There is only one group that hates conservatives more than Democrats. The wussypants Republican Party. The worthless RINOs that run the RNC have decided that the unwashed hoi polloi of the Tea Party movement are mucking up things a bit too much for their sensitive taste. Why, those ignorant teabaggers have the audacity to vote for actual fiscal conservatives over the long-past-their-expiration-date moderate relics in the Republican Party that befoul Washington and state houses throughout the country.

We’re told, “you don’t understand how Washington works!” Perhaps not, but we can certainly see the sad results of a broken political system filled with lifetime corruptocrats who line their pockets while destroying the country. Yes, wussypants Republicans, that includes the vast majority of you! Yet, you want us to be content to stick with the proven losers like the current Republican leadership? BS on that!

Now we’re being informed that the wussypants RINOs in Washington don’t like what’s happened in recent primaries where their good friends (worthless moderates) are being voted out or losing in primaries. So the RNC is getting prepared to throw big money behind their selected wastes-of-space to fend off those pesky, annoyances in the Tea Party.

Look who the NRCC and the NRSC have backed over the past few years. In NY 23, Pete Sessions blew nearly $1 million (of your contributions) backing leftist Republican Dede Scozzafava when there was a viable conservative in the race. Scozzafava eventually left the race and actually endorsed the Democrat. Brilliant, Pete! RINO John Cornyn has endorsed and spent millions on the likes of RINO turds like Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Bob Bennett, Richard Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, and David Dewhurst in Texas (who lost to conservative superstud Ted Cruz with the massive support of the Texas Tea Party movement). The obvious question is “why would any conservative give a penny to the wussypants Republican Party to waste on the same old, tired RINOs we’ve suffered with our entire lifetimes?”

Scott Rasmussen wrote about this very thing today:

Republican Establishment Declares War on GOP Voters

The Dims are out to destroy America. There is no other explanation for their actions. The wussypants Republicans are out to destroy America, too. Just not as fast. Either way, you get the same result. If America is going to end up on the slab, I’d at least like to go out with some leaders with balls fighting to the last breath. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Speaker of the House wiping blood off his knuckles rather than carrying around a Kleenex box? The Republicans have declared war on the millions of conservatives in their party. They are telling us to continue with the same BS that has put us in this fiscal disaster. I declare war on the wussyboys!

AWD makes a solemn promise before Allah today. I will never, never, @#&*ing ever vote for another RINO Republican. No more McCains. No more Romneys. I will stay home and clean my guns. In my state, I am going to help any way I can to rid Texans of worthless John Cornyn in 2014. I am throwing down the gauntlet (whatever the hell that is). Republicans have lost AWD. Actually, they lost AWD a long time ago. I am a proud conservative and, at this time, hold the wussypants RINO Republicans in office with the same contempt I hold Dims.

Give your political contributions directly to the conservative candidates of your choice. And hold them to conservative standards once in office.

If you believe John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the whipped-dog errand boys like Eric Cantor and Jeb Hensarling will do the right thing, you’re just plain stupid. Or a member of their staff.

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  1. Heck Prez Duderino…we haven’t given a penny to the RINO party for years now. In fact, can’t recall the last year we did, but it’s been quite awhile back now. – Individual candidates and such is the way to go. – That is if you have any money left to do so these days, now that Dear Leader and Crew have taken control.

    • Good move – the establishment Repubs claimed Florida sellout Charlie Crist was a fine Senate candidate in 2010 and tried to derail Rand Paul in Kentucky. Charlie is now a Demo and supported Obama and Rand Paul reminds us of when Republicans were worth voting for. As Pat Buchanan said, the GOP establishment treats the Tea Party like field hands. Mitch Mc and the Orange Man Speaker John B. are unimpressive relics, RINOs, just glad to be there.

  2. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I’ll send them a contribution alright…a fart in a bottle to suck on. Mwa Ha Ha!

  3. After Obama tears the country apart, the common sense conservatives are gonna need some night ball to reconstruct this once great country, not some a-hole who cries at the drop of a hat. AWD, your absolutely correct, piss on the RINO’S and give directly to the people you choose………

  4. So..are y’all gonna migrate to the Constitution party?

    • The CP has a few wrinkles in it, but it’s the most viable option for me at this point. (Their list of 7 principles is in the wrong order, a big turn-off right away for a lot of conservatives, esp the first, makes them sound like the anti-abortion party. Should have the last 3 listed first, then the others would naturally follow suit.)


      Some conservatives have thrown in the towel with voting at all, and shrug off the CP as a small fringe group. “It will never go anywhere.” I agree, if that’s the consensus. But I don’t see that sitting around with a give-up attitude is going to go anywhere farther. I’m done mourning the GOP, they’re not worth another thought, like an ex-boyfriend who cheated and lied and I forgave too many times. Hit the road, Jack.

      P.S. Off-topic just a bit, did you all see where the Huffington Post writer compares George Washington to Muhammad?

