Is there anything litards don’t want to control? They don’t want you to drive cars or SUV’s big enough for humans. They don’t want you to have guns. Or live in houses. Or use air conditioning. Or eat animals. They don’t want us to even eat glutens, whatever the hell those things are! Oh, how libtards love to put their annoying noses in our bidness. Now they are mandating you pee in the shower to save water! Now who is going to know if you pee in the shower or not? Unless you’re in prison….in which case, peeing in the shower for the sake of the environment is the least of your worries, junior!

Some fuzzy little Norwegian prevert politician has come up with the novel idea of saving water by combining showers with urinating. Couldn’t he get the same results by asking people to bathe in their toilets? Either/or, I guess.

Fuzzy little Norwegian Bert Wassink is quoted as saying:


Nah, just crapping you negative, there. Here’s what he really said:

‘If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?’

Well, I have a why not for ya, Bert. What if I have to see a man about a horse (pee) but don’t need a shower? AWD bathes daily as I’m not some cheese-eating, surrender monkey from France who bathes only when the stench can gag a maggot. Sometimes AWD bathes twice a day if I’ve done some exercising. Which means I only bathe once because I hate exercising. I might have to go #1 a couple of times in a day though because I drink a lot of fluids during the day. Does that mean I must fire up the shower in order to drain the main vein? Does’t make sense to me when I can just pee on the tires of my neighbor who has that little yapping bastid dog.

I haven’t done much research on the peeing habits of people in the shower but I’m sure Bert Wassink isn’t the first to come up with this novel, environmental gem. The Big Sexy was once arrested for peeing in a shower. But it was in Home Depot bathroom department and I had to go real bad. The 5-0 didn’t care that I was just trying to protect the environment. But AWD’s wife doesn’t mind if I sometimes pee in the shower. It’s the #2 in the shower that she has problems with.

AWD is all about saving the environment, though. So I recommend all those fuzzy little Noregian foreigners to go to ol’ Bert’s house and pee all over his lawn whenever they have to go. Hell, they can leave a #2 also if they have the need. I think it’s all bio-degradable…which is supposed to be good, I think. Think of all the water and fertilizing Bert can save on if everyone in his town pays his house a visit every time their back teeth are floating and they have to poop. It will resemble a big Occupy Wall Street event!

Liberals are driving my big, sexy ass crazy these days. They want to control everything that goes on in my life. Now they want to follow us into the shower to make sure we’re saving water. Although there are few things I think I would find more enjoyable than peeing on a libtard’s leg. Especially if it’s Al Gore!

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    Enviromentalism is a mental disorder cuased by too many nuts and berries and watching AVATAR over and over again until your brain turns to the consistency of melted custard

  2. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Why not just pee in the yard? Dude, I’m just too normal to understand. Somebody help me out here….

  3. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    We are GUYS………the whole damned WORLD is our urinal!! Why limit us to the shower??

    Piss on fuzzy little Norwegian politicians.

    And fatassed, scumsucking American politicians as well.

  4. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Years ago, the strangest thing I’d ever heard about peeing in the shower was supposedly said by the “entertainer”, Madonna. She said that peeing in the shower directly onto her feet prevented and even cured athlete’s foot. I know, I know, she may even be medically correct (urea/uric acid). But it was just so weird to read that!

    That said, I don’t advocate doing this. It’s funny that liberals want us to go backward into the Middle Ages with our behavior and habits. Personally, I’d like to see them go to some remote, wild area of Africa, Australia, or somewhere and give it a go with no outside help. Then we’ll see how they like it.

    • Of course they want us to be Neanderthals. They can control us better, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

    • Yep. Why the hell they call themselves “progressives” I just don’t know. All their “ideas” seem pretty damn regressive to me.

  5. It is true about urine killing tinea pedis (athlete’s foot fungus). Urine is also sterile, so it’s really no big deal.

