Angry White Dude loves him some guns. Rifles, handguns, shotguns. Full-auto, semi-auto, revolvers, pump action…I loves ’em all. Hell, I even love BB guns. I don’t like pink guns. That would be gay.

The Big Sexy has always loved guns as far as I can remember. I remember one Christmas when AWD was but a wee right-wing extremist. I couldn’t have been more than five or six. Santa brought the AWD a toy rifle that shot plastic darts. AWD’s mama had some glass swans with colored water in them (it was the 60’s, y’all) for decorative purposes. I remember telling her I was going to shoot her swans. She begged me not to. I blew the heads off of them sumbitches!

It’s natural for boys to love guns. It’s in our DNA. I’m not sure but I think the A in DNA stands for Ammo. If boys don’t love guns, there is something wrong with their DNA and they usually prefer to play with baby dolls and learn all there is about moisturizing products. I call BS on that! Moisturizing ain’t no past time for a man. Nor is biting pillows.

AWD loves the feel of his concealed Glock when he walks the city streets or is in a crowded place. It feels like…I don’t know….liberty! I love my guns because I know I can defend myself, family and friends if I need to. I also know I can help defend my countrymen against the tyrannists in Washington. Sure, I love to hunt but hunting is not the reason for the 2nd Amendment. An ancillary way AWD loves guns is how they piss off liberal a**holes who seek to disarm America but realize they never will.

Just this past summer, AWD was in downtown Dallas waiting for a friend. I was standing beside my supa-sexy F-150 and wearing a supa-sexy suit with a supa-sexy tie (you better believe it’s all silk) when some homeless crazy bastid came my way screaming at people along the way. He saw AWD and headed directly my way. When he got within 15 feet, he said “hey, got a dollar?” I replied, “No, but I’ve got a Glock.” He turned around and headed the other direction without another word. True story.

Liberals love to ask their stupid little PC mantra questions like “why does anyone need a 30-round magazine?” Or “should Americans be allowed to have rocket launchers and nuclear weapons?” Or “why do you need to carry a gun when we have the police?” Or “why would you want a fully-auto, semi-automatic magazine barrel with a high-capacity assault trigger?” They don’t understand guns, nor do they want to. They aren’t concerned with safety. That is only the ploy for their real agenda…to seize your weapons.

AWD has two words for any libtarded, statist bastids who think they have the capacity to take our guns: MOLON @#&*ING LABE! There are tens of millions of former and current military in America who have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution. And they will. There are also tens of millions of Americans like AWD who did not serve in the military who have made public and private oaths to protect the Constitution alongside with our former and current military brothers and sisters. Better to die fighting for freedom than live under tyranny as a slave!

AWD will spend this afternoon and evening protecting the good people of north Texas from hordes of violent, criminal hogs. I will use an AR with a 30 round magazine. Why? Because I don’t have a 40 round magazine. Those hogs have been wreaking havoc tearing down fences and terrorizing the precious deer population around these parts. They must be from Chicago.

It’s always a great feeling walking in the woods with a quality rifle in my hands and a .45 on my hip. It’s peaceful. It’s quiet. It’s beautiful. It’s America. It’s freedom. It’s how free men live.

Yes, there are bad men and women with guns in this country. They are called criminals. But there are millions more good men and women with guns, too. They are called patriots. We will not allow Washington to take guns from the good people of America and put us at the mercy of the bad. And those who seek to do that are the worst people in America who unfortunately are found in the highest levels of government.


Please feel free to express why you love guns. Your words may help some libtard to understand what they’re up against.

