AWD wants to wish everyone a happy new year. Hopefully all the dudes and dudettes had a safe, fun evening.

I’m not excited at all about 2013 being a good year. I have that feeling of impending doom one might have if Michael the Moore and Rosie O’Donnell should crash your dinner party. There are dark clouds gathering and most are coming from Washington, DC. Allah only knows what socialist surprises Hussein has up his robes.

AWD has been pretty depressed about the future of America since the November election. In 2008. Not that Romney would have been Ronald Reagan had he won this November…I’m still shocked that America would reelect a hard-core leftist like Obama….after watching his hard-core leftist actions for four years. That tells me this isn’t your father’s America anymore. It looks more like the America of Saul Alinsky.

I’m going to try to accomplish several things this year. I want to continue our fight against the poison of political correctness. I want to totally destroy the current Republican Party leadership and will write more on that today. Of course, I want to piss off liberals. I also have some personal goals I want to accomplish. Being more sexy is not one of them. Some things are left better alone.

I’m not going to make a bunch of predictions as I’ve never made a correct prediction in my life. But feel free to weigh in with yours if you’re so inclined. So I hope y’all have a big ol’ happy new years day! Blahhhh!

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  1. I got up this morning…figured out my 4th quarter taxes, wrote THE UNITED STATES TREASURY a check just like a good little american. It’s like throwing money down a rat-hole!

  2. I have some predictions that I won’t mention at the moment but suffice to say, each one of them has “crap burger” in the sentence. blah blah blah yada yada yada. Happy New Year Dude, keep up the good work.

  3. I have to figure out how to get rid of all 535 nutless slugs in DC and get fresh ones. We have to have term limits so i will need help with this. There is no GOP anymore lets get em outa there

    • i’m with you oneoar…but the number needs to be 546…your 535 congress critters, +9 supream court judges, +1 worthless president, +1 even more worthless vice presidend.
      if you are going to start over, make a clean sweep and start at square one….
      and before you send a new bunch, bar lawyers and political science graduates from holding public office.

  4. AWD…

    Your words below sum it up for me. ~

    … “It looks more like the America of Saul Alinsky.”

    My thoughts are the same as yours regarding Dear Leader and our near future. – I’m worried, depressed at times…and wonder if we’ll make it financially etc etc.

  5. Happy New Year? It’s too early to tell.

  6. The GOP is trying reeeaaaally hard to make a Libertarian out of me.

  7. There were very few fireworks in my area last night, none of the towns had much to spend on them, a couple dozen big booms and that was it, even the neighbors shot very few, a few AK’s could be heard ripping off but not many of those, guess people are saving the ammo, it all was very revealing about the economy of the country, while obama thumbed his nose at America and gloated the rino’s caved in, I have one prediction and that is the Republican we have now will do nothing to stop the Democrats.



  9. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    You could tell who has/had ammo in my “hood” last night and it wasn’t white folk I can tell ya.

    Counted about 20 magazines (about average) of various calibers.

    Well, happy New Year anyway! I guess it’s gonna be what we make it.

    Stay positive my friends……

    • RAPH, happy new year to you! AWD didn’t shoot one bullet last night. Although my hunting buddy gave me a box of .223 tracer rounds! Woo hoo!


      • AWD
        Years ago a friend gave me a box of 12 ga military grade tracer shotgun shells, great for setting the woods on fire.

      • Rides A Pale Horse says:

        Thank you very much sir and neither did I fire so much as one round but rest assured that I shall, as soon as I take delivery of my new Ruger 10-22 Takedown pending Govt. “approval” *spit*. (at the range of course). And I’m actually thinking about buying some of the .22 tracers I’ve been seeing lately.

        Could be fun!

        Ever checked out the Dragons Breath shotgun rounds? Seems like they could be fun as well.

  10. RidinShotgun says:

    Happy New Year everyone! My prayers for all of those fellow patriots out there who are fighting the good fight. The following is something I stumbled across on another site, worth a look. Check your six and keep your powder dry!


    Time for cunsumer busybody and all around jerk RALPH NADER to GO TAKE A HIKE and quit trying to force his idiotic poppycock on us all

  12. Obama sucks and he along with his Demorat idiots are going to drag us all down into oblivion. We will be a second rate nation, broke and rioting in the streets will happen by the end of his second term.

    This is no president of mine and he is everything that real America is not. I still feel literally sick everytime I think of the idiotic people that voted for this socialist, marxist idiot last November. How can people be this absolutely stupid??!!!

  13. How Will Military & Police Respond to The Systematic Gun Grab?

  14. In 2013, I will look to reduce my income. Then get it down to where I work under the table cash only. As soon as I get rid of my idiot, liberal Obama loving wife then I can focus on paying off my Mom’s house (which will be mine)That only has about 5 years left on the mtg. Less if I can help it. All the while I will be preparing for the dollar crash. Stocking up on guns, ammo, food, medicine and other survival items (it’s a long list) Being in FL and near the shore I can fish year round for food.
    On election night I dozed off in front of the computer. I woke at about 2AM, ran into the kitchen where the tv was still on and saw him standing there with that baboon wife of his. I could hardly contain my anger and disappointment and tears came down face for the loss of my country. It was then that I set forth the plan above. That’s how my 2013 is going to go.

  15. At midnight my neighbors were trying out their guns,I felt no danger,they are all white,sober,and, sane. I worry more about the reasons everyone is getting armed. Never felt this fear before. Worried about 2013,and,how far this Obama adm. will go before all hell breaks loose.

  16. Obama Has Been Planning Gun Control For A Long Time;index=3

  17. AWD,

    Agreed… eliminate the whole stinking Republican Party… Happy New Year to you and family.

  18. Angry White Dudette says:

    Happy New Year to AWD and all the Dudes & Dudettes who enjoy the blog here on the great white way we call Internet.
    AWD, you explained my feelings EXACTLY in your piece. I wish I could put my feelings into words the way you do. I may print your article and just read it to my conservative friends.
    Happy New Year. Keep up the good work (writing).
    Your Mama

  19. Lookie there, his tie matches his gums.