  5. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I’ve left the Republican Party! They no longer represent me. I’m done with their continual support and promotion of RINOs, and their disrespect toward the true conservatives within the Tea Party.

    Where I’ll go is still an open question, but I won’t be returning to the GOP.

    Times have changed. And I think it’s time for genuine conservatives to unite, if possible, under a new political party or affiliation. The GOP has had its run and, for the most part, it’s failed.

    I think in many respects we are seeing a dividing line being drawn within America. It’s between those who support the Constitution and traditional American values, and those who look to a contemporary European and Socialist model. The former has stood the test of time and made us the envy of the world. The latter has failed in every place worldwide where it’s been foolishly tried . . . . Which will you choose?

  6. The Republican Leadership does not like the common run of the mill Republican voters. We threaten them. They live like Kings of old eating the table scraps of SHIT the Democrats let them have. Life is good for them, they retire rich with full pensions and really have to do very little work as the Democrats do it all for them and then allow them time to talk tough, walk around like tough guys, etc, etc. The Republican leadership is a bunch of Chickenshit cowards that ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit. The gun ban laws will be passed before they cure their next hangover. Pitch forks to all of them. Hay hooks too!

  7. As bad as they are, they still may never reach these depths

    Obama was in Newtown within 48 hours of Lanza’s mayhem. He was the last speaker at a vigil in the Newtown High School gymnasium. A long line of families snaked around the building; townsfolk expressed dismay at the length of the line.

    Mr. Obama strode to a podium he had brought with him, the one emblazoned with the presidential seal and, incongruously, announced that he was there as a parent, not as the president. He spoke for 18 minutes. His speech was filled with as much empathy as his Director of Speechwriting, Jon Favreau, could cram into 18 minutes. There were lots of warm and vague assertions about how such tragedies must never happen again. He hinted at the need for more government regulations. Obama was careful not to use the word “gun” even once; he wanted to be soothing, but not controversial. It reminded me of the time when Illinois Senator Barack Obama flew away for a vacation in Hawaii as the moment approached for the Illinois Senate to vote on gun-control legislation that Obama had sponsored. His fellow senators wanted him on the Senate floor for the crucial vote; they pleaded with him to return in time for the vote. Obama refused. The politician who had voted “present” so many times to avoid being associated with any “controversial” legislation had once again taken shelter.

    As soon as Obama left the stage in Newtown his chief advisor, David Axelrod, carpet-bombed Obama supporters with a fund-raising pitch that exploited the Newtown massacre. This is the black-letter text of that e-mail letter:

    Friend – –
    Our hearts broke on Friday as we learned of the tragic and senseless deaths of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Last night, President Obama addressed the families of Newtown, offering the love and prayers of a nation, and vowing to use whatever power his office holds to protect our children from such unthinkable acts of violence.
    He spoke from the heart – – as a president and a parent.

    As we reflect on the lives lost last week, we must also, as the President urged, consider how each of us can play a part in making our country worthy of the memory of those little children.

    I hope you and the ones you love have a happy and safe holiday.



    This letter included links to the video of Obama’s Newtown speech and a donation page asking for donations of as much as one thousand dollars. There were two donation buttons – that’s two opportunities to donate to Barack Obama. Not to a memorial fund for the slain children or the heroic adults who died at Newtown, but cash donations to the only person on the planet Earth who really matters: Barack Hussein Obama.

    That’s part of a rather lengthy but excellent read that you will find here:


    If they cant uphold their constitutional vows the made using a bible and if they cant keeping loyal to the anerican people whom their suppost to serve then they no longer belong in america

  9. With all the dumb shit these idiots did it was no surprise to see they lost the election…When you have party guys stating women can turn off getting pregnant when raped,ignoring women by then going pro life nuts and trying to appeal to every little corner of this country while continuing to RINO their asses off< I lost alot of respect for the party this last election..We need to continue promoting freedom and the Constitutional Republic with the Tea Party if they get off their ass and do more than just ask for donations… Need the rallies like in the beginning to get the rabble roused …

  10. Be gone, spammer!

  11. Fisk Ellington Rutledge III says:

    I always enjoy it when the RNC calls me bleating about how they need money to advance the “conservative” agenda. I like that because I have the opportunity to tell them that they are liars and traitors who are surrendering to evil Leftists; hostile, parasitic immigrants; bankers and neoCon war mongers. I especially emphasize how utterly stupid the Republicans are to characterize third-world savages from Mexico and South America as “natural conservatives” with “strong family values” when as a group they are none of those things.

    One of the most glaring examples of pandering to Hispanics comes from that cowardly publication, “The American Conservative.” Those imbeciles recently ran a column “celebrating” the influx of nonWhites into the U.S. because they think nonWhites are somehow “anti war.” What they are is anti White. But the politically-correct cowards of Conservatives Inc. can’t admit that fact. They have to “embrace” our little Black and Brown brothers because they will save us from ourselves.

    It is utterly nauseating.

    I am waiting to see how the GOP will betray us on gun control. You know they’re dying to find a way.

    And it’s not just “assault rifles” the Left is after this time. They want to strip people, and especially White people, of as many guns as possible. It will be just like the armed pilot program. They’ll say look, “we have a program in place where a person can own a gun.” But nobody can successfully jump through the hoops.

    Look for the Left to simply define everyone who wants a gun as mentally unstable. The Left believes that lie. They will act on it.

    And while all this threatening talk is spewing from the Left like so much sewage, Obama and Holder remove the waiting period for legal immigrants, most of whom are third-world savages.

    It is Whites the Leftist tyrants want to demonize, criminalize and disarm.

  12. Snake Oiler says:

    Because of their ineptitude and stupidity, we are now being visited by all the evils. I believe you meant 2017, Rusty, but this is an outstanding analysis….

    Rusty Shackleford
    January 12, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    Many people have commented on our government’s ineptitude and apparent lack of ability to identify the obvious. Many pundits from FOX to Gwen (effing) Eifel on PBS have all had “panels” of “experts” blathering about this or that.

    But it’s remarkably simple.

    Admittedly, it takes a healthy dose of cynicism to identify it.

    He is bent on destruction. Any/everything he does, he calculates how it will harm the US in the short and long run. He is having his tantrum and waiting for the day when the rest of the world heralds him for the utter dismantling he committed on a naive and all-too-ready-to-agree America.

    Like the angry child who knows he’ll be sent to Juvie, he’s doing as much damage as possible, while putting on an act that no one really knows what to make of.

    Mark my words. The year 2116 will see him leaving office after having gutted the financial, legal and business houses of this nation. He’s not particularly bright but he’s a flim-flam artist. A con, a shyster. His inability to be honest with anyone is rooted in his hatred of self, because in order to be honest with others, one has to be willing to be honest to oneself. He is a mental case who (normally) would be a two-bit huckster either selling rust-buckets for cars or running a shell-game in Manhattan, being shooed away from this corner and that every other day.

    What’s remarkable is that 1) the media think he’s such a pure marxist. He’s not, really. And I don’t think he is. He has no idea what marxism is. He just knows he’s pissed off. And he targets his anger either locally or broadly but ALWAYS at those who have integrity, character and good moral standing.

    2) He’s inept in that he can’t seem to consistently lie. He tells incongruous stories all the time; His whole life in print is one pure (or is it puerile?) fabrication. Mr “blank slate” takes advantage of all the dupes, left and right alike and plays them. It’s the old “sucker” game.

    But his bottom-line goal is to drain the money, as quickly and as wastefully as possible. That’s why all the “green” program funding. He knows that’s a giant sucking sound. And, if there’s any intelligence at all, using tax dollars to buy more footsoldiers on welfare who (I believe) the only reason they’d get off their collective ass is to beat the crap out of those who would refuse them their free ride.

    Now he has the “perfect opportunity” to advance gun control. And, he doesn’t and never has cared who he gouges with that. End runs around our own government? And the media says “Bravo!”? Well, millions are dupes. Believing that the government has the answers. Might as well ban cars, hammers, bad weather and puppies for all that’s worth. I will be happy to disobey an unconstitutional action against my guns.

    And this…..this proposed “executive action” is EXACTLY what the founders put that amendment in there for. Someone from the government taking your ability to defend yourself from said government.

    Took 236 years to go from one tyrannical government to the latest version. King George 2.0. Looks and smells the same to me but it’s also got that puftah-fairy stench to it from the elitist “intellectuals” who over-think pretty much everything.

    • I think the “Man” was abused by Frank Marshall Davis, his real father, and we know how abused people have problems in later life. What you see is a shell, empty and void of interest in most things except golf. He knows the Idolization is just a dead end also and enjoys taking his anger out on all Americans including those that Idolize
      him, they just take the cheap phones and don’t know they are sent with Hate. Many will not realize that ever. Just a very angry sick man in a powerful position, perfect storm. Hopefully we can ride it out in peace.

  13. FuriousFatMan says:

    I’ve never donated to the RNC or the DNC.

    gave $15 to Zimmerman’s defense fund and gave $50 to Ron Paul.

    best use of money ever.


  14. Never gave these guys a penny. What for? They don’t have a backbone.

  15. What bothers me as much as anything is that it has taken so many so long to wake up. The two Bushes may be good guys but they sure took the wrong path on many things. I wrote letters to papers and my Congressmen years ago complaining about the liberal direction they were taking the country and it did no good. The Republicans have been taking us to the same place as the Democrats and it is our fault for continually reelecting the same ones over and over. Now, when it is to late to do anything, others are suddenly seeing a problem. How could anyone not see it years ago?

  16. What a f##king hypocrite Obama is to stand up in front of a bunch of victims families…surrounded by secret service men all armed to the teeth with full auto machine guns.