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  1. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    Girls love guns too! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  2. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    This is what you can expect in the near future. You can bet that Feinstein’s bill will have an attempt at rushing it through. They’ll ask for everything and get something. The dems/socialists/libtards are already doing the calculus right now. If they try it before the end of the month we might have trouble, if it’s delayed then we have a better chance of stopping it entirely until they find another equivalent of a US suicide bomber. The real danger will be the magazines. They know in the AR market that anything under 20 rounds will clearly hurt the manufacturers. They’ll also go after the HC pistol mags as well and might get them. This means that larger pistols in the 9mm and 40 caliber class will have less appeal. This is a gamble and they know it. If they fail, then they know that there will be a gazillion years of mags manufactured. As always Glock is ahead of the game, now providing 3 mags per weapon in their fourth generation pistols. If you have high capacity weapons then I’d order them now, through reputable sources like Midway or Brownell’s who will not tend to gouge you. Jury is still out on Cheaper than Dirt. Don’t get caught up in the ripoff. After the 1994 assault weapon debacle expired, conventional wisdom said get at least 10 mags per weapon. I’d do a minimum of 5 or 6.
    The other thing will be a tax on ammo. The libs are pretty stupid here but expect them to really go after the 40 caliber by buying up as much as possibe. Expect a heavy tax on ammo and a possible ban on bulk sales of more than a few hundred rounds perhaps a lot less. Above all get spare parts that you might need. For pistols this means a recoil spring spare. For AR’s if you can’t get a spare bolt at least get a bolt rebuild kit that includes an extractor and extra heavy duty recoil spring and spring plastic gizmo.
    This, however, might be the time to buy tactical shotgun which might be a very good buy in the near future.

  3. 79firebirdman says:

    Here, on Dailykos (surprise, surprise!), is a very good snapshot of the clueless useful idiot statists we face off with in the current gun control/ban debate. Very scary and disturbing. Be sure to read as many of the comments as you can stomach. The author of the article, sporks, also responds to a lot of the comments, and is a real fine piece of work. S/he/it is falling down drunk on the progressive koolaid and has absolutely no regard or esteem for the Constitution or private property rights. He even has the gall to say in the comments that the president is hugely popular and “we can do whatever we want”. Sporks has written several other articles simmered in koolaid which parrots so much of the lefts propaganda, talking points, and agenda.

    You can also google “sporks daily kos” to find some excellent rebuttal articles that poison sporks koolaid.
    Here also is an excellent article about the left’s thuggery and tactics.

    It amazes me that the left doesn’t seem to care about the logical fallacy of their arguments, supposing I guess that us right wing God, country, and Constitution loving gun nuts are too stupid and “unenlightened” to notice. For example, they call for the decriminalization of drugs because drug laws don’t work. Yet they call for more gun control laws which will magically end all violence and we’ll all be safe. After recently adding to my collection and filling out form ATF 4473, I can personally attest that all prudent restrictions to firearm ownership are already on the books. Of course photo ID is required for a gun purchase (as it should be to help prevent straw purchases and illegal transfer after purchase!), yet photo ID shouldn’t be required for voting. Go figure. Or don’t, it’s just another of the left’s many logical fallacies. These are worrisome times and it has got to the point that I pray daily for wisdom to always be on the right side, both politically and morally and not be taken in my the media propaganda machine.
    “I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters”. Frank Lloyd Wright

    • It astounds me that in their abhorrence of the violence that they proclaim is let loose on society by guns, they are willing to perpetrate violence on innocent law abiding citizens because they don’t like guns, and therefor nobody should have them.

      We will never win unless we employ their tactics. There is no reasoning with these people.

      I will not register…

      Molon Labe

      • 79firebirdman says:

        I’ll never subscribe to their vision for how I should live my life at the whim of some unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat. If that makes me a criminal, then so be it, because I know that I have tradition and justice, and moral (as opposed to political) correctness on my side. I’d rather die free than on my knees licking the boots of my keeper for whatever crumbs they try to pacify me with. Another thing that astounds me is that the brownshirts, when turned loose, will first come for and silence the useful idiots that have served their purpose in furthering the cause.

      • The Progressives have no abhorrence of violence, it’s how they grab and maintain their power and once they get power they begot Hitler all over again. he speaks their language of class warfare, division , racism, environmentalism, green power, etc, etc,etc. “O” would be a merciless dictator in a second if he had total power, Feinstein the same, Shumer the same, Clinton the same. We live on the Cusp of a Dictatorship every day we have a Progressive in power. Thankfully Roosevelt died when he did, and thankfully we had the Congress propose the 22nd amendment and the states ratified it Feb 27, 1951 that limited Presidents to two terms. I would like to see one 6 year term and gone…

  4. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    From the 2008 Cheyenne Wells Colorado Volunteer Fire Dept. machine gun shoot.

