AWD is going to watch the college football championship tonight. I know, I know, sports are the opiate of the American people. But I wrote several chart-toppers this past weekend, so read them if you want new, original content! So here’s one posted about a year ago about our good friend Michael the Moore.

AWD’s prediction for tonight’s game? Bama wins by three touchdowns. And you know I’m never wrong!

The Round Mound that Eats Everything in Town is spewing more of his unique brand of libtard lunacy on MSNBC. Michael Moore, the fat turd filmmaker from Michigan (go figure) thinks Americans own guns because they are, you guessed it, racist! Does that goofball network ever get tired of showing industrial strength stupid sh*t? MSNBC is hurting for programming when they skim the libtard sewer for a 600 pound turd like Michael Moore! No wonder their ratings just came in lower than the Ketchup Channel. Watch this and listen to this immense idjit:

Jabba the Moore, Americans own guns for one reason…to keep you out of our refrigerators! All Americans have an utter fear you might be driving by one night between feedings, get a whiff of some leftover meatloaf and pull a Kool-Aid pitcher man and come busting through the walls before tearing the door off the fridge in a ravenous rage!

Oh yeah Jabba, there is another reason. It’s our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We believe, like our Founding Fathers, that an armed populace keeps government from over-reaching in its power.

Moore says that it’s racism and fear of the lower class why we own guns. He says, “it’s the poor or the people of color we imagine we’re afraid of.” Imagine? Experience and crime data both tell us it’s young blacks who cause a tremendous amount of violence in America. In fact, black males alone account for over 50% of America’s violent crimes. It’s not racism Jabba, it’s reality. And the hollow points from my Austrian friend don’t care if the head of the bad guy that explodes in a pink mist is connected to a white, black or brown criminal. I carry a gun because I can’t carry a policeman. And I refuse to be a victim!

In keeping, I offer this challenge to Mr. Orca. Go to your beloved Detroilet and walk the streets alone after dark. Go to all the ghettos in Detroit (redundancy alert) and waddle down their trash strewn streets to embrace diversity with your friends of color. You can just “imagine” they are beating you with a baseball bat before blowing your immense head off! A couple of reloads may be required.

Once again the left shows it is pretty much a one-trick pony. Without name calling and the race card…dwindling in strength everyday…they don’t have much to talk about. Michael Moore is an ignorant clown. He only knows two things…how to make stupid movies nobody will watch and when the latest batch of Krispy Kreme donuts will be out.

MSNBC is openly pathetic. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They just keep putting up the usual sh*t for brains each week to spew the same old tired libtard rhetoric. Doesn’t the fact that polls show Americans would rather eat glass than watch MSNBC register with their execs? Or do they just love losing money? One thing is sure…they are geniuses at sucking! Michael Moore! Bwahahahaha!

Praise the Lord and his loyal servant John Browning!

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  1. just another rich ,fat ass libtard……….could feed a village of cannibals with all his flab

  2. Lol funny…his rhetoric hasn’t changed a lick since then either. He’s still spewing the same blather. – Anything for his desperate 15 minutes of fame with the rest of the leftist-loons!

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    I read where his own bodyguard was arrested for GUN POSESTION so Lard Bucket needs to keep his big fat hypotcritical piehole closed

  4. Forgive me for trolling, but I do not have enough time to write a paragraph at the moment, but here is a list of things that prove the the US is becoming a police state:

    If you still believe that America is “free”, just consider some of the things that are illegal in America today…

    -Starting on January 1st, it is now illegal to make or import 75 watt incandescent light bulbs anywhere in the United States.

    -In Oregon, it is illegal to collect rainwater that falls on your own property.

    -In New Jersey, it is illegal to have an “unrestrained” cat or dog in your vehicle while you are driving.

    -If you milk your cow and sell some of the milk to your neighbor, you could end up having your home raided by federal agents.

    -In Miami Beach, Florida you must recycle your trash properly or face huge fines.

    -All over the United States, cops are shutting down lemonade stands run by children because they don’t have the proper “permits”.

    -Down in Tulsa, Oklahoma one unemployed woman had her survival garden brutally ripped out and carted away by government thugs because it did not conform to regulations.

    -Over in Massachusetts, all children in daycare centers are mandated by state law to brush their teeth after lunch. In fact, the state even provides the fluoride toothpaste for the children.

    -At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was arrested for spraying herself with perfume.

    -A 13-year-old student at a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested by police for burping in class.

    -All over the United States cities have passed laws that actually make it illegal to feed the homeless.

    • Oregon is not only no ‘rainwater’ state.
      SF also has trash / green waste police

      AGENDA 21

    • KYTim…

      Thank you for posting this information…such a despicable disgrace the majority of Americans don’t know or don’t care about their freedoms being taken away day by day…at a rapid pace now.

  5. Mr. Grumpus says:

    His Dudeness, I’m a couple under 40, and found my inner conservative later than some, I suppose. I’m still amazed at how much different I am than the people who seem to get all the attention and respect. Who the flock is this tubby piece of trash supposed to be anyway? If you can’t be quiet long enough to shoot a buck, then I’ve got little use for you. Maybe I’m just tired and grumpy tonight. Oh well britches. By the way, I love the reference to your Austrian friend. Mine is always close by.

