For some Friday fun, I thought I’d provide you all with some ads that should put a smile on your face, especially when it comes to Courtney Hope. She’s a winner in my book…see if she is in yours as well.

This is via TB:

In 2011, there was a set of commercials that made their way around the internet by gun-maker Glock and featuring popular Marine drill sergeant Lee Ermey, aka “Gunny.” Pro-gun people loved them, as they make the case for those who are passionate about the Second Amendment in a slightly-funny, common-sense way.

And now the manufacturer is back with a new one that’s sure to grab attention.

The ads all are a play off the idea of robbers picking the wrong business, house, or person.

Check out the initial ad, which takes place at a diner and focuses on a potential robbery:

The second one focuses on home protection:

And now the new one — which portrays a crook picking the wrong woman to try and attack:

Curious about who the “wrong girl” is? Well, you may have seen her before. Here name is Courtney Hope and she’s a model and actress. Her website details more of her accolades:

I’ve been seen in guest star roles in TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, Related, Out of Jimmy’s Head, Joan of Arcadia, 7th Heaven and others. I also booked a series regular role in a pilot with 20th Century FOX, called “Born In The USA”, which was a drama and the brain-child of Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol. I recently filmed another pilot, “The Assassins”, and am hopeful that it will be picked up this next TV season.

The Dallas, TX, native is also pretty smart. Her website says, “I graduated high school at the age of 15 and started college on my 16th birthday.”

IMDB adds that the 23-year-old actress has appeared appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows, and movies. She’s also the red-head in this “Messin’ with Sasquatch” commercial:

Hope all of you enjoyed these…if not, don’t say a danged thing!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Sure is better then all the hypocracy from DEMAND A PLAN we dont need a bunch of spoiled litle dope and booze swilling hypotcrits to tell us to surrender our guns to King Obama the Fink

  2. I love the video and send it all over, everyone likes it.

  3. Snake Oiler says:

    She’s healthy – and a redhead! Better leave it at that. Any other comments might be misconstrued as being sexist.

    • No they wouldn’t. Nothing wrong with complimenting a good looking gal with common sense. – Screw the PC crap!

  4. Great googly moogly! I’d pick the wrong woman everytime if she was the woman i got to pick!

    If I was a gun control nut, this one would make me take a sudden interest in the 2nd Amendment. Jessie Duff would be reason #2.

    Chicks with guns are hot!

    • That one sure is. ‘Red’ hot!

      • Liked that…a lot. 😉

        • Sorry, BT, I couldn’t resist that one. The persistence of memory.

          Tommy Shaw
          Girls With Guns

          Everybody says,
          “Don’t go messing with a girl with guns”
          They don’t need you
          They couldn’t love you
          They couldn’t be any fun (Noooo)

          Stand tall, don’t think small
          Don’t get your back against the wall
          Shoot straight, don’t wait
          To Fire away…

          An innocent bystander
          Who forgets to look both ways
          Who never tries to understand her
          Won’t feel the heat ’til it’s too late (So I tell you)

          Stand tall, don’t think small
          Don’t get your back against the wall
          Shoot straight, don’t wait
          To fire away (no, no, no)

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    Wis. sheriff urges citizens to get gun training
    By AMY FORLITI | Associated Press – 4 hrs ago

    A Wisconsin sheriff says he released an ad calling on residents to defend themselves because the old model of having a citizen call 911 and wait for help isn’t always the best option.

    In the ad, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. tells residents that when it comes to personal safety: “I need you in the game.” He urges citizens to learn to use firearms so they can “fight back” until authorities arrive.

    The ad has drawn sharp criticism from other area officials. The president of the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Roy Felber, says it sounds like a call to vigilantism.

    But Clarke says he can either whine about budget cuts that have reduced the number of deputies or call on citizens to work with officers in some situations.

    Lots of good comments on this one.