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Too!!

  5. PAmadwoman says:

    I love guns because they make me feel safe. I live alone, not in a bad neighborhood, but alone, and I am an older woman. I sleep with my pistol next to me, always loaded, always within reach so I don’t have to fish for it in the dark if I hear something strange during the night. I’ll probably never need it where I live; but I sleep better knowing it’s there “if.”

    On a Sunday afternoon it’s not unusual to hear shotgun fire from neighboring properties or the nearby quarry. I love my peace and quiet, with the woods all around and the river nearby, but that sound, the shotgun echo, that makes me feel free. That’s why my neighborhood is a good one. Guns in the hands of good people and good neighbors.


    How to stop crime conservative style is with a firearm liberals method to crime is stickiing their fingers in the barrel of a gun

  7. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Talking Points Memo is reporting that Obama and the libs are planning a “whirlwind” attack by the middle of this month in an attempt to overwhelm pro-gun forces ( read this as patriots ) They say as early as the 15th of this month.

    • They expect to be pretty much finished by Jan. 22. It is to be an all out push from all sides and the Media is working with them and “Boner” is expected to cave in the onslaught. He has already removed Tea Party people because they won’t go all in. “Boner” caves, Reid does the nuke option to stop filibusters, passes Senate, “O” signs it. The scenario has been used by every Tyrant since day one. Store your Long Rifles, they will be needed.


    A armed society is a polite society imagine EMELY POST with a concealed derringer

  9. AWD
    Remember the Beatles song, Happiness is a warm gun.

  10. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    One of the weapons I’m intrigued about is the Ruger SR 45. With the apparent demise of the P345 series this one is of significant interest. It’s a 10 shot magazine striker fired pistol with a polymer frame built around the
    SR platform. Ruger has a history of introducing pistols early and solving the inevitable problems afterwards. However, the SR series is more mature and Ruger may not only have a winner but may have advanced to the so called ” next level.” As an aside in a poll taken of gun range owners, Rugers as well as Sigs have had the least problems in a subset of firearms that are often abused with high round counts.

  11. Joe Stalin says:

    Sir, quite clearly you are infected with that dread disease:


  12. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I also seem to have an incurable case of “Insatiable Gun Lust”. Most real men and women I know seem to, at minimum, have some progression of same. I really never, ever, EVER seem to have enough guns, ammo, or accessories. I’m also grateful to have finally found a site full of friends that most certainly feel the same way. Know this, wanna-be tyrants and gun grabbers: whenever you decide you’re hard enough to come and get them, we will let your corpses rot in the Mississippi sun until the buzzards pick you clean, and build a monument to guns with your bleached white bones. I can arm roughly twenty of my friends and family, and many of same friends can do the same. Bring your homies

  13. Speaking of guns, I already have a hog gun, a LAR 6.8 spc Rock River .

    I just ordered a “legal” Marlin SBL 45/70 and I’m stoked.

  14. For all you People buying new guns Remember this, I would rather be next to you in the foxhole. with a $900.00 Bushmaster and 5000 rounds of ammo than next to you with a $3500.00 ar15 and 500 rounds of ammo. as much as I may like you I don`t want to share.

  15. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Max I could improve that Bushmaster for you.

    • Quartier, what would you do to improve it? I’ll take a good idea anywhere I can get it.


