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If there is one theme to the Liberal Establishment, it is that of total self-indulgence. Do what feels good! Why put off until tomorrow what can be enjoyed today? Etc.

When at a banquet where the guests have already gorged themselves, someone is intent on having more courses served and someone else on having an emetic ready, it is certainly true that only the former has understood what the guests demand, but I wonder if the latter might not also claim to have considered what they might require.
– “Johannes Climacus”

And total self-indulgence is, simply put, moral anarchy—a complete eradication of any internal strictures against behavior; to do whatever one wishes in the name of instant gratification without regard to [future] consequences to self or others.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.
– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

And when those consequences inevitably hit? Well, then, get someone else to take responsibility for them. (See, e.g., AIDS research, mortgage bailouts, etc.)

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
– John Adams

And there’s only one form of governance which has the power to redistribute responsibility while corralling a bunch of reckless heathens: totalitarianism.

He who cannot be ruled from within must be ruled from without.
– Ancient Chinese proverb*

I.e., from moral anarchy comes total government. Carrot and stick. And the Liberal Establishment promotes both.

Si Dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.
– Voltaire

* No, not really. I have no idea who the source of this quote is.

American Atheists

What's the atheist body count up to these days? A few hundred million?

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    Communism and atheism go hand in hand with Racsim,Inollrence,Crime,Rape, and Adultry

  2. bluffcreek1967 says:

    This was a very good post by RedStaterNYC because this is exactly what Liberalism / Leftism leads to – Moral Anarchy. Once you get rid of God, all traditional notions of morality, and give deviance moral credibility, it will result in the very degradation and confusion that we see today in Europe and America. The Left has been very successful in this. But it also leaves us with the nagging question: What kind of people would want to change society so dramatically? What does it tell us about the character of those who work with great effort to transform an essentially moral, unified and normal nation into the absurd freak show it has become?

    So many Americans are confused about right and wrong, and they are afraid to openly criticize people and their ‘lifestyles’ when, in the deeply-rooted crevices of their consciences, they instinctively know it’s wrong (e.g., homosexuality, transgender nonsense). Most Americans, I tend to think, are lost, dull-witted, and dangerously naive. The low information voter, I fear, is the norm.

    Liberals and Leftists may not necessarily be clinically ‘crazy’ (although many of them are strange folks!), but their polices and philosophical world views are. Never forget that Leftism ALWAYS tries to turn anything that’s good and wholesome into something evil. They always seek to reverse established norms. They defend the guilty, yet condemn the victim. The fiercely crusade for the most bizarre of causes. They will turn something that has the potential of great beauty and creativity – such as art – and pervert into something filthy or irrational. And you can take it to the bank that they are always on the wrong side of every issue.

    Leftism is insanity manifested on a societal level, yet cloaked in the image of ‘new scientific findings,’ ‘fairness,’ and ‘tolerance’ so as to dupe an unsuspecting and gullible public.

    This madness, I suspect, will eventually end – but not until enough people become victimized by it and throw off its shackles.

  3. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Well, I suppose I can use this forum to make an admission for the first time online anywhere. I am an atheist.

    This is not the time nor place for me to make an argument against religion. I would never wish to offend fellow AWD’ers, so please, everyone, understand that even my own mother doesn’t know I’m an atheist because I would do almost anything not to hurt her since she is my beloved mother and because she is deeply religious.

    Although I am an atheist, I do agree that Godlessness, my meaning: having no faith or hope in a higher, cleaner, morally sound way of living, is hurting this world. It also pains me to see that people like these billboard atheists want to cram their beliefs down others’ throats. That’s hypocritical at best.

    What’s odd is that the phrase “useless savior”, et al, could be quite telling. Is there, for these atheists, a USEFUL savior? I thought they didn’t believe in saviors. Wait, yes they do. Their savior is called “Government”, “Big Government”, “Big Brother”, etc. Also, while I believe, as all of you do, in our First Amendment rights it’s distasteful and certainly mean-spirited to spout that sort of disdain or even hate for those who do believe in a supreme spiritual being. I’d never, ever, wish anyone to lose their faith as long as it’s peaceful.

    Many atheists do indeed lack good character because they seem to be on a mission (heh) to do and say any shocking, immoral or amoral thing sometimes solely for the purpose of doing so and sometimes just to offend others—-to flaunt the freedom they think they have because of their stance on religion. As realist as I tend to be, I am also an optimist with regard to human behavior. I believe we have a choice to act fairly, lovingly, charitably, or not. Those who use their lack of faith in God or a god in order to hurt others or themselves by acting like primitives or barbarians get no empathy from me.