  6. Snake Oiler says:

    Iowa Cops Are Buying Their Own ‘Assault Rifles’

    From Fox News:

    Police in Iowa city to buy their own semi-automatic AR-15s

    By Joshua Rhett Miller | January 24, 2013

    Police in one Iowa city could soon be buying their own assault rifles to carry in squad cars to ensure they aren’t outgunned by criminals in the wake of several high-profile shootings involving semi-automatic AR-15s, has learned.

    Bear in mind the news media mocks private citizens who say they don’t want to be out gunned by criminals.

    Half of the 50-member force in Marion, Iowa, will take part in the upgrade, paying for the $2,000 guns in installments deducted from their paychecks, according to Police Chief Harry Daugherty. He said the proposal, expected to be approved by the city’s seven-member City Council late Thursday, will mean initial responders will have enough firepower to deal with heavily armed suspects. Currently, only members of Marion’s 12-member SWAT team carry AR-15s.

    What paranoia. Criminals are never so heavily armed that you ever need more than seven bullets to deal with them. Just ask Andrew Cuomo.

    By the way, when was the last time you ever saw members of a public union take a pay cut? They must think this is a matter of life and death. Which, of course, it is.

    • Excellent news…this make the end of the night great!

      Thanks Snake. ~

      • Snake Oiler says:

        This topic you have posted has for sure put redheads on the brain. There’s remarkable, there’s fantastic, there’s out of this world, and then there’s http://www4.images.coolspotter.....allery.jpg
        Sorry, at this hour, maybe I can get away with being a little bit sexist.

        • Nothing to say you’re sorry for Snake…you’re a red-blooded man.

          Don’t think for a second we women don’t have our own hunks, fox’s, or whatever the term is for a sexy man these days via our own viewfinders in life…we do. 😉


    True then, truer today, pass this on. Note: Texas fixed that problem, successfully.

  8. Snake Oiler says:

    This is a sort of follow up on Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. From Townhall:

    Wis. Sheriff Tells Residents to Learn How to Use a Gun: 911 is No Longer Your Best Option

    You might want to make note of Sheriff Clarke in the video. Shame on me for stereotyping.

    • Snake, read about that this morning etc. He’s a winner in my book!

      Glad you posted this here…hope others check it out. ~

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Also heard on the radio a little while ago that some police and sheriff’s departments in Texas are having trouble obtaining a particular type of firearm (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) because they are flying off the shelves so fast.

  9. Snake Oiler says:

    Also from Townhall:

    Why Republicans Are Poised To Lose The Second Amendment Battle

    Progressive politicians across the country are attempting to launch a stealth war against gun manufacturers, trying to harm them financially because they can’t legislatively.

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has the city moving to divest its pension fund from weapons and ammunitions companies in an attempt to pressure them to agree to more controls on their businesses. But Nutter isn’t alone, a growing list of progressive politicians from across the country are using their workers’ pensions, their retirement savings, like chips in a game of high-stakes poker.

    By pulling, or threatening to pull, hundreds of millions of dollars in investments from manufacturers, it threatens to take stock prices artificially low. They’re willing to play politics with the retirement of their workers in order to advance their agenda. But the full-frontal assault on their stock price isn’t the only stealth avenue they’re seeking.

    Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, mayor of the murder capital of the world, is taking a second line of attack by putting pressure on banks to stop their financial involvement with weapons manufactures until they capitulate to the progressive will.

    Emanuel, the president’s former chief of staff, wouldn’t dare make such a move if he didn’t have the blessing of the White House.

    Michael Nutter – that name says it all.

    • Lol…your very last sentence says it all! 😉

      • Snake Oiler says:

        This comment on Townhall was a real corker. I think this guy just came up with the ultimate title for BO…


        Reckon what happened to all of these Craphead libturds along their life’s adventures that caused them to develop the blood lusting hatred for America, our Constitution, and their fellow Americans they perpetually appear to keep on display?

        These TH TROLLs are the exact same kinds of people who supported Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany….More recently Hugo Chavez’s rise to power in Venezuela….And now Barack Hugochavez Obutthole’s rise to power right here in the USA.