      • Quartier LeBlanc says:

        There a number of things you can do to improve the weapon. Everything is in degrees and some of it is controversial. A good mil spec rifle length gas system works very well without a lot of manipulation.
        If you have a carbine length weapon one of the easiest things to do is replace the standard buffer with a heavier ( H2 or H3 ) buffer which will slow the inertia of the BCG. The shorter carbine gas tube operates at higher pressures and hence the recoil impulse will make the BCG move at a higher speed vs a rifle length system. This will improve reliablity a bit. It’s controversial but I do this. I don’t think there is a need to replace the buffer spring.
        Pay attention to the bolt, it’s an expendable. It’s also an area where a cheap part can make its way in there and cause a problem. It’s hard to really know what you have with anyone but the high end shops and if it was made well or cheaply. The only thing you can do if you don’t know is to replace it with a really good manufacturer, like CMT, LMT or Wilson. Then you’ll know for sure. Mil spec is from Carpenter 158 steel and some of the others are from 9310 alloy. Both work fine. The bolt has a expected life of 5000 to 7500 rounds. It also need to be properly headspaced. It will work for a while but will ultimately break when you don’t want it to. It might be hard to find a new one now.
        Still your bolt is probably OK but you do want to boost extractor strength and this is where a lot of problems occur, the AR extractor is actually made to be too weak and will slip off a cartridge case. This one is IMPORTANT. Remove the extractor from the bolt and inspect the spring and the little plastic gizmo called a booster. If the spring is dark and the gizmo is white it’s a weaker system and cheap. You want a gold colored spring and dark to black gizmo at the very least. The exception is Wolf springs which are dark and stronger than hell. Anyway you want to replace or make sure you have a “strong extractor spring” and I’d consider placing what’s called the D-Fender booster by a company called MGI which you can get from Midway or Brownells. It’s easy, cheap and a lifetime part.
        Always run mags with antitilt followers, they’re much better than standard GI and DO make a difference. I rate them as Magpul, C products and AR Stoner in that order. Jury is out on Tapco and I’d completely stay away from the Isreali Orlites.
        Make sure when you clean them to remove all the carbon from the area of the locking lugs and where they engage the chamber as well as where the bolt fits into the BCG. Lubricate the assembly with standard motor oil. I like Mobil One. Rem oil or Hoppe’s just doesn’t cut it.
        Then there is ammo. Steel just will not work as well period. Then you have both 223 cases and 5.56 cases which are externally identical but internally the 5.56 case is thicker, will stretch less and often much harder. What you really need to watch for is soft brass. You can see this by examining the headstamp. You’ll see a tiny circle where the ejector will make a tiny circle in the brass. Avoid this stuff.
        The above is easy to do, cheap and you can do it yourself. Some of the other things you can do is change your barrel and go from a 4140 chrome lined barrel ( this is most manufacturers ) to a 4150 chrome lined barrel. You’ll need to change your foreend too. None of this is cheap ( relatively) This a true machine gun barrel and will take the heat better. If you do make sure you install a mid length gas system at the same time. Some guys like to add a piston system but you’ll lose accuracy and gain weight. I don’t do these.
        I hope this helps a bit.

        • Can you REALLY see a visible difference in performance between a 4140 vs a 4150 CL barrel as used in a semi-auto rifle? The heat input to the barrel would be limited to however fast you can pull the trigger. Hard to imagine a circumstance where you would see a difference in using semi-auto. Have you seen an instance on the range where the 4150 outperformed the 4140? Just asking.

          • Quartier LeBlanc says:

            The real answer is no, unless the weapon gets really hot and you’re using rapid fire. Then in terms of accuracy and possibly of extraction it will make a difference. Will most people notice it? Probably not in a carbine length weapon. You’ll get arguments about this forever. Then there is the cost issue which can be considerable. An interesting possibility is the use of stainless barrels with nitriding finishes. I’m not sure who the manufacturer is/was but I think it was Palmetto State that was doing this. I think the guys who can answer this best are builders like Bill Wilson or a guru like Patrick Sweeney.

  16. “If the liberals think a lot of innocent people are being killed by guns now, just wait ’til law-abiding citizens have their self-defense weapons banned.” — ghostsniper, 2013


  17. bargis tryhol says:

    In case you’re one of those who thinks gun control is the best way to handle our social problems..Here’s what old Bargis thinks…

  18. Amen AWD you will never see me in the Family Tree of Muhammad

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