NJ Senater Robert Menendez, a long-time critic of the outsourcing of US jobs by evil corporations, is caught up in a scandal concerning his own outsourcing of his prostitution jobs off-shore. Menendez is being investigated by the FBI for procuring the services of underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic while ignoring the services of domestic underage prostitutes in America. While having sexy-time with underage hookers is standard operating procedures for most Democrats, Menendez has received criticism from domestic underage workers in the flippy-floppy bidness for taking his dollars abroad.

Speaking for underage American prostitutes, Tiffini Rodriguez said:

“While we underage prostitutes in America suffer through this difficult economy that is a result of the failed economic policies of George W Bush, we call on all Democrat politicians to remember to buy American. We are all suffering with this economic downturn and it is frustrating to see our services outsourced to off-shore underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.”

A spokesman for Senator Menendez said in a prepared statement:

“While everyone is struggling to make ends meet during this difficult Bush economy, Senator Menendez has found it cost effective to secure the services of Dominican underage prostitutes to keep his tingly parts happy. This, in no way, is to belittle the services of domestic underage prostitutes. No one in Congress, especially in the Democrat caucus, has done more to support the domestic underage prostitute industry than Senator Robert Menendez. At least since Senator Ted Kennedy passed away.”

Underage prostitute Rodriguez replied by saying:

“It’s clear that Senator Menendez has underage Latin fever and likes his boo-tay young and brown. But America is full of young LBFM’s (little brown f-ing machines) that can provide the freaky-deaky services enjoyed for years by the Senator. And at reasonable prices for said freaky-deaky services!

This is an outrage to see a Democrat Senator offshoring domestic puta services! His actions hurt American underage prostitution jobs in America by sending them to the Dominican Republic where there is little quality control and zero taxes are generated. Senator Menendez is clearly a greedy 1%er hypocrite who is unwilling to share the wealth with us domestic underage prostitutes!”

Senator Menendez could not be reached for comment as he had recently departed for the Dominican Republic with several fellow Democrats to investigate wildlife in that country. His office reported that Senator Menendez is interested in sharing various aspects of New Jersey’s Penal Code to keep the underage prostitute problem tied down in the Dominican Republic.

A recent check of business licenses procured in the Dominican Republic show a recent business named “Senator Bob’s Boo-Tay Excursions” created in November of 2012. The business is described as one that provides wildlife services in the Dominican Republic for Democrat politicians seeking recreation at very reasonable prices. The motto of Senator Bob’s Boo-Tay Excursions is “We guarantee to make your poll rise!” Some of the endorsements from satisfied clients included this:

“The quality and willingness of the underage girls provided by Senator Bob’s Boo-Tay Excursions surpassed my wildest dreams, if you can imagine that.” B. Clinton

Another read:

“The variety of LBFM’s and their dexterity proves that Senator Bob really knows his underage girls! Even for an experienced afficiado of underage girls like myself!” H. Clinton

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  1. The ‘Unhappy Hooker’?

  2. Nothing is going to come of this…he’s a democrat.

    A lot of this news was withheld before his reelection in Nov….and zilch will happen now.

    Hell, if Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra etc didn’t matter…what difference does it make now? (as Shrillary would say)

  3. Almost a total media spike. Hypocrisy is rich here. Underage? (Democrat Senators F*cks little girls) Child Porn is illegal in the US so Democrat Senator goes out of the country to fornicate with little girls. Where is our Morning Joe on this? Probably asking for their phone numbers. One would think the ETHICS committee would look at this, maybe, huh, ya think? Nah thats Democrat Morality for yah. Hows that ass Bloomberg? You Tu*d. The media by not reporting on Menendez is just as complicit
    as he is, and as dirty. I guess they don’t think little girls need protection from creeps like him as long as they ain’t American girls. Hey Dianne Sawyer watcha think of little girls being abused by Democrat Senator? He needs to be CUT like, Steered! Its happened in Arizona before.

