Have you heard about what happened to this teacher last October in Akron, Ohio? Seems Melissa Cairns may be terminated for good at her place of employment, the decision to be made very soon. After you read and watch this report, see if you think this gal should lose her job or not. She’s been on paid leave since this incident took place.

Here’s the report. – This is via newsnet5:

AKRON, Ohio – An Akron middle school teacher could be fired after she posted a photograph on Facebook which showed duct tape covering the mouths of several of her students.

A caption under the picture read: “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!”

The teacher, Melissa Cairns, told NewsChannel5 that the post, which she now regrets, was meant to be a joke and the students encouraged her take a picture of their covered mouths in the classroom.

“Do I feel that this one, stupid mistake should cost me the last 10 years of all the good I’ve done? Absolutely not,” Cairns said.

The incident happened last October at Buchtel Community Learning Center, where Cairns teaches math to seventh and eighth graders.

According to Cairns, a student asked for tape to fix a binder. The teacher gave the girl a roll of duct tape, but rather than use it on her binder, the student cut a piece of tape, placed it over her mouth and laughed.

“The other kids in the class thought it was funny also, and they proceeded to pass the tape and scissors around the class. The students, the majority of the class, ended up putting a piece of duct tape across their mouth,” Cairns explained.

According to a statement from Akron Public Schools, there were 15 or 16 middle school students in the class. Eight or nine students put the tape on their mouths.

Cairns said she thought her Facebook settings were private and that only her Facebook friends would see the picture.

“That was clearly my huge mistake. What I did was stupid and not well thought out,” Cairns said.

APS district spokesperson, Sarah Hollander, said another employee noticed the photo on Facebook and alerted a supervisor.

Principal Sonya Gordon asked Cairns to take it down and notified parents and students in the class.

Cairns said she removed the picture from Facebook in October.

On Jan. 14, the Akron School Board voted to pursue termination. Cairns has until this Friday to appeal. Her attorney said he will file paperwork to begin the appeal process on Jan. 22.

The president of the school board, Jason Haas, said he was concerned about the way the duct tape was used in the classroom as well as privacy issues.

“Students are protected under federal law and they have certain protections… it looked like that potentially violates those protections,” Haas said.

Cairns said the suggestion by some in the community that she harmed the students is “ludicrous.”

“I would never in a million years do anything to harm students,” Cairns said.

Ironically, Cairns spends much of her time outside of the classroom speaking out against domestic violence. She organizes a marathon in Kent called “On My Own Two Feet”, which benefits local women’s shelters.

Cairns was hired by the district as a math teach in 2007. She worked three years at Garfield High School and two years at Firestone High School before starting at Buchtel in August of 2012.

In April 2012, she was placed on a plan of assistance at Firestone to help her with her teaching skills, according to the district statement.

She was placed on paid leave after the discovery of the Facebook photo, but Cairns said she has been unpaid for the past couple of weeks.

While she clearly understands the mistake she made, Cairns also believes the duct tape incident was a breakthrough moment as she struggled to connect with her new class.

“When your emotions are involved, that’s when you learn things,” said Cairns. “When you’re able to laugh and connect with the teacher and trust the teacher, that’s when your mind is really open to learn.”

From what I’ve read and watched about her, she seems to be a good teacher all in all. The students really like her as well. – So friends…what do you think, should she lose her job or not?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Dr Poontang says:

    The idea of a teacher getting fired over this is just ridiculous. this is just another perfect example of the retarded PC world in which we now are being forced to live. I recall as a lad in grade school getting masking tape over my mouth for talking out of turn. I can also recall being made to stand on the corner of the classroom and if what you did was really bad you were sent to the Principal’s office where Mrs. K. would talk to you for awhile and then make you “assume the position” at which point she would take out a large oak paddle and beat the brakes off of your backside. Looking back on those experiences now I have to ask “What was wrong about any of that?”. The only rule then when you were about to be beaten by one of your educators was that a parent had to be contacted and notified of what you did and how many licks you were going to get. I remember sitting there in the chair sweating while the Principal called my mother and explained that I was going to get 4 licks and seeing the Principal’s face change and then she asked my mother “Are you sure?”. My mother told the Principal to give me double that and she did! Looking back on that now I am grateful to have had such caring educators and parents because those lessons taught me very well to be a man and to be willing to accept the consequences of my actions good or bad. Now days parents and certainly not educators are allowed to touch children or they will be at least fired and at most put in jail…just more of the stupid PC bull$41t.

    • Exactly on the money and well said.