    • With you there CG, but I have come to understand that there are several shades of athiesm.
      This billboard is an example of Marxist Athiesm -which seeks to destroy religion, as it is in competition with their religion of Statismm and their god -Government. Anti-faith is their faith, and anti-religion their religion.
      Another brand of athiesm; mine, and I believe yours; is the belief that no ‘superior being’ exists to punish the wicked and/or reward the righteous; we are on our own, and any good or evil we commit is just that -our own action- and no god or devil ‘made us do it’, and any Justice in the world is what We can make for ourselves here and now. Part of that Justice is the acceptance that This life is the only shot any of us have -one brief day in the sunlight preceeded and followed by the eternal darkness of *nothing*. This is why our Natural Rights -to Life and Liberty for example are so crucially important; because each of us has only this ONE CHANCE at LIFE and it ought not be wasted slaving for another’s enjoyment, or being trod upon by those who seek to ‘rule’ us.
      I do not generally broach this subject either, but not out of fear for how people will react, but out of my respect for Their right to seek happiness as They choose -so long as it does not interfere with my rights.
      Knowing that (that my ‘soul’ is not immortal and when I die, that is IT) I would still gladly die to preserve not only my own freedoms, but the freedoms of my fellow people. I behave morally not because of threats of hell, or promises of heaven, but because virtue is its own reward; because I expect Justice -I am Just; because I expect freedom -I will not take it from another; because I am a Man -I will act as one, accepting responsibility for my own life and asking for no crutch -while assisting any who asks one of me.
      Sorry all, I specifically have not attacked anyone’s beliefs here (except the Marxist athiests) and frankly I do hope that after I am gone, I awaken at My God’s side in Valhalla -but I am not counting on it.

      • Gotcha. “I’m an atheist, but not THAT kind of atheist”. So there is a good atheist and a not so good atheist? How do you tell them apart?

        • PAmadwoman says:

          It depends on what “god” they set up to replace God. No matter how you slice it, absent God, they need to set up “man” in his place. So it depends on their view of humanity: something to respect? something to overpower & dominate? There isn’t a standard, and so there are no moral restrictions other than what one places on him or herself. That’s a scary thought considering that it’s the natural inclination of man to love self most of all.

          • We had a commenter here for a while named Rob, who was a self proclaimed ‘poofter’. He claimed he wasn’t the militant type, my question is, whats the difference?

          • PAmadwoman says:

            I remember Rob, but only recall a few of his comments so I can’t answer as he might have.

            My hunch is that a true atheist – someone who believes there is no such thing as an external God — tends to be on the peaceful side since he considers God equivalent with Santa Claus — i.e., no threat. He adopts the morality of Christian-based culture because that’s what he was born into. Whether he realizes it or not, his concept of right and wrong is derived directly from that. He doesn’t mind that other people believe in God as long as they leave him be.

            An angry atheist probably isn’t as sure about there being no God, otherwise, why the aggressive hatred? What’s to fight against? What’s to “prove?” Does he expend that kind of energy against Santa Claus? Like the true atheist, he finds himself in a culture based on Christian/Jewish morality, only instead of adopting it, he seeks to annihilate and replace it with something that is anathema to Christianity and Judaism. God bothers him.

            Is that what you meant?

        • A good Atheist is in the Foxhole under enemy fire screaming save me God, please. A bad Atheist is in a Whore House in a threesome screaming Oh God, oh God.

      • bluffcreek1967 says:

        True Blue, I appreciated the spirit of your comments, and I wish more atheists were like you.

        Just a quick note, but I thought it was interesting that you spoke of behaving “morally,” “virtue,” and of being “Just” and expecting “Justice.” But what you’ve done by using those terms is jump into the Christian’s worldview where such notions as morality, justice and ‘being just’ make sense and are legitimate. However, in an atheist’s worldview – at least in one that’s consistent – one cannot rightfully speak of morality and the like because life itself is random, and has no purpose or meaning. It’s just a set of random occurrences with no divine purpose or moral universal laws.

        Moreover, to speak of something being ‘moral,’ ‘virtuous,’ and of ‘Justice’ presupposes a higher moral Being, a divine law-giver. I know atheists don’t wish to admit this, but the language they employ is inconsistent with their beliefs and they have to jump through enormous intellectual hoops in order to avoid it (which is always unsuccessful). Atheists, in spite of themselves, are unable to logically account for the presence of universal morality and justice that all humans experience because it’s innate within us (even among atheists). Atheists sometimes claim they’re merely accommodating to popular language or usage. The problem remains in that they’re still trying to convey eternal and transcendental ideas (morality, virtue, justice) by using terms that are inconsistent with their very own worldview (where such notions as morality and virtue have no legitimate basis).