  6. This huge lump of whatever makes big money by coming up with these idiotic pronouncements….and that’s really his whole point. Hypocrisy is an option (always) and in the fat one’s case, blatant. Many lefty twits endeavor mightily to emulate his antics….it’s a kind of “socialist cool”. Be fat and ugly, say inane crazy stuff, and rake in the money from libtards that think he’s cool because he validates their stupidity…..can’t beat that.

  7. MSNBC is a defacto state run propaganda machine. They recieved big bail out money. They no longer care about ratings.

    I’m sick of hackneyed cliches and that’s all trhe word “racism” is these days

  8. Go ‘Bama, Roll Tide!

  9. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Yes Edtudo, that’s exactly right. Call me racist to your heart’s delight. It matters not the slightest. Even though my parents and schools drilled into my head how equal we all are, it takes very little time in the working world to discover that it’s not true. This is not to say that there are not black people that I love and respect, but if we want to discuss pure demographics, then the numbers aren’t looking good for real Americans of whatever hue.

  10. Alex raising hell on the Pierce Morgan show!

    Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan : ‘1776 Will Commence Against If You Try To Take Our Firearms’

    Part 1

    Part 2


    Where is his club shouldnt he be carrying a club?

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    A couple of weeks ago I commented on this site under another post about Michael Moore that he should invite Detroit thugs into his home. I’m not holding my breath.

    There is something rather unnerving about people who think and mouth off the way this person does. It makes me wonder where their brains went. Actually, I’m fairly sure that Mr. Moore will say anything for attention, and it’s not difficult to play the race card nor to utter something that fits with the leftist agenda. It is indeed socialist-cool.

    Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to find out what happened to ultra-libs like Moore, Penn, Damon, DiCaprio, et al, in their childhoods. Is it just indoctrination or did they hit their heads too hard? Were they bullied in school? Were their parents ultra-conservative and they’re rebelling? Or, were their parents communists?

    It’s amazing how hypocritical Hollywood celebrities and government leaders are. They use every tax loophole imaginable. They rarely actually give money to charity. They have armed bodyguards, and they say and do anything they wish.

    Yet, they want to deny conservatives any tax breaks, they want to take what money is left for us and give it to every Third World country including America, they want to disarm us, and they have already pretty much silenced us.

    If I ever get a chance to be around anyone like these people I will heckle the hell out of them. Sure, it’ll get me removed and possibly arrested but it would be worth it!

  13. My question is: WHY does anyone think this tub of sh!t is even worth anything? I mean, seriously: Who actually goes to the theater, shells out $10-$12 a ticket, to see a documentary? I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen a theater even show a documentary. Ever. Anywhere. So how is this guy even making money?

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      They’re not documentaries. Moore’s works are opinion pieces bolstered by skewed, out-of-context references to social life that feed his agenda.

      People pay to see something that makes them feel better. His films are simply entertainment and appeasement and fodder for the leftist set and for fence-leaners who can’t pick a side without someone telling them which side to pick. He has a WHOLE WORLD full of dummies with minds full of mush to appeal to. Hence, he’s a millionaire. Well done in that respect, Moore. Good way to use capitalism to show your hate for it, heh.

  14. AWD, you said, “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a policeman.”
    What good would that do? The Supreme Court has already ruled that the cops are under no obligation to provide personal protection to individual citizens. Youse on yer own. Lock & load, baby!

  15. Screw this fat peice of shit and anything he says


    Someone needs to take his oscar and throw it in the trash where all his rotten movies belong

  17. Guns are to me like abortions are to libtard b|+ches: they’re legal and I want them…

  18. Let Justice Roll says:

    Is it my imagination or is moore undergoing a sex change? I swear those are some of the ugliest man-tits I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to look at. Moore and his lib buddies are the proponents to the racial divide that exist in this Country today. By trying to convince people that we hate each other because of the color of our skin they keep the focus off of the topics that we should really be asking questions about. Moore is just an overstuffed mouthpiece for the liberal establishment and I don’t think he has ever had a thought of his own. Talk about being kept FAT and HAPPY, he’s your poster boy.


    People own guns to feel safe from the crinimals you and your hollywood ilk glorify in your putrid movies you stupid retarded ape

  20. In regards to my gun and/or my meatloaf:


    which reminds me. One vigilant poster posted the above phrase so much, I actually looked it up and learned something new. It is now my newest most favorite phrase. No I am a less ignorant bitter bible clinging redneck.

  21. AWD, you were close on your prediction. The mighty Tide trounced the Irish. A thing of beauty. I see several more championships for the Tide before the Sabananator is through. Roll Tide and go to hell Michael Moore!!!

  22. An old proverb:

    When the Government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right, is of no consequence.

  23. if guns kill people then how does anyone get out of a gunshow alive?


    I wouldnt even stake this reptile out in the desert he would make the vultures sick

  25. Cooter Brown says:

    Oh Hell I guess I am a racist lesbian…. I own a few guns and think about women all the time..