    • DP and John…

      Ditto everything you both said. – This country has gone berserk in more ways than one. What is happening to this gal is absurd…for a change, this gal is a good teacher, yet they may fire her over something like this. So another good instructor loses her job…yet the majority of the time the bad ones stay put or are eventually elevated.


    • You sure said a mouthful there! And right on target! When I went to school the teacher had every right to paddle you or smack you across the hand with a ruler and you couldnt do a thing about it except worry about when you got home when your parents found out..so they could beat your ass some more for being an idiot in class. We need this today SO badly…look at the savages we are calling youth today. Undisciplined pieces of shit who dont care about anything or respect anyone.

  2. What the hell is the big deal? She intended it a a damn joke! Teachers in my school days (a long time ago) were tough and you better damn well pay attention or face the consequences.

    These damn liberal, pc morons need to get a life. Is Alan Colmes, Ed Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Beckel in charge of that school?

    I just can’t believe where we are headed.

  3. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I think the lesson to be learned here is, wait for it, stay the hell off facebook! Nothing good comes of it.

  4. Dr Poontang says:

    This could have never happened in a Chicago or other crap hole school district. There is no way students in these districts would have put tape anywhere near their mouths because 7th graders there usually are old enough to have full moustaches!

    Sorry I couldn’t resist!

    • By 7th grade in a Chicago school..the knuckle draggers are packing guns to school and dealing drugs in the bathrooms while flashing gang signs to each other. If you tried to tape one of those bastards mouth’s shut you would catch a 9mm slug in your face. Besides…I dont think duct tape would stick to those big lips very well…. LoL

  5. bigtimer
    She is being punished for something harmless the students did, good thing she didn’t have a pink bubble blowing gun.

  6. “stay the hell off facebook! Nothing good comes of it.”

    Excellent advice. In the early days I tried Facebook and it was clear to me that it was no place to be and would only be a major problem and that is certainly the case.


    A picture of poeple with duct tape over their mouths and saying THIS IS WHAT LIBERALS WANT TO DO WITH ALL CONSERVATIVES AND CRITICS TO DER FEHRER OBAMA

  8. Colin Robinson says:

    Just sent this to the spokesperson, the public school board director, and the principal:
    I’d post their e-mails but they are really easy to find through Google and I’m not trying to acquire any attention/backlash myself.

    I’ll keep this e-mail short, because otherwise you all probably won’t read it. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am disappointed in all of your involvement in the recent incident involving Melissa Cairns. I live in California and have no relationship with any of you or Ms. Cairns, but reading the articles about the duct tape and what has ensued after…I am embarrassed for you. I just want you to know that the rest of the advanced, intelligent community in our country is laughing at you. You should learn to laugh at things too, it might greatly improve the quality of all of your lives.

    Let’s look at some facts, based on the news stories (correct me if I’m wrong):
    1. Students (ages 12-13 I assume) playfully place duct tape on their mouths.
    2. Students encourage teacher to take a photo.
    3. Teacher posts photo with a CLEARLY sarcastic caption

    If that offended any of you I suggest removing yourselves from a job in the public sector and you go work in a cubicle somewhere that doesn’t involve communication with other humans.

    Have a nice day, and please try to lighten up. And send me an e-mail back when Melissa has her job back, and you’ve back-paid her for the days/weeks she misses.

    LINK: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireS.....s-18283103

    • Colin Robinson…


      Thanks for the link…and you spoke volumes for any of the well-adjusted, common folk out here in the real world. – Simple as that.

      Much appreciated ~

      Btw…I hope others follow suit if you support this gal.

  9. Well hell’s bells evr body knows ya kin fix anathang wit duck tape wats the problem. Jezz, somefolks have no sence of humor.

    • Dirty Al
      Yep, you can fix anything with duck tape except what it was invented for, fixing leaking air duct, (seem’s the heat dries the glue out and it won’t stick)

  10. BT,

    I think the real problem here is the name of the marathon “On My Own Two Feet” which in my opinion pokes fun at Obama’s stupid statement… you didn’t build that on your own.

    Btw… can I still sue for my spanking I got in grade school by the principle???

    • Heck Paul…

      Maybe if you get a class-action lawsuit going regarding what you suggested at the bottom of your post, some lawyer will take it up…make millions himself and if he wins the case for ya’ll, you might get a coupon for free paddles of some sort. 😉

  11. Spurwing Plover says:


  12. I dumped Facebook too. I intend to contact the morons in charge of that school. This is insane! Sooooooooooo sick of reading crap like this. The madness continues. I know many teachers and the stories they tell you would blow your mind. PC gone amok again. Give me a f……….n break. ENOUGH

  13. Seems to me the duct tape is not the real issue. The district was either looking to get rid of her (and she handed them a reason). Or it’s a typical bureaucratic CYA because Cairns technically “violated the students’ privacy rights”.