        Anyways, just something to think about.

        • Many of the things you listed certainly existed long before Christ, or any monotheistic religion. It is laughable to think that virtue -highly respected by pagan Greeks, Romans etc is ‘christian’ in origin; same with justice or any other concept.
          Call it what you will, my worldview simply conforms to Heinlein’s concept of moral thought.
          All moral thought must be based upon natural laws of survival. At its lowest level, this is the survival of the individual; at its highest moral plane is the survival of something more important, the human concept of justice; the rights of self determination (even up to a national scale) the willingness to shed your life to further your species.
          Think ‘women and children first’. This is morality at its highest plane; and requires no gods to justify it. We men are expendable -while women and children represent the future -the immoral act of suicide (by giving up a seat in a lifeboat) becomes the highly moral act of giving your Life to another, that they may carry on to become the future you died for.
          And Bluff; I don’t want to argue, but Aesop summed it up with a short fable.
          A man and a lion were walking through a forest agruing about which was the stronger. They came upon a statue of Hercules killing a lion with his bare hands. The man pointed to the statue and claimed that this was proof that man was the stronger.
          The lion replied “That prooves nothing, for it was man who made that statue.”
          The proof of god is the same evidenceless series of philosophical arguments as the proof against.

          • bluffcreek1967 says:

            Again, you’ve missed the point and I don’t think you understand the concepts. You’re using terms that, as an atheist, are not philosophically justified. Also, I’m not saying that concepts of morality, ‘the good’ or ethics began with Christianity. I’m saying that humans have such ideas in the first place because they’re innate, and not merely because they comport with someone’s concepts of moral thought or as an instinct of survival. I would just refer you to my initial post on ths question because I can tell you’re not understanding what I’m trying to get at.

            Lastly, the arguments pro or con against God’s existence are not on the same plane as if one could not demonstrate it either way. Rather, as I pointed out in my initial post, the Christian can point to the world around him, including the universe – all of which show order, complexity, and intelligent design – as proof of God’s existence. Such things only make sense in a theistic worldview, not in an atheistic one. This explains, in part, why atheists always lose the day because once they come out of their philosophical box, they’re still stuck in having to explain why the universe is so orderly and complex in which real, but unseen laws, actually occur. Again, this only makes sense and is justified in a theistic worldview, not in an atheistic one.

            Best wishes.

    • Doesn’t the atheist claim proof of the non-existance of God?

      • bluffcreek1967 says:

        He might ‘claim’ proof of God’s non-existence, but it’s never proven or demonstrated. Their ‘proof’ (if one wishes to call it that) is a series of philosophical arguments – all of which have been answered time after time by Christian philosophers and intellectuals. Often their arguments, including the newer ones by Harris, Dawkins, et al., are old and outdated polemics that have been polished up for a new generation. Most people are not familiar with the polemical objections of atheists, so when they first hear it they wrongly assume the arguments are valid or that they’ve never been thoroughly answered by Christians – neither of which is true.

        This isn’t meant to suggest that Christians don’t use philosophical arguments because we do. In fact, we use better and more consistent ones than the atheists do. But more than that, Christians can point to the world around us, including the solar system and the entire universe itself to demonstrate the presence of laws, order, complexity and intelligence – all of which presupposes a divine creator. It’s not unreasonable to look around the world and think that God made all of this. What’s unreasonable is to look around the world we live in and the universe itself and conclude that all of this happened by random chances with no intelligence involved and with no ultimate purpose or meaning. That’s more faith than I could ever muster!

  4. The bottom sign clearly defines Atheism.



  6. RidinShotgun says:

    First it’s the little things that go by the wayside, which no one pays attention to. Those are followed soon after by monumental things like this;

    You can’t make this shit up folks!!! And to think all of us who find the above article infuriating are being too “judgemental”. The country is lost!!!!

  7. misterbill says:

    Hey, Illinois granted driving licenses to illegal immigrants.

  8. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Ok…..lemme see if I got this straight.

    According to leftist dogma I should be able to go out and beat the living shit out of any liberal/progressive/commie/I happen upon because it makes me feel good. Right??

    Hey!! I’m totally down wit’ dat.


    I am not Christian and I find it offensive.


  10. Get off your religious high horse. If this country only exists for the religious, then it’s time to kick out the religious and retake our freedoms that religious nuts have stripped from us.

    What? Free will is just a talking point to Christians? They believe god gives free will, but it is their responsibility to take it away again, all in the name of morality?

    God does not exist, and altruism is simply an evolutionary trait developed for our own survival. True altruism does not exist, hell, you might as well get your morals from the children’s show Duck Tales, because there is no God and your morality is just as fickle as your faith.

