Want to see what tyranny looks like? Want to see what big government that controls every aspect of your life looks like? Want to see the result if liberals are successful in destroying the Second Amendment. Meet King Michael Bloomberg!

King Bloomberg wants to tell his subjects how to live their lives. How much soda they can drink. How much salt they can eat. What vehicles they can drive. Where they can live. How much electricity and gasoline they can use. Oh, and if you can own firearms. Short answer: no. Not for you, subjects! You can’t be trusted with self-determination. That’s for King Bloomberg to decide!

It’s perfectly acceptable for King Bloomberg and the other elites to drink soda, eat salt and own guns. They are different than you. Better, if you will. Certainly more important. So the rules he sets for you won’t apply to him and his fellow elites. You will live your life at King Bloomberg’s pleasure.

Here’s an illustration of King Bloomberg’s tyranny. Conservative reporter Jason Mattera simply asked King Bloomberg a simple question. Look what he received for troubling His Majesty:

How dare Mr. Mattera question the King! His well-armed bodyguards spring into action to let Mr. Mattera that such behavior will not be tolerated. And you better believe that the NYPD have every piece of information of Mattera’s life, public and private, under review. This is the tyrannist dream of the leftists in America. This is the reality of big government control.

Why have statists always despised and feared an armed population? Because an armed populace can shoot back. Can you envision a reporter like Mr. Mattera questioning Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung or any number of mass-murdering tyrants as he did King Bloomberg today? Mattera would most certainly experienced a .45 caliber headache in the near future if not on the spot.

Now, picture America without the Second Amendment. You saw a sliver of it today from King Bloomberg and his goon squad. Because without the Second Amendment, we will certainly lose the rest of our rights under the Constitution. Is there any coincidence that the mainstream propaganda media and their comrades in academia are now questioning the need and relevance of the Constitution? Slippery slope, my friends.

Whether it’s destroying the economy with uncontrolled spending. Destroying the dollar with massive printing from the Fed. Or flooding the country with tens of millions of illegal aliens. Giving amnesty and votes to those who broke our laws to enter our country and live off of the taxpayer. Or destroying the military. Or questioning the need for the Constitution. Big government statists are blunt about their goals.

Socialism is ugly and violent. It creates poverty and rewards only the few in positions of power that they never relinquish. King Bloomberg’s antics today foreshadow that critics of the elite always end up on the wrong end of the gun.

AWD knows a Russian economist who was an economic advisor under Gorbachev. I once asked him if he ever believed in communism. His reply,

“How can you believe in a system that controls a country spanning five time zones but couldn’t manufacture a light bulb? It’s easy to be a socialist in America because there’s always food on the shelves.”

But socialism doesn’t put food on the shelves or create wealth. It is free market capitalism exercised by hard-working people that creates wealth. And it is the very system that created wealth in America that King Bloomberg and his fellow tyrannists are doing a hell of a job destroying!

AWD doesn’t believe I am being alarmist to say that it is easy to see the day coming very soon when Americans may need to exercise the Second Amendment or live under the bondage of those who seek to control us. They have made their desires crystal clear. You need to ask of yourself what you are prepared to do when that terrible time comes. Watching American Idol is not the correct answer.

A part of me feels no sympathy for the subjects of King Bloomberg in New York. They elected him, let them suffer. But there are statists in both parties in Washington that have the same dreams to completely control the American people. They must understand that Americans will never allow their tyrannist desires to come to fruition.

Molon Labe


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  1. “It’s easy to be a socialist in America because there’s always food on the shelves.”

    …until the socialists get their way.

    Irony–it’s what’s for dinner!

  2. This time they have the money on their side to keep pushing for gun control via Soros and his Goons. If you know what Soros did as a teen you will understand just how ruthless they are going to get, and Soros has a son to grab the reins when he eats it. The video illustrates how we can get to them, it reminded me of Breitbarts in your face tactics. Its amazing how many Jewish people live in NYC and don’t see the Gestapo tactics Bloomberg and Cuomo use on them, “in the name of the children”. Both are Dictatorial in nature and how they govern. They are so wrapped up in themselves and their little power trip they can’t remember or don’t want to remember the end result of the Fascist regimes that swept Europe in the 1020s, 30s, and 40s. Their Storm Troopers were on full display today, it was unreal to watch this crap unfold in the USA.

    Molon Labe, MF

    • “Its amazing how many Jewish people live in NYC and don’t see the Gestapo tactics”

      They must see it because they vote for it ALL THE TIME.

      “Jewish Left” article from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_left

      • Your right. Bloomberg is dangerous to his fellow citizens. He has more money than he knows what to do with so Power is the ultimate trip and he uses Power over people to get his adrenaline rush. Its a human trait and a human mental illness taken to the extreme. You see this same use of power in Home Owner Associations. They are a plague unto themselves.
        I could never understand the Jewish trait of self destruction. The Jewish left article refocused me, thanks for posting it.