    I bet the outcome would have been different if Ms. Cairns were black.

  14. master of sinanju says:

    Triple titted toads!! What utter ridiculousness!!I don’t see how anyone can put their business playful or not, out there for all to see any way! No she shouldn’t be fired.

  15. Just another case of educrats that have no sense of humor, and cannot take a joke. Maybe she could get a job in a private school or charter school where supervisors are not so anal.

  16. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I would defend this woman’s actions, but then I would find out that she’s just another dirtbag socialist that pushes the PC with all her might. Don’t ever forget where “PC” came from, the schools.

  17. what do you expect here in Ohio, we also have a teacher who filed a suit against the school where she worked because the put her in a middle school, and she’s afraid of children. these ppl are nuts…….

  18. Cooter Brown says:

    With the way Akron Ohio is going with all the liberal tards in charge of the schools she should have used the duct tape to tape their knees together lowering the teen pregnancy rate.

  19. She should move to TEXAS immediately,,,and she would be hired immediately!!!

  20. Colin Robinson says:

    From Jason Hass (Very surprised he actually responded):


    Thanks for your email.

    Cairns has not been fired yet. The board voted to consideration termination, a step in the due process afforded by the union contract. She has a right to a hearing, which she exercised today.

    Many people are focused on the duct tape portion of the incident, but we are equally concerned that her posting may have violated federal student privacy laws. As a district, we are bound to investigate and act appropriately.



    President, Akron Board of Education

    • Wow! I can’t believe you received a response. – I must say I’m surprised, but very glad of this. Who would have thought that would happen. At least it was very respectful and cordial.

      Once again…thanks so much Colin. I, for one, sincerely appreciate this information you’re sharing with us today. – It matters.

    • Cooter Brown says:

      I like the part where he says not fired YET!

    • Ohio helped elect this piece of shit we have to endure for four more long years…screw Akron and all the dumbasses in it for voting for this dickhead. It only figures that their school system is as sickeningly liberal as the dumbasses who apparently live there. That teacher should quit before they fire her and get as far away from that liberal cesspool as she can.

  21. Speaking of teachers and teaching…you’ve got to check this out!


  22. Oh good, here’s another teacher that’s been hard at work too…and not in a good ways such as Cairn was and is.


    Is she still teaching?

  23. It’s absurd to even consider firing this woman over this. Yes, she used bad judgment putting the photos on Facebook, hell she used bad judgment being on Facebook to begin with, but to fire a perfectly good teacher over a couple of innocent photos is preposterous. This p.c. crap is what’s killing our society.

  24. Anyone stupid enough to post anything from their personal or work environment to a social network, is… well just stupid enough.

  25. Diana Brewster says:

    Our school district, Jackson Local Schools, which is only 20min south of Akron has it’s own facebook page. On that page, is hundreds of pictures of kids from the district from various school functions. How are these pictures not violating privacy if her picture was? This is ridiculous. If Akron fires her, she should come to Jackson for a job. I would love to have her teach my children!! Dr Brewster

    • Dr Brewster…

      That’s very interesting information you posted about your area in conjunction with Akron. From what you say, I think you’ve made very valid points concerning this situation with Cairns.

      If Melissa is let go, I feel her future prospects are still looking promising.

      Anyway…appreciate the info you shared with us. ~

  26. ChristineIAm says:

    RT: Tell @akronschools not to fire teacher for her students fun duct tape photos she put on FB & the kids enjoyed! http://goo.gl/0YBxP

  27. ChristineIAm says:

    RT: Tell @akronschools not terminate fantastic student for bonding and appreciating her students http://shar.es/CvGIW

  28. Print the Truth. The students did not start this, she told the students to put the tape over their mouth and then she recorded it to show it on her site. She is not a certified teacher and at best is lucky to have a job in a school considering her past. The idea of putting masking over a childs mouth is circulated by teachers that bully students. Teachers have been fired for this before and she will also. She should be sued by the parents for unauthorized use of their childs identify and exposing them to her so called friends on the internet. She had no authority to video or record these students. She needs a little jail time.

  29. Check this out ~


    Btw…if memory serves me right, today is the day the decision is to be made if Cairns keeps her job or NOT.