    I’ve been peeing in the shower for years, but if some gubmint dumbass required it, I’d quit out of spite for those pansy assed nanny state oxygen thieves

  6. “If you can’t piss off your porch, you live too close to town!”
    Edward Abbey

    He was a total nut back in his day, but now seems kind of rational in this world full of tree huggers.

  7. AWD
    Well look at it this way, the shower water is a hell of a lot warmer then when you mistakenly drop your manhood into the toilet, you know because is the extra length we conservatives have……….

  8. What the hell is wrong with non-Americans and their toileting habits? No joke, when my oldest was about three, I heard her shout, “Mommy, that man is peeing!”

    Sure enough, the Hispanic slum house next door had a dude pissing of the back porch in the middle of the afternoon. Dick totally out for everyone to see!

    He looked shocked when I yelled, “What is wrong with your toilet?”

    Silly me. I guess he was just trying to save the Earth.

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      Speaking of hispanics/latinos/mestizos, back when Georgia was first being invaded by the illegals from Mexico, we workers noticed that there was used toilet paper all over the floors of the bathroom stalls. This went on for a year, easily, when someone finally put up a sign in both English and Spanish that read: “Please flush your toilet paper after use. Plumbing in America works well and we wish to keep our country clean. Thank you.”

      True story.

  9. Dude, you’re the only blogger I know of who can get 5 or 6 paragraph’s out of pissing in the shower.

  10. Let us not forget that it was the Norwegians who gave our dear leader a peace prize for doing nothing other than being born half black.

    I just googled the nobel prizes and came away shaking my head.That damn late 19th century Parliament in Norway sure seemed to be the precursor of our current U.N.


    Beware of these green nuts their a hazard to common sense

  12. Who ever heard of a Norwegian named Bert?

  13. Obviously Bert Wassink is a Hipster trying to promote his urophilia fetish with a T-Shirt, and disguising it as a green initiative.

    Why can’t these people just say what they are, and what they stand for, without all the green bullshit.

    I had some out of state rental property where the tenant got his utilities shut off, so they pissed down the tub drain, and it stank the whole house up, you could smell it from the front door. So peeing in the shower is a bad idea, unless you like your bathroom to smell like piss, the vortex flush toilet was designed to efficiently remove waste from urban domiciles. A shower is an open drain with no water sitting/capping the top of it like it does in a toilet.

    If this guy was serious about promoting a Green Initiative he would be talking about recycling urea and selling distillation equipment and processes. But he is not interested in water conservation, he is interested in Fetish Promotion and it’s shock value.

    There are some legitimate green alternatives for Human waste like the composting toilet, but just try to get a permit or one. Smart humans fear diseases like typhoid and cholera for a good reason.

    Greenies like this guy just talk shit and try to be cool. He can Piss Off and take his T-Shirt with him.



  15. Let’s not also forget Norway’s strict gun-control laws, and how well they work. Just ask the families of those children killed by good ol’ Anders Behring Breivik.

  16. Fool doesn’t even realize that a lot of women already do that. It’s the only time we can pee standing up.

  17. Didn’t George Costanza get in trouble for peeing in the shower????

  18. Snake Oiler says:

    Here’s another environmentally-conscious type guy – Moonbeam Brown rides again!

    Gov. Jerry Brown: California’s Deficit Is Gone!

    But, never mind the facts…

    January 12, 2013 at 9:45 am

    California State Controller John Chiang reported to the public last month that revenues in the last quarter of 2012 were DOWN 10.8% The mandated TAX INCREASE that Gov. Moonbeam shoved through FAILED, and the fiscal situation is worse than ever:

    The behavior of Gov. Moonbeam and his cronies is either criminal or delusional. They belong in prison or a mental hospital.

  19. They’re so poor, they don’t have a pot to piss in?! In prison that act will get you dead and bloody in the shower too.

  20. Why are these idiots even listened to? Someone needs to invent a STFU button for the normal folks tired of this libtard bullshit.


    A pea-brain in the shower

  22. Just picturing the rant in Spanish from your little filly if you do #2 in the shower.


    I bet he has to tie a rope to himself to keep from going down the drain when he takes a shower