      • This article concisely lists the “Founding Eunuchs” of our modern society.

  3. All of us angry white dudes watched this video at work today, scary stuff indeed. It doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see the reporter and cameraman pushed behind a building, then shoved to the ground and executed by the goon squad. Video camera smashed and footage never seen. Any witnesses would have made themselves scarce, and fast.

  4. I’m sure the security team thinks that Bloomberg has many enemies. I’m not a big fan of gotcha, OWS style journalism. Bloomberg is a shitheel, no doubt. But what does Mr. Mattera think he will accomplish by ambushing the Mayor on the street?

    • Its called Breitbarting him. Its an Alinsky tactic right back at them. We are going to get down in the dirt with them and stay on them. He needs it done to him 2-3 times a week and have it filmed. Believe me they hate it, it makes them look like fools and hypocrites, which they are. Its effective as all get out. This guy had Biden shouting at him one time also. He made Biden look like what he is, a Senile Big Mouthed Clown. Its not my style but it is fun to watch it happen as a tactic. I Bloomberg was around me at an event I would just have to ask him about his armed guards as long as I had someone filming it.

  5. Always remember… what goes around, comes around. We all remember what happened in Oklahoma City… the day maybe fast approaching when peaceful people strike back.

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if Jason Mattera was found dead of an overdose, heart attack, or motor vehicle accident, failed brakes or sumthin’

    I really cannot believe they followed him down the street so brazenly usually they sneak around in the shadows. And the effing jackboot was going to write his info down until called out on it.

    One thing is for sure Jason Mattera will never get another press ID for anything political in NYC.

    This vid really pissed me off, well AWD you finally made me feel something, we can call this art now.


    Its about time someone threw that poppinjay wank right out of america were getting quite tired of him pulling his aires like that arrogant old strutting peacock is ruffling this old shorebirds feathers

  8. bloomtird the hypocrite. then he has his goons harass a citizen for several city blocks.What has our country become? These people are making our country into a 3rd. world toilet. The toilet needs to be flushed ? I can smell revolution in the air and getting stronger daily.


    Micheal Bloomburg the all time worst mayor in american history i hope the citizen hand this stupid jackass his walking papers then he can climb back into his limo and ride back to his gloomy mantion on the hill Just like Mr Potter from ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE arrogant,greedy and a Liberal

  10. These elitist want us disarmed while they have armed security.
    Dianne Feinstein has a conceal carry permit!

    Bloomberg is real big on “civil rights” and being a champion of the liberal welfare underclass while living in an armed castle.
    The peasants are forced to survive on the streets unarmed.
    We want criminal background checks on all illegal aliens in all sanctuary cities like NYC


    Whats suace to the goose is suace for the gander He is to be restricted to one 8 oz glass of wine a day have his bodyguards all disarmed and have his limo taken away and lets see how Bloomjerk likes it



  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Someone needs to throw a glass on wine in his face

  14. Liberals can keep making these insane decisions because they can afford to insulate themselves from the ramifications of them. They would never live in the ghettoes that they’ve created for us. They would never send their own kids to the dumbed-down public schools they’ve created. And they would never pass a fascist law without including some way for them to exempt themselves from it.

  15. “The pro-gun-control super-PAC bankrolled by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) is going after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-Ill.) for her support of gun rights, a move that could badly damage her chances at returning to Congress.”

    The Ad:

    “In the race to replace Jesse Jackson, watch out for Debbie Halvorson. When she was in Congress before, Halvorson got an ‘A’ from the NRA. The NRA: Against comprehensive background checks, against banning deadly assault weapons, against banning high-capacity ammunition clips,” the ad’s narrator says. “Halvorson even co-sponsored a bill to allow some criminals to carry loaded hidden guns across state lines. Debbie Halvorson — when it comes to preventing gun violence, she gets an ‘F.’ ”

    I just saw the ad on TV and I would rush out and vote for her if I could.

    Unfortunately, the 85-IQ voters will make themselves felt: “But the deep-pocketed group could prove to be a major player in a district where gun control is highly popular. {…} she’s now running in a district dominated by South Side Chicago and its nearby suburbs.”

    This is why Illinois needs a law preventing FELONS from voting; the criminal base of the Democratic Party voting their interests i.e. preventing themselves from being SHOT while committing MAYHEM upon peaceable citizens of other races.

  16. What a DESPICABLE human being he is. A dwarf f*a*g*g*o*t! With and armed security team surrounding him. But NOT you–oh no–YOU cannot protect yourself, but HE can. What a double standard. He thinks he is a superior being!

  17. Wayne LaPierre Gun Owners Will Not Accept Blame For Acts Of Criminals Senate Gun Hearing Jan 30 2013



    Bloomburg arrogant pompoius old peacock strutting around thinking your better then us ordinary birds Frankly he needs to get his tailfeathers yanked out In fact just pluck him buck naked and leave him to be himiliated becuase he ruffles this old shorebirds feathers