    Red you really are a judgmental fool if your post represents your convictions. Do you shake around on your church floor too? Speak in a made up language to show how holy and sanctified you are? Lay hands on your brother and pray for healing? How did that work out for ya?

    You people should leave your religion out of my government, OUR government. I will fight for my right to not believe in your god, does that mean I am without morals? No it does not. My motivation for morality is my loved ones, the internal need to see a smile on a strangers face when you give a helping hand…..ect. There are plenty of sources for morality, but in my opinion, god is not one of them. I would fight with you shoulder to shoulder for your right to believe in god, would you do the same to support my beliefs?…. I think not. That is what makes you an extremist in the most dangerous sense.

    • Politics and religion, the bane of humanity. I’d rather talk about fishing or guns. Bless your heart CastAway.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      CastAway, I understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad to hear that you would fight for my right to believe in God even though you reject the notion. For that, I’m grateful! I too, whether you believe me or not, would fight for your right to NOT believe in God. I have no desire to compel people to believe things they really don’t.

      Also, there was nothing ‘extreme,’ ‘dangerous,’ or even foolish about RedStater’s post. He was simply pointing out the hypocrisy and inevitable moral anarchy that results when atheism is followed to its logical conclusion. I think you’re reading far too much into Red’s motives and missing the central point of his post.

      • Reading too much into it? I suppose that is possible. I do tend to be a bit thin skinned when discussing morals and religion. I get so sick of hearing that a lack of belief in god is the cause of society’s downfall. I don’t believe it. Societies downfall is due to a lack of morality, not a lack of belief in god. Yes believing in god usually means you are a good person, usually. But saying you are a Christian or a moral person, doesn’t make you one any more that standing in your garage will make you a car, no matter how much you believe it.

        • I think you’re probably reading more into it than what was intended. E.g., I don’t care if you’re a morbidly obese black Muslim homosexual Democrat; if your mission is to restore the US as a constitutional republic, then you’re a brother-in-arms as far as I’m concerned.

          (Though this doesn’t mean I won’t disparage fat asses, blacks, Muzzies, fags, or Democrats. Criticizing in wide-sweeping generalities saves a lot of time.)

          And, no, I don’t think a person’s faith (or lack thereof) is a requirement for moral behavior. Personal anecdote time: A life-long friend (and best man at my wedding) has been a “devout atheist” his entire life. And he’s far more principled of a dude than I am. By far.

          However, I would argue (and as I allude to in my post), that religion does matter for society at large. Seems that when some critical mass of the population becomes atheist (25%? 50%? 80%? I have no idea), society descends into lunacy and inhumanity. The reasons for this are obvious enough–i.e., many humans are not moral creatures but behave themselves out of fear of reprisal. Fear of hell extends the reach of this behavioral guardrail. Remove the religious imperatives and too many people will feel they can do whatever they want–and they do. Hence my closing quote by Voltaire.

  11. MichaelT-

    Now that I can agree with. I just got back from a depredation hunt for cow elk, The only rifle I had was my 270. I missed my mark from 278 yards and wounded her. Spent hours paying for that misplaced shot. I am going to try a 30 06 on my next hunt. That should be enough dropping power I hope.


    I would like to see these athiests fools luanch a big campaign against ALLAH and Muhammed and see how fast they end up with a fatwa issued against them

  13. In Sweden, they’ve completely destroyed Christianity by funding it through the government. Until recently, the Swedish church was funded by taxes. The effect of this has been that the church doesn’t need to do anything to attract people. Why bother? They got paid anyway. The result is the most boring, dead church I’ve ever witnessed. Every sermon is the same: they read a passage from the Bible, with no commentary or correlation to your life. Then they sing a couple psalms and it’s over.

    From the outside world, Sweden appears to be a Christian nation, but this is only because everyone born in Sweden is automatically a “member” of the church, so the tax can be extracted. But hardly any Swedes are true believers. I’ve been living here over 10 years, and I don’t know any Christians. They all have their kids baptized in church for the sake of tradition, and they get married in churches, but on a normal Sunday, churches across the country are empty.

    And who do Swedes worship instead? The government.

  14. minuteman26 says:

    The people we have running this country today are composed of Communists/Marxists, aethiests and Islamists. A common thread is that they don’t believe in God. The only god they worship is that of their ideology and the one provided by power. These people are determined to destroy everything this country was founded upon.


    karl marx evil evil athiests Communism is a totaly athiests idea and philosephy and both NAZIISM and COMMUNISM is based upon EVOLUTTION Charles Darwins deadly legacy

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