A brief history of America from 1950 to 2013:

We traded this for this


A brief breakdown of the American populace as of 2013:

American Pie Chart

Scientifically accurate

“It’s for our protection,” a fellow passenger responded when I griped about the installation of [cancer-causing, privacy-invading, hour-long-security-line-inducing] full-body x-ray scanners at JFK.

Nation of Sheep

Tru dat.

“Then the second amendment is obsolete,” responded a coworker when I informed him it wasn’t about hunting or self-defense.

Constitution Hat


“But…football…!” countered a friend when I informed him that a Weimar-style economic meltdown was all but inevitable.

American Opiate

American Opiate

“Feminism was a much-needed correction to our male-dominated, patriarchal society,” contended my professor of Gender Studies.

Empty Box

Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

“But we’re a nation of immigrants!” said my neighbor when I told him we should immediately deport all illegals and impose an immigration moratorium at least until the unemployment rate is under 5%.

MSM Receptacles

Don't forget to flush!

“Kids should be able to vote,” insisted a “pundit” on a “news” channel.



“There have been no scandals under the Obama administration!” said a family member who gets her “news” from the MSM.

Mind Wash

At the mind wash...

“They’re not entitlements, they’re rights!” insisted a friend active in the “Occupy Wall Street” “protests”.

Lamest Generation


“Moooooo,” said the average American when informed that he now lives under a de facto totalitarian state.



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  1. The 50’s were all but over by the time I came into this world. My parents were children during the Great Depression. I was born midway through the International Geophysical Year, 1958.


    This song says it all. My folks must have thought that nothing was out of reach. It was a myth. They bought into the hype. These are the times we live in, we have to make them the best of times, right now. Not some time long ago that many don’t even remember.

  2. BigLittleKid says:

    “he now lives under a de facto totalitarian state”

    Been telling you that for months. :)

  3. The land of the free is long gone…I fear she will never return to what she once was. – Total disgrace.

  4. Max & Eric says:

    I was followin my dad Who`s eighty years old, we Stopped for gas And here comes a Agressive Panhandler. Zero`s right for my dad. My dad in his day was a scary MF`er (trust me). He tell`s this guy to get a fu**ing job, The bums running his mouth I stepped in an said he`s (my Dad) is about to spray you with gas And I think the muzzle flash from his 9mm will Probably set you on fire. At seeing my dad Holstered Taurus he left to find himself a progressive that deserved the beat down. My dad said he should have shot him an tossed the carcass in the truck…Dam waste of fertlizer that is. (totally kidding to make me laugh) Greatest Generation…Without a doubt.


    Notice how many depend upon some greedy bunch of lawyers to solve our problems rather then talk it over America has too many lawyers we need a limit on lawyers

  6. Looks to me to be more than enough Patriots to run the Traitors out and herd the cattle where we want them.

  7. “We are at a point in American evolution where voters who pay no federal taxes, who demand subsidies from the government are in greater number and better organized than those who pay those federal taxes and demand nothing from the federal government except adherence to the Constitution.

    The Constitutional Republic is dead, we have metamorphosed into a democracy with all the dangers inherent to a democracy revealed in every broadcast of the news. America cannot long survive the demands of a democracy, it is not suited to it. So, there must be war.

    With so many millions of Americans contemptuous of our rights, because they feel threatened by freedom rather than understanding the responsibility that comes with it, there can be no unifying moment. There will be only more heated demands to take from us the rights which protect us from them, which protect our property from them, which protects our liberty from them. They want it and they have the votes to get it.”


  8. PAmadwoman says:

    I know this is serious, Red, but those cartoons are a scream. Best laugh all day.

  9. But we’re a nation of immigrants!” said my neighbor when I told him we should immediately deport all illegals and impose an immigration moratorium at least until the unemployment rate is under 5%.

    WHEN IJITS OFFER THE BROMIDE OF ‘But we’re a nation of immigrants’
    TELL EM ABOUT 1965.

    And how that changed an immigration policy of 100+ years standing.

  10. That Obamaphone scrunt is the poster child for what is wrong in this country. Every time I see her fugly mug, I get even more outraged.

    • Agree with you Michael. I once told a co-worker that he was the poster-child for everything wrong with affirmative action hiring/promotion policies. Believe it or not, they had an “investigation” and I was within a RCH of being fired over that statement. I think that my honesty in admitting it BEFORE I knew of the “investigation” was what saved my job. You should have seen the look on my boss’ face when I told him that I said it, right after he called me into his office but before he was able to ask me about it. Took the wind right out of his sails.
      I’m a federal employee by-the-way, so I deal with this shit every day. Just because I am one, doesn’t mean I conduct myself like one. I actually take pride in my work and I’ll do what it takes to get a job done. It pisses off the status-quo federal employee, but I sleep well at night knowing I do my job.


    Liberal idiots think the U.S. CONSTITUTITION allows them to run around town all day naked or for either two men to marry or for illegal aliens to camp on your property and use your yard a a toilet or a dump and wait for liberals to demand that burglars be allowed to break into your home and ransack your home and you wouldnt be allowed to stop them like they have dont in england and the euroweenie union

  12. Dieter Braun says:

    This is a great website,good comments and logic.I am glad I found it!I ill be back.


    The 60s when on TV the families were not worring about the polarbears and rememebr LOST in SPACE came before STAR TREK and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA,GILLIGANS ISLAND,BEVERY HILLBILLIES, and that and the conservative famly of the 70s THE WALTONS set during the GREAT DEPRESSION under FDR

  14. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Thank you for this post. Sometimes we must allow art to speak for us. I think perhaps my favorite is the wordless toilet-headed couple watching an ass speak to them.

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