  4. Cooter Brown says:

    Another Scum bag in Washington. Also the FBI raided the old boy’s place of business that got him the hookup with the under age hooker. And old MENENDEZ is walking around free and on T V with old Chucky Shummer . See if your liberal you get a free pass… Dam morons democrats…No wonder the ass H-les want to disarm us…

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  6. Hey US Senators, all 99 of ya that ain’t preverts why don’t you speak out to Sen. Bob and ask him to resign cause we have Morals and Ethics to uphold here in the Senate…
    Don’t we? Birds Of A Feather……. all of ya if your quiet, it is not going away. Hey Gov. Christy put your big mouth to work and ask him to resign, I’m sure if you stepped forward he would resign, he does represent YOU, ya know! This is going to be good ammo for any political strategist to use against Demos and great to use against our Rino NJ Gov. when he steps forward to run for Pres. or any other office. Where is that Senile old NJ Senator L thats been so anti gun, how bout getting Pro Little Girls. Where is NY’s finest, Upchuck Shummer pressing for a little justice for Little Girls. Hey Mister
    Intellect of the Demo party Biden getting some “balls” and asking old Bob to leave. How many babies has he left these little girls with?

  7. Wow Dude, now that’s effin funny. At least someone is enjoying my hard earned money.

  8. I ain’t as mad as I am disgusted with our lawmakers. Media, ya I expect that, they frequent dirty places, its who they are. No one in Congress has said diddly squat about old Bob and thats sad. Good case for Frontier Justice!

  9. Just cut and pasted post to the senator… You AWD might be the reason he decides to step down… kudos!!!

  10. Rides A Pale Horse says:
    • Just as I thought,

      If I may bastardize some of my most favorite Democrat Party Slogans.

      1) Senator Menendez didn’t screw little girls, Somebody else did that for him. – BO

      2) I did not have sexual relations with that woma… err little girl. – Slick Willy

      3) What does it matter to those little girls now, it lasted less than a minute, and they got a hundred bucks – The Most Cheated On Woman, in American History.

      Well if he makes a public apology, cries a little on Oprah, pretends to be very sorry for his slight lapse of judgement, and switches to underage male prostitutes, he can resume his duties in the senate without skipping a beat.

      No wonder they shouted down God at the Democrat National Caucus, they cannot abide reminders of their own moral lassitude.


    The shoe is on the other foot and its much too small

  12. SENATOR MENENDEZ A “Classic” do nothing politician. Turd with glasses, so to speak.

  13. Phil in Ohio says:

    Isnt this the same guy who had an illegal alien (undocumented democrat)on his staff (haha) before the election and it was covered up by the media?

    • Yep,that’s him,one of my true blue democrat senators.I am so proud of them both.One a pedophile and the other one on life support,who’s planning to run for another 6 year term and will be reelected dead or alive.Only in New Jersey.

      • “Only in New Jersey.”

        I’m insulted; Illinois is the Ground Zero for corruption! Look at all our Governors that have been in jail, all the Chicago Alderman sent to prison, Sandy Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr.’s wife, elected and REELECTED Alderman in Chicago while living in DC. Why Blacks will even reelect politicians under indictedment like Rep. Smith.

  14. Anyone got a rope?

  15. Well heck…it the leftist feminazis are roaring about this, maybe he won’t last long…who knows!


  16. That’s why the democrats love the mussies so much,they both believe in molesting children.

  17. That’s the only way the ugly pos could get any was to pay for it.

  18. I live in NJ. We have 2 of the biggest phony a holes in politics. Fidel Menendez and Louse-n-berg. They have done nothing here but fill their pockets.typical Demorats. Stupid people keep voting them in.

  19. http://dailycaller.com/2013/01.....est-girls/

    He is a “Prevert” he likes em young. Hang em High!

    • if you study the picture of Menendez in the link you provided.. you will see why he likes em so young.. I think he is trying to tell us something LOL

  20. Just read on the Drudge report that he had sex with 4 hookers

  21. You guys miss the point. The hookers here are unionized. Think seniority. That over-the-hill, overweight, chain-smoking grandma sitting on the barstool over there in the corner has first dibs.

    Law of unintended consequences and such.

  22. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-G.....e-win-pols

    Looks like A Male Madam has been helping a bunch of these politicos. Involvement with Child Prostitution should be enough to get rid of this Slimy Slug of a man in a real world. This guy makes our Senate look like a third world organization, maybe he got the idea from UN peacekeepers. It gets better.

  23. I completely agree with all remarks disparaging this mutt. But don’t you think he should show some shame for that dorky-ass photo of himself.
    I’m just sayin’.

  24. No surprise coming from a democrat hypocrite turd like this. Thats how libtards always think…everyone should do as they say and not as they do. This POS should be castrated in public and fed his own nuts for his last meal.