeat cracka ass honkeys

  7. Too bad they can’t put that energy into looking for a job.

  8. typical. Obozo voters. Gives me mo free shit…..heh heh…….whitey pays………..chit man…..no free watermelon????


    Should have used phasers set on heavy stun

  10. Ann Coulter was right. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a demographic problem. 99% of the problem is with only one type of people.

    • You will be called racist for noticing!! You are supposed to see nothing.

      Did you notice the back of one woman’s jeans. I bet that’s how the fight really started, someone shoved a book of food stamps down there. LOL!!

  11. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Last year I finally read Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes”. For those of you not in the know, it’s an autobiography about a man who was born in America in the early thirties, emigrated with his parent’s back to Ireland, and was thereafter abandoned by his father. His mother then had to feed, house, and clothe her family on her own and was forced to apply for assistance from the state.

    McCourt describes the scene: everyone lined up early in the morning in the cold and wet and were made to understand they must be reverent and appreciative of any help they could receive. No talking, scuffling, and certainly no laughing, was acceptable. No fights ever broke out but had they, everyone would have been thrown out and made to come again another day.

    In another book by Barbara Robinette Moss, “Change Me into Zeus’ Daughter”, another mother who was abandoned to raise her seven children alone in Alabama in the sixties never even applied for assistance at all, knowing that her children would likely be taken from her and cared for by the state.

    These are both true stories of people who were proud, determined, yet down on their luck. Through hard work, tenacity, and pure stubbornness these people survived and flourished for the most part.

    Yet, here we are in America in the 21st century and we ENCOURAGE men to leave the home, encourage women to have more and more children with as many different partners as they can find, and discourage anyone from working for a living because we feed, clothe, and house them with no questions asked, and, apparently, no expectations of civil behavior.

    We reap what we sow.

    • CG…

      One word for your post. – ‘Priceless’

      You said it all in a nutshell. ~ Spoiled nation will come to an end one of these days, we cannot sustain this forever.

  12. I live across the river from this cesspool and guess what it will always reek of crime and corruption . The funny thing is they all voted for our dear leader!

  13. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I usually try not to look, but happened to look at my pay stub this morning. Not including state, ss, medicare, and whatever else, I’m sending the fed over 150 per week to pay for these animals. What do I get for all that money you ask? A giant pain in my ass, that’s what. And I get to pay full price for my family’s groceries, and everything else too. It makes me sick just telling ya’ll about it, maybe it’s time to work from home and report the amount I feel like?

  14. 100 million fly’s can’t be wrong, Eat S–t.

  15. It seems that there are only two ways of responding to this. Become outraged, or turn the other way and ignore it. Neither one works too well for me any longer. When there is no more free stuff to give away, and taxpayers are not producing anymore, the real fun will start.

    This lazy sub-human filth will venture into the better neighborhoods and try to take what they believe is theirs to take. When the gravy train derails they will go ape. When they come to my area I will be glad to do my part for the White Race.

    Molon Labe

  16. In Chicago, your EBT card nets you $200 a MONTH. That’s why Blacks NEVER suffer from MALNUTRITION. They eat better than people who WORK.

  17. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    What do you expect of a devolving culture? They can’t even keep what they inherit, much less progress.

  18. Teresa Minnifield says:

    I can’t even be mad at the ignorant people who wrote the racist comments on this site. Jesus told me to pray for people like you and that’s exactly what I will do!

    Just so you know, there are more whites on public assistance than blacks. We are just the people they will show you on TV acting a fool!!! Ask me how I know this!!! I am the Food Assistance supervisor and I see the demographics every month. Add that to the history of your great country! How about getting to know Jesus and let Him transform the way you think! Only He can do that for a dying nation!!

    And before I end this, let me let you in on a little secret!! Jesus put BHO in the white house along with white america! There ain’t enough of us niggas to do that. Now let that fester in your hateful hearts!!! may God bless you and shine His face upon you!

    • Hey there…it’s not our faults the color of the skin of those involved in this brawl…you’d better set your moral outrage on your brothers and SISTAHS…and pray for them.

      One other thing, I wouldn’t care what color of skin those involved were, I would post it. What took place here is beneath contempt and undignified. – No class…no manners, no being grateful from where these stamps come from and hard working tax payers that provide this to your friends.

      Btw….why do you refer to yourself as a nigga? – I thought that was racist. It certainly is according to many on the boob-tube and other bloggers of your race. Make up your minds which way you want it…and do some praying for your own-self…I don’t need your message at the end, you can stick that where the sun doesn’t shine.

  19. Welfare Lottery Ban: Proposal Not Going Over Well

    Some North Carolina residents are upset over a new measure to ban welfare recipients from buying Lottery tickets. The legislation is currently being drafted and would see all lottery ticket merchants refusing to sell to individuals who receive government assistance or who are going through bankruptcy.

    Representative Paul Stam, who is helping to draft the proposal, says the measure would ensure that government money is not being misdirected.

    “We’re giving them welfare to help them live, and yet by selling them a ticket, we’re taking away their money that is there to provide them the barest of necessities,” Stam said.

    But many think the local government is missing the bigger picture, and should be focusing on eliminating the need for welfare in the first place before cracking down on something which may or may not be enforceable.


  20. Snake Oiler says:

    4 Responses to “Brawl At Food Stamps Office Caught On Video”

    January 25, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    soon it will be Soylent Green riots.

    January 25, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    …called for metal detectors at office… Because we all know that having metal detectors is a serious roadblock to people beating each other with their fists. You want to make a point to these people, put up a sign that says if you fight you don’t get your stamps. You’ll have to skip the strip joints and bars until next month.

    When will the government start issuing training wheels for anyone who dares to ride a motorcycle?

    January 25, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Detria and DeShanea were quoted. No quotes from DeWonTa (pronounced De-Juan-Tay), Ladeshequia, Detoilet, Shedequensieia, ladashalanda, or Shadynasty (that’s Sha-dynasty, not Shady-nasty)? Dey wuz der an saw da bidness gone down.

    I also not that yewtewb took down the video very early in the day. Apparently, they don’t like the truth being video taped and passed around. I’m sure they’ll say they don’t allow videos with voilent content, but that’s rubbish. If you want to see some violent content on yewtewb, just look at the muslim propaganda videos. It doesn’t matter how many times the videos get flagged, they stay up.

    January 25, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    This is grand, bout’ time they fight for something. Haw! Now where did my paycheck go?
    I’m fighting just to keep what I’ve earned. What a shame it is to fight for something you have no claim to, yet it is,
    MINE. Mine,mine,mine. My